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Found 5 results

  1. So I just finished cycling my new tank and have added my fish, and I'm watching my water parameters like a hawk. Ammonia & nitrites are at 0, but nitrates are between 5-10 ppm. Should I do a big water change? At what point do nitrates become dangerous?
  2. Hello everyone, I have finally managed to do most of the move and will soon be able to start what I like to refer as my goldfish journey, in form of fishless cycling. Before I start this, though, I'd really appreciate some help with my water parameters. I tested the water we have today with API Freshwater drops, and got following results: Ph: 7,4 Ammonia,nitrite,nitrate all 0 Gh: 71,6 (4 drops) Kh: 53,7 (3 drops) Now, as far as I know, the Ph is fine for goldfish, but the Kh anf Gh are problem, especially Kh as I believe ppm this low can easily result into Ph crash (I believe Kh and Gh between 100-150 ppm is desireable for goldfish tank?). I am aware of the method to raise Kh with baking soda, and plan on using that to raise Kh, but I would like to hear a) what to do with the low Gh and b) that I have understood what I've read correctly and there isn't anything in my ramble here that makes you guys' alarm bells ring. (someone please hold my hand this is scary and exciting )
  3. I was wanting to know how often should I do water changes. I have a jumbo Oranda in a 20 gallon long aquarium with a 40gallon canister filter. I normally do 2-3 water changes a week throughout out the week days so on Saturday and Sunday I can just sit back and rest. I think that it is a bit much though. I usually do water changes Monday Wednesday and Friday if possible. is this too much or not enough?
  4. I am hoping someone can tell me why my tank is cloudy after I do a 50% water change. I recently bought a 200 litre plastic drum with a screw on lid. Now I can prepare all the water before the water change then replace it using the pool pump I bought after the water change. I have been leaving the fish in the tank while I siphon out the waste and when I put the new water back in. Leaving the fish in the tank was not a problem when I replaced the water with a jug from a bucket but I now have one fish that seems to float at the top of the tank (right way up) after the water change. Do you think that this behaviour is linked to the quick reintroduction of the aged water. I am checking the temperature is the same in the new water and the tank? This same fish always seems fine an hour later. More recently I removed the fish from the tank before removing and replacing the water and it made the whole process so much easier and faster. The new pump returned the aged water to the tank in about a minute and a half. I have noticed the tank has a slight haze when I have finished making the water change. Does anyone know if this is extra dissolved oxygen or tiny bubbles and is it dangerous for the fish?
  5. Hi there..i have a 282 liter cement tank that my dad builed..it has been running for abt 2 months before i put in any fish..i have kept goldfish in the tank now for abt 2 months already and didnt have any problem until last night. i had 3 fish in there that had a wound and it started looking like it had an infection..so i added baktapor in the morning after a 30% water change and by night time i came back to a tank filled with almost dead fish swimming ontop covered with a white coat all over their body..i panic and quickly did a 50% water change and check the ph level..it was below 6!!! i had a ph crash!!! i quickly went online and did a quick research on how to increase ph as i couldnt go to any pet shop cause it was in the middle of the night. so i read that to add baking powder..i took a 500ml water bottle,filled it up with the tank water and added a teaspoon of baking powder,shaked it up and poured it in to the tank and tested ph again..did this until the ph went up...in the morning i bought a kh test kit and tested my tap water..it is at 35.8..and then at night i tested the ph levels in my tank water and again it crashed!! i just added baking powder and its stabilized. why is my ph crashing and what can i do to maintain ph in my tank??? thank you for taking your time to read this,would really appreciate some help
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