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Found 25 results

  1. So lets start this thread about my Sakura Oranda spawn, they hatched yesterday and it is a big spawn, more than 1000 wee lill' wigglers It has been quite busy caring for the eggs, my other fish and getting all the supplies i will need this week. But all is done and the first batch of BE is cooking! Very exiting obviously, trying to keep it all manageable. Incubation took 4 days at 22C. I WC 50% 2 times per day. The eggs after 48 hours. Hatching on day 4, they are born on december 8th 2014. Digesting the eggsac. Day 5. Oranda headquarters! Hopefully all will go well and we all may enjoy seeing them grow up!
  2. I made a few changes to my tank decor today, and I like the results! I think it looks better in person than in the video. When I look at the videos and photos I'm a little disappointed, but then I go look at the real thing and I love it. lol Soon I'll be getting new tank lights, so I'm going to make a better video showing it off after that. Right now my lighting is not very good because most of the light bulbs burned out. Anyway, the fish seem really excited about their new scenery! They keep going around grabbing mouthfuls of sand and chewing on it. To skip the blabbing, just start the video @ 6:18. Oh! And this is just one 20lb. bag of Tahitian Moon Sand! It was surprisingly enough to cover the bottom of the 75g tank. And I anchored the plants by tying suction cups to them with fishing line and suctioning them to the bottom glass.
  3. Just some new pictures of my boys! Sami looking precious. ...and looking derpy... Roger He is super photogenic. His cute fluffy foot. Sami in his tunnel toy.
  4. Yesterday I took some new photos of Clover, Callisto, Luca, and Felix in my 75 gallon tank. Here they are! This photo (below) is funny. The entire time there was Repashy gel food on this rock, Clover kept looking at it suspiciously and then swimming away. And now that the food is gone, he's finally picking at it. What a weirdo! They picked the Repashy rock clean! Luca swimming under Clover's tail. Luca looks like an alien life form on the surface of the moon in this photo! lolwut? "Maybe there's some food under the rock." -Clover Danger lurks... oh wait never mind, it's just Clover. What a creeper! lol Felix keeps trying to eat the plastic plant. Callisto is not the most graceful swimmer... "I'm ready for my glamor shots!" -Luca The end.
  5. This was a lot of fun... for both me and the fish! First the photos. I like this photo (below) because you can faintly see the food "dust" that he's spitting out while chewing. My favorite photo (below) ! You can see Luca's derpy eyes (how they go in different directions) in this photo. And there's video too! As you'll see, Clover never actually ate from the rock! He kept swimming close and looking at it very suspiciously, but he never went for it. Instead, he zoomed around eating the leftover bits that the other guys had ripped off. I didn't let them finish all the food on the rock. It was way too much for one feeding, so I put it in the fridge for later. My husband laughed at the silliness of keeping a rock slathered in green paste in our fridge.
  6. Now that Christmas is over, I've taken down all our Christmas decorations, including the aquarium ones! I put the fake bamboo plant back in the tank, and thought I would snap a few full-tank photos, since I haven't in a while. I've been cleaning the algae off all the surfaces except for the back glass pane, which is left for the nerites to clean. I must say, they don't do a very good job! I expected them to be better at cleaning up the algae, but that's okay. They're fun additions to the tank nevertheless. Plus a photo of my red spotted nerite traveling across the glass!
  7. I discovered breeding stars all over the pectoral fins of both butterflies, so they are both males! So "Sophie" has been renamed to Luca. I've had just two fish in this tank for so long that I'd almost forgotten how fun it is to see a bigger group of fish following one-another around the tank. These two are not staying in here for long though, after the holidays I'm going to move them into my 55 gallon tank. If I can find a good spot for it, that is. This one looks like Luca is body-slamming Clover And in this one, Luca is "peeking" though Clover's fins! And a video too:
  8. Congrats and sorry I didnt get a thread up for you... WOW brain fart.. tell us about this fish hun
  9. WOW your on a Roll hun... Congrats great shot http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu305/miss_cherry_blossom/Solid%20Gold/IMG_2775WM.jpg
  10. My tank has an LED Ikea dioder light strip on it, which has a bunch of different light settings. Perfect for my Christmas-themed tank!
  11. Here are some top-view and side-view photos of them. Telling secrets? Even though I haven't been able to tell the gender of either fish yet, I've already started thinking of the white one as female and the red/white one as male. I don't know why; I think their body shapes just strike me as such! I tried looking at their vents, but the plastic tub offers a pretty clouded side-view and their anal fins are very close together, covering up their tiny little vents too well for me to get a good view. In time I'll handle them to check their genders, but right now I want to keep handling to a minimum until I'm sure they're fully settled in and de-stressed from their long journey to get here. I really need to decide on names for them! I have tons of ideas, but haven't settled on the right names yet.
  12. Here it is! Video: Photos: A closeup of the "frost". I have a tutorial showing how to make this on my youtube channel, it's really easy. Their homemade personalized stockings Callisto and the snowflakes The glass Christmas trees (thrift store finds) All told, I spent less than $20 to make this!
  13. Some of you have been following my blog posts and YouTube videos about this, and I want to say thank you for your support to everyone who was! This has been so stressful. I purchased some new fish from a great seller on Aquabid, who I highly recommend (Czhang), and he sent them out on Monday. It was supposed to be 2-day shipping, but the post office messed up and the fish didn't get here until this morning (Saturday). So the poor little babies were in the box for five days. I've gotten fish in the mail many times, and only once have I had fish arrive dead, and that was when a very similar shipping delay happened about a year ago. So I was really afraid that these fish would be dead upon arrival. I opened the box right there in the post office, and was so happy to see a flash of red as the little red/white butterfly moved around! They were both alive! They are really tiny and super cute! The red/white one has tons of energy and is swimming all over the place. The white one is a little bit lethargic compared to the other one, but still swimming around. An all-white butterfly telescope has been my dream fish for years, so I am so happy! They are both so precious! Here's a video of them for you guys.
  14. Congrats tell us about this tank and set up please
  15. Here's the "in the making" video for my Christmas-themed tank! I'm going to make you all wait in suspense until next week when I post the completed tank video. Yes, I really did make personalized stockings for my fish...
  16. I keep wanting to ask about your guys' professional opinion about what these three are considered. I never know if I should "introduce" them as shubunkins, sarasa comets or sakura comets, or... whatever?? As some of you know, these are the offspring of Hugo x Orange Fishie (F Shubunkin x M Orange Comet). The four babies are one obviously orange comet with a white throat. But the three others, I'm not quite sure where to fit them in. Do they have enough black to be considered shubunkin? Each of them has only a very minimal amount of black, like 1 or 2 spots. The rest is matte white (pink) and orange with only very few metallic scales. It's kind of making them look like sakura sarasa comets with some accidental black spots. None of them shows any actual blue which would be typical for most calicos/shubunkins. Just to refresh everyone's memory Buttons, all white (pink) and orange with a small black streak on the lower caudal. Has like 3 metallic scales total. http://i1150.photobu...ngletails05.jpg Finny. The orange and black you see on here is pretty much all she got. A few metallic scales. A couple tiny orange and black markings on the fins. http://i1150.photobu...ngletails14.jpg http://i1150.photobu...ngletails10.jpg Trooper with his gorgeous "red cheeks". Just like Buttons, only a tiny black streak on lower caudal, almost no metallic scales http://i1150.photobu...ngletails16.jpg
  17. :Congrats: :Congrats: to Sakura, and to Roger, who won this week's Koko's Kritter of the Week picture contest. It looks like Roger found the perfect hiding place! Tell us more about this adorable guy!
  18. Just some updated photos! Callisto showing off her tail! Trying to beat one-another to the imaginary food, lol. Clover top view. Callisto top view. Bumper boats! Tailgating... This is the wall they like to peck the algae off of. You can see the little bare spots from them pecking at it! El fin!
  19. Sakura

