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Found 5 results

  1. Hiya guysssss~! <3 I have a few photo loaded threads to make over the next few days, but thought I'd start off by introducing my new fishies which arrived on the 26th of March. These chappies came from the same breeder that my last group came from, all of which are happy and growing well. Mostly I was looking for a white oranda to complete my tank, but who could resist 2 shubs, 2 fans, 2 oranda and a black moor for the same price as one oranda would be at the LFS?? Floating~ Waiting to be weighed and measured 8D Aren't they just adorable? Fantails: Shubunkins: This guy is just beautiful, the photos don't do him justice at all: Oranda: I think both these guys have great potential for massive wens, yay! ;D Aaaand here's the little guy I really wanted. His cap is near perfect, and he has red lipstick ;DDD My friend named him Cupid, and it will probably stick. And the moor. :3 Besides Cupid, they don't have names yet. I suspect they'll end up with Hobbit or Game of Throne names, hah.
  2. Hello, my name is Amanda and I am new to this forum. My goldfish recently spawned for the second time and we have 8 fry total. The female was a black moor (who has been turning orange) and the two males are a calico veiltail ryukin and a calico telescope. The first spawning was a total surprise and we were unprepared. We moved the fry to the 20 gal cycled quarantine tank and kept him in a mesh breeder. Unfortunately, he ended up dying several days ago at 2 months old. I could not find anything visibly wrong with his body, but the day before he started swimming erratically upside down. The next day he was floating upside down, hardly moving at all, and then he died. I am really curious as to what happened and want to provide the best care possible for the 8 fry in the second spawning 2 weeks ago. The fry are being kept in the mesh breeder box in the 20 gal and being fed frozen and live baby brine shrimp, and occasionally Hikari First Bites, 3 times daily. Is this a good diet, or should I be feeding them other things? I am afraid to take them out of the the breeder box because they could get caught in the HOB filter. Would you recommend taking them out now and covering the filter intake with foam, or should I wait until they are older (and if so, how much older?). The adult fish are not in the tank. Please give me any suggestions you have - I really want these fry to live! I have not yet begun culling but will soon, once they are big enough to see defects (no obvious ones so far). Two days ago we added a heater and are keeping the tank at 75F; prior to that the tank was at room temp (68F). From what I've read, the higher temp should increase the growth rate.
  3. Hello all, I'm still quite new to Koko's but I decided I will share some videos of my new babies! I have had these two little pearlscales for 3 weeks now. They are currently living in a 10 gallon tank. A couple days ago I set up a second filter because my water was getting murky. I bought a 40 gallon aquarium and supplies from a girl on craigslist and it came with an Eheim canister filter (I still don't know the model number, lol), which I added to the tank. When I came home today the water seemed much clearer! I did a 30% water change and had to head out again, but I'm a lot more relaxed now that I know my little ones are happy and healthy while I'm away from home for a few days! Their names are Ping and Pong! (lol!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ohwEJrFD9o This one's not the greatest quality cause I had to take it with my cellphone, haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRja-rIa60I This was when the water was a little more murky, right after I set up the second filter and did a water change. My YouTube channel will be getting filled with more videos of my fish, so if anyone out there loves pearlscales like I do, feel free to stay tuned. Hope you guys enjoy!
  4. Camera has decided to start working again, silly android platform. Today I moved these babies from the nursery which had a sponge filter to this tank, same size of only 10 gallons but different filter type. They are so much happier with all the new stimuli. I had them in a small plexiglass container for moving & mixing water levels but first introduced them to their parents. They were all like.. "Whoa...?!?!" This is about an hour after getting into their new tank. I know I sound kinda funny. Kinda like a feminine fish version of Bob Ross, eh? Oh and I dooo know how to pronunciate acidification when I'm not brain waving. Forgot to mention, they were all white a month ago and just started developing their spots & color last week. Oh! They were all spawned the same day too so that's strange they are such different sizes. Different mama's & papa's most likely. Mind you I was speaking as if I were telling a few of my friends who don't know anything about fish all this since they may be adopted out in a few months here. <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid6.photobucket.com/albums/y230/EccoBell/Fishies/1stdayofmiddleschool.mp4">
  5. Watch in HD for the best video quality So these are my babies from the GA koi show in September. They have grown A LOT in the several months that I have had them. And then Kenny has a good hump starting. She was my petsmart buy. Then the BN plecos that I have in qt. And my "special" fish. These guys all have floaty issues So I keep them in the smaller tank that has less water pressure. Stan is the white Oranda and Mackey the Red and White Ranchu. I haven't named the ryukin yet Or the pandas in the first video.
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