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Found 3 results

  1. My 3 Goldfish Sansa,Ayra,and Bran, Ayra & Bran Sansa and Bran
  2. Susan, great idea! I will definitely send her a message on FB, maybe we can at least figure out for sure WHAT it is and how to prevent it next time. Anyway, as a short update, all fish are gone but one now. Momo took a little longer to die, probably because I had started the metronidazole and salt. He lasted a bit over 12 hours, I can't remember the exact time. Cid had stopped eating and began swimming slightly disoriented yesterday morning. The good thing is that I have started treating early. I am treating the entire 55g tropical tank, although I hate it. But whatever is going on, is IN that tank and might be carried by all the fish in it. So they all are getting metro in the water, as well as salt and melafix. Cid also received a 10 hour HP bath. Naturally this did quite a job on his fins. The fact that he is still alive after 36 hours since first symptoms is a big success though.; so far he lasted three times longer than the others. He is not eating, but the disorientation is gone. He swims considerably strong. He's in the 10g right now with an 80gph HOB and strong air stone. Still on full dose pure metro powder (200mg in 8.5 gallons, since the tank is not fully filled) To keep the temperature as low as possible, I have lowered the water level to have nice splash from the filter. In addition a small battery operated fan is blowing onto the surface from a 3inch distance, and the ceiling fan is already on high 24/7. This way I managed to keep the tank temperature at 78F, while the main tank before that was 85-86F. I have actually received decent info and help on an angelfish forum, where one member mentioned she had something similar happen to her angelfish a couple years ago, and suspects it was F.Columnaris. That is why I am treating the way I do right now, because this is my only idea of what it might be. A friend of mine (the one with the massive amount of tanks in the other topic) had her goldfish wiped out the same way a few weeks ago, she too suspected columnaris to be the cause. Here are a couple pics of Cid. You can see his fins are frayed from the HP. I would have kept him in the 55g (I got the temp to 78F there too if I use the little fan on that tank), but when I got up last night to check on the fish, I found my pleco nibbling on Cid's damaged fins and slime coat D: D: D: D: So at 11pm I moved Cid into the 10g with Bullet, because I had no other suitable containers left. Since Bullet is on Metro Meds for slight pineconing, the addition of metro in the water won't hurt. I was worried about the 0.1% salt, but it seems to not make it worse for Bullet. In fact his scales seem a bit flatter already. It's just really hard to tell on a 1" ranchu >.< Also, there is ONE physical thing that I have noticed on all the adult deceased/sick angels (the tiny ones were too small to notice). The area between their mouth and their forehead is quite sunken in. There is no hole like HITH, no redness, wound or anything. It just seems slightly collapsed, if that makes sense. This is what I am going to use some of these photos for. I don't know what causes this, but I have noticed it in all of the dead fish. Especially pronounced on the female, alas I have no photo of it. Cid a bit over a year ago 15 minutes ago You can see the damage to the fins. The caudal isn't even so much affected compared to especially the pectorals. And in comparison of both pictures you can see the indent on the face that I was talking about. It actually is more pronounced than it looks on the photo.
  3. As posted in LOTP last night, I finally "figured out" the gender of these fish. Apparently there are three boys and one girl. Perfect recipe for drama. Marble and solid silver seem to have hooked up, so marble is overly protective. He started attacking stripey fish and did some good damage to him. For some reason stripey fish is not good at fighting back, that's probably why the other two males like to beat him up. I then tried to place stripey fish to the right behind the divider and move the golden male from single confinement into the big part of the tank. Gold never cared for marble, so I hoped it might work out. Well of course it didn't. While gold was doing his typical thing of ignoring marble and trying to intimidate the poor stripey fish through the divider, marble came up from behind and tried to start bull**it with gold. That's all he needed. What followed was a scene right out of a Michael Bay movie, minus the explosions. It also looked a bit like this: Thankful to have my emergency Utz cracker barrel, I stuck the golden fish in there and went to Petsmart for a divider. Got five 25% off plants too since I was already there. Went home, and at 9:30pm moved some existing plants, planted the new plants and added the divider. Now it is like watching Little House on the Prairie. Still dramu, but much more harmless. The fish are safe and sound behind their dividers and are doing what angelfish do if they don't feel like murdering one another. Of course marble keeps trying to bully the other two guys through the dividers, but at least he can't harm them, and both of them mouth off right back at him. I really love my little solid silver angel girl though. Just like I had the first impression of her when I bought her, she is a girl, and she is so sweet. She doesn't do anything to anyone. The only fish that actually deserves to be called ANGELfish. I am not so thrilled over having my beautiful planted tank look like a prison's maximum security unit, but that's what I have to do right now. The small fish simply swim past the dividers, or underneath (where I cut holes out for the cories and pleco) or swim over the divider, since I leave about a half inch clearing. The pleco likes to glide over the divider to get from one place to another. This is what the tank looks like this morning. I want to get another small filter for stripey's part of the tank. Just like in the golden's cell, a cheap small filter for about 100gph, to make sure his cell stays clean. Right now the EX45 next to divider tries to clean his cell, which results in plant debris getting stuck to the divider.
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