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Found 4 results

  1. I find bettas extremely addicting! Bettas can be more skittish than goldfish but they have great and varying personalities, bond with you, and can even learn tricks or be petted like goldfish. Though they're better alone I love using them in 2g-10g aquascaped tanks as they don't bother the plants and add a nice bit of color/activity. I ended up starting with 1 but in 2 years time I'm up to 8 bettas of my own, and my husband also owns 1. Each have their own filtered,heated, planted tank. Husband's: Chiyome ~ Red 'koi' halfmoon plakat female Mine: André ~ Marble giant halfmoon plakat male Aristoles ~ Multi color elephant ear halfmoon male Xerxes ~ 'Mustard' metallic scaled halfmoon plakat male Freya ~ Yellow 'koi' halfmoon plakat female Ajax ~ Blue metallic halfmoon plakat male Alastor ~ Bi color delta male Shreduski ~ Mustard double tail halfmoon male Antaeus ~ Multi color veiltail male
  2. I've had some bettas for awhile now but never posted pics. So I thought it was time to share! This is my crowntail. He really reminds me of a dragon Then we have my half moon. I love the colouring on this fish. Here's a tank shot. I just finished cleaning it after I couldn't take the calcium stains anymore. Having hard water sucks I'm not that creative when it comes to names so any suggestions would be much appreciated!!
  3. Well, last week I went to petco in search of a new betta after Barnaby's loss. And I ended up doing that terrible thing; impulse buying. I came home with two beautiful new bettas. Rutherford the white (however long THAT lasts lol) dumbo plakat. And Salvatore, a blue and red dragonscale delta tail. After a bit of rearranging they are all settled in and I have some decent photos. c: first I'll update Gatsby. He is one of only three fish that survived the disaster of my vacation. He was in the 20 gallon with the platies, but it turns out he is a little piggy and will eat himself to constipation. So now he is in the 5 gallon with just a small snail. (I don't foresee him devouring any leafy greens lol.) Really impressed with that flat heater. I had my reservations but it keeps the 5 gallon at a steady 78 degrees. Very nice. Now for Rutherford! I had to get him at the store, he reminded me so much of my Barnaby. he's already starting to get some color on him, and he is a very active little guy. Actually not so little, he's the biggest of my three. haha. Here is how the 20gal was when I had to fast set it up after the vacation fiasco: and here it is now, with Rutherford all settled in. Ruthrford shares it with a little handful of platies and one accident molly. (they had mollies in the tank with the platies and I didn't realize until we got home that I had one. xD) And finally, Salvatore! He is super sassy and a showoff, so we felt he was deserving of a flamboyant name. Here is his planted 6.6 gallon. My first planted tank! I am really iffy on the plants I bought. The hairgrass was dead looking enough he threw a second plant in for free. the pennywort came in such small, squished shape that I could hardly tell head nor tail of it as I gently tried to plant it. And the very gentle filter current still broke it up. :/ I have little hope for it. The other handful of moss he sent had a lot of dead loss. The anubias, though, are GORGEOUS as you can see. the water sprite was huge and easily split into three plants, the corkscrew looks rather okay, though nothing like the photos. But the subwassertang moss is really lovely. (the banana plant is from petco) All in all I won't buy from him again, but I think I did decently. Salvatore shares this tank with two little corydoras. uwu when it really fills in I might end up putting shrimp in there with him instead. so yes, between these guys and the pond I've been very busy! A bonus cory photo to close:
  4. So yesterday we went to our old LFS a while away to pick up my new tele tank. I took the chance to buy a bunch of new plants for the various aquariums! I will be setting all up today! Plus I also got a pothos for my 200Gal which I am excited to set up later too. First done is my betta, Sitting Bull's, tank. I added the 'water pest' in the back. Not sure how it is called in english. Love how it looks and he is already enjoying hiding in it! Off to set up the others.
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