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Found 23 results

  1. Doing their weekly water changes and found this the perfect opportunity to take photos of Jippii and Femi ???? Jippii is from Solid Gold Femi is from Coast Gem USA
  2. Hi! I just finished my water change so thought i would take some snaps. This is my 240 litre tank and my 4 water babies. Hope you like them!! Tank http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f204/jesbaxter1/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsqtqwwzqv.jpg~original My fish http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f204/jesbaxter1/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsry8pjcgr.jpg~original http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f204/jesbaxter1/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsymie7buu.jpg~original http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f204/jesbaxter1/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsrjcbynmg.jpg~original http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f204/jesbaxter1/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpswkg8gzid.jpg~original
  3. So my 29 gallon tank finally cycled! I went on a rampage through every local fish store this weekend to see what was available . I've been wanting to buy a Butterfly Telescope or a Ranchu but, I couldn't decide. I remember seeing a panda telescope in a pet store awhile ago but I didn't think it would still be there. To my surprise he/she was still swimming around waiting for me! Haven't Named him or her yet but, Weight is 18 grams Length is about 2.5 - 3 inches In the tank and on the first round of Prazi Btw I'm getting rid of the green plant in the background and replacing it with a silk plant. I'm worried about his/her eyes. Also I might need a smaller size bubble disk. Seems like it might make to much current in the tank. Let me know what you think!
  4. It's been six months now since I acquired Hula (bubble eye) and Astro (calico butterfly), and they're growing like weeds. I adore them both, particularly Hula. His googly, wobbly swimming is a constant crack-up, and his bubbles have grown ridiculously large. I've never kept a bubble eye before, and once I got over the constant paranoia that his bubbles were going to pop and deflate, he's been nothing but enjoyment. I have to confess, I've developed a tremendous soft spot for bubble eyes now. In fact, I think that my future goldfish tanks will have to include at least one of these guys, and I'd even like to do an all-bubble eye aquarium at some point! Here's Hula, being all bubbly: Astro's turn at a closeup: The googly bubble eye swimming style: I like this one because it shows Astro's coloring well. He's a mostly-blue calico, but his orange spots on his right side are vivid and bright. You can also see his stripey butterfly tail here. I call this "Derp and Derpier": I don't think I'll ever be without a bubble eye again -- they really do rock.
  5. Ugh, I hate when life gets in the way of good goldfish enjoyment. The last year hasn't been a great one for my family and me health-wise, although things are looking up. I just had the one-year anniversary of my brain surgery a few weeks ago, and we seem to have gotten my mom's issues under control as well. Here's to smoother sailing in the next 12 months! So although I was once again forced to take a Koko's sabbatical, I think it's safe to say that I'm back again, hopefully for keeps this time, although perhaps not quite as frequently as I'd like. And what's the latest with my finned friends, you might be asking? Not much, and that's a great thing. Astro the butterfly and Hula the bubble eye are alive and swimmin' and growing like weeds. The two of them are still the goldfish version of The Odd Couple, and they give me an awful lot of pleasure. Couldn't ask for nicer fish, or cuter ones, for that matter. I just posted a thread this afternoon with updated photos of both of them. My former ranchus are still going strong in the care of my best friend. It's been a year, and I can't believe how well she's taken to the world of goldie keeping. She was terrific enough to take the fish while I was in the hospital, and now she's downright crazy about them. I need to snap photos next time I visit. The biggest ranchu, King Triton, is ridiculously huge. And even dear old Chowder, the calico ranchu, is thriving, and going on 4 years I think. I wish so much that I could maintain a big tank again, but that's just not in the cards right now, and I'm so grateful that my little lovelies have landed in such good hands. I always scope out the available goldfish on the various sites, just for fun, and came across this positively stunning jade seal oranda tonight: I'm not normally a huge oranda fan, but I sure wouldn't boot this beauty out of my tank!
  6. We're about halfway done with prazi rounds and yesterday I painted the tank bottom and background black. I still have yet to name my fishies. Nothing has truly stuck so far so maybe you guys have some ideas? The whiteish one is a female and the one with the red dot on its head is a male.
