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Found 9 results

  1. @koko Where's the food Dude? @FishyMandy Lenny, 10 Weeks old
  2. Hi, This is RIjen from Nepal neighbor of China. Lets upload pics of our goldfishes and know their gender.I have uploaded some of mine help me know their gender.
  3. Hi everyone! I have been a member of this forum for some time now, but I have never posted any photos of my little guy. I just upgraded his tank and the lighting is so beautiful I wanted to share some photos. I got him 5 years ago this month. He was purchased in Boone, NC when I was an undergrad in college. He then moved with me to Charlotte, NC..Chicago, IL..and now Los Angeles, CA! He has been such a joy in my life as I finished my undergraduate and graduate studies. Cliche, sure..but meet Goldie AKA Mr. Fishy! Brittany Thanks for viewing!
  4. Hi everyone, just wanted to share with you the new member in my tank- Hannibal! He had been in quarantine for a week and I just added him to the tank. Everything went well. He is definitely more active in the tank than he was in his QT container. Already eating away! lol Thanks for looking *He is in his QT container in this pic. I'll take more pics in the future with him in the tank. Wiggles and Ghosuto haven't been bothering him too much lol
  5. Congrats hun please tell us about these guys
  6. Congrats hun. Please tell us about this fish
  7. Congrats "JamieMonster" on the Photo of the week. Please tell us about this wonderful goldfish
  8. Hey guys! Today I caved and got the 40 gallon breeder I have been thinking about for the past month or so. I wasn't planning on getting it so soon, but I got a really great deal on it. My little Otis was looking so claustrophobic in the 20g tank he was in. I am so excited about it and he is loving the extra space since he's got it all to himself (for now ) I'm running an AQ70 and an AQ50 filter on it, until I can get a canister or another AQ70. It looks pretty plain at the moment but I'll be adding more plants to it eventually. I'm planning to add some type of storage underneath it since the stand has room for it. It'll all come together nicely With the extra space I also have room to get another fish, but I don't really want to think about going through anymore QT right now. I wish the video was longer and the photo isn't so crappy, but my camera died immediately!
  9. OK, so all i what is to put my cute goldies on this website Thnx for the help
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