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Found 4 results

  1. Recently I moved one of my filters toward the middle of the tank and quickly became unhappy with the dead spot to the far left. Just to get circulation, I moved my good-for-nothing, five-percent-actually-produces-bubbles flexible bubble wand to that spot. Although it has become my preference to have a few inch-long sections of bubbles, I was still unhappy with it. I wanted to ditch the very long bubble wand, and replace them with a couple of air stones. So, I went to the store for some ideas. I bought these. But what would I do with them? I could do lots of T-valves and strangle my fish in miles of airline tubing (I kept writing airtube lining, whoops ). but not if I couldn't make it first without it strangling myself... so scratch that. No, no, I needed to figure out a way to connect them all to one line. A-ha! You will need two packages of those air stones for this project. First, you have to make an air stone that has two sides to which you can attach airline tubing. Be careful! If you cut too close to the end, the air stone will split when you push in the valve. Attach a valve to both sides of the piece that you just cut. Ta-da! Then, attach the air stones to your lining. Do your normal air stone prepping jig (mine goes like this ), and then attach it to your check valve. Cause I know you all don't connect your air lines directly to your pumps!!! Toss it in the water, make it look good, and then I just had to make sure that the tubing was on really securely. It needed a little fiddling to get it going just right! I hope to add one or two more stones to it, but I'm not sure if air flow will be diminished with extras. I'm not sure how well or how long it'll hold up, either, but for right now I'm pretty happy with it (and who am I kidding, I'm pretty darn happy with myself too! )
  2. Here's my silly little girl making some bubbles. She's started doing this for no reason and seems to entertain herself by making them and then popping them. I'm starting to think she's part betta fish. If you're worried about floating, she never actually swallows the bubbles. I'm also seeing that she's developing a matte brown on her head.. Is that the next colour change..? http://s593.photobucket.com/user/Mianari/media/videos/bubbles.mp4.html She's currently being treated for flukes but that isn't stopping her from having fun.
  3. Week ago I have found my gold comet approximately 10cm length with not big lump under his skin in the middle of his body on his left side closer to spine.. Started treatment with changing gravel as I wanted to do this long time ago and complete water change, didn't want but it was too dirty under the thick layer of gravel so I had to. Didn't know water parameters that time. Fish tank is 68 liters for 2 gold comets, 2nd one is half size. Water temperature is unknown, probably something like 24 degrees C. Filter is good too. Gives plenty of bubbles and good filtration for up to 100 liters maybe as I remember... I thought it could be a start of dropsy but it wasn't. Fish ate well. I treated with Stability as water was new and Myxazin for 7 days. Added 7 teaspoons of aquarium salt Last Sunday too. We were overfeeding them though as I realized recently. Now I feed them once a day and not much at all, what they can eat in 2 mins. I can give them frozen desert very little or pea as a snack. I also was feeding them with peas for couple days, 2 peas once a day. Yesterday he was fine. I stopped treatment. Today I checked water parameters in the local petshop. It was very good BUT Ph level was 8! I know its much. It always was like this a recon. But from today we will constantly bring it down with little steps. So from the morning same fish has air bubbles around and was passive all day- was hanging around in his castle. Small gold comet started to try to eat his tail he wants more food I think, but I am afraid to give much at the moment. So I started treatment for Ich and at the end of the day he has got same little lump on the place closer to gills. It s weird. I have read about so many diseases so far, it doesn't suit any description. Without light I notice he is more active or maybe because treatment for Ich works. I couldn't start Myxazin now cuz of the treatment for Ich, but I started Pimafix, which is more natural and bottle doesn't says anything about that it shouldn't be combined with another treatment. So my question IS: what do you think that little lump is? its not big its like under his skin behind the gill this time, it has not round shape like it was before but the same length as the side of his gill. And maybe you can understand why small one continues to munch on his tail...looks like he is trying to find more food though, eating all the algae from the decoration and so on
  4. Hey friends! It has been a while, but clearly I cannot permanently stay away from the Disease forum. As anyone who remembers Sirius the Telescope might remember, he has over the past three years or so started slowly growing uneven. In the eyeballs. I don’t know how fish eyes work, but imagine there are two water balloons and they’re connected by a straw, and you’re gradually squeezing one of them so that it empties out, but the balloon on the other side has to get bigger and bigger and BIGGER to compensate, and you’ll have a pretty good visual of what’s happening. Initially, I tried hot water, cold water, brackish water, salt water, Prazi, swabs, Medigold, and every over-the-counter drops that PetDumb sells. I bare-bottomed the tank and took all possible knock-his-eye-off accessories out, replaced the media a couple of times in case there was an eyeball eating virus hanging around, and basically was a crazy person. But after a while, he started acting stressed out by all my frantic “cure” attempts, and I figured whatever, he’ll do what he does, and as long as he’s eating and swimming and laying eggs like a champ (he’s a she, clearly) I won’t worry too much about the fact that he’s flat on one side, and gigantic and pooling blood on the other. So for the past year or two since then, I just check the ammonia, nitrate/nitrite, and Ph levels daily, and I keep his water so clean I pretty much would be willing to drink out of it. That’s the back story. But NOW, guys. He’s mutating. I don’t even. Look at this. You might say to yourself, “Minx, what is that?!” And I will say, “I have no idea, but it looks like a bubble. Like he’s growing a bubble. Out of where his collapsed eyeball used to be. He’s spontaneously becoming a bubble eye. Make it stop!” I just... ... I hesitate to even ask, but… has anyone… had any experience with this? Um. Or have any ideas about what I can do to make him stop? Because God knows I love him, but every time I look at him now my stomach sort of flips. (And no, he doesn’t appear to notice. He’s still eating fine, swimming fine, laying eggs fine, terrorizing Bob fine, etc. Thank goodness he's blind, I guess, because if I were him I would seriously be freaking the heck out whenever I noticed my reflection on the side of the tank.) Help.
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