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  1. i'm going to commit and try to breed my first batch of ranchu, and this is how i (plan) to go along doing it! advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated! - obtain a batch of several baby ranchu, all from the same breeder. (gary hater, or ranchu notes) - raise them in large bins, 4 inches of water, feeding them 1-3 times a day with a diet consisting of brine shrimp, bloodworms, and later hikari pellets & repashy. - continue to raise and groom them until they are ultimately ready to be placed in the 75g aqueon aquarium, deepening their back curves and providing more space. - raise until they reach maturity, in which (hopefully) around 1 year old they will begin to show breeding behavior, and chase eachother around the tank. (hopefully my batch will include a good ratio of male and female; i will ask the breeder) - i will let them breed naturally in a separate breeding tank container, if i am unsuccessful i may use the hand breeding method, in which hopefully that succeeds. - my fry will hatch and i will (hopefully) raise them successfully, i may keep a few of my personal favorite fry and sell many other (HOPEFULLY) high quality other fry from my batches. i will cull the ones with deformities, etc. (i may sell those in bulk locally or to my local petshop). - continue to groom the fry i have kept until they reach maturity, and repeat the cycle of breeding them. (NOTE: throughout all this i will be doing 100% water changes every 4-7 days, etc) - i will keep certain selective fish that in my 75 gallon tank for myself, most likely the fish i have already bred. if there are any holes in my plan, please let me know. i'm not very knowledgeable on how inbreeding affects the quality of your fish, but i'm hoping to start a line from my original batch and if i meet the funds needed to start incorporating other lines into mine i will. ( i'm 14 years old, haha)
  2. My butterfly telescope goldfish fry are about 2.5 weeks old. I have about 40 ish, not sure, it is difficult to count them. They are in a 10 gallon tank and I am doing frequent water changes, but I wanted to know how many of them I can raise successfully in this size tank.
  3. Ok guys now i think its time to share a diary of my breeding process. Even though i believe breeding any living thing is not totally up to us because we are not creator but we could try, lets get optimistic and start crossing our fingers. these are parents of my upcoming goldies. Father "Tattey"calico and mother "Aandey" egg shaped ranchu Step father "Paatali" common veiltail
  4. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if my oranda was a male or female?] http://s1036.photobucket.com/user/Lovemygoldiesx6/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160402_103646_zpsonnbegxi.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  5. Hi everyone! First post I have had a real issue with what I now call "The bachelor tank". A few months ago I set up a new 40B with three small butterfly telescopes and my only ryukin/telescope fry (now about 8 months old). I am adding a new 40B this week so it wasn't permanent stocking. Simple sponge filter and 40 gallon HOB, a few live plants in planters, bare bottom, LED light. SO! I am posting this to see if anyone has experience with bachelor tanks and chasing. I also just want to post my experiences/ observations for others if they run into this problem. So I wanted to groom/ grow out these fish and track their growth. I added a heater to raise the temp to around 77 and fed lots of Repashy, New Life Spectrum pellets, and various frozen food blends. It was all going very well. The fry doubled in weight in one month, catching up to his LFS telescope buddies. Well, now i've had to stop the whole grow out because they all developed breeding stars on their gill plates and fins (DUH! What was I expecting >_<). They started out chasing, what turned out to be, the sole female, my black moor. I kept an eye on it but I was pretty confident she was too young and too new to my tanks to have eggs yet. Unfortunately they ran her ragged and she had to be moved to the 55gallon. I thought without her they would stop....I was WRONG. They chase each other incessantly! ALL DAY! The ryukin fry and my calico telescope are good swimmers and can give/take the chasing without too much issue. The orange telescope, Bumble, is NOT a good swimmer (hence the name) and he gets tired out quickly. They gang up on him, pushing, chasing all over.... I separate bumble in a floating basket for a few hours to give him a break at least once a day. I don't want to remove Bumble if I don't have to, but even with the tank at room temp (68 F), a more limited/ less rich diet, and less daily "sunlight"...the stars and chasing remain. I did some reading on this forum to see if anyone had spoken about this already and I came across a linked article about male goldfish hormones. http://wordpress.cfans.umn.edu/sorensen/files/2012/08/goldfishpheromone.pdf So, it seems even without a female present, who is almost ready to release eggs, the males release their own hormone into the water. It seems that it's a way to assess the competition and gear up for when a female shows up. It seems it triggers the males into chasing each other and battling it out for dominance. My calico telescope and ryukin fry seem to be tied for dominance... SO! In theory if I do more frequent water changes it should lower the amount hormone saturation in the water. Hopefully "calming" them down and lessening the frequency of chasing. Also, maybe exposing them to a mature female for periods of time. Maybe one male to a female, can help get rid of the mating urge? Anyway....I hope to get this figured out. I really like have serene tanks...but these BROS are killing me with their urges!
  6. Now this is turning into a goldfish keepers nightmare. Guess what? Yes, they have spawn again as they have been doing every Tuesday for 3 weeks in a row. My female, for I can tell, is already fed up by the male who wouldn't leave her alone. I'm a bit worried that she may get sick or something as all this spawning must be bringing her to exhaustion. I'm on the virge of taking Gogo out squizing him dry of his thing as they do on that horrid video about manual breeding I found on youtube, and put in him back in. I have no spare tank ( the on I had is already taken by the fry) and I don't have a place to put it otherwise I would have separated them long ago. I thought may be lowering the temperature of the water could calm him down? I currently have it at 76F. If there's been any temperature flow it was never more than a degree or two. Please tell me what to do. Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone! I have been away from the forum for a while due to too much things to do at work. Anyway, the other day I woke up to find the bottom of my telescopes' tank completely covered with eggs. I was prety sure both fish are female but still decided to put some in a small 1gal tank I had laying around just in case I was wrong. I tried not to keep my hopes up especially when on day 2 I discovered many of the eggs had turned white. Readinh here and there I found out this means they were not fertilized. Still so e of them looked to me rather transparent so I overcame the urge to pour it all in the toilet in disappointment and only scooped the white eggs. And yesterday to my dismay I saw something black inside the eggs I kept! I have already ordered some brine shrimp and prepared a self-made hatchery but I'm competely at a loss what to do once they hatch(if they do). I read here that the tank should be at least 5gl. Can Itransfer them to a bigger container? Should I do it now or wait till they hatch? If I keep them in the small tank when should I change the water? Is it ok if I replace some of the water with fresh one now? According to my calculations they should hatch on Monday. Please help! Any advice will be very much appreciated.
