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  1. Hi! I have a 37 gallon tank with goldfish. The tank is great, but the lights are way too bright. It seems to freak the fish out when all light is on. It is 2 "tubes" of LEDs and they are one unit so I cannot remove 1 tube, which would be ideal. I have tried covering 1 tube with black electrical tape, which works for about a week and then it peels off. I found some outdoor electrical tape which is SUPPOSED to hold up in extreme weather, but it didn't even last a week! I do not want to purchase another hood and all lights I have seen are LED now...Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you
  2. My butterfly telescope goldfish fry are about 2.5 weeks old. I have about 40 ish, not sure, it is difficult to count them. They are in a 10 gallon tank and I am doing frequent water changes, but I wanted to know how many of them I can raise successfully in this size tank.
  3. I'm looking to get my first gold fish aquarium and I've found a 66 gallon tank that I think should be enough volume for 2-3 comets, but I want to make sure the dimensions are adequate. It's 48.5"Lx12.75"Wx25"Tall. I'm wondering if the 12.75" width allows enough room for the fish to turn around easily once fully grown. I don't have a lot of room to get a tank much wider than that. Also, would Fancy's be better for a tank this size since they are shorter, or would they be worse since they are less flexible and worse swimmers? Just want to make sure I get the right tank for the right fish? Any input is appreciate. Thanks!! * I apologize if this has been covered. I searched the forums but couldn't find an exact answer.
  4. Hello! I have an Aqueon 29 gallon bow-front fish tank and the stock light that came with the tank seems to not be working anymore, even after I installed a new tube. I'm interested in getting a new light (LED perhaps?) and would appreciate any suggestions and/or advice on where to look to find suitable lights for my particular tank. If there's a thread that someone knows that has information about lights, I would also appreciate someone tagging it here. =) Thanks!
  5. COLLECTION WALES, UK ONLY £230 ONO - PLEASE READ BELOW: Comes with: Fluval Roma 200L black and white tank Fluval Roma black and white cabinet Fluval U4 internal filter 2x Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 2x Sun-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 I have taken off the white paper from the bottom of the tank and also painted the back with Krylon matte black spray paint but it is easy to remove. One of the brackets in the light hood doesn't work unless you wedge the bulb in the correct position. Other than that the cabinet has 2 screws in the back panel where I have mounted an extension cable to provide a drip loop. The cabinet and tank are in mint condition. Aquarium Measurements: 100 x 41 x 61 cm Cabinet Measurements: 100.6cm long, 41cm wide, 72.8cm high PICTURES WILL BE AVAILABLE OF THE TANK EMPTY ONCE FISH ARE SOLD PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS
  6. Hi All, Here is the beginning of my tank set up. I have a 55 gallon long tank. I decided to use a Hamburg matten filter (HMF). I chose a half-moon Poret foam set up for the tank. I'm currently waiting on the jet lifters. I ordered the wrong size and needed to exchange them. For the background, initially I had used the black plastic from the pet store. I used mineral oil to seal it down and it worked great until we had a heat wave then it developed these huge bubbles. I was so grateful that I didn't have water in the tank yet so I was able to remove it and paint. I painted the back with black acrylic paint from the craft store. It took two small bottles and I used the cheap sponge rollers from the craft store as well. It was really easy. I just used painters tape on the tank frame, rolled on the first layer, let it dry and did a second layer. Looks great. I'm really happy. I've decided to do a zen garden style tank because the tank is so narrow. I'm posting photos of the rocks I've siliconed to light diffuser so they don't stress the tank. I've filled in the excess holes with silicone so no detritus can accumulate under the rocks. I then siliconed some excess sponge onto the top of the light diffuser so the moss I'm planning on will have something to attach to. Sorry there's so much reflection on the tank. We have skylights so it's hard to get a clear shot. Kat
  7. Hey everyone goldfishfanforever here and I thought I would just start a journal of my planted marina 160 tank. The tank dimensions are 100x40x40cm and the tank holds 160 litres of water. The lights that I am using at the minute are 2 T8 30W Aqua Glo and Sun Glo bulbs that I should probably replace soon . I am using Easy-Life products for fertilizer and CO2 and I use 15ml of Profito Fertilizer once a week and 3-6ml of Easycarbo everyday. The substrate is play sand from Argos are a Fluval U2 and a Fluval U3. The heater is a Marina 150W heater. The Flora that I have in this tank are: Echinodorus bleheri 2 types of crypts jungle val anarcharis Another type of plant id pls I believe a Rubin sword java fern and soon to be java moss as well The Fauna in this tank are: 3 angelfish 3 guppies 3 mollies 1 swordtail 3 peppered corydoras 3 bronze corydoras 4 adult bristlenose plecos a bunch of baby bristlenose plecos that I moved in yesterday to grow out 1 pearl gourami 2 black neon tetras 1 neon tetra 3 rummynose tetras And now for the pics Some cool wood and I also have two smaller pieces soaking Pleco cave Random type of plant and a type of crypt Jungle Val Echinodorus bleheri Another type of crypt Anarcharis Full tank shots - 10/04/15
  8. Hello again everyone. I was wondering, I have heard that tank should not be kept in front of window. However, I am curious what are the reasons for this? Algae problem? Possible hotspots in water? We're looking for optional placements for the fishtank in our house (for my partner, bless, feels it'll be in the way no matter where it will be). However our options are pretty much in front of large windows (that could have closed blinds, though I don't know if that's help) or the currently planned place that he'd prefer to put writing desk to. Unfortunately our house has a lot of in-built bookshelves so there is very limited amount of space to push tank up against, and the rooms are not big enough for the tank to work as divider.
