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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Just wanted to let everyone know that Ive found a shop that is selling Dr Tims products in Australia! The shop has recently been taken over by new management and they have some stunning goldfish. They can post live fish and dry goods and are going to try to have an online store setup soon. Untill then you can talk to Aaron over the phone or at his store... its definately worth a look! Aqua Gold Aquarium Centre 1/311 North East Road, Hampstead Gardens SA 5086 Ph: (08) 8261 7808
  2. Hi, I am just preparing to do a QT for new fish I am getting in a weeks time, and I was reading the QT advice on the forum. I was wondering if Metromeds or MediGold are sold in Australia? I have not found them on any websites yet. I am in a regional area, and we are nearly an hour away from our nearest petshop which is only very small so I get most of my shopping done online. Any clues? Also, what do Metromeds and MediGold treat? I have purchased the API Aquarium Salt Blue Planet Fluke/Tapeworm Tablets 100 (couldn't find the Aqua Master Fluke and Tapeworm Tablets) Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa Tablets 15 I also have some Wardleys Promethyasul and some Seachem Kanaplex on hand if needed. Do I need anything else? The other question I have is, if I need an antibiotic, there are no vets around here that are able to treat fish, so what do I do then? I have recently bought some comets to cycle my tank from the same fish shop, and I did not know about QT then, and they have been in the tank for 4 weeks and have shown no signs of parasitic or bacterial/fungal illness. Poor things, they have been my 'learning buddies' and will go out in my parents in-laws pond when the tank is ready. Thankyou so much for all your help in advance!
  3. Tasty Worms no longer ship to Australia Where do Aussie Kokonuts get their Repashi from?????
  4. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and I'm not sure where to get good tanks. I'm specifically looking for an Aqueon 40 Gallon Breeder so if any of you guys know where to get one or have one for sale in good condition pls let me know
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