  8. Some of you might remember that I yet again had fry late last year. I kept a small number and the rest is up for adoption. Amongst those I kept is this single fancy goldfish that was produced in that spawn - while all the others are comets, Japanese shubunkins and a couple London shubunkins. That one fancy looks like a ranchu without wen, and this fish is suuuper tiny. He is a cross of a female lionhead and one of two male shubunkins. At the time I took the pics (a few weeks back) , this guy was eight months old! Now I know that fish grow at different rates and growth depends on their genes, so I am not worried or concerned. I am rather amused and in a strange way delighted by his (or her) petiteness. Keep in mind that I have hands the size of dinner plates, and this little guy is less than two inches / five cm long. Love him though because he is so darn cute! :
  9. HI everybody, Today i need your help again. Hope you guys will definitely find a solution. Few days before i recognized that i have 2 female and 2 male goldfishes in my tank when i saw chasing behavior so i tried hand spawning with a single couple , everything was so perfect but i made a mistake that i tried to pour the eggs to 5 gallon tank since the eggs were in bucket and i lost all the eggs. Now, yesterday again i saw a chasing behavior so i planned to retry. But the problem is, among two male non of them have milt inside so what to do? Please help me i dont want to wait untill next season ,Because i know and i am sure one of a female have more than 1000 eggs with her cause she is big in size with round belly chasen by both male but since she is so big and males are smaller then her they are not being able till yet only two eggs i have seen but infertlie. I have not taken any eggs from her before myself. Questions: how many days may take to form milt inside male again? How to boost male to form milt again? Is this not possible this time?
  10. This weekend, we went to Tropiquarium to search for the elusive Last Fish For My Tank. I didn't really find it, but! there were some huge and awesome butterfly teles that were spawning something fierce. I went back and forth, then sucked it up and asked someone to bag me the plant that was in their tank, and any other eggs that could be moved. It was awkward for sure, but who knows! I just had to. Anyway, three days later, a bunch of the eggs have hatched. I won't do a count yet, as I've convinced myself that most of them are already dead. I learned from my last go: more fuss = more accidents. If they're dead, that's not gonna change. But if they're alive, well I could change that easily by poking around to check. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to see what comes of this! Ultimately I'd be really happy if I could raise around five, but I'm not starting off with a huge number so those expectations would be a bit high. These are the parents. The moor was the one dropping the eggs, and from what I could see/remember, the rest all had their part in chasing her. Really hoping for that kirin one to have contributed, but as you can see he was mostly interested in Gonna keep this thread for updates/questions/etc. Hopefully lots of pictures.
  11. I got a new job!! I need to change the water on these tanks when I'm there and also wipe the glass down. It's going to be a business and we are going to sell online and also bring to stores in New Jersey. An example is Tropiquarium we are breeding Angels, Discus and busy nose lecos
  12. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where the right place is to put this!! So if a mod thinks this board is wrong, please feel free to move the post elsewhere Don't worry, no one else is sick, I hope!! I've attached a recent photo of Mr. B. I realized when I took it that it looks like his breeding stars have expanded...everywhere. But...they don't do that, right? He's not showing any symptoms of ich - no itching, darting, loss of appetite, anything. His behavior hasn't changed at all. No white dots on any of his fins, just on the scales and front rays of his pectorals. None of the other fish in the tank have anything like this going on, but Mr. B is always establishing his territory and has pretty much deemed himself king of the tank. I have 3 males besides him in there, one female (but that's Dorito...so no breeding there) What do you think? Ich, or a need for some booty?
  13. Some have asked me to post my diary on the ranchu spawn I have. So I tried to compile some entries about the most important aspects of raising the fry. During these first weeks ive had a lot of help from breeders on the GFK forum, especially Gary Hater(Cincy ranchu) has been very helpful and I am thankfull for his guidance. When reading this diary you will find info on the setup, food and husbandry I used in detail. There is also some basic information about culling ranchu and grooming them. Culling may well be the most important aspect in breeding ranchu, i want to breed heathy fish most of all. Jan 20 My two black ranchu females have soft bellies! But none of the males have shown any interest in chasing the females, it almost seems the females are daring the males into chasing them….. The females need to spawn that’s for sure, but what to do with the eggs? It would be great to grow them out but it will be a heavy commitment. I’m really reading a lot about raising fry and if I wake up a couple of hours earlier every day and do the rest in the evening it should be manageable. But we will see what happens next and just try and go with the flow. Jan 24 I decided to put a smaller oranda male in the tank, I have seen him actively chasing another small females so I wanted to try if this would work. This would also mean I have to handspawn the ranchu. So searching the internet I came across this video on how to handspawn correctly. Many other video’s do not show the correct precautions you should take, very important is to place the fish correctly in your handpalm so when rubbing the belly you distribute even the smallest amount of pressure to the entire back, head and flanks. Keeping the fish head under water just stroke the belly with your fingertips towards the caudal fin. Do not attempt to press out the eggs, just gently rub with a pressure needed to lift a small object like a matchbox. If no eggs are flowing, she is not ready. Jan 27 YES!! Did it!! After a night of chasing, eggs were flying all over the tank this morning. I handspawned two batches, 1 large batch of about 500 chinese ranchu male X thai ranchu female eggs and after that a smaller batch of about 250 in which i put all together and let the little oranda contribute also because the chinese ranchu were not giving much milt anymore. I think i rescued about 1/3 of the eggs, 1/3 got eaten and there is still 1/3 stuck on the bottom of the main tank. I'm feeding the bowls fresh water from the main tank every 2 hours and will put the bowls in a 20 gallon tank which i filled with tankwater yesterday(with sponge filter and at 22C/72F). Hope they will hatch well, any suggestions what to feed the fry would be welcome because i havent decided that yet, i do know im not going to decapsulate BBS though. Small vid after spawn... http://vid209.photobucket.com/albums/bb157/Boshond/Fry/video-2014-01-27-12-34-54.mp4 Jan 27 Just took a long hard look at the eggs and all the large eggs are getting opaque and only the small eggs are still transparent(more in 2nd spawn pan). Those still transparent do have the polar bodies so some are still good i think. What went wrong? The large eggs were too old? Should i clear first batch and or use a small amount of malachite green or such? First batch has about 15% clear ones, i took out the white eggs allready. I think too many were spawned in the first batch then, the second batch has much more clear/smaller eggs and less of them so they are better devided. Maybe the eggs were just too old of this imported fish and only the later ones were good. Gary Hater said not to give up on the opaque eggs so I didn’t. Ive changed part of the water and added 2 drops of methylene blue. I have a big airstone and a small filter sponge in the 20 gallon tank to airate the eggs. I picked out any white eggs with tweezers. I did treat the main tank for fungus before this, not with chemicals. So i hope i