  7. I ordered them from buygoldfishonline.com last week to be tank mates with my baby fish, but my baby fish didn't make it through qt ): sigh. Soooo, the 40 breeder is now going to be a butterfly tank (plus baby BN pleco). These little guys were shipped last night and came in this morning so they're in good shape I practically waited by the door all day to make sure they weren't going to sit in the hot sun when they arrived as my doorbell is a little iffy lol.... Video from when I first unpacked them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-T549eS1rw
  8. Thought I would do an update since you guys haven't seen Otis or Monroe in a while. They are doing pretty well. Otis is still having floaty issues which breaks my heart and after numerous attempts to fix him, I've realized this is just how he will be for the rest of his life. Yesterday I added Eden back to the main tank because I didn't see any point in keeping her in the QT since she is healing so well and she was so happy to see her boyfriends again! My 40 breeder is going through some changes right now and it has seen much better days. I recently took out all 60 lbs of eco complete, since I never really got around to getting the planted tank look that i desired, i figured it's best to just go barebottom. I haven't quite got all of the tiny bits of gravel out yet, which is what you see on the bottom. I'm upgrading to a 55 gallon within the next few months for the 3 of them and I am super excited about that! Thanks for looking!
  9. For those who have asked, a few more pics of my new fish, as yet unnamed. I'm really enjoying them. The bubble eye has surprised me with his activity level. I expected him to be mainly a bottom-dweller due to the heavy eye sacs, but he jams around the whole tank all the time and finds food fairly easily. The butterfly is a busy fellow, too. He's my first bubble eye, and I'm in love. And the butterfly, who's the apple of my eye. And the two together. A mismatched pair, but somehow I think they complement one another. It's all in the eyes.
  10. If I have to pick a favorite, this one would have to be it. I love this fish, and until I decide to rename them all, she is Nelliel (after a good bad guy in Bleach ), the Queen Butterfly Panda Moor . Nelliel came to me from Dandy Orandas, and she is the panda I've wanted ever since seeing Ashlee18's Professor Chaos. Nelliel is quite a toughie, and between us, we've gone through a number of different foods to see which one would not disturb her swimming. Finally, we have found the perfect combo in soilent green and Pro-Gold, and these days, Nelliel has full control of her swimming, all the time. In the nearly two years I've had her, she has largely kept her colors, although some of the black is fading. She's also acquired some yellow tint, thanks to the soilent green. Thank you for indulging by viewing another photo-spam. It actually has been quite a while since I updated her. My favorite pic!
  11. So I decided to just make a slideshow with all the new photos since there are so many and I didn't feel like putting the watermark on and uploading each individual one. Plus I found a pretty song I wanted to use, so why not?! There's a link to the song in the description section of the video if you want to hear the whole thing. These photos were taken a few days ago; before I put the new decor in the tank.
  12. These pics aren't the best (taken with my iPad for convenience), but I was eager to show off my new fish. I got my new Craigslist tank, a 30 gallon, up and running this week, and I was able to stuff the new filter full of cycled media from the ranchu tank. So it was time to get some fish, yay! I had selected a lovely calico butterfly with the silliest, biggest eyes I've seen In a while. Picked him up today, and he's settling in nicely. Here he is: And that's all I was going to get, honest. This followed me home all on its own, I swear. So eek, I have a bubble eye for the first time EVER! He's so entertaining. I wasn't really planning on getting one once I'd decided on the butterfly. But I just couldn't help myself. Started salt and prazi today. The butterfly has some balance issues that lead me to believe SBD may be in his future or past, which is concerning, but once I'd picked him out I just couldn't change my mind. No names yet. Suggestions welcome!