  9. I have a 56 litre tank and I would like to set it up and I have a stocking list that I have already thought out so i would like to make sure these fish are compatible so here goes: 6 neon tetras (already got 1) 6 black neon tetras (already got 2) 3 guppies (already got 1) 1 dwarf pea puffer (already got one in with baby bristlenose plecos) and also baby bristlenose plecos until they are a bit bigger how does it sound also 1000lph filtration and also a planted tank
  10. Hi, I'm getting a bigger tank! YAY Its second hand and is 220L or 58USgal. What is the stocking ratio for fancy goldfish? I would LOVE three, and some snails but am unsure if they would overstock the tank. Im also getting a 2000Lph canister filter for it (don't know if this makes a difference or not). And it has a surface area of around 4697sqcm or 728sqin. Thanks for your advice!
  11. Hi, I might have the opportunity to swap my 100L tank for a larger one . I am not sure of all the details yet, but my friend had tropical fish in it, and has moved and does not have room for it in their house. Her fish had diseases and died and I am not sure if there was algae in the tank or not. The tank is somewhere between 200-300L I think from memory, and has a cabinet, but has been in storage for 5 years. They are going to get it out of their container storage on the weekend for me to have a look at. Is there anything I should look for when inspecting the tank? Also, how do I go about cleaning and disinfecting the tank? Is there anything I can do about scratches in the glass before I load it all up with water and fish? If it leaks, what do I do to fix it? Because it is so big, I wont be able to move it once it is in place, so I need to get it all sorted (in my head at least) before it arrives. Thanks so much for all your help!
  12. So I am thinking of getting canister filters for my fish tanks as then I would only need one filter and it would allow for more media (which will help in my overstocked tanks) and use less electricity as then I only have to run one filter making my dad happy . I have one problem I don't know which ilter to buy, well I know what filter I want but I don't know what flow rate I should get as this is the filter type I want to get http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002NF5LDQ/ref=dra_a_rv_mr_hn_it_P1400_1000?tag=dradisplay0bb-21&ascsubtag=389b921dff5d70f831c05c04f70f3e9f_S . I have been trying to choose between the three size ranges of the filters but I don't know which ones to get for a 32 gallon aquarium and a 33 gallon aquarium. Also I want to eventually upgrade (my dad will say no but I will ) so I want the filters to be good to use on a new tank which I want to be in the 300-500 litre range for my 5 telescope goldfish but it just depends on what I can find second hand (but my dad will make me buy them brand new ) Which filter would you buy out of those three??
  13. Hi everyone, I'm selling my set up. Is anyone in Melbourne, Australia interested in a super delux upgrade? Includes the following: * 4x2x2 foot tank with glass cover, pine stand, and matching pine hood. * Eheim canister filter (1000 l/hour) * Eheim heater * 4 foot light * Air pump and bubble wall * Willing to throw in assorted accessories - Qt tank with filter, heater, light. Also prime, water treatments, medications, etc. All second hand but very well looked after, and in good condition. PM me for details
  14. Share any knowledge you know on the subject of buying used tanks and equipment. 1) Where to look ? 2) What questions to ask? 3) What to look out for? 4) What you shouldn't buy used? 5) How not to get scammed. I know nothing on the subject.
  15. Pretty excited, we picked up a used 29 for $25 from the lfs and I'm picking up the stand for $15 tomorrow. Not as big as I originally wanted, but it's only for my two fancies and its the best I can do. I can stop losing sleep over them being crowded now haha
  16. Finally bought a new 53 gallons tank for my goldies, love all the happy faces. Sadly my black moor couldn't make it, she passed away 2 days ago due to SB . But I'm glad that the others are fine. Bad camera *sigh. _The Video: _The Photos:
  17. I just can't stop! But when I saw the tank, stand, lights, and a filter for $80... Well I couldn't resist! My dog isn't quite sure how to feel about it. I bid on the sweetest little ranchu from DO last week but lost Now I'll have to figure out what to get for it! I'm thinking I'll try sand, which I've never done before. I love that black moon sand. Anyone have any advice about it? Don't know much about how sand does with filters. Is it better to have a canister filter or does it matter? Anyways! Just wanted to show off the tank since I'm so excited about it! Thanks for looking
  18. Hello Everyone! I'm about to go to bed up here in cold New Hampshire and I thought before I do, that I would post pictures of my new "Aquascape". I would love it too see what your tanks look like! Sorry if I posted in wrong forum section, still trying to find my way around! I also tried to make it like they were living in a "grassland" kind of place.