have a headstart on fungus developing. I can allready see i need to learn so much about breeding, and probably will make alot of stupid mistakes along the way. Hope to see more in the eggs developing tomorrow. Jan 28 24hrs update... Not much has changed since last night, there seems to be a bit of a belly(?) forming in the eggs and they seem to get a bit darker from the transparent amber of yesterday. I think i have about 200-250 transparant/fertilized ones so i think were down but not out! No white ones anymore so that seems ok. I dont understand why all fertilized eggs are clearly smaller then the opaque eggs, do they keep sucking in water untill they get fertilized? Anyway, i think i was too late for handspawning and the males had allready spend alot of their milt in the tank. Next time ill make sure to place spawning mops in the tank when i am not home. This morning i changed 20% of the water, later today ill change the water aswell. I decided to give hatching BBS a try, but also will order some backup if it fails. Any way to be absolutely sure all eggs have hatched? At least ive read that some lost alot of fries due to unhatched eggs or shells constipating the fry. Will have to find a good way to separate the BBS from the crud. Jan 29 Day two, allmost 48 hrs in.... You can see clearly there is a little fishy developing in the clear eggs, it looks like a dark moonshape with belly against one side of the egg. Still are looking good. Last night i did a 50% WC of the water instead of the usual 25%(2x per day), it smelled a bit eggy and there was some foam developing on the surface. That probably wasnt a good idea or maybe i should have dosed MB again. Anyway, the opaque eggs all changed color to offwhite center and cloudy clear shell. More distubing is that i can see the same shape in those eggs, they are alot bigger then the clear ones. The yolksac in the center is whiteish and it looks like the yolksac is pulled off the shell as it is being absorbed still remaing white in its center. Structurally they look just as the clear ones but clouded up and 50-100% larger. I cant take any picture of it, but it is highly confusing. Probably these are bad eggs and wont hatch so i should dicard them? No sigh of fluffy fungus outside of the eggs yet, but i am worried about those eggs being contaminated. Ill probably have a nice evening sorting these eggs, need to work first though When i came home a saw debris floating and broken white eggs. Most transparent eggs were still intact. So i thought ill just wirl the bowls with water to get rid of the white eggs.... and checked... They are hatching allready! They dont move alot but some are moving, nice clear beady bellies with a dark fishy(about 1/5th inch) on top. Since the other bowl with batch 1 was still in the tank i checked because they are both in the tank at an angle(with a big airstone in the center) the hatched fry was collecting in the bottom of the bowl. It is impossible they all came from the smaller transparant eggs because those didnt hatch yet, still alot might not be viable. The larger opaque eggs must have been just old eggs and the yolksac center this morning was just reflecting light against the cloudy opaque egg shell. I do think the heavy airation and the MB made alot of difference here since i still cant find any fungus. I did raise the temperature yesterday from 22C/72C to 23C/73F because ive read somewhere that hatching them quicker/at a higher temperature would also make the risk of fungus getting a hold of them lower. At this point i dont even expect them to survive the first 2 weeks. There is just too much that can go wrong and this being the first time i raise the fry myself and not let the pond take care of it, ill probably make many mistakes. So off we go!!!! Jan 30 A picture of my setup and after they hatched. Excuse the low quality of the pics. I’m flabbergasted those eggs hatched, not all but I estimate 600 fry out of 750 eggs. Some observations during egg care: If you check about 4 hours after fertilization you can see either polar bodies or something like a bump at the edge of the inner circle forming, this can give you a rough idea howmuch really are fertilized. In those first hours it is extra important to heavily airate and keep adding fresh (tank) water so the eggs wont spoil. The purple bowl had allmost 2x as much eggs as the blue one, in the blue one the eggs kept much better. Later that night the eggs turned opaque and i added MB 2 drops. This seemed to stop the spoiling of the eggs. Very few did turn white but i removed those. The bowls like i had them with the big airstone(150l/h and 50l/h on the spongefilter) in between seems to be ok, but even more airation and flow over those eggs would probably even be better to halt fungus spoiling the eggs. From what ive gathered a low temperature gets you more of the eggs hatching, but will take longer, this may increase the chance the eggs spoil. It seemed practical to have the eggs hatch in the bowls which were in the tank. I could take the bowls with debris from the egg shells out after the eggs hatched and the fish collected in the side of the bowls after they were done. I dont know why the larger eggs turned opaque while fertilized exactly. It could be either that they were old eggs(most likely) but it also could be that eggs suck in water after release and as soon as they are fertilized close their shell. This sounds odd, but i think this could also be possible. The eggs that did spoil became white(from opaque) within 30 minutes. You need to remove those as soon as you see them, otherwise the fungus will spread very quickly. Hope this will help some others who get their own spawn sometime. Now to the BBS that need to be ready tomorrow, yes i am late with hatching them.... Feeding the fanciez... Allright next fase, I have BBS running for 4 hours now, i know, too late. Have a second flask ready for tomorrow so i can start a new batch when the other one is ready. The fish are not ready to be fed. When i turn off the light about 1/5th will rise up from the bottom. But how, what and when to feed them? I have the following foods for fry. Spirulina 100% powder, decap artemia eggs(not hatchable), artemia replacement + Astaxanthin(14days+) and i did get a few fresh eggs from our neighbours. I also have alot of testpackages of dry foods and pellets in the freezer. Some of which are very rich. I also question my husbandry. I refresh 1/3rd of the water 2 times per day. I have a spongefilter and an airstone, but a small amount of waste will build up. Should i up the refresh rate or do a 100% change every 4th day or so? I am seeing that those few that are free swimming allready are now attached to the filter sponge on which the floating eggshell parts are collecting. Before first feed ill do a 100% WC. Jan 31 Airation They are becoming more active, but not really free swimming yet. Most have relocated to the sides of the tank and there are many on the filter sponge. Ive read someone claiming his fry got sucked into the sponge, is that possible? It is a very small filter sponge and i have tempered the flow when they started swimming. Ive taken out the airstone so there is not much current. I have a few bent/curled fry on the bottom, do they usually bend when dead? BBS setup, started the next bottle, the one i started yesterday has not been warm enough to hatch i think. I dont understand why mine are clear and when i look at BBS youtube video's they all look murky, probably the eggs are different/have been cleaned? Now this is so cool, Ranchu headquarters! Ok, i thought 2 smaller batches would be better so if one goes wrong i still have the other. The ratio of eggs/water/salt/bakingsoda is from the instruction sheet. The left bottle is from yesterday and these have turned orange (so you cant see them very well against the curtain), but not hatched yet. Do you think i wont be able to harvest BBS from these? If so ill start another batch in a bigger bottle. In the instruction manual it says per 1 liter, 32grams of rocksalt, 1 teaspoon of eggs. It didnt mention baking soda, so i just put a pinch in to get PH above 8. In these bottles i have half a teaspoon of eggs. There must be something different about these eggs or maybe they meant a heaped teaspoon? The bottles are now above the radiator and