  13. So I know there are telescope-eyed pearlscales that are being called dragonballs, but have you ever seen a pearlscale butterfly telescope?! Before today, I hadn't! So I just wanted to share these photos I found while browsing online today. They're not my fish or my photos, just some photos I found on some other fish forum (don't remember which). I think it's interesting that they don't have super round bodies like the tiku pearlie, and I'm thinking they must have crossed hamanishiki and butterflies to make these. I also saw this... A pearlscale celestial (with dorsal though). Pretty neat.
  14. Yesterday I took some new photos of Clover, Callisto, Luca, and Felix in my 75 gallon tank. Here they are! This photo (below) is funny. The entire time there was Repashy gel food on this rock, Clover kept looking at it suspiciously and then swimming away. And now that the food is gone, he's finally picking at it. What a weirdo! They picked the Repashy rock clean! Luca swimming under Clover's tail. Luca looks like an alien life form on the surface of the moon in this photo! lolwut? "Maybe there's some food under the rock." -Clover Danger lurks... oh wait never mind, it's just Clover. What a creeper! lol Felix keeps trying to eat the plastic plant. Callisto is not the most graceful swimmer... "I'm ready for my glamor shots!" -Luca The end.
  15. Now that Christmas is over, I've taken down all our Christmas decorations, including the aquarium ones! I put the fake bamboo plant back in the tank, and thought I would snap a few full-tank photos, since I haven't in a while. I've been cleaning the algae off all the surfaces except for the back glass pane, which is left for the nerites to clean. I must say, they don't do a very good job! I expected them to be better at cleaning up the algae, but that's okay. They're fun additions to the tank nevertheless. Plus a photo of my red spotted nerite traveling across the glass!
  16. I discovered breeding stars all over the pectoral fins of both butterflies, so they are both males! So "Sophie" has been renamed to Luca. I've had just two fish in this tank for so long that I'd almost forgotten how fun it is to see a bigger group of fish following one-another around the tank. These two are not staying in here for long though, after the holidays I'm going to move them into my 55 gallon tank. If I can find a good spot for it, that is. This one looks like Luca is body-slamming Clover And in this one, Luca is "peeking" though Clover's fins! And a video too:
  17. The photos are not great because the lighting over their tub is terrible, but I just had to share this. She is so derpy yet cute and graceful at the same time. I don't know how well the photo shows it, but when you see her face straight-on, you can see that her eyes slightly go in different directions. It's so cute.
  18. She is so cute! Felix hasn't quite figured out the concept of hand-feeding yet.
  19. Here are some top-view and side-view photos of them. Telling secrets? Even though I haven't been able to tell the gender of either fish yet, I've already started thinking of the white one as female and the red/white one as male. I don't know why; I think their body shapes just strike me as such! I tried looking at their vents, but the plastic tub offers a pretty clouded side-view and their anal fins are very close together, covering up their tiny little vents too well for me to get a good view. In time I'll handle them to check their genders, but right now I want to keep handling to a minimum until I'm sure they're fully settled in and de-stressed from their long journey to get here. I really need to decide on names for them! I have tons of ideas, but haven't settled on the right names yet.
  20. Some of you have been following my blog posts and YouTube videos about this, and I want to say thank you for your support to everyone who was! This has been so stressful. I purchased some new fish from a great seller on Aquabid, who I highly recommend (Czhang), and he sent them out on Monday. It was supposed to be 2-day shipping, but the post office messed up and the fish didn't get here until this morning (Saturday). So the poor little babies were in the box for five days. I've gotten fish in the mail many times, and only once have I had fish arrive dead, and that was when a very similar shipping delay happened about a year ago. So I was really afraid that these fish would be dead upon arrival. I opened the box right there in the post office, and was so happy to see a flash of red as the little red/white butterfly moved around! They were both alive! They are really tiny and super cute! The red/white one has tons of energy and is swimming all over the place. The white one is a little bit lethargic compared to the other one, but still swimming around. An all-white butterfly telescope has been my dream fish for years, so I am so happy! They are both so precious! Here's a video of them for you guys.
  21. Just a little video of my finned babies swimming around! And this one is a night video of the tank with the red lights on... There are a couple other new videos too, but I'll let you go check them out on my channel if you're interested.