  19. So I want to spray paint the back (outside!) of my tank black or a nice shade of blue. I was wondering if any of you have done this and if you wouldn't mind sharing the process with me (what paints are safe/removable etc. I should also say that my tank is made of glass in case that matters.
  20. Good morning! Before I head off to class, I wanted to post something here. I don't have time to fill out the questionnaire right now but will do it later if necessary. When I woke up this morning and went to check on the fish, I saw a type of worm that I had never seen before stuck to the glass of my tank. It was maybe a half inch long, had a sticky tail, and an arrow-shaped head. I remember seeing this before online, but for the life of me can't find out what it is. I stepped away to get my camera for a picture, and when I came back, it was gone. Any thoughts on what this worm might be, and how can I get it (and we must assume....THEM!) out???? Thanks!
  21. I haven't posted in this poll section for a while. Gcourtney was having all the fun in this section. (I'm not picking on you Gcourtney, I just have to hang on to my reputation as undisputed king of this section. ) My first goldfish lived in a bowl. I don't remember exactly how long my first goldfish lived in that bowl because I was around eight or nine years old. My best guess is over a year. How about you?
  22. My new 55 gallon aquarium. I'm still waiting for my lemonhead ranchu to come... and then I'll probably put one more fish in it sometime after that... probably a blue oranda? Anyway. Specifics are in the video but I'll also post them here. 2 - 3 fish so far. vintage ceramic decorations rocky bases on plants so foraging fish can't uproot them 2 filters: Marineland Penguin 350 and 200gph (75 gallon and 55 gallon filters) Lamp is coming - T5 HO ultra bright Bubbler coming - fits 60 gallon Bubble wand coming - in rainbow!!! Decorations still coming! Rainbow gravel on the bottom with rainbow plastic plants Glass thermometer is at about 73 degrees F. Ask me anything you want or give me advice. I'm happy to answer/listen! :3
  23. Hey everyone. I just thought I would share an update and some quick photos of my ryukins. They have always been my favorite breed and I have collected some beauties from my local pet stores. I have a short tailed all white that is almost 5 years old,1 sakura that i bought at 1 inch long last nov. my orange ryukin that I posted my first thread about who is about 3 years and my red and white long finned who i got in may.They were all in a 20 long with multiple problems but I didn't realize that the very poor water quality was causing it. Anyway fast forward to a few days ago I was in home depot and saw this 54 gallon steralite container and thought it would be a great and quick fix for my fish to have immediate relief. Plus my orange ryukin was finally showing such great improvement in quarantine that I wanted to bring her back with her buddies. She is doing so magnificent slowly eating a few of her presoaked pellets again and schooling with the other 3. My aquaclear did not fit on the side of this tub so i have just and air stone right now going but am preforming huge daily water changes until I get my 55 gallon next week. I know this is really not ideal but its very temp. and all i can do right now. What a month this has been!! I Iove my fish so much and am trying my very best to provide for them the care they deserve Enjoy this process with me everyone and even though my fish look teenie they aren't, i just have my camera at a weird angle!! I will take better photos once they are in a permanent home so you can really admire their shape and colors! The gang, my r&w,all white and little sakura salo in almost perfect health!! she still tips a little if she isn't swimming but it isn't too frequent and she quickly rights herself every day she makes more progress! my very temp. set up!! Those are beautiful water lilly plants I found in a local pond in Pennsylvania then quarantined for a month.. my fish absolutely love them!! sometimes they even snack on the older leaves lol
  24. Hi I am new to this forum so I decided to make my first post. I currently do not own any Goldfish but I am in the process of buying a tank and equipment. I am kind of on halt at the moment because I can't decide on which tank to get! So my question is which would be best for a Goldfish: 40 Gallon breeder or 55 Gallon? And why? Thanks!
  25. Hello, hello. I just thought I would introduce to you all my little singletails Olive and Orange. I found some cool settings on my camera the other day I never new about and decided to snap some pics of them. I've had Olive and Orange for about a year now-they've been through everything with me-from living in a 5-gallon tank, to being bullied by a bigger fish, to surviving a pH of 6.0, to surviving an ich outbreak. They are the most resilient fish I've ever owned. I've learned a lot in the past few months, and I can proudly say they are in a better environment now. Here they are! Orange: [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// "feed me!" [/url]">http:// As you can tell, he is missing a dorsal fin resulting from the bullying. I really have no hopes of it growing back because it's been gone for a long time. I think it makes him even cuter! [/url]">http:// tried this one in black & white. I caught him doing that yawning thing goldfish do with their mouths. [/url]">http:// hangin' out in the Amazon Sword Olive: [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// I'm beginning to think Olive is female because in this photo you can see (she?) looks to have an "outie" vent. Does anyone else think so too? The whole tank setup: [/url]">http://
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