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  1. Today, when i woke up at 6:47 AM, my fish was sleeping upside-down at the bottom of the tank. She can still swim but she seems to get tired and stop near the bottom in a corner, then she slowly tips over nose first until she's upside-down. She wouldn't eat anything. She's alive and is breathing more than usual but that seems to happen when water quality is low, and she have been breathing more over the past while, it's about 2-3 mouth movement per second. On what i think is a good day she'll breathe either once every second or once every 2 seconds. I'm sorry that I don't have a water test kit to tell you all the measurements, they're expensive and i don't think my dad wants to fork out that kind of money (he is a food delivery man.) However, in my mums medicine cupboard there were some PH testing strips, so after i did a maybe 30% water change I took water from the near bottom and tested, i think the PH is 5.8, theres a picture just in case in this album: https://imgur.com/a/DJ78C#0 I have a 10 Gallon tank with my female pearlscale named Ficker, the filter is an Aquaclear power filter that says it is for use on a 20-50 US Gallon aquarium( https://usa.hagen.com/Aquatic/Filtration/Clip-On/A610), i have the regular sponge, the biomax, but instead of the regular carbon insert i put in the zero carb insert somewhere around the end of march after a full water change, said to remove ammonia so it sounds good to me. Beyond that, heres everything... I think I've had my goldfish for 2.5 yrs? I forget but i wrote it down somewhere. I've only recently read that not all pearlscales reach maturity and live due to swim bladder problems It all started maybe 2 or so weeks ago? 3? I unfortunately have a bad habit of not changing the water until the tank walls are green with algae, but she's seemingly so hardy she bounces back some days after the water is changed. My pearlscale was getting bigger lately and her poop showed signs of constipation so i decided to ease up on the food. I don't remember if it was before or after the poop but i also noticed her water was quite cold, so i turned up the temperature thing in her tank and the water became a bit warmer than tepid. Usually I give her 3 small pinches of food a day, and i am a small girl with small fingers: breakfast lunch and dinner and she eats that happily. to cure the constipation, I decided to only give her dinner, fast her for a day, then just fed smaller brunch and dinner for a couple days (didn't have any peas on hand). However, she soon lost her appetite and wouldn't eat. So I immediately do a full water change and remove the gravel to make removing excess food easier. It works within limit and she only eats sometimes, but soon she wouldn't eat again. I put the gravel back(Sunday April 20th?) and her appetite returned. I fed her some frozen bloodworms that i keep forgetting exist, there were 2 cubes left ( i only fed one, and there were leftovers) and the frozen expiry date is May 2014. I don't know if the worms induced this or if it was brewing before, but my goldfish's poop was a thin white stream followed by a sudden thick grey poop, and her food is pale yellow, not grey. The only diagnosis i found was that it could be some sort of diarrhea/ not properly digested? Not sure. Back to the bloated fish thing. Her scales are sticking up a little bit, and I have some guesses. Maybe she is maturing into a pearlscale and is getting the supposed "pearled scales," maybe she has dropsy/ swim bladder problems and is dying, or maybe because of the temperature change I made, maybe she is eggbound. I am reluctant to do any salt treatments, don't know if it's too late and should euthanise, so here I am and I request your diagnosis and reccomended treatment. We have some epsom bath salt we could use if needed/adequate. I found this ( http://www.goldfish-emergency.com/viewpage.php?page_id=198 ) to use if she's eggbound, but am reluctant to handle her or alter water chemistry with oils and garlic water, and idk if i should handle her because she hates that and i don't want to wreck her slimecoat. Also is it okay to run the filter while she's like this? Hopefully the pictures i took are adequate, if you'll notice her, ahem, poop chute is white, has a small protrusion. its usually smaller than that. She has spawned in the past but hasn't spawned this year. Please and thank you very much for any help.
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