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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm in the process of making an overhead sump filter for my 55-gallon aquarium as a supplement to my canister (and because I love a good project). I'm basing it on a video from The King of DIY on YouTube, I'll leave the video below. Basically, it's going to be a 2-foot plastic planter suspended above my aquarium, with water pumped up from the aquarium below coming in one end, flowing through some filter pads, then through lava rock, and then back into the aquarium. I'll probably do a separate post going into more details on the specifics of this build later on. Here is the video: My setup will be slightly different, but the core concept will remain the same. Also, if you've never seen his videos, they are SO worth checking out! ANYWAYS my question is this: What plants would you all recommend I grow in this filter? He suggests pothos, and I was considering lucky bamboo as well. The roots will be submerged in the water and lava rock, but the actual plant will be sitting normally in the air. I'm looking for a simple, hardy, "drop it in and leave it" plant, preferably a cat-friendly one. Pothos is apparently poisonous to kitties, so if I go that route I'll be keeping it well-trimmed. It has to be legal in Virginia, the cheaper the better, and preferably have low light requirements, though I may be able to attach a couple of basic clip lights to the frame I'm making, if absolutely need be. Oh, and it needs to be able to live without high humidity/heat, spray bars, fancy things like that. Again, drop it in and leave it! So! Any suggestions? Any of you have something similar running on your tanks? Let me know!
  2. Hi, I have an opportunity to get a professional ro unit installed in my home and I was wondering what I should be looking for as far as filtration needs? I don't know much about it other than it can be set for 0 TDS, it will hold 30 gallons of ro water and it could be set up to the water softener. We have well water & when I did half well & half city (softened) water my large fantail would always get a sore on her belly so I went back to city water and she's been fine. Would a ro unit be a good idea or would a really good sump filtration unit be better? I have a saltwater tank with a multi filtration sump system (sock filter, live rock,protein skimmer & maybe something else) & I was thinking that a similar set up may work well for the goldfish is too or maybe ro & sump? I lug 45-60 gallons of water from work every week so if I can minimize that it would be great. Thanks for any input : )
  3. Hello.. After some try and error & "some deals" I decided to upgrade my 20G to a 125G.. I know is a huge gap.. I wasn't really planning to do this and I don't even know if I'm gonna be able to keep up with it but Im only hoping for the best.. I'm having right now two little residents (survivors of Petsmart) who already passed the QT succesfully and another 5 goldies (from a better source) in QT tanks.. I wanted to show mainly the sump set up.. I'm a newbie and I only arranged the media to my little knowledge but if one of you experts tells me otherwise I'll be happy to rearrange.. I have first two layers of pink filter pad at the drip tray for mechanical Then, blue bioballs right under with an extra line of oxigen for gas exchange followed by some black small bioballs with sponge inside which are half way submerged Then some ceramic rings & substrat pro spheres.. Last, I added some foam block before returning to the tank for extra mechanical I also decided to make a DIY algae scrubber to keep the nitrates (hopefully) under control & eventually being able to overstock.. On the overflow box I decided to "wrap" the screen insert with some blue pad but if you guys think I'm slowing down the flow by doing that I'll remove it... I'm waiting on a deal I'm cooking for an FX5 or FX6 so right now I only have that small sump (Eshopps wd-75cs) & a Fluval 306 which I think it is (kinda) sufficient for two small residents.. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks!!
  4. I am in the process of upgrading to a much much larger tank. The current filtration I have will not be sufficient so I'm looking at filters at the moment. My husband has proposed making me a sump saying it would be cheaper than buying a big filter and more efficient and less work for me (I have two surgeries coming up so will be convalescing for some time and the husband will be doing the cleaning/water changes - which is probably why he suggested the sump ). What I wanted to know was if anyone here has made a sump that worked well and if it's really going to be cheaper and better than a shop bought filter. The husband is handy enough but has never made a sump. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome!
  5. Hi everyone - I'm home for the summer, and have established with my mom that I'd like a 75gallon tank as a birthday gift. My stepdad is building me a stand for the tank, which I'll then stain and seal to be waterproof. My question is this: lately (as in, for the past few weeks or so) the fish have been surface breathing. It used to be only after they ate, but now it's nearly all the time. They don't seem to be sick in any other way - just the surface breathing. I have treated for flukes, salted the tank, fasted them, added plants, and I have an airstone always going. The tank is completely cycled. They're perky as ever but the constant surface breathing is starting to worry me. I would be able to get the 75gal tomorrow ( my mom is going to give me my b-day gift "early") but it will be sitting directly on the floor for 2 months, until I move out. This wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't going to switch to sump filtration - I'm new to the idea, but it seems a lot more efficient and cost effective in the long run. I'll be buying the sump (because I don't trust myself to make one that works correctly) along with a new (appropriately sized) heater, air pump, and pond pump for the sump - that's where all the fish portrait funds are going Can a sump operate on the same level as the tank, or does it have to be located below the tank? My mom is upset about the water changes because it's affecting her water bill (I don't know if this is true because she hasn't actually gotten one yet since I've been home) so...how often would I have to change the water in a cycled 75gal? Right now I'm doing 50% 2x a week...and she's upset about that. In addition to the fish, I have 5 small nerite snails in the current 30 gallon tank. New baby is still in QT. What do you guys think? It's really an "I buy all of it now or I wait until I move out" deal...I'm not going to buy HOB filters now and then when I actually have a stand...go get a sump. I only want to spend the money once, ha
  6. So in my bare bottom 75 gallon tank, i have 2 orandas, 2 ryukins, and one fantail. I have 2 Emperor 400 Bio-Wheel HOB filters. However! I really want to add a huge enhancement to my bio component of filtration. So I was thinking of having a 20 gallon long sump about 3/8 full of ceramic rings and gravel. I have a few questions. 1) Lol I know this is cheap but for the pump that leads water down into the sump, can I use a plain old siphon? If this works out, then I can save money and buy one return pump? 2) If I were to do what I mentioned in my previous question, would I need a ball valve on the return pump to match the siphon's GPH? 3) Do you recommend baffles? If so, do you recommend acrylic or glass? Oh, and if you think I should have an overflow unit, I would really prefer a DIY design of a HOB overflow. Thanks everyone! I won this tank in a raffle. I thought 20 gallons was big! Haha. And plz be easy on me I'm an amateur.
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