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  1. So growing up I was taught: black trim on a tank= built to handle water pressure aka fish tank. wood trim on a tank=not built to handle water pressure aka reptile tank, don't fill with water. Is this still true? I see a lot of used aquariums for sale on cregslist with wood trim that I shy away from thinking they aren't built to handle water pressure, and being large 100+g tanks I don't' want to buy one that' going to burst when filled because its not built to take the water pressure and leave me with a giant nightmarish mess! Do any of you have wood trimmed goldfish tanks (large tanks)? How long have they been running? No bowing/leaks?
  2. Does anyone know where to buy the Mr Aqua 12 Gallon Aquarium in the UK or even if it is available in the UK as I love the dimensions and I would just like to know if it is even possible to buy them thanks
  3. Hello Everyone! I'm about to go to bed up here in cold New Hampshire and I thought before I do, that I would post pictures of my new "Aquascape". I would love it too see what your tanks look like! Sorry if I posted in wrong forum section, still trying to find my way around! I also tried to make it like they were living in a "grassland" kind of place.
  4. Hello All! I just joined KokosGoldfish.com and am super excited to get active in the forums and learn a lot more about the fantastic opportunities that come with keeping goldfish. I've kept Koi, Shubunkins, Fantails, Orandas, and Ryukins. Currently, I have two Ryukins. A red and white one named Mufasa who is 8 inches long. His buddy is Simba, who is all orange and is about 6 inches long. They are currently housed in a 37 gallon tank. Thanks for taking the time to visit!
  5. My new 55 gallon aquarium. I'm still waiting for my lemonhead ranchu to come... and then I'll probably put one more fish in it sometime after that... probably a blue oranda? Anyway. Specifics are in the video but I'll also post them here. 2 - 3 fish so far. vintage ceramic decorations rocky bases on plants so foraging fish can't uproot them 2 filters: Marineland Penguin 350 and 200gph (75 gallon and 55 gallon filters) Lamp is coming - T5 HO ultra bright Bubbler coming - fits 60 gallon Bubble wand coming - in rainbow!!! Decorations still coming! Rainbow gravel on the bottom with rainbow plastic plants Glass thermometer is at about 73 degrees F. Ask me anything you want or give me advice. I'm happy to answer/listen! :3
  6. Hi I am new to this forum so I decided to make my first post. I currently do not own any Goldfish but I am in the process of buying a tank and equipment. I am kind of on halt at the moment because I can't decide on which tank to get! So my question is which would be best for a Goldfish: 40 Gallon breeder or 55 Gallon? And why? Thanks!
  7. So after green water and dropsy plagued my tank, i've been working on a project to make my outdoor aquarium more appealing to look at. I decided to give it a background. I thought about what color it should be and decided on blue. But I didn't want it to be just blue. I considered my options and decided wood and poster board were not for me. The space and the placement of the tank limits what can fit behind it, especially now that it is on the stand against the wall. After ruling other options out, I was struck with an idea. This is what I came up with: So what could this be other than poster board and wood? Well, nothing. The background is painted ON my tank. It was fairly easy to paint when I got the hang of it. I used acrylic paint and sponge brushes. Paintbrush spread the paint too thin, making it easier to rub off while layering. Basically, I painted backwards. Thats what it looked like from behind, and on the front: I tested, and it's actually not that hard to get off. Where there are more layers might take a bit of elbow grease if I ever decide to change it, but warm water, soap, and lots of rubbing seems to do the trick. This is what it looked like before layering the blue. And I learned that a dollar store mop was my best friend for cleaning the glass and scraping algae off of the tank. It is the greatest invention ever. Add some plants, glass marbles, and fish, and you have one pretty tank: (BTW, my filters are set like that because they don't fit behind and the cord isn't long enough. And Tux likes it better like this. And with the space and new plants and toys, you've got some happy fish. Especially Tux. Tux is very happy. He's been up and around the tank instead of hanging out near the bottom. Thanks for reading.
