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  1. My butterfly telescope goldfish fry are about 2.5 weeks old. I have about 40 ish, not sure, it is difficult to count them. They are in a 10 gallon tank and I am doing frequent water changes, but I wanted to know how many of them I can raise successfully in this size tank.
  2. Hi guys, Just about to start my frys first fluke treatment with Kusuri (flubendazole). Does anyone recommend salting as you would in a normal qt procedure? If so 0.3%? Thanks for your advice in advance
  3. Hi everyone, My goldfishes had 4 fry who recently turned 1 week old on 7/17! When I was doing a water change I found 2 more fry (who are at the early stages of clinging to walls). I recently found out about the 'If the fry are bigger than the old ones' mouths then they can live' thing but I added some photos so I can get a second opinion (it's hard for me to tell if they're bigger than their mouths). The first 3 are of my week old fry, the last one is of my newly hatched fry. P.S I was thinking of feeding the new fry more often than my older ones (once they start free-swimming of course) so they can catch up in size, then I will put them together. Thoughts?
  4. Hello! I'm new to goldfish keeping...mostly...I currently have 4 comet goldfish that I bought to live in a little pond in my backyard. After some troubles keeping the water pump going, keeping algae out, and just a whole bunch of wildlife drama (fishies are fine, though) these little troopers have been upgraded to a 65 gallon aquarium indoors and have been happy for about 6 months now. I didn't realize there was such a huge community of goldfish fans, but now that I've browsed the forum a bit, I'm hooked and look forward to reading more about your adventures. I'm here because I want to start up a second tank for fancy goldfish, I would love a tank of pearlscales, but I'm not sure where to start or even where to buy them. My comets are very tough and I test their water regularly, but I know fancy goldfish are more complicated. My pearlscale tank is a long term dream so I'm looking forward to getting some great tips and the planning process.
  5. Hi wonderful Kokonuts, It has been a while since I've updated anyone on the status of the 4 fry that Allie (username: amoonklein) gave me to care for last fall. Every little pooper is fine! They are rather difficult to photograph. See if you can tell (NOW) who is Mustashio, who is Sharky, who is Snake Eyes and where in the world is Cara?! These are her four different fish babies, photographed just last week. Just one week change between these two shots ^ v Where did Cara's eyebrow go? I'm going to have to rename her now!
  6. Im new here and wanted to share my lone fry baby I never had the right combination of circumstances to breed my fish in the past. I actually had a very fertile female purple telescope, but never a male that could get the job done. Well, I brought home two new little telescopes 9 months ago. The calico started chasing my large female ryukin after being introduced to the main tank. She released eggs but I figured the little calico tele was too young to fertilize the eggs. I did several water changes following the event, attempting to maintain good parameters after all the activity/mess. You can imagine how surprised I was to spot the tiniest little specks swimming behind one of the plants! Here is the video of my little calico doing his damndest to help her out https://www.instagram.com/p/14eqAkxAOt/?taken-by=jenna_ramblesI In total I found 5 fry. After two weeks there were only two. I tried not to get my hopes up, knowing the odds of getting strong healthy formed fry was slim. They grew really nicely. The green one was always more voracious and a bit bigger. Unfortunately the pinkie got an abrasion on its tiny nose. I treated with dips and very clean water. She looked to be responding nicely..and then I had to leave for vacation for 5 days...and in that time she passed. I had a feeling. She was just starting to show yellow colored spots and had a few tiny nacreous scales like mama. Oh well. I pressed on with my last tough, green fry.! Im happy to say he continues to grow well! I began grooming him and his dad a few months ago. My fry doubled his weight and caught up to his dad in only 4 weeks! AND finally losing the green and going red/orange/white
  7. I decided to start this blog to keep a log on my accidentally spawned and hatched fry. May be if would be of help to others who go trough the same experience.
  8. Hi, I've started feeding my fry with this once a day: In between thier usual brine shrimp meals. They are now slighlty larger than 1cm the biggest and about half cm the smallest fry. Would it be ok if a add some Repashy soilent green to their diet or it's too early for that kind of food. Also should I try frozen artemia? Thanks.
  9. Hi! My fry are now a month old (gen-0) and soon to be one month (gen-1) and most of them look like this: http://youtu.be/6I5gIF25fT0 But there are others that seem to be in some sort of arrested development and are still looking like that: I've observed that with each they it is more difficult for them to get food and that bigger fry are sort of bulling them. Is there a chance for them to grow to normal size and develop correctly if I put them in another tank or would it be just an act of mercy thatvwouldn't make any differance? What do you guys think? I'm curious to read about your experience (culling aside).