it is about 78F there. I do have a backup plan but i wanted to try this, mostly because it isnt as hard on the water than feeding other foods. I will try to get other eggs tomorrow if these didnt hatch by then. Feb 1 Free swimming! This morning when i turned on the light i saw about 50 fry swimming free and the swimbladder had filled adding a dot behind the eyes. Moments later i saw more rising to the surface. I now have 6" of water in the tank, if the ones on the bottom won't come up ill try and lower the water and stop the spongefilter to try and get them to the surface. The BBS from the first batch hatched, but only 30% of the eggs hatched and this percentage did not improve over night. Also the eggshells didnt rise to the surface. I think the BSE are not a good quality and i will try and find a better source today. The temp of the BSS is still 28C and 30C where the lamp is on the bottle which i measured with my IR thermometer. This also means i won't be able to feed BBS today or tomorrow, so I have to get better BSE right now! Done! I now have a different brand BSE said to give a much better yield by someone i know. I hope this will work out better, the BSE definately look smaller and the water looks alot murkier because of this. Also bought a screen offered by the same brand to filter out the BBS, dont know if that works, but if it does..... Did 2 batches of BBS, 1 in big and 1 in little bottle, maybe there is a difference in the bottle aswell. Ill freeze whatever BBS i cant use that day. Also starting a bigger filtersponge in the parents ranchu tank, i will move the spawn to a bigger 75 gl tank in a couple of days. Yes!!!! the BBS from yesterday is hatching as we speak! So it wasn't the BSE, but the temp or possibly the baking soda which i didnt add to first batch. That solves the food issue, unless i cant find a way to separate the shells from the BBS. I also bought a sieve for the BBS, its 0.15mm mesh so i hope that will clean it out, otherwise ill do as suggested earlier. I also read a nice other trick to prevent contamination of BBS. You put the BBS in a black or completely dark(inside) container with a small hole in the lid. The BBS will come out few at the time according to the writer. I siphon and WC about 50% every day. This morning i had 7 culls and they seem to get less. Maybe a WC is not nessesary untill feeding starts, but i want to keep them used to the taste of the fresh water. Since this morning they started to freely swim. There are about 100 still halfway on the sponge and about 50 on the bottom. I did not lose many and still have about 500 fry. I added salt at 1 tblsp per 10 gallons, which is what i prefer. The water quality is good, no smell. I am in doubt about the bottom cull, someone i knew a long time ago and who tought me very much about GF said convincingly "those will be the best fish". I do think he meant that i should never give up on weaker fry, it could be my dreamfish right? It would offcourse be no problem at all to seperate the last bottom dwellers into a separate tank with low water level. Since i have BBS i will feed that obviously, when they grow i plan on feeding the BBS some spirulina before i feed them to the fish. Now to cleaning up the BBS contamination, hope ill get that sorted..... Feb 2 Will start sorting/storing BBS after dinner and see how they like it. Tomorrow morning ill siphon any remaining on the bottom i still see some rising from it! The BBS batch was full of debris(better word then contamination?) the 0.15 screen did filter the debris but also the larger BBR. Next time ill keep watching that bottle! So i sieved the smallest BBR and filtered with paper kitchen towl and wirled that trough the tank. Enough so everyone will get one.... NICE! Maybe the smaller bottle gets too wild inside and thats why the shells don't float? We will see tomorrow. Great fun sofar. Most seem to have eaten just one, some none and some 2. Those with 2 in their bellies look like guppies after their meal! I will get the other screens to filter the BBS aswell. Anyway, important note: Before first feed decide if you want to cull all bottom dweller or just the crooked ones. Before i fed them they were all near the surface and now they are all over the watercolum looking for a bite of whatever, even resting on the bottom aswell so it is hard to see wether it can or cannot swim. Had no culls this morning! This morning after WC. http://vid209.photobucket.com/albums/bb157/Boshond/video-2014-02-02-09-18-50.mp4 I'm trying hard to keep up with hatching BBS, got 3 feeds from this mornings batch but the other one seems to have gone wrong. They eat it like candy though i feed like a 2 peasize portion strained atm and its gone in a 5 minutes or so. I do keep trying to remove most of the eggshells, but i do lose alot of BBS that way. Nutritional value of the shells are 0 i suspect? Anyway i have enough till tomorrow afternoon, hope the next batch is ok after all, the water with the BBS looks a bit milky and greyish. I am increasing the number of feeds these days, yesterday 1 in the evening, today two and tomorrow should be 3. Then ill see if a 4th is needed. I also got a 120gl tank today and a frame to fit my two tanks. I'm planning on moving the fry to a 75gl tank which has twice the surface area of the the box now. Next weekend they are 2 weeks and its time to cull..... The ones that make it go in the 75gl tank. Still... so much to do! Feb 3 I am glad to say i got the BBS hatching covered, some minor difference in PH(baking soda) made the BBS look drifferent but in new brine solution it was back to what i am used to. I see all orange bellies now and i'm trying to keep filling them up after they pooped. They seem to have no interest at all in the debris(shells and unhatched eggs). But it keeps the tank cleaner anyway. Ive tried a 35% WC this morning but that seems to cause stress, so ill do 2x20% tomorrow. They are now about 2x the starting size after hatching, you can see a bit of finnage and a some have a head instead of two eyes! I have a really easy trick for WC, ill take a few pics of it tomorrow. Maybe someone who reads this later will find it usefull. Feb 4 New tank ready! I the time to get my new tank ready today, so i have enough space for the fry. So ive got the tanks stacked and leveled, i was thinking to use the top tank for the Ranchu stock and the lower for the fry, they are 75 and 100gl. Should i filter the fry tank with a spongefilter or any other ideas to setup, waterlevel etc? Feb 5 I'm allready at 3x the amount BSE i started with so 3 teaspoons BSE per day. But they eat it all every day! The Bottles are 1/2gl bottles now. Ive made some pictures yesterday, so also the fry are bigger allready. Just to show my way to syphon this small tank savely without having to stay and watch during siphoning. First siphon the bottom of the tank, check bottomdwellers and cull if needed. Takes 15-20 min i think. Then you can put the stick with the airtube into the spongefilter exit and walk away. The stick will prevent the tube from getting out of the filterexit. Return the siphoned amount of water(treated) and at the exact temperature slowly. Even the current from an airtube is pretty strong. Obviously this depends on the hight difference while siphoning in or out. Allways check the bucket before you throw the old water out! Wile siphoning the bottom have the stick in one hand and the end of the tube in the bucket in the other. This way you can stop siphoning when fish come near. I also readied the fry tank with seeded filter from the parents tank(at end of the vid). Feb 7 Day 11 since spawn. I am planning on a first cull this weekend. Usually this is done after two weeks so i am early. Still they are too many to keep in the small container i think, so otherwise ill just move them. Observations tail developement: The tails seems to start of at the end of the spine with the two bottom caudal lobes. As growth progresses the two top lobes are formed but the spine still connects the two caudal fins. Now the caudal fins start to grow faster then the spine and the two caudal fins seperate if all is well. Sometimes one can see the spine sticking out a bit, but is starting to bend upwards. In a later fase this would be a problem but i dont know if culling those in this fase would be advisable. The