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  1. Hello everyone, I used to own a small 15L? maybe tropical tank with 3/4 male guppies however this did not work out very well in the end and ultimately the tank was just too small even for the small fish. However i do miss having a tropical tank in my games room so i am going to buy a bigger tank although don't want it exceeding 80Litres MAX really due to space. I don't really have much knowledge on stocking tropical fish and what breeds can live together etc. so for those that do i was wondering if you could give me some ideas of stocking ideas and what size tank would be needed to accommodate them. I want a colourful tank with mid low and higher swimming levels (not so keen on guppies) if possible if not don't worry. Ps. low(ish) maintenance and easy to keep fish would be a BIG plus Thanks
  2. Hey everyone goldfishfanforever here and I thought I would just start a journal of my planted marina 160 tank. The tank dimensions are 100x40x40cm and the tank holds 160 litres of water. The lights that I am using at the minute are 2 T8 30W Aqua Glo and Sun Glo bulbs that I should probably replace soon . I am using Easy-Life products for fertilizer and CO2 and I use 15ml of Profito Fertilizer once a week and 3-6ml of Easycarbo everyday. The substrate is play sand from Argos are a Fluval U2 and a Fluval U3. The heater is a Marina 150W heater. The Flora that I have in this tank are: Echinodorus bleheri 2 types of crypts jungle val anarcharis Another type of plant id pls I believe a Rubin sword java fern and soon to be java moss as well The Fauna in this tank are: 3 angelfish 3 guppies 3 mollies 1 swordtail 3 peppered corydoras 3 bronze corydoras 4 adult bristlenose plecos a bunch of baby bristlenose plecos that I moved in yesterday to grow out 1 pearl gourami 2 black neon tetras 1 neon tetra 3 rummynose tetras And now for the pics Some cool wood and I also have two smaller pieces soaking Pleco cave Random type of plant and a type of crypt Jungle Val Echinodorus bleheri Another type of crypt Anarcharis Full tank shots - 10/04/15
  3. I have a 56 litre tank and I would like to set it up and I have a stocking list that I have already thought out so i would like to make sure these fish are compatible so here goes: 6 neon tetras (already got 1) 6 black neon tetras (already got 2) 3 guppies (already got 1) 1 dwarf pea puffer (already got one in with baby bristlenose plecos) and also baby bristlenose plecos until they are a bit bigger how does it sound also 1000lph filtration and also a planted tank
  4. Hi, I was treating my goldfish under the Koko teams guidance, and I realised that I have not treated any of my tropical fish for anything. Should I be treating them for ich and with prazi? I bought the tropical the same day I bought the goldfish, and the goldfish had ich. The tank is cycled, but it was an in fish cycle with comets bought from the same shop as above and they were untreated. I have in my 100L tropical tank: 16??? (I cant count them) neon tetras 3 bumble bee gobies 2 bn plecos 6 male sailfin molies 2 male guppies (one very young) 4 female guppies (3 pregnant, maybe 4) Does salt affect any of these fish in concentrations up to 0.3%? Does prazi affect any of these fish?
  5. Hey guys! I was just taking pics of my ten gal and I thought I'd share The plant growth is coming along nicely. The tank houses my flagfish and dwarf frogs, and they love it in there! All of the inhabitants are all getting fat off of algae. I have two 12 year old amazon swords (They were part of my very first tank ^^), duckweed, and various other green things.
  6. Hello everyone! Exciting to be back! Okay, so I need some advice from the more tropical savvy of you! I am upgrading my 30 Gal tank because the stand is about to fall apart (seems that making those stands waterproof didn't dawn on most manufacturers - one filter leak totally killed it). SOOOOO. I got this brilliant cube shaped 53Gal that I LOVE. Okay enough. My current 30Gal is the happy home of: 8 Dalmatian mollies (2 males - one particularly dominant) 1 black molly (mom to my one fry Goliath!) 1 white molly (also female) 6 fun kuhli loaches (now THOSE are super entertaining guys! They do aerobics on my anubias) 6 albino cory cats 6 sterbai cory cats 1 awesome looking pleco which I do not know the type of tho! He is brown with black spots. Fish that I think would be cool in the tank. 1 angel 1 german blue ram (or do they need to be in groups? Saw them yesterday and they are just super cute!) Some smaller schooling fish? Ideas? I wanted a few large fish to be the 'gems' of the tank. And I want to keep it a very peaceful community. In terms of water, I have a pH of 7.2 and hardness of level 10 (which seems to be the beginning of hard water). Apparently this is perfect for the mollies but less for the cory cats? Don't fancy changing the water parameters a lot however. I just obviously cannot get fish which require very soft water. I will be adding quite a bit of driftwood however. Thanks!