  10. Hi! I'm in doubt wether this is the right place to post this so I appologize in advance if I've messed up. I got my pack of Warmer Plus ( flukes medicine - Flubendazole) I order for my fry as I read somewhere in this formum than fry should be treated ar least twice as soon as they are 2 -weeks old to prevent them from getting flukes.( By the way, I'm still trying to find that post/article and will be very thankful if anyone could direct me with a link) It says in the instructions that 0,5ml should be used on 30 UK gallons of water (its a medicine I buy from UK since Prazi is not available in Europe) and overdozing can kill the fish. My fry are still so tiny that I'm afraid to get the dosage wrong and terminate them all. Would it be ok if I just add some salt instead and do WC every day and not every other day as I do now till they get older, say a month or two old? The fry are currently in a plastic container that holds 6l ( ~ 1.5 gal) that I have filled with 4l of water.May be its just me, absolutely sucking at maths but I don't see a way to get the exact quantity of warmer plus for that amount of water. Thank you for your help!
  11. Hi guys! After my fish spawn twice in a week time now I have to schools of fish. I was wondering if would be ok if I put them together in a larger container when they are 3 and 2-weeks old? The difference in size between them, at least to me, is not that significant. Can I and should I move them to a shared space?
  12. Hello, It's me with the uptheen post this week. Sorry if I'm starting to annoy you guys with all my questions but I'm struggling here to keep my fry alive. So my latest panic attack is over a batch of brine shrimp eggs that I've been "cooking" for more than 24h already without them eggs showing any intention what so ever of turning into shrimp or any edible creature I could feed to my poor fry that, by the way, I suspect are beginning to starve. I've set a new hatchery inside a nano tank I'm getting ready for a betta, hoping that I'll be successful in bringing at least this one to life by tomorrow. The first one I set is in a plastic bottle placed in a bean's can filled with hot water I replace regularly. Just to be on the save side, I'm also running my rooms' heating full blast and I now officialy live in a self-made Turkish bath (it's15 C outside (~60F))...to no result...egg-hatching wise. So my question is. I still have some eggs left (it was a pre-mix I got). Can I feed them to the fry? Is there any type of food I can start them on before anything hatches? May be grind some Hikari or NLS goldfish pellets?
  13. Hi everyone! I have been away from the forum for a while due to too much things to do at work. Anyway, the other day I woke up to find the bottom of my telescopes' tank completely covered with eggs. I was prety sure both fish are female but still decided to put some in a small 1gal tank I had laying around just in case I was wrong. I tried not to keep my hopes up especially when on day 2 I discovered many of the eggs had turned white. Readinh here and there I found out this means they were not fertilized. Still so e of them looked to me rather transparent so I overcame the urge to pour it all in the toilet in disappointment and only scooped the white eggs. And yesterday to my dismay I saw something black inside the eggs I kept! I have already ordered some brine shrimp and prepared a self-made hatchery but I'm competely at a loss what to do once they hatch(if they do). I read here that the tank should be at least 5gl. Can Itransfer them to a bigger container? Should I do it now or wait till they hatch? If I keep them in the small tank when should I change the water? Is it ok if I replace some of the water with fresh one now? According to my calculations they should hatch on Monday. Please help! Any advice will be very much appreciated.
  14. So lets start this thread about my Sakura Oranda spawn, they hatched yesterday and it is a big spawn, more than 1000 wee lill' wigglers It has been quite busy caring for the eggs, my other fish and getting all the supplies i will need this week. But all is done and the first batch of BE is cooking! Very exiting obviously, trying to keep it all manageable. Incubation took 4 days at 22C. I WC 50% 2 times per day. The eggs after 48 hours. Hatching on day 4, they are born on december 8th 2014. Digesting the eggsac. Day 5. Oranda headquarters! Hopefully all will go well and we all may enjoy seeing them grow up!
  15. I promise I'll take pics of the fry soon. Their transformation in the last week has been astounding! About half of the previously all-white fry have developed black spots, so hooray -- Dalmatians! And I'm starting to see the belly curve developing on many of them, so it appears the majority of them will indeed be balloons. Still feeding the NLS fry food and baby brine shrimp exclusively, though I think they're almost big enough to start picking at some regular thawed brine shrimp soon. They eat like nobody's business! There are several runts, but they're holding their own and continuing to grow, just more slowly than the rest. My favorite LFS has agreed to take whichever ones i don't keep once they're a few months old and colored up nicely, so it's a relief to know they'll have somewhere to go. I'd love to keep them all, but I'd need the world's biggest tank to do it (and for them to cease all breeding activity, which ain't gonna happen, ha!).