fry are about 2/5th inch now. So they more then doubled in length. If i would remove all crooked spines and single tails and would not cull for tails i would only have about 10%-15% which are culls. Not really worth the fish' stress of culling at the moment maybe. The tails are about to split from the spine, so it seems too early to cull for tails. I am really happy the fry seems to have so little obvious culls, part seems to have to do with the quality of the black Thai bloodline which seemed very consistent when i selected them out of a maybe a hundred brothers and sisters. Still expecting mayor culls when tails are up for culling though.... Pics ‘n vid http://vid209.photobucket.com/albums/bb157/Boshond/Fry/video-2014-02-07-10-01-46.mp4 Feb 9 Notes on culling Ranchu. I have been seaching on the internet about culling Ranchu and have only found some picture of japanese TVR culling. I do not persume to know much about culling, this is just a bunch of notes which i had when i first culled this spawn yesterday evening and early this morning. I have read that culling Ranchu can be very different in each spawn and also that before culling one should study the Ranchu extensively and picture a certain build/finnage you want to keep, this seems very important to me and culling to the best of that standard should be the way to go IMHO. When i started reading on the net, there was very little info i could find, especially on SVR culling. Since the tails were clearly visible and i had to move the Ranchu to a bigger tank anyway, i thought i should go ahead with it. Based on observations and the pictures from that japanese website i selected certain aspects, not including those typical for TVR or not clearly visible yet. Also the W shape in the caudal fins should be about 170 degrees for TVR, since i have SVR i reduced that to 90 degrees. The degree you choose as a reference is also highly dependant on the fry i think. Prior to culling i checked PH and temperature of the tanks and matched those. I used a glass bowl and a clamp-on lamp to shine underneath the bowl and some magnifying glasses. The culls i spooned out with a white plastic spoon, the fish look different against white and can be judged again if a defect is unclear. Culls included: Spine: So also check all if they swim well, maybe most important because you cant see small defects yet, but you can see if they are able to swim well. Deformed spines. Tail: About 90 degrees(depending on the fry) and clear/firm W shape when viewed from above. Twisted or curled inwards finrays. Abnormalities: Runts, spike backfin, gills(shape of the head), bad swimbladder(not floating or swiming leveled). I left the knicks at the peduncle when the tail had a certain shape and they swam well. I tried to count the fry but gave up quickly. With the top view culling i had about 250 'good' fry and about 200 devided into 70 definate culls and 130 'maybe' culls. I left it at that and went to sleep, i had a hard time focussing allready after 2 hours culling. Probably ill need spectacles soon. I woke up after a after a few hours of sleep and proceded. Checked the fry in the tank first. Well, i wasnt really happy about that. The TV culling left alot of humps and knicks in the spine. I think about 30/250 are obviously culls. Also alot of bad tailangles, but that will change/improve in the next weeks if the information i found is correct about that. No more culling to standards which are not for this spawn. Good lesson learned. Since i still had the 150 'maybe' culls with a W shape tail but generally in the 45 degree region i decided to check those again, but more carefully and from the side aswell. Note that there were also bad swimmers in there so i needed to be absolutely sure. I have to say that many looked great from the side, and saved those that still had decent tail angle and nice back/spine. These 130 SV culls took me twice as long as the 450 when just culling TV. So i should be prepared to take a whole day for next cull. Also i lost 2 fry in the culling process, dont know if that is alot, but a shame none the less. Anyway, i estimate i have about 350 left now and culled just over 100. I would much rather have less fry because the tank i have for the fry isnt large enough to hold 350 1 month old fry i think. Maybe i will cull again next weekend. Next time ill do a much better job though. http://vid209.photobucket.com/albums/bb157/Boshond/Fry/video-2014-02-09-10-43-09.mp4 Feb 12 The fry is now 10 days after first feed and 12 days after hatching. This weekend i'm going to cull the tails, last time i just didnt know what to keep. Also the fry were just too small to judge i guess. Since i mixed thai and chinese genes i really cant cull for either characteristics, i do see a general mix of shorter and more rounded backs and a bit slimmer and more straight backs. Seemingly small differences but i guess they will develop differently aswell. So again, no culling standard..... So i'm going to cull everything with bad tail angles of which dont have a smooth back. All deformed ones left also offcourse. I didnt have any losses last few days, they are eating and growing fine! Tried to make a few pictures but this seems especially hard because i have to use a small flash and they now react to that instantly. Feb 15 Notes on culling #2 Back again from 7 hours of culling and full cleanout of the tank. My head hurts and my heart aswell, but small defect will become much larger defects.... Seeing the parents dealing with the culls makes it have an odd purpose, and it shows us we are very far from nature in our goldfish hobby. Anyway, i think 14 days after first feed seemed perfect, you can still study the inners of the fry and check the spine for defects. Also the tails are much more developed and it seems obvious to cull for those two now. Ive studied the fry extensively and i think about 1% could grow out to be significantly better fish then their parents. In general i pictured the fry that had evenly rounded spines and good tail to keep this cull. This was about 25%. While culling i took another 25% of the fry with good tail but with very slight hump above the swimming bladder. I saw those alot and it seems this will change when they grow, these are the somewhat smaller fry. I mainly selected the tail on a 70-90 degree angle of the tailfins when looking from behind and also on the tails being erect. Still i felt i had to deviate at times, the best rounded spines often had a less erect tail. I hope some will change aswell. I also counted the good, the bad and the ugly. Total good 202, bad 178 and the ugly Oranchu's were 8. I plan to seperate the Oranchu and raise them aswell, some of those are huge and will become headhunters if i dont seperate them from the ranchu fry i think. Total fry were 400 so i culled about half. This first experience with ranchu culling takes alot of time for sure, but i noticed i got much quicker at the end, not having to check every detail, but seeing the whole of the fry and being able to decide instantly. Well a few exeptions granted offcourse I also seeded the spongefilter again during the process, probably i will add a second one soon since i feel the fry is ready for it. Water quality was a bit waning, i hope the cull will solve that for now. I WC in the morning and in the evening after last feed, about 50%. I also have a IR thermometer, you really need one to get the temp not to fluctuate too much during WC. The water is still sweet though! Feb 17 After the culling i added a small(25gl) filter which fits my syphon hose. I have a filtersponge at the end of that hose. So its easier and quicker to WC now, the sponge at the end does reduce flow trough the filter but it causes only very little current this way. The tails should be as erect(vertical) as possible, tail tuck deep and smooth arch and preferably high back. Svr usually have a TV tailangle just above 90 degrees or even under. I will increase waterlevel slowly in the new tank. From the 6” in the tub I will add an inch or so at every WC. Ill see how it works, if i cant maintain the waterquality i just let the level rise a bit. I dont have time to cull untill next weekend. The tank is 1.25x0.47m so 1/4th of your tank. I WC about half, 2 times per day, i do think my filtration sponge is not funtioning as