  8. Hey Goldfishers! For ease of maintenace, I recently changed up my discus tank to goldfish and wanted to share a quick iphone video of the new group. I will try to get an HD version once I figure out how to. They are currently undergoing quarantine all at once since they came from different local fish stores. The featured tank is a 95g corner filtered by a Fluval FX5 and Lifeguard UV sterilizer. I will be splitting up the group into another 135g w/ built in sump once things settle in. Fancy goldfish stock: White Oranda (4"), Chocolate Oranda (4"), Black Oranda (3.5") Red & white Ryukin (3.5"), White & red grade A Ranchu (3"), Three white & red telescopes (2.5"), one shubunkin (2.5"), shiro utsuri koi (2"), sanke koi (2"), two showa koi (2"), Chocolate pearlscale (1"), white ranchu (1"), two black moors (1"), eight black ranchus (1"), Misc: twenty plus powder blue endlers, twenty female guppies
  9. So, before I move I will be selling most of my tanks. I am keeping my 70, 36, 5 and 2.5's and selling my 2 10's, 20L, and 55. I had bought one of the 10's and the 55 damaged (before I knew what questions to ask). The 55 has a crack in the corner that doesn't leak, and the center brace is missing. The previous owner used it as a terrarium and I assumed they removed the brace themselves for that reason. The 10 has a chip in the corner, about 2 inches up, and has a leak. My question is, how do I go about repairing both so they can be used for aquariums (long term)? I am using the 55 right now, so that one will be repaired and sold at the last second. After both are repaired, what would be a fair price for them? I am using Fang's technique of getting a flat long metal bar and fitting it over the center, so when the tank expands it will brace itself on the metal bar and fit without slipping. I have never resealed an aquarium before. Do I need to remove the original silicone if the tank is not leaking? What about for the chip in the 10? For the 55 I would charge 50 dollars after the repairs are made. Don't really know what to charge for the 10. I might just give it away if someone wants it without the repairs.
  10. So I'm working on the 55 gallon new design. I changed the background to black and I also got them a powerhead on the side. Goldzilla likes it, the other two aren't sure yet! but I'm planning on getting different plants for the aquarium, but as of now this is what it looks like! Before After (in the making) Also my little Pendleton is growing up so fast! he's getting so much orange so fast! Before After Last but not least Pendleton got a new buddy! I don't have a name for her yet, I've had her for a few weeks now but Pendleton is in LOVE with her! he doesn't like to leave her alone its kinda cute. When she gets annoyed of him she just squishes him, but you can tell he likes it She's huge! any ideas for names? Oh and they're both getting quarentined in the main tank since they both have never been treated!
  11. I have a ton of it from my hamster (non used of course) and was wondering if I could use in the tank?
  12. These are photo of my second tank which are two Aqua Nova tanks on a 6.5 foot home made stand. The tanks are filtered by 1500l/s canister filters on each tank. the first tank contains 6 Ranchu and the second tank contains 4 Dragoneyes and 2 (so called) Black Butterflies. Happy Viewing Paul. Ranchu Dragoneyes
  13. I have attached Photo's of my main aquarium which is a Aqua One 4 foot 280 litre (75 US gallons) on a home made stand, the original stand disintegrated when I converted the tank to marine. I keep nine goldfish in the aquarium including 2 ryukins, 5 orandas and 2 pearlscales they range from 4 inches (10cm) to 6 inches (15cm). The aquarium is filtered by two filters, a 2000 litre (520 US Gallons) per hour canister filter and a 2500 litres (40 US Gallons) per hour overhead filter which is built into the hood. Happy Viewing Paul
  14. I have gaps in this cover's sealing, because of torn rubber gasket: You can see gap between cover and aquarium's body it seals to: Aquarium shop seller told me that i don't need special hardened silicone to pull this off so i bought this aquarium-safe silicone: Text is in hebrew but if to translate to english, it goes like this: Silicone For Aquarium Absolutely non-poisonous Stays transparent and flexible Highly resistant against sun rays Perfect adhesion to glass Do you think people this will work? Maybe there is aquarium-safe hardened silicone that after smearing hardens and creates hardened gasket? Now why i keep mentioning "hardened"? Because i don't want to remove (or scrape?) silicone every time want to disassemble cover to change fluorescent bulb (yes there is a bulb inside) or to clean inside, so i thought about having hardened gasket to use time and time again as i assemble and disassemble cover.
  15. Initially i have found bulb's compartment is leaking and recently identified the problem. When cover is closed, there are gaps in the middle on both sides even with rubber sealant protruding more than it should be as can be observed in the pictures below: http://i.imgur.com/5kC2m.png http://i.imgur.com/7YCwG.png Maybe plastic simply deformed or was bent when i got aquarium? Maybe i can heat plastic and bend it while it obeys deformation? I was suggested to use fishtank sealant silicone, but i still will need access to bulb's compartment in case of changing bulb maybe. I need sealant that won't require me taking it off and applying new layer everytime i close plastic compartment. Is there another additional way for solving this problem?
  16. Here's a link to a chart that I use that's always been very helpful. The chart is from alysta.com. The table lists many of the common sizes of fish tanks, along with dimensions, weight (empty and full), and whether the tank has a tempered glass bottom or not. http://alysta.com/books/fishtank.htm
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