  16. Got a 15 gallon bowfront set up for the Noodles (our balloon molly fry) last night and moved them over this morning from the two smaller grow-out tanks they'd been in since birth. They look practically microscopic in their luxurious new digs, but it won't be long before I'll be needing yet another tank for them if they keep growing at such an astonishing rate. I'm so glad I remembered to get a sponge cover for the filter intake. They'd been in unfiltered tanks previously, with large daily water changes, so it's time for them to learn to swim with some current in the water. But I don't want any of them getting accidentally sucked in, yikes! The fry were three weeks old a few days ago. They eat like little piglets (baby brine shrimp daily, and NLS fry powder) and are pooping machines. Have only lost one, a tiny runt, about a week ago, leaving us with 21 babies. Watching them grow and change is downright addictive!
  17. Divided the Noodles (our 22 balloon molly fry) into two tanks tonight, 11 in each, to give them maximum room to grow. They've already doubled, possibly tripled, in size in just over a week. They eat voraciously, and get both crushed/powdered tropical flakes and thawed baby brine shrimp each day. I'm going to have to keep an eye on Craigslist for a decent sized tank or tanks for them. Two 20 gallons would be about right, but I don't know where I'd put them. I'll figure it out though; maybe I can find one with a stand. I'm not entirely sure I want to turn my bedroom into a balloon molly breeding factory, so I'm not certain I'll do the fry thing again on a large scale like this. But this first time is really fun, and there's no telling what the future will bring.
  18. It's now five days since our gazillion (well, actually 20, but they look like 10 times that) balloon molly fry were born, and we still haven't lost a single one. Knock wood, etc. As soon as Gem, the mommy molly to all these fry, is finished with her QT and moved to the main aquarium, I'm going to transfer half the fry to that tank, and will have two fry tanks going simultaneously. I want them to have maximum room to grow -- not that they're having any trouble in that regard. I swear they've already doubled in size in just 5 days. I'm feeding them powdered flake food several times a day, and they also get defrosted baby brine shrimp once daily. I didn't realize how absolutely microscopic those baby brine shrimp are! It's just a pretty orange cloud in the water, and you can hardly make them out. But the fry go nuts when I feed them shrimp, and end up with beautifully round tummies about 15 minutes later. The babies are extremely varied in their coloration, and I'm super-curious to find out how that changes as they grow. But whatever color they are, they all kind of look like sardines right now. Here's a side view of one of them: Could those eyes BE any bigger?
  19. The niecelets and I hit a new-to-me LFS this weekend that I hadn't realized was only 15 minutes from my house. It was huge, with lots of really beautiful fish. We were hoping to find a new balloon molly (of course), after the unexpected loss of one last week. No luck, but we stopped at one of our regular LFSs afterward, and lo and behold, they had an absolute stunner, an almost all-black beauty with white speckles and highlights that the 6-year-old niecelet promptly named Gem. Gem. Isn't she a beauty? Got the QT tank set up for Gem at home, added water, heater and ridiculous decor the girls insisted on (I'm a sucker, what can I say?), and gently placed Gem in her temporary new home. Seconds later, the 9-year-old niece screams, "A baby just came out!" Yep. Gem had dropped an adorable little fry. Because we'd seen how eagerly the other mollies consume their offspring, there was much chaos as we netted the new baby and transferred it to the fry tank with the existing 3 babies. But baby oh baby, Gem was not done! We had a tense 5 minutes or so when a half-in, half-out fry, being born tail first, appeared to be stuck. He was HUGE when Gem finally got him out. After that, babies were coming fast and furious. We would give Gem a break for 10 minutes or so, and leave her alone in the dimly lit room, only to come back to 5 ... 6 ... even 7 more fry at a time. One of our many fry. She had TWENTY BABIES altogether! The fry tank is positively swarming now, and they've been nicknamed The Noodles. Our very first fry, Cutiepie (born about 8 weeks ago, gender still unknown), was promoted to the big tank, lest he consume his new pseudo-siblings, and has settled in happily. The remaining 22 are all, miraculously, alive and well. There's a real variety of color in this batch. Several dark ones, some white ones, some striped ones, and the one and only all-black fry, the little whale who got stuck during birth (he's now known as "Shaft"). They gobble powdered flake food, and tonight had their very first meal of defrosted frozen baby brine shrimp. Many adorably round tummies! Another one. They're all the colors of the rainbow. I had expected a little die-off at the start, but 48 hours in, all appear healthy. I already have a routine going, using a turkey baster to siphon uneaten food from the bottom of the tank, then draining and replacing a little over 75% of the water daily. Once Gem has completed her QT, I plan to use her vacated tank for half the fry, to give them all maximum room to grow and to maintain good water quality. Poor little thing was exhausted after delivering all those babies, and refused food for 24 hours. Now she's eating like crazy and zooming all over the QT tank, being a typical little balloon molly. If she doesn't break with ich or anything else funky in the next week or so, she's going to join her new girlfriends in the big tank. I asked for it, and I got it! We have oodles of Noodles and couldn't be happier! Back shot!