well as it should yet. The lack of a standard(and because of that no culling criteria) complicates the hell out of raising these because i want to get the best out of them. I must say i got lucky i guess, no unexpected losses in the beginning and these 200 have good potential to become better quality ranchu pets. Which as such is what you can expect from these parents. I do want to give this fry my best shot and want to get the best out of them qualitywise. I personally see this as a test to what i can expect to gain in quality from these known and handspawned parents. So stocking really low density and keeping everything pristine is a reference to me in husbandry routine, experience will teach me what is needed and what is not. Probably its more of a testcase to me and next year ill have a good bloodline breeding stock and all the tubs i need at the ready. Sofar i do enjoy having the fry very much, the work it creates is not a big issue and i dont expect to breed commercially. Even the BBS are not as much hassle as i expected, once you have it going like it should its merely a matter of emptying and refilling the bottles(i have 2x2l bottles now). http://vid209.photobucket.com/albums/bb157/Boshond/Fry/video-2014-02-17-11-21-53.mp4 Feb 18 I was doing some researching on grooming the fry to find more info on how water level would influence the development of my normal ranchu fry. Seeing waterlevel as a grooming tool may be interesting. I must find out how to get the tails to become more erect. I know this has to do with vertical swimming and water depth, will need to find more info before testing this on the fry. Additional feeding. I was trying some ingredients to compose an additional food for the fry next to the BBS, or select a commercial food based on the ingredients. Ive tried several fry foods and ground to dust. All mixes had a high spirulina content. Feb 20 Bad day.. Yesterday i saw some flashing. I had the flukes treatment planned after week 2 cull, but i forgot about it. This morning i had 4 fry swiming around with their mouths locked wide open....... fukes So now doing salt and garlic treatment to handle the flukes. WC’s are on 2x50% daily now. Ive had the waterlevel down to 7", my sponge filter is too high to lower it any further. I think this should be low enough for these kind of ranchu. The ranchu are growing ultrafast since i feed more, allmost a mm per day. Now at 1.2-1.5 cm so half an inch. I have about 10-15 runts still and about 25 with tail defect(not completely open). I say ranchu and not fry because the look like ranchu now and have scales and everything, they are just mini ranchu without wen. Some have very big bellies, those seem to swim faster and are at an advantage when eating BBS. The spirulina also seems to get absorbed allmost completely, i havent seen any green poo which i expected. Feb 21 I hope i'm not jinxing it, but i had no more fluke casualties since yesterday morning! So i hope this treatment will work and wont set the fry back. They are eating more and more, it seems they never have enough. I am considering a cull tomorrow or sunday. I can see i have 15-20% to cull if i cull for runts and unopened tails of which a few top caudal finrays are still stuck together. However there are also a big group of somewhat smaller ranchu with shallow but wide tail still not opened up but seemed like the edo nishiki, well sort off. Maybe ill start a separate batch of those and see if I can get them to grow better. Feb 22 The fry are doing well and treatment seems to go well, i had no additional fluke casualties. Tomorrow i'm going to cull and check all the gills for damage and displacement. Every day i enjoy these fry more as they become more and more beautyfull, they are very active and keep on looking for more food fanatically! Not looking forward to tomorrow....... I am also going to compose a crumble and gelfood and compare with other foods. Deviding the fry between tanks. The use of the established system i have to seed the fry tank was a poor one with the flukes and all, it happened and i learned from it. The fry is now 3 weeks old, tomorrow ill cull again. I have a growout pond ready when I can take the fry outside. The oranda x ranchu are now in a seperate tank, they are for a friend who wants to put them in a pond of his, then try and breed a shukin type gf out of it. He wants those for a long time but they seem hard to get here. I culled several of those though, but these do look like a decent pet grade fish to me. Feb 23 Feeding fry I have also considered eggs, but did not go that way because i think it is not considered a fry food but rather a supplement next to GW and daphnia grown in GW and algea in tank for example. Usually whole eggs are steamed at a specific temperature so it will just set, it was told to me this was about 68 degrees which they measure carefully while steaming. After some experimenting with 6 commercial fryfoods or ground pellet foods i concluded they like the one with the highest proteine content the most. After that i combined their preferred fry food(59% proteine) with spirulina(69% proteine) and they preferred the 'dough' with the most spirulina content. After some research on the analyses of these products i mix up these ingredients to supplement the BBS. Out of this dough i make wafer size cookies which do not cloud the water so much and WC after feeding those. I will keep feeding BBS untill they are big enough to eat BW and such as it is clear the natural feeding habit of GF has to be maintained or at least simulated for a close to optimal result. I have a feeling this also applies to older ranchu, some FG varieties seem to do very well on a single staple diet, but not ranchu it seems. I'm not certain why there seems to be a difference in that. Probably the lack of green algea in their diet is the reason. Notes on culling #3 Culling is done! I have about 50 fry with good back and tail and another batch of 50 with good back but not completele opened or erect tail. The rest are culled, it is obvious flaws i saw before but were so small i though could perhaps change only became bigger flaws. It does become much easier to see these as you get a bit of practice. It took for ages though, i took the time to check all the gills and eyes and fins this time. Strangely enough i didnt find any deformed gillplates, just 2 fry wich seemed to be unable to correctly close their gills. Could it be fry sometimes get 'locked open mouths' after they have to chew/suck on dry food the first time after having had only BBS? I also culled a few fry with remnants from finnage on the backs, just tiny dots sometimes. What i didnt see before was that some had a wrinkled back, i cant describe it better, but the spine is perfect but the muscle tissue is not smooth. Its not the scales just the back muscle fibres look twisted? Anyone seen this before? I just culled all runts and any other flaw i could find, also there were quite a few with top caudal finrays running past the pedunkle. I left those last cull because i wanted to see what would happen to those, but they will just become bigger flaws. Feb 26 Finally i think i see where the fry are going in their development and decided on a specific buildtype in these, generally the shorter/deeper build seem to develop more beautyfull allthough growing a bit slower. Their tails still are developing so i was trying to delay culling for that aspect. Out of these in the video ill keep about 20-30 in this weekends cull. Those i will grow out to two months. I am feeding BBS but cant keep up with the demand, very hungry fry! They are fed some crushed hikari purple aswell now. Prazi fluke treatment also started today, ive had no more casualties from the flukes but they are still there. So there we are at the 1 month mark with this ranchu fry, i must say i enjoy having them alot and am absolutely stoked about seeing them grow out to proper size fish. Next on the to-do list is a better breeding setup with enough room for a decent spawn and easy WC. March 4 April 24 Ranchu Oranda x Ranchu That was their fry stage, they moved to the pond on 25th of June, more great fry video's in my Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS8IG8GK8clJiF2G-vKvapw Thanks for the interest, hope it will be helpfull to some trying to breed aswell.
