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  1. Hey y'all! Been awhile but I had a question I couldn't find an answer to. First off want to update on the Goldies. Ru, Hiro, and ChuChu are doing fabulous! I've recently added a lot more Java fern and even split my anubias into two plants! All is going great! But my question pertains to my new betta tank I set up today (seeded from the goldfish filter media), I found a t-8 fixture for real inexpensive at Walmart and bought it. I got a GE 9265k 15w freshwater/saltwater t-8 bulb and I was wondering if it would grow my low light plants? Or if it's too much? I know t-5 are better from research I've done but I already have this t-8 bulb/ballast. Any suggestions/tips would be awesome! Thanks! (Wasn't sure if I should post here or in betta forum so I came here since it was pertaining to lights). Hope everyone is doing great in the new year! -chris
  2. So I was halfway through my fishless cycle on my new 55 gallon dirted planted tank, when I found snails. So I'm tearing it down and starting all over. I was using organic potting soil, but honestly it's been more trouble than it's worth. So now I'm looking for a good, cheap aquasoil. Does anyone have any suggestions? I intend to cap it with small gravel, sloping up in one corner to make a sort of "hill".
  3. Hey everyone goldfishfanforever here and I thought I would just start a journal of my planted marina 160 tank. The tank dimensions are 100x40x40cm and the tank holds 160 litres of water. The lights that I am using at the minute are 2 T8 30W Aqua Glo and Sun Glo bulbs that I should probably replace soon . I am using Easy-Life products for fertilizer and CO2 and I use 15ml of Profito Fertilizer once a week and 3-6ml of Easycarbo everyday. The substrate is play sand from Argos are a Fluval U2 and a Fluval U3. The heater is a Marina 150W heater. The Flora that I have in this tank are: Echinodorus bleheri 2 types of crypts jungle val anarcharis Another type of plant id pls I believe a Rubin sword java fern and soon to be java moss as well The Fauna in this tank are: 3 angelfish 3 guppies 3 mollies 1 swordtail 3 peppered corydoras 3 bronze corydoras 4 adult bristlenose plecos a bunch of baby bristlenose plecos that I moved in yesterday to grow out 1 pearl gourami 2 black neon tetras 1 neon tetra 3 rummynose tetras And now for the pics Some cool wood and I also have two smaller pieces soaking Pleco cave Random type of plant and a type of crypt Jungle Val Echinodorus bleheri Another type of crypt Anarcharis Full tank shots - 10/04/15
  4. Hello guys I just thought I would start a journal sort of thing for my newly setup Walstad Tank and my low tech journey with it . This tank is a 28 litre/ 7 gallon tank that housed some baby bristlenose plecos and my dwarf puffer for sme time until I moved my bristlenose fry out on the 23rd of July. The tank was practically bare except for a piece of mopani wood with anubias nana on it and a plant pot. I scrubbed the tank out on the 23rd and added Tropica plant substrate, then playsand and in some areas natural gravel. I then planted some anacharis, some jungle val, my anubias log and some water wisteria. I also added a heater and my dwarf puffer later that day. The next day I noticed some cloudiness so I did a 50% water change and added prime and also some microswords that I had bought that day to sand area which I cornered off with some small round pebbles and then planted the microswords in. The day after that which was the 25th I noticed the water was cloudy again so I bought another bunch of anacharis and two other types of plants and planted them after a 70% water change and I also added about 20 Malaysian trumpet snails. Today when I looked at the tank it was clear and some of the plants have noticeably grown since last night so this leads onto picture time I took one picture last night and I will continue to do it every Saturday unless I see something I want to take a photo of as well throughout the week. I also plan on adding some red cherry shrimp but I'm not sure with the dwarf puffer so I would like so opinions on that but without further ado here is the fts pic (yes only one pic )
  5. Hi all! just wanted to share this short clip of my young orandas, Cookie (brown) and Kingyo (Red and white) and my start of a planted tank. I really wanted to do a moss tree but didnt wanna deal with driftwood so on amazon I found this fake tree that is meant to be a moss planter and even came with little fitted nets to keep the moss in place. I just set it up today so not too impressive yet, but we'll see how it goes. Also a bit of anubis nana glued to a rock on the left. Sorry my room lighting sucks! >x( Watch in HD!
  6. I have a 20g long with one male betta, one albino BN, and two mystery snails. I was hoping for some suggestions of active little fish I would be able to add in? Thanks!
  7. I got a new light and glass canopy . I have 3 new plants but they are being sterilized atm so they aren't in the tank in this video.
  8. Hello again! i need better lighting for my aquarium and I don't have lots of money to spare. However, my current tank came with a coralife light for the 29g that can hold two bulbs. I was wondering if the 2x coralife colormax bulbs would be strong enough to give me enough light to sustain good plant life and growth? If not, what are some other bulb suggestions? I also have a standard 29g light that I can get better bulbs for, and if necessary, I can probably have both lights on the tank at the same time. Basically I'm asking about the power of colormax. Any experience? With these lights, about what level of aquarium plant could I have? Thanks!
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