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Found 3 results

  1. I'm considering making an acrylic algae scrubber that'll work as a HOB, and trying to make it look fairly professional (kinda hoping I could sell 'em if the prototype performs well, tbh). I plan to use mostly opaque black acrylic, with a clear acrylic back, with LED grow lights and a reflector on said back, then a plastic mesh for the algae to grow on. I'm undecided if I should try to integrate a normal HOB filter's motor and impeller and tubing into the filter, or use a powerhead with tube attachment to attach it to the HOB scrubber. I've never worked with acrylic before, but the process of bonding joints looks easy enough. Never used a powerhead either, so does anyone have any suggestions or warnings about problems I might face?
  2. Here's an update on my speshial fish, Peaches and Harry Potter. Peaches was one of my original three, and he's actually doing OK. Back in February, his tail became very red, he lost a bunch of scales and he started bottom sitting a lot. I QT'd him and tried what I could, but I don't think we ever determined what exactly happened to him. For many months, he's been hanging out with Harry in their own bachelor pad, where no pushier goldfish bother them. Peaches still is missing one scale on one side and a patch of a few scales on the other side. His tail still is a little red, but that might be natural since his tail is almost fully white. He hovers near the bottom with Harry for much of the day, but he swims fine. I think he's down there because Harry is, either because he's copying his behavior or because he finds it comforting. I recently weighed the fish for the first time, and Peaches is our biggest fish! He was the smallest when I get them. Harry Potter was an impulse buy shortly after we got fish. You can see his lightning bolt in the picture in my signature. I found him at Petsmart the day the final HP was released. I went back on the next Saturday, which was the day I saw the final movie, and he still was there. I thought that was a sign that I should get him. Unfortunately, I was so focused on his lightning bolt (which was gone within a month) that I didn't notice his floatiness. He doesn't "float" so much as have trouble controlling his buoyancy. He swims like a cartoon -- you know how the cartoon characters run and hit the brakes and skid? That's what he does. He darts one way and tries to whip around, but his little butt kind of skids along before he can make it stop. Eventually, he started sitting more and more. I assume that he sits to rest due to his difficulty swimming. And he does swim -- he eats fine and will have active spurts. But he spends most of his time resting. I assume that Harry floats due to a physical issue. He is a nymph (a fancy with a single tail) and he is very short bodied. Maybe that's a factor. These guys are in a 36 gallon bowfront acrylic tank. I had to buff this tank after my son scratched in badly. It looks OK. Scratches aren't too visible on acrylic tanks when they are filled. Here are the scratches -- I was so mad for so long: http://www.kokosgold...r-old-who-wins/ Also in this tank are 8 glowlight tetras. They've been in there for a few months now, and that seems to be working out. I got them because the tank was too still. It looked very depressing. The goldies love to bomb the tetras, and the tetras seem to have gotten used to it. I haven't seen even a hint of aggression from any of the fish. I also have about 15 ghost shrimp in there. One problem with bottom sitters is that they weren't stirring up the bottom enough. Crud was settling and being left undisturbed. I don't think of the shrimp as cleaners, but I do think that they help keep things moving at the substrate. Plus, they are very cool. They can be hard to spot, so when we see one, we get excited and start looking for more. The plants in here are doing OK. The vals grew to the top of the tank when I planted them, but now they are short. One of my bulbs was out for a few months, so I'm hoping that now they will start to grow again. Also, the plants on one side of the tank look taller and perkier than the other side, and I'm not sure why that is. The shorter side is closer to the window, but it's an east-facing window, so it's not offering a lot of sunlight. Still, it does get direct sun in the morning -- shouldn't that side be growing better? TMI! Stop the yammering and bring on the pictures!! Peaches shows off his good side. Harry's normal parking spot. He likes to wedge his nose under the plants. Where's that lightning bolt?! Don't take pictures of tetras! Take pictures of me! Ghost shrimp out of hiding. Sneaky shrimp.
  3. Hi everyone first time posting but not my first time when it comes to aquariums. Have had a freshwater in the past and most recently a saltwater that did not survive a move 1.5 years ago which really bummed me out for a while but I now I am ready to get back into the hobby. This time I want to try goldfish and an acrylic tank. I have done all the great reading that's posted here and other sources and I think I have narrowed down equipment but would like some opinions. For tank I checked out the Seaclear acrylic 30gal with 36x12x16 dimensions. I am a big fan of shallow tanks and I think 2-3 goldfish would love a 3ft long tank. For filtration I want to go with a canister more specifically a Fluval 306. As far as tank setup I want to go with a bare bottom with 2 islands on the far corners of the tank made of black caribsea natural sand. For plants I want to go with silk because I don't want to mess with live ones right now. As far as lighting goes I found some nice ikea LED lamps that provide plenty of lighting for a non planted tank. Looking forward to hearing from some of you.
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