  14. November 6th Well my Goldie Citrus laid her eggs today. I have about 9 clear and transparent ones in a bowl of tank water about 3" high temp around 74*F this is the watching and waiting period. Will update here as things happen. Fingers crossed as this newbie attempts this exciting journey.
  15. So my bristlenose plecos have bred again for the third time but this time the male is hardly interested in the new eggs. The first batch of eggs the male reared and protected the eggs and fry but with the second batch he kicked all the eggs out which I thought he might had done it but it seems he may not have. At the weekend I moved all the first batch of fry and the few of the second batch of fry (lost nearly all to a random disease) into a 34 gallon tank with my five adults consisting of the mum and dad, a young male long fin, a young female albino and an adult female who just doesn't breed and they all settled in fine. Well yesterday I checked on them and the mum had ripped fins and the dad was in the cave and believe it or not they bred but this time the dad doesn't fan the eggs or stay in the cave all the time so I'm unsure if he was the one that bred but I'm assuming it was him so do any of you guys have any idea what I should do or not do. Thanks (also pics will be added when my computer is fixed )
  16. Just thought I'd share, as I found it very interesting Enjoy!!!
  17. Bubba is a 3-inch long common goldfish I've had for a couple years and I've started to notice something strange. He's starting to develop small black dots on the top of his head. I've noticed no external parasites and he seems entirely active and happy, so I'm a little confused. Is he going to get ich? Is he developing breeding stars? I know those are both white but I'm running out of ideas. I've also been feeding my fish color-enhancing granules from tetra, as well as some carrots, lettuce, and bits of worm much more recently so I wonder if that has something to do with it. Please help, I'm VERY worried
  18. I know that you're supposed to cool down your goldfish's water in order to breed them in an aquarium. What I can't figure out is how. I don't have the money for a chiller so I'm sort of stuck. Can anyone give me some advice?
  19. Ok so this morning I woke up and turned on my main tropical tank and my male and female plecos that bred about 6 weeks ago have bred again. Last time the male looked after the eggs this time he kicked them all out on the gravel and considering I have angelfish etc. I was surprised to find some eggs. I collected all 25 eggs I found all are fertile and now I am playing dad there won't be as many babies as the first batch but I still have them as well think I may need to start finding homes for baby plecos. Lol
  20. As I was going through my old photos yesterday I came across baby photos of my four "Tiny Tots" . Now to our newer members, with Tiny Tots I tend to refer to my 8" single tails that were my first (accidental) home bred goldfish. They just kept this name over the years. Anyway, I managed to come up with somewhat of a timeline of these four brothers, who I never realized grew so beautiful and big until I looked at the old photos. Around the 20th of March 2011, early in the morning I found a bunch of uneaten eggs in my largest tank. I had noticed spawning behavior for a while, but was never in time to find eggs. But in February 2011 I transferred to a different store and now started at 6:00-7:00 am every morning. With that, I finally found my some unconsumed eggs and removed them, not knowing if they were even fertilized or not. Within the next 24 hours I noticed eyes and spines forming in most of the eggs. Eventually about 20 fry hatched. I was not really prepared for it, but had a 10g tub available and fixed up a sponge filter. I had no other food than boiled egg yolk (REALLY messy) and Hikari First Bites. At three weeks of age in their tub, this is a bunch of the fry with a heater, a sponge filter, and a sponge covered 90gph internal filter Unfortunately I learned too late that there was a hole in the internal filter where the cord entered the housing, and almost all of my fry got sucked into it. When I noticed the disappearing of fry, I posted on goldfishkeepers and asked, and they said that this was normal especially if fry from the same batch grew at different rates. One day, when I had only three fry left, I did check the filter though, and found the bodies of at least a dozen dead fry below the filter sponge in the internal filter In addition to that I found one fry stuck below the sponge that was still alive and I added him to his three siblings. He was named Trooper because he had survived the really dumb filter accident. I was upset because I felt so stupid for never noticing the small gap at the back of the filter. Of course I removed the filter and no losses were recorded since, but I still want to kick myself in the rear for not checking earlier. Here is a picture of the four survivors. Algae (Diatoms and Cyanobacteria, especially the latter) started growing in the tub (lit by a 100watt desk lamp) and they loved to eat it along with frozen baby brine shrimp. You can already make them out: Trooper at the top, Tilty to the top left, Finny (without tail) at the center right, and Buttons with his button eye/s at the bottom of the image. They are in the middle of eating frozen blood worms. For size reference, you can see a frozen blood worm on top of the black river rock. Very early on (about two-three weeks after hatching) I noticed that one fry lacked a tail. This is the infamous Finny in all his baby glory. Now for parental reference, this is me holding the four baby boys in a glass votive candle holder in front of the main tank. Hugo, the shubunkin in this photo, is their mother, and the orange comet in the next photo is Orange Fishie, their Daddy. Hugo came from Walmart's shubie tank, and Orange Fishie from Petsmart's 27c feeder tank. Both of them were picked randomly by the store employees when they were wee little things. At about 10 months old, in a 1.5g betta bowl for photos This is the boys at about 11 months of age. Tilty lost his baby color and turned orange. The others had been shubies from the start. In the temporary 20g, these four little guys did a lot of growing. This is one of my all time favorite pics of them lining up for a photo. You can see Tilty's black has mostly faded except for the Hitler mustache and the tips of his caudals. Still in the 20g, but months later and colored up (although my camera OVERsaturated this pic a bit), and lining up again. Now a little bit over three years later these guys have grown so much. They have moved on to a bigger tank and are on average 8.5" in total length, 4-4.5" body length. Except for Finny, the tailless wonder, who is about 5" body length And Tilty looks so much like Orange Fishie, it's eerie. And I'm not talking about the color, but overall look etc. Just like Finny looks so much like his mom, even without the color, minus the long flowy tail. EDIT: Scrolling up and down to the old pics vs these new ones, it is really easy to compare them. Most of them have not changed much in coloring. The color pattern is still mostly the same. Finny (no tail), Willie (the telescope eyed common at the bottom), Tilty (the orange comet), and Norm (ranchu? lionchu? chuchu?) in the back A nice closeup of Finny and Trooper. It still blows my mind that Trooper was literally stuck INSIDE a filter (below the filter floss inside the filter container) for a good 12 hours when he was a baby, and survived and grew into this gorgeous, breeding-star sporting big boy :3 Buttons is the most difficult to take pics of. He is just SO active, and I wonder if that is the reason why he is the smallest of the four boys. He is a cutie either way, and still has the button eye that gave him his name
