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  1. So today is my birthday, and as a treat to myself I got a few new babies from buygoldfishonline.com. I got two lionheads, one calico, one red and a red oranda. I included a pic of my little red cap I got a couple of months ago as well because he's not too big yet. I'm excited to see how these guys are going to look growing up with each other! Sorry for some of the blurry pics, it's hard to get these little guys to be still!
  2. Hello, Citizens of Koko's! One of our goldfish has a problem and needs your help. Chippie, our 4 1/2 year-old lionhead, has come down with several fuzzy white specks on her otherwise magnificent wen. That cottony-looking overgrowth of bacterial infection called "fungus" (I've lurked on this forum long enough to know! ). Unfortunately, this infection may have been developing unseen for several weeks, because the normal whitish cast of new wen growth in these mega-lumpified areas probably would have obscured "fungus" that was just starting out. WHAT I'VE DONE SO FAR: During the last water change (4 days ago), I put Chippie in a mild salt dip of 2 tablespoons per gallon for approximately 8 minutes, during which she calmly swam around the bucket (that's why I kept her in so long). Then the fuzz went away, but it reappeared as bad as before within 24 hours. So during today's water change, I found my trusty ol' goldfish book, and did a stronger salt dip following David Boruchowitz's recommended 2 tablespoons per quart. However, this higher salinity clearly upset Chippie, who thrashed slightly before just drifting at the surface with the top of her back exposed, motionless besides heavy breathing. Of course, I removed her within the minute. I returned her to the bucket only after diluting the solution by two quarts, then watched her extra-closely. She hated it the same as before, and when some veins in her tail became red, I returned her to the tank instead of diluting it further (as it seemed like she'd been through plenty of stress for one day). So, she had at most the equivalent of a 2 minute salt dip altogether this morning. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the dips correctly: Morton Canning & Pickling Salt (100% salt, no additives) dissolved in tank water heated by well-rinsed pots, then cooled to room temperature before being added to room-temperature tank water (45 gallon always kept at room-temperature too) in the "goldfish-only" bucket. Also, for what it may be worth, after all three salt dips, upon being returned to the tank Chippie immediately zoomed to the corner and spent a good 20-30 seconds vigorously rubbing her head in the powerful incoming stream from the refilling hose. So apparently the salt stings: maybe that means it's working? And doesn't this problem requires longer-term, lower-level salinity to clear up? I'm not sure what's the optimum salinity for this problem or how long I should maintain it, at the 45 gallon tank level. (Of course I would prefer to avoid subjecting the other two goldfish to salt they don't need by putting Chippie in a "hospital" tub, but there's no remotely safe place for it.) Also I am uncertain how to interpret salinity-related instructions given the concentration of Morton Canning & Pickling salt : a tablespoon of it is MUCH more salt than a tablespoon of rock salt, for example. Maybe 2 tablespoons per quart of this particular salt was way too much? Thanks for your help! And for slogging through my many paragraphs! NOTE: This is the first time I have used a smartphone (which I'm only borrowing) to post ANYTHING online, and I am TERRIBLE at it, so please refer to my last post (about red splotches on Blunderbuss) for information regarding the tank and its inhabitants. I will post basic water parameters shortly, but the ability to copy and paste the standard form is hopelessly beyond me. (Please forgive me, this post has taken me about two hours already; no wonder I just have a flip-phone.)
  3. Well.. once again Im experiencing dropsy.. (So yes Taryl, Im a horrible fishkeeper, Lol..jk ) I have 2 mailed lionheads that arrived in March 30, in what it seemed to be good conditions They're still in a 20G QT One is (still) in perfect conditions but the other black/bronze one started to get red pimples and excessive slime on the wen a few days after arrival so I notified the seller and he recommended a few (10 second) peroxide dips. First dip.. good Second dip.. a little more time to recoup and some sideways Third deep.. more time to recoup and lethargic On April 12 I noticed some prickle to the scales but didn't think any of it since I was told that ranchus sometimes experience that without being sick I sent today some pictures to the seller and he corroborates that it is an early stage of dropsy but cannot recommend anything specific since it could be caused by different internal problems.. pristine water along with antibac water treatment and/or medicated food is his suggestion Im doing the questionnaire in a few minutes.. Thanks! Here's what I've done so far Mar 30: Arrival, covered tank Mar 30 -1: De-stress days (just WC & double prime) Apr 2: 75%WC + 76g salt (.1%) Apr 3: add 76g salt (.2%) Apr 4: 100%WC + 228g salt (.3%) Apr 6: 75%WC + 170g salt (.3%) Apr 8: 75%WC + 170g salt Apr 10: 75%WC + 170g salt + 10sec peroxide dip (8:1 ratio) Apr 12: 75%WC + 170g salt + 10sec peroxide dip Apr 14: 75%WC + 170g salt Apr 16: 10sec peroxide dip prior to WC 100%WC + 76g salt (to reduce at .1%) + .2g prazi powder Apr 8: 75%WC + 56g salt (.1%) + .2g prazi powder
  4. Wondering if you guys can give me some feedback about the color of one of my new residents.. I got him a week ago but since I saw him at the store I noticed a difference in his eyes which I've never seen before in a goldfish.. without the flash in his face they look soft blue (almost white) so I wonder if he has some kind of fungal disease, blind or just unique.. I asked this same question on D&D forum but since the topic is not related to this fish I decided to ask here.. What do you guys think ???
  5. Here are new photos of the little brats Parents gave me new LED hoods for Christmas, makes such a big difference!
  6. I got a gift card from my parents to our awesome local fish store, and I couldn't resist this lion head. Here is Jelly
  7. Here is a photo my girlfriend took of Artie last time we were home:
  8. Hi everyone! You may have read about my common goldfish Bubba, who is a little sick. I've decided it would be best to let my aunt take care of him since he doesn't seem to appreciate the company of other goldfish (gets stressed, bites, etc). Along with that, I am searching for a much bigger tank so I'm searching for new fancies to add to the family. Orandas, lionheads, and especially ranchus are the breeds I'm pursuing (I have no goldfish with wens, which fascinate me). Fantails, moors, and telescopes must be in season up here because it's all I can seem to find at any of the nearby pet stores. Any suggestions as to dealers I should contact? Thanks!
  9. Here are the pictures you asked for! Artie,Vinny,and Moe (comet) seem to like their new home. I know Moe will grow too large for the tank, we will be renovating our outdoor pond come spring, so he will live there when it's ready. There are some small species with them (cherry barbs,glowlight and zebra danios,platies cories,and a few loaches). There are a few rasboras , a gold barb, and a tetra that were too fast to catch, but when I catch them they will be moved to the tropical planted tank. Everyone is doing great, and they all seem happy. I just rearranged the decor so the sand made things a bit cloudy. The tank has mostly plastic plants so far, but also has some small live anubias and what I think is ludwigia Also here is my yellow-finned Hillstream loach (Gastromyzon viriosus)
  10. Here are my goldies as promised, sorry it took so long. They have tripled in size since we got them in April Artie is the calico, lion head i believe, and Vinny is red and white and I think a ryukin? They seem to only hang out at the top when I'm nearby, probably a result of the hand feeding XD [http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/Pandadragon/media/photo4_zps62d89ebb.jpg.html?filters[user]=141012291&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0] [http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/Pandadragon/media/photo5_zpsa04df6a6.jpg.html?filters[user]=141012291&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=3] [http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/Pandadragon/media/photo1_zps791dd431.jpg.html?filters[user]=141012291&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1] Here is their tank, 29 gallons: http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/Pandadragon/media/photo3_zps4be67081.jpg.html?filters[user]=141012291&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=4
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