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  1. I swear, I must have the pickiest goldfish in the tri-state area! I've probably flushed a good $40 down the toilet on foods they won't eat. Dried baby shrimp? Nope. Blanched spinach? Nada. Seaweed sheets? Nien. Sinking shrimp pellets? Nande. The only things that they eat are goldfish flakes, freeze dried bloodworms, and one of them enjoys duckweed. But not the other. Because that would be too easy lol! I bought some Repashy Soilent Green, and this is my last-ditch effort before I say "Fine! You can live off of the freaking flakes!" So I made my first batch last night, and shmeared it across two rocks last night and popped them in the fridge. And now, the moment of truth. I'm gonna plop one in each tank and pray that they actually eat it! Wish me luck! I'll let y'all know if this works or not :/
  2. Hi, I've started feeding my fry with this once a day: In between thier usual brine shrimp meals. They are now slighlty larger than 1cm the biggest and about half cm the smallest fry. Would it be ok if a add some Repashy soilent green to their diet or it's too early for that kind of food. Also should I try frozen artemia? Thanks.
  3. You’ll have at least 1.5 cups of reserved water. Add enough filtered or bottled mountain spring water to make 2 cups. Heat in pot with 2 tablespoons of agar agar until boiling. Reduce heat and barely simmer for 5 minutes until agar thickens. Add the 2/3 cups(70g) of Repashy's Soilent Green. Mix well while still on heat. Remove from heat and immediately mix with your homemade vegetable, fruit and grain mash. Mix again in food processor IF you have room AND it is cool enough. I ended up using the big mixing bowl of my stand mixer to incorporate the hot gel with the veggie mash. NEXT
  4. My apologies if anyone has posted this already or I'm saying something that everyone already knows! I just wanted to share that I found a UK Repashy reseller, the products are much cheaper than what I have found elsewhere on the internet: http://www.repashy.co.uk Super Green 3oz jar - £10.99 6oz jar - £15.99 16oz bag - £24.99 Soilent Green 3oz jar - £10.99 6oz jar - £15.99 18oz jar - £29.99 24oz jar - £39.99 I recently bought the Super Green 6oz and it arrived promptly and as advertised, it came in two 3oz bottles. Made a batch for my brats and they loved it .
  5. So, today I finally received a free sample of Super Green from our wonderful sponsor, Tastyworms. Very exited to try it, I heated spring water to about 150 degrees in the microwave then added 3 teaspoons hot water to 1 teaspoon Repashy. When I stirred it, I noticed it was a bit thicker in consistency. I watched this video on preparing SG and I noticed it wasn't as watery when pouring into the mold. Afterwards, I set the small bowl over the remaining hot water to sort of "heat" it for a few minutes. It's been in the fridge since 3:00 PM today. It's mushy in consistency, not really as hard as I see it in the video. If it doesn't set overnight, I think I'll just try again. Did I do anything wrong? I don't think it's setting right. So, my question is, how do YOU prepare Repashy? I know many members go about different ways at preparing it than what's on the label. Which is the most efficient and won't stink up the house? Can it be made in smaller increments, like teaspoons?
  6. Hey guys! In case nobody saw it in the thread from Tasty Worms, I received an extra packet of Super Green. I want to give it to someone who may have missed the boat on their samples, or just didn't know about their offer. Wanna keep the good karma moving, right? Same rules apply - US only, and please only ask if you've never tried it before. PM me if you'd like it!
  7. Hey , so basically I have been feeding repashy soilent green for a while now and recently it has started to make my water super clouded. I knw it's the food because I didn't feed for 2 days and it cleared up , why is this ?
  8. I love the idea of making your own gf food!! I made one of the repashy recipes and the gf love it! They love shaking the block to get a chunk; its fun to watch. Questions: Can you feed repashy to other fish, like oscars? How thick of blocks to you make? Mine were super thin wafer-like for my 4 fancies. How often do you feed them repashy? Once a day? Twice a day? Does it replace their normal food or is it a treat? How many months does one recipe last you? 1 month? 3 months? Sorry for all the questions! I want to give my goldfish only the best!
  9. Yes, yet another thread about Repashy, sorry! But have you guys seen this? Ted Judy makes these feeding disks for the gel foods, and they look kinda neat.
  10. This was a lot of fun... for both me and the fish! First the photos. I like this photo (below) because you can faintly see the food "dust" that he's spitting out while chewing. My favorite photo (below) ! You can see Luca's derpy eyes (how they go in different directions) in this photo. And there's video too! As you'll see, Clover never actually ate from the rock! He kept swimming close and looking at it very suspiciously, but he never went for it. Instead, he zoomed around eating the leftover bits that the other guys had ripped off. I didn't let them finish all the food on the rock. It was way too much for one feeding, so I put it in the fridge for later. My husband laughed at the silliness of keeping a rock slathered in green paste in our fridge.