  21. Been a long time since I've posted, my Ryukin, Yamato has been doing really well, he's about a year and a half old now. Sadly he's been plagued by floating issues so I have had to keep him on a strict blanched peas diet. Anyways, I figured it would cheer him up to have a buddy in the tank with him, so I purchased and quarantined a beautiful Black Moor who I just introduced to the tank yesterday. The Black Moor, Othello, made himself right at home but almost immediately began chasing Yamato all over the tank. Yamato swam away with great speed at first but over the past day has gotten more and more apathetic about the whole thing and Othello now spends his time headbutting Yamato. I was really confused at first why the new fish would show this kind of aggression towards the established fish, especially since Yamato is larger, but then in dawned on me: THIS WAS MATING BEHAVIOR Yamato might be a female...whoops So I guess I'll just let nature take it's course and hope that maybe if Yamato lays some eggs it may help with HER floating issues a bit. My one concern that I wanted to bring up for discussion (and something I haven't found a straight answer to so far), how do male and female goldfish get along when they're not breeding? Can they coexist happily in a tank? Does this chasing behavior happen year-round? I don't want Yamato to be harrassed everyday all day for the rest of her breeding life so I'm hoping this only happens at certain times of the year. Also, is there anything that can be done to discourage breeding season, like raising water temp, etc? Thanks in advance for your insight!
  22. Hi everyone! So sorry I haven't been too active - all 4 of my guys are doing well in their 75 gallon tank They did fine when I was gone for 5 days for Thanksgiving (on an automatic feeder...Eheim!) and that made me feel better about leaving them when I'm away for Christmas (for 6-7 days). Over the past 2 days - right before and continuing after my latest weekly WC of 90% - I noticed that Clem and Speckle had some red streaking in their fins. I thought at first maybe the pH was bad - but all tests came back fine. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10ppm, and pH 8 - 8.2...which is how I have always kept them and how they like it. My plants are growing great, snails are growing like weeds and laying eggs....everything seems fine. Except that the fishies seem a little agitated. So I treated for flukes (just began prazi yesterday) because I haven't in a while, and they seemed to react to that so I thought GREAT! But today Clem's streaks have remained while Speckle's are starting to go away. What I'm wondering is if maybe Mr. B and Clem are fighting over Speckle...Pickle, Mr. B, and Clem are all males. Pickle doesn't really care about chasing, but Mr. B is BIG into it and definitely established himself as the "big man in the tank" lol Lately Clem has been trying to oust Mr.B and chase Speckle. Usually they just push her around together, but maybe he's starting to piss Mr. B off? My question is....does anyone have similar experience? And would buying another female to add to the tank help offset the aggression? (2 females to 3 males) Speckle hasn't laid any eggs yet that I've seen. Would 5 fish in a 75 be too many? I certainly do not want to take up their space. Any responses helpful
  23. Video of behavior in question: We were finally able to upgrade to a 55 gallon tank and get solitary Leo (Male Oranda) a friend, Darla ( Unsexed Oranda). At first, it looked like a match made in heaven. Leo seemed so happy to have a fish companion and Darla seemed at the very least to be accepting of his affection - they schooled, and cuddled and he hardly left her side. However, A few weeks in to this made for TV romance things started to turn nasty - Darla went from docile and coy to aggressive and rude - Chasing Leo around the tank and nipping his fins. Leo seemed frightened and depressed - hiding much of the time at the bottom of the tank with his fins ripped and his dorsal fin down. We seperated them with a tank seperator and Leo perked up and was again swimming happily for a few days. Then Darla found her way around the tank divider. She is less consistantly agressive, but as the video shows she can be pretty ruthless and Leo seems quite overwhelmed by it. Darla is currently in time out in our 20 gallon QT tank. ADDITIONAL INFO: Leo is for sure a male (he has the mating tubricles on his pectoral fins) Darla does not show any male characteristics, but as you know, those don't always show. They are both Orandas. Leo is the bigger of the two about 4 inches head to tail, but Darla has been growing rapidly and is quickly catching up to him. They live in a 55 gallon tank so theoretically they should feel like they have enough room. QUESTION: So what is this behavior? Do females ever chase males? Is Darla a male trying to dominate Leo for territory incase a female should join them? Is Darla bullying for alpha status? Is this a fight over food and we should be feeding them more? (They get 10 Hikari Oranda pellets 2-3X/day each) OR is Darla finally showing her true colors as a consumate bully? Any help on what this behavior is and how to stop it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Sandra, Jesse, Leo and Darla
  24. I am struggling to figure this out using the internet alone. I have ordered some goldfish books now, and I love genetics, so hopefully we can sort this out! I was doing a water change and found 9 fry. So, if I have a black moor (mother) and a calico ryukin (father), are there any substantial chances of getting a calico telescope? We would love one. Either way, the babies are well taken care of and loved. I'd love a basics on goldfish color genetics. Thank you!
  25. Hey all! So what I suspect is my male ranchu is not showing any interest in breeding dispite the fact that he has his breeding stars? Is there any way to speed up the process besides hand spawning?
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