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Found 7 results

  1. Hiya guysssss~! <3 I have a few photo loaded threads to make over the next few days, but thought I'd start off by introducing my new fishies which arrived on the 26th of March. These chappies came from the same breeder that my last group came from, all of which are happy and growing well. Mostly I was looking for a white oranda to complete my tank, but who could resist 2 shubs, 2 fans, 2 oranda and a black moor for the same price as one oranda would be at the LFS?? Floating~ Waiting to be weighed and measured 8D Aren't they just adorable? Fantails: Shubunkins: This guy is just beautiful, the photos don't do him justice at all: Oranda: I think both these guys have great potential for massive wens, yay! ;D Aaaand here's the little guy I really wanted. His cap is near perfect, and he has red lipstick ;DDD My friend named him Cupid, and it will probably stick. And the moor. :3 Besides Cupid, they don't have names yet. I suspect they'll end up with Hobbit or Game of Throne names, hah.
  2. Where to even begin... I've been away from Koko's for a while after losing my orandas, been focusing on my birds and ducks instead. But I'm back now, so this is just a general update for all my current fish, excluding the new babies I don't know whether to include the before&after / growth etc here or on a new thread... D; I only have one inside tank running at the moment, which is my 200L/40gal. Only two fish in there at the moment - Tywin the veiltail and Ben the black moor. Unfortunately I have a stubborn green dot algae issue and can't take in-tank photos just at the moment... The fish weren't happy about the little tank I had to put them in. Tywin: Ben: The rest of my fish live in my 750L/200gal pond, which is doing very well now it's got itself probably established. Hoping to get a waterfall or fountain set up for the opposite side to the filter, as well as a few marginal plants for more nitrate control. When I have money and time that is. So we have, my ranchu Sei and Minke, Sam and Dean's baby Damon (oranda), Fili the shub, Ghost the fantail/comet mess, Arry the pearlscale, Luci the common, Henry the blue tele, and a little mystery fantailed baby who has no name. First off, Damon. I am SO so glad I kept HER (!!), especially since her parents are gone now. She's super cute and has Dean's amazing tail. <3 Minke. She's doing really well. and I'm very happy with how she's turning out. Finally getting a wen ;D Sei. It was touch and go for a while there - she didn't seem to like tank life very much, but she's thriving in the pond Arry is the most recent fish to go out to the pond. After the initial settling down period, she seems to be doing just fine. Fili! When I bought Fili and the the rest of his group, I didn't actually want any shubs and before they arrived was even considering euthing them! D; But luckily I fell in love with him as soon as I opened the box, and here we are today. He grew a wen, really really cute. <3 I'll continue with the rest in a new post
  3. Might have noticed I vanished for a while there, this would be why. My beautiful oranda Doc passed away last year despite our best efforts. A week after, I lost Jack to the same thing. A few months later my gorgeous girl Sammy went the same way, and just last week, Dean went to join them. ))): I suspect that whatever the incurable issue that had been causing them all to bottom sit 24/7 for the last 2 years finally caught up to them. Rest in peace my beautiful babies, we had a great three years. Miss you all. <3 Captain Jack Harkness The Doctor Baby Jack, Doc, and Castiel from their auction listing. Dean (aka the Dean Bean). I am so going to miss that tail... Sam (aka Sammy Whale). And a mention of course must be made for poor little Pod, who passed away some time after Jack. Poor special creature had a deformed mouth and a missing pectoral. He did very well considering <3.
  4. I had a job interview today and managed not to freak out completely so afterwards I bought myself a present. This tiny little guy was doing the pick me! dance when I went to buy Prime. After QT he'll go in with the youngsters til he's big enough for the pond. He's super super tiny at the moment. Only a little baby. :33 His tank mates were comets, but bigger than him. His tail is shorter, so it's a mystery as to whether he's comet or common. I'm hoping comet The guy at the LFS said he looked like a demon fish with his red eyes, so I named him Lucifer.
  5. I got these guys at the very end of February. I didn't quite realise how much they'd grown til I was taking photos of them in my hand! Especially Ghost. He was half the size of the others and has now caught up. <3 No one really wanted to have tank photos today. The most of the really clear shots I got were ruined by Tywin swishing his tail in front of the subject's face at the last second. And my glass wasn't half as clean as I thought it was haha. So! Arry, the pearlscale. Presumed male. Before: Now: Tywin! Veiltail male. Before: Now: "Ohmahgaaawwwd" Benjen. Pretty sure she's a she. She's put on so much weight Before: Now: And little Ghost. Figures the one white fish I get is also the only fish I have that eats algae constantly. I avoided giving these guys soilent green to avoid this lol xD Before: And now: Ghost's tail ended up twisted. ): Thanks for looking!
  6. With my big fish going out into the pond I suddenly found myself with a lot more space in my tanks. I told myself I was going to go to the LFSs and get fish that I actually got to see before I bought them for once, since all my others came from online auctions. Buuut I didn't get that far. While doing my usually sweep of fish auctions I found one for 5 fish - 2 shubunkins, 1 pearlscale, 1 veiltail and a black moor. I put a watch on it out of curiosity to see how high the price would go. With 2 mins left, the bidding was only at $35. I put a bid on, thinking someone would outbid me. It didn't happen. I spent a couple of days fretting over my impulse buy, but when they arrived on the 27th of February I was so so glad I got them. <3 They're SO tiny I couldn't believe it. And so cute. My naming themes this year are Game of Thrones and The Hobbit. The black moor! Benjen! I'm super happy with him(/her). He has massive eyes and I've always wanted a moor with giant bouncy eyes lol He's got long fins and will be a good match for Henry when he grows up. The Veil, Tywin! Slowly gaining more white... The pearlscale, Arry! Originally thought to be a girl, turned out he has breeding stars already. I am in love with this fish. I'm gunna put the others in a new post.
  7. Finally have a chance to post updates on things! I recently put in a pond I've wanted one for ages but wasn't sure quite how to go about it/whether I was allowed/couldn't afford it. But I finally sorted things out and here we have it Tis 750L / 200 gal and currently houses my four largest orandas. I have 2 baby shubs to go in there as well but they're so tiny at the moment they'd be eaten. The filter's not finished yet as one of the people I was buying media off has been making life difficult. Hopefully will have that sorted this weekend. Anyways, photos! Sitting on the driveway the day it arrived, Filling up after a couple days worth of digging, levelling, and more digging How it looked for a couple weeks while I left it to stabilize The electric cable will go underground at some point. Closeup of the filter, as it was at the time. It's changed a bit now and will change again before it's done. I seeded the limited media is does have with BBs from my inside tanks and have been testing the water and doing waterchanges accordingly. No problems so far! Fishies Aaaand how it looks now, a month later! I should point out the duckweed didn't multiply that much on it's own, I added more. The extra pipe propped up on the brick came from a flaw in the plans, but as it happens it creates better circulation and the fish like it so I'm gunna see if I can find a way to keep it without it looking so odd lol Thanks for looking~
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