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Found 2 results

  1. My oranda, Gus, might be in trouble? I am new here and I hope I am posting in the right spot. About a week ago I notice a very slight white circle around his right eye. It was not very noticeable and you only noticed it if you really looked hard - I just happened to notice it when he swam up to say good morning. He has been acting completely normal and eating like the piggy he is but I googled "white circle around goldfish eye" and now I am scared. Is this the start of pop eye? Dropsy? As soon as I figured out this might be a problem I added melafix to the aquarium water figuring it couldn't hurt and being as I didn't really know what was going on I didn't want to just start treating him for something. I am on my 6th day of melafix and the eye has not gotten worse in my opinion. It is so hard to tell. I do think it is less of a circle now, it tends to just be white underneath his eye. I have no idea what is going on! He is a pretty active "fancy" swimmer as I call it. Loves to do swimming acrobats and is pretty clumsy, could it possibly be he caught it on the filter? That's my wishful thinking but I have a feeling it is something more. I need help please! Any would be greatly appreciated. I really love this little bugger and am pretty nervous for him. Info on Gus: Gus is an oranda around 5 inches long He eats twice a day, NLS and Hikari pellets Gets peas 2-3 times a week Shares a 55 gallon tank with a small ranchu and a small ryukin (around 2 inches each) I do a 90% water change weekly and use prime as my water conditioner I have two filters running, an Aquaclear 70 and an Aquaclear 50 The only water parameters I check are: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 I had measured an ammonia and nitrite reading last week of both .25 which was odd and then they went back to normal the next day, would this be enough to cause problems?? Like I said he is acting normal, eating and swimming around. The only issue has been his eye - until this morning, I noticed a white little spot on the front of wen. If he didn't have the eye issue going on I wouldn't think anything of it besides wen growth but now I'm paranoid. Is the white spot really wen growth or is it something more caused from eye?? Here are a few pictures I was able to get, I have a few more but am having trouble uploading them. Best front picture I can get, it really doesn't appear to stick out at all compared to his left eye from straight on. I cannot tell from the top view since his wen is rather large and in the way. Awww, he looks sad here but he is just as active as always. This pictures shows the white under his eye and the new white spot on his wen that appeared yesterday. Wen growth or another issue that goes along with his white eye?? I do have other pictures I can try load if they are needed. What pictures would be helpful?? Thanks in advance, Jamie and Gus
  2. Hello everyone! I have a question, one of my fish had pop eye a few months ago. I will post water parameters in a bit, I've been busy preparing to move into a new place. Anyways, I followed a post on here last time by Koko-use marycyn 2, epsom salt, increase temp to 78 degrees, and some medi gold, it went away in a day - but I continued the treatment for a week in a hospital tank. Now she has it again, but this time in both eyes. Grrr. I do water changes weekly. 56 gallons-2 Orandas and I put a cory in. So my question is, do I put her back in the hospital tank and do the same treatment? Or would it be better to treat the main tank with all the fish in it. Assuming that maybe the harmful bacteria in the main tank need to be eradicated. Also is coppersafe necessary?\ Thanks in advance!
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