    My Cats' Costumes

    I just made simple costumes for them because they won't tolerate anything elaborate. Since Sami is a tuxedo cat, he has a collar and tie. And since Roger is so silly, he is a jester!
  20. After a 2 week quarantine during which I changed 100% of the water every day, my snails were finally ready to go in my tank! They have already eaten a lot of algae and diatoms off the glass and no escape attempts have been made even though I don't have a cover on my tank. So far so good. It's a lot of fun to see them making zig-zag tracks all over the glass. This is my tank after letting the algae/diatoms grow for 3 weeks... Sorry about the grainy photos... technical difficulties. lol The red spot snail seems to spend more time near the surface than the zebra one does. The zebra one is always out and about all over the tank floor, but the red spot one seems to prefer the top of the tank. Just an interesting observation, I'm not sure whether it means anything or not!
  21. I have done a lot of goldfish drawings with paper and pencil, but these are my first ones done on the computer. This is Lori's (ashlee18) butterfly telescope, Chaos. Nicole's (auryn) butterfly telescope, Savos. Alex's (dnalex) broadtail ryukin, Toshiro. And Federica's (captainfindusgoldfish) broadtail ryukins, Grace and Ingrid. Hope you guys like them! These were just done in paint.net. I don't have photoshop or illustrator, though I do want those programs.
  22. My fish want to go trick-or-treating... I am having way too much fun with Halloween this year. lol
  23. I decorated my goldfish tank for Halloween! This is the "in the making" video: And here's the finished tank video!
  24. I decorated my goldfish tank for Halloween! Here are some pictures! I have a couple videos too, but I'll post those in the videos section. Anybody else planning to decorate their tank(s) for Halloween?
  25. :Congrats: :Congrats: This week's Koko's Kritter of the Week is Sakura's Jolie, who is already celebratory gear I know you already have a thread on Jolie, but tell us more about this beautiful puppy, please!
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