  7. Hello every body. Well as some of you may know I have lost one of my most dearest Fish Cosmo the JD cichlid. So anyway i was thinking i have this 15 gal tank i was useing as a QT but got a new QT tank and wanted to set this one up as a tropical tank in honor of Cosmo. I was thinking of doing two Blue Rams with maybe some small tetras. What do you all think for some options and ideas?
  8. Hey Guys, Here is a quick 1min video I took of my tropical tank before cleaning it out last week. It shows you the fallout after the "plant massacre" and how much I need to get more green back in there ^^. Believe it or not this tank actually has 12 fish in it and 4 shrimp (including a monster of a bamboo shrimp!) but apparently they all decided to go into hiding as soon as I got the camera out. (Sorry for the jerky camera and focus, I havent recorded anything in a tank for a while and need to figure the settings out again, I recommend watching it in 720p but not fullscreen :] ) Im also battling clear algae/biofilm on the front glass so sorry about that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPkHThF9q9E Im actually having a dilema about my whole fishkeeping scenario at the moment. I am 100% obsessive about getting butterfly telescopes, but I really cant manage another large tank (im in the UK so no python). A few people have suggested rehoming Odette & co and getting teles for this tank so I can get the most satisfaction out of it. This is something I am a bit torn over because im attached to my fish at the moment but do dream of having goldies. My first attempt at keeping a GF did not go well and so if I rehomed Odette and it didnt work out with the GF again id be gutted! Plus id have to know my fish were going somewhre theyd be well looked after anyway. I think im going to stick with the trops for now and decide on a plan in the new year!
  9. yay first thread! okay so i have a tropical tank &it is a 50 gallon and i have an 8 to 10 inch male plecostomus , a female albino catfish ,& 3 bloodfin tetras... i think one boy 2 girls. but my plecostomus loves to hide in my castle or behind it , my catfish is always on the bottom of the tank , & my tetras are middle fish, & my tank always looks empty!. So what i wanted to do to fix that was to get some of thoes upside down catfish(like three of them) & maybe a banjo catfish & if my 3 pet stores still have them maybe snails for plecostomus to munch on because yesterday my hand was in the tank to fix my bubbler & my pleco,he's like a dog ya know the ones who nudge your hand to get you to pet them ya my fish does that & he was wayyy bonier than last week & so was the albino so i think im gonna have to start giving them ALOT moar food . So anyways back to the empty tank problem i will take any suggestions as to what fish i should put in the tank.Please please please tell me what i should do about bony fish cuz i already had to change out EVERYTHING & i mean everything twice due to ich. so plz comment on how to fix this everlasting nightmare with my fish!
  10. Hi All, This is my present set up which is of 8 moths old.. Tank size is 36x18x18 inches, 45w x 2 High out put CFL's, lower layer of garden soil and top layer river sand, External cannister filter - Jebao - 503, 15w, 750lts/hr.. here are the photos of my planted tank and the inhabitants.. ok.. people, what do think..
  11. I am back for the boyfriend gift! Okay so we decided on the 30liter BiOrb life! We both like the look of it the best, and he wasn't in love with the frogs. So he is okay not getting them because of the annoying air filter. So. I need a little help deciding what to put in it. One thing he wants for sure is an apple snail! Then I was possibly thinking a Plakat betta? And then some schooling fish for color? I would like to have this tank with lots of plants. Will the betta be okay with other fish? I am not familiar with many tropical fish. But I was thinking maybe neons? Or guppies? Any suggestion of colorful fish is welcome! I suppose he will get attached to the betta, and the snail. And the other fish will be more for decorative purposes? Also, I will be buying all the fish from the same store, except the betta. Will it be okay to put them directly in the tank? Or should I QT them separately? Add each 'type' alone? I am totally clueless about tropical fish incase you haven't realized!
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