  22. I've been trying to get some acceptable pics for my crew, and they finally cooperated. This is the group in the 100g. I'll update the 55g in a couple of days. Without further ado, here they are, in alphabetical order XD Byakuya After a very very rough beginning, Byakuya has recovered well from her dropsy after shipping. I hope she will stay healthy for years to come. Gin Gin came from Petsmart, and was discovered to have a very mushy belly when I took her out of the bag. She too has fought the infection, and here she is Hanataro Hanataro is the surprise baby from DO. He's such a spunky little guy. He definitely livens up the tank Ichigo Ichigo's my first from Petsmart. Also another bundle of energy, she's demonstrated a nice growth. Jyushiro My calico oranda baby!!! Kisuke Blue oranda from Petsmart. He has the best facial expressions. Nelliel She's the panda I've always wanted to complete my tank. Nelliel does not disappoint. The shipping from DO this time was as smooth as can be. Nelliel & Hanataro didn't even stress. Renji I had to bring him home when I saw him. Toshiro Queen of the tank! :wub: Group Shots We Be Butterflies I <3 U Thank you so much for looking. I realize there were a lot of pics (Notice Toshiro in every single group shot. She's well loved lol)
  23. Today I moved my little white ryukin, Clover, into the 75 gallon tank with my other fish. I had some reservations about doing this since she has a tendency to nip other fish, especially the weaker ones. But so far she's behaving. Then I had to do a major sump cleaning during the water change today because the water in the sump was beginning to stagnate a bit, since there is very little surface agitation on one side of the sump. So I cleaned that up really well and put an air stone right in the sump chamber. That should take care of the problem there. And after all that cleaning it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos, so here ya go! Clover Chiba Chiba with Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody in the background Saphira, Chiba, and Clover Saphira. She was realy yellow after being out in the pond over the summer, but since coming back inside she's lost her yellow. She's also lost a lot of black spots, especially in her tail. Babydoll, Clover, and Saphira Babydoll, Clover, Saphira, and Nixie Moody Moody again. This guy is a really strong swimmer for a butterfly telescope. Clover. Those faint orange spots used to be a lot brighter and darker, but they have faded considerably. Babydoll with Moody spazzing out in the background. Nixie and Babydoll Saphira's grumpy face. Chiba and Moody- the only boys. Moody Babydoll and Nixie Babydoll Saphira Chiba, Saphira, Clover, and Moody Moody, Nixie, and Chiba. Nixie is peeking out from between the two boys. Those three again. And again Chiba with his mouth open- what a ham! Just Moody again. Moody up close and personal. Look at those breeding tubercles! Chiba says, "What are YOU lookin' at?!" Babydoll. She is so cute with her huge eyes. Babydoll. It's hard to photograph a black fish, but I'm getting better at it! Babydoll again. She always has the cutest "I'm bored" expression on her face. Chiba with Saphira in the background. Moody and Saphira Nixie. Nixie means "water sprite". Nixie used to have a black fringe on her fins, but that must have been remnants of her baby colors because it's gone now. Nixie again. She's a little Chiba-in-training. She has white underneath her eyes just like him. Thanks for looking! You may have noticed some are missing, and since someone will probably ask... My poor Zena and Shiloh are no longer with us. I firmly believe there's something wrong with the way those fish were raised at the fish farm in China (especially the butterfly telescopes). I think they are fed hormones to make them grow faster than they naturally would, and I also I think they may be fed antibiotics constantly. Anyway, it's very sad. Shiloh was my favorite fish of all time and Zena was not far behind. And Toad (the brown fantail I've had for a couple of years) just died last week. That was very sad too, he was a good little fish and we had him for a pretty long time. I don't want to turn this into an obituary thread or anything, but I thought I should mention it since someone will probably ask. Oh and Blossom is not in these photos either, because she's in her own QT right now. For a few months she's been stuck on her side with some sort of swim bladder malfunction, so she has her own space where nobody will bother her. <3
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