  11. Hi sorry if there is already a topic but I couldn't find one . I have a fish that is floaty but I think it is due to bad food so constipation . ATM sphe / she ( don't know :L) is getting fed 2x a day soaked and squeezed tetra goldfish pellets and occasionally tetra fresh delicia. Used to be on flakes but switched to pellets . After anything I feed him he becomes floaty peas help him sometimes but today was so bad that even peas did not help totally . I really want to try repashy because I have heard great things about it . I don't know where to buy it because on tasty worms everything is in dollars ?? I am also going to get some baby spinach , how do you cook / blanch it ? I'm sorry for such a long post I am just worried about my poor guy
  12. Here is how, with Alex's help, i was able to make medicated gelfood to resemble the JungleAP that was available in America but not in Australia. notice that i do not mention dosage? it is weight specific, so, if you need to make this product, it will be determined by the Moderator or Helper assiting you in your 911 or DnD thread. from there, either myself or another Moderator must be contacted to help you access the meds and make the medicated food accordingly. this is my first tutorial on the medfood, please excuse the nervousness
  13. Hey everyone. I recently purchased a little silicone ice cube mold to let my repashy set up in, and the size is absolutely perfect. When making one cup/one ounce of repashy, every little 1"x1" square cup on the mold is filled up to the very top so the size of each cube stays very consistent, while using up all of the gel mix. I bought it on Amazon for $6.99 with free shipping, a link to the product is here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007C8BZP2/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00 I used to just let my repashy cool in a pan and then cut it into squares before freezing it, but this way is so much easier and I prefer the more accurate and consistent measurements. Plus, I've noticed that freezing repashy in bigger/thicker squares like this improves the texture once it defrosts. I know this is a pretty insignificant product review, but since it took me awhile to decide on one to buy I thought it might help to provide a good option for other people if they've been thinking of getting something similar. Happy shopping!
  14. just wondering if any fellow aussies have bought soilent green off ebay or by other online means? i was about to buy some on ebay from the u.s & a quarantine warning came up. considering the contents of the product i was curious if anyone has successfully imported it or has it been confiscated? cheers
  15. today all the fish in ALL tanks got the Repashy "treat" today..............and it was Mahina's first exposer to, she slammed it.......... made me want to say,.............."Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  16. i have managed on 2 occasions WITH NO COMMS TO THE SELLER.. just simply purchase and pay via ebay and paypal to receive successfully on both occasions solient green!.. the difference is that the seller sends it as "pet supplies" and adds the disclosure " I CERTIFY THE PARTICULARS GIVEN IN THIS CUSTOMS DECLARATION ARE CORRECT. THIS ITEM DOES NOT CONTAIN DANGEROUS ARTICLE, OR ARTICLES PHROHIBITED BY LEGISLATION OR BY CUSTOMS FOR POST REGULATIONS. I HAVE MET ALL APPLICABLE EXPORT FILING REQUIREMENTS UNDER THE FOREIGN TRADE REGULATIONS" another difference is that the seller sends it as a large letter and not a parcel. i think this is very important. anyhow. the item that i purchased and received twice on two seperate occasions is ebay item number 280883675183. i think another difference is that he sends it as a personal item rather than from a business name. it's cheap. the amount received is ideal for posting,. i think that if you were to order more, the packaging would change and it will be sent as a parcel. this might not pass through Australian Customs. good luck for those wanting to order
  17. So the gang has been eating Repashy for about 2 weeks and I wanted to see if it's made a difference in their weight: Fluffy 59 grams Hercule Poirot 21 Jelly Bean 9 Emma Goldman 17 on July 19, Fluffy 56 grams Hercule 18 grams Emma 14 Jelly 9 Fluffy has been much less floaty since we switched to Repashy. They all seem to love it and are doing well if the weight gain is any indication. Jelly Bean has not put on any weight...it's kind of strange because I think he looks bigger...time will tell, I guess. Today when I did the water change, I noticed some white 'grains of salt' on Fluffy and Hercule. I decided to dose with .1% salt. So I had to move the snails out to their own container. Here's a picture. They have a plant, a bubbler and a net so they won't crawl out. They look pretty happy. I've put some Repashy in there for food. They don't seem to have discovered its deliciousness yet. That's the news from the Bubbles house for now! Happy Weekend to you all! mj
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