  20. So a few days ago, I noticed one of the balloon molly gals was a bit withdrawn, hanging out in the "birthing tunnel" ornament I put in the tank (it's like a bridge covered with artificial grass, so the birthing mama can hide a bit while she's in labor and the fry can swim up through little holes in the ceiling and hide in the grass). It was Creamy (remember, all fish named by young nieces!), the light yellow female, who had been looking ridiculously pregnant for days. I've read that livebearers tend to have their babies in the wee hours of the morning, and as it happened, I was up extraordinarily late and checked the tank before going to bed. I could barely even register what I was seeing when a teeny-tiny pair of eyes with a tail fin emerged from the fake grass and started swimming upward. The whole sequence took less than one second: Omigod, it's a -- CHOMP. Yeah, one of the other molly gals practically inhaled the baby before my eyes. And then she did it again with another one. I didn't see any others, and Creamy was swimming around like usual and no longer looked ... birthwardly inclined. I went to sleep pretty annoyed with Shiny, the perpetrator. Shiny's the white molly who weeks earlier had given birth to the lone fry in my fry tank. It's hard to be mad at a fish (I mean, she was just doing what nature dictates, you know? If it swims, and it fits in her mouth, it's food). But I was still pretty p.o.'d. I've got fry food, I've got a lovely heated fry tank, I am so freakin' ready to raise up some baby balloon mollies. The next day, my eagle-eyed six-year-old niece spotted a rogue baby hanging out near the surface, and we safely dispatched it to the fry tank. The fry born a month earlier, Cutiepie (remember, she names the fish), looked enormous next to the newbie, but not big enough to gobble it up. This morning, Creamy was doing the hiding-in-the-tunnel routine again, and I found one more baby. So now I have three fry, which sounds kind of pathetic given that mollies are unbelievably prolific, but I'm over the moon. Hoping to find more babies tonight, if I'm lucky.
  21. My other thread about the eggs was mostly for me to get advice/help. this one is going to be a fry diary! The surprise fry are two weeks old today There are about 50 of them and they are adorable! (Photo from a few days ago.) I even noticed some tail development! I've been feeding them Hikari First Bites. they eat like little pigs! I will do my best to keep this thread updated daily.
  22. So out of the 18 I had 3 now remain. Next week they will be 3 months old. Can't wait to see their color change Sorry pics are not the best, these little guys are fast swimmers And of course Mom and Dad
  23. Hi everyone, sorry I have been a way for a while...Working like a crazy lady and school... Babies are doing pretty well they are a little over a month now... Looks like most of them have dad (ranchu) tail but with dorsal fins like mom (Oranda) lol anyway a few pics of them in a container while their tank is getting it's WC... And of course a few pics of Skipper and Citrus Some of these guys still look way to small The biggest one Skipper being the love bug that he is And of course my little piggy girl Citrus
  24. These pictures are already some weeks old, but these are the current fry. I lost three over time, not sure what to, but the rest seems to be doing well. Some of them are so massive compared to the others, it's ridiculous! As of now, the single fancy fry (lionhead-ish) is the smallest of the batch. Most of them seem to be nymph-ish. Long-bodies single tails with a fatter belly than regular single tails. Not like Tomasabas, but I can clearly tell the difference between the ones that turned out like normal single tail fry and the ones that show fancy bellies. My favorite fry (see picture descriptions) is the biggest of the batch. Somehow I feel like keeping the little fancy one as the second choice along with my fave, simply because I feel so protective of the tiny baby. But we will see. Everyone else will be rehomed once spring comes around. Here in South Carolina a lot of people have ponds year round, and every spring there are many ads on craigslist by people looking for free goldfish for their ponds. Of course I'd make sure the new home would be legitimate and all. In the "worst case" there also is Glencairn Gardens right here in town, which has a MASSIVE (thousands of gallons) goldfish pond full of gorgeous green water during at least half of the year. They also have a couple HUGE koi in there, one of them is about two feet long. No joke. If nothing else, I'd rehome the goldfish into that pond. Probably a better chance than they'd have if I'd give them to an LFS, where they'd probably end up as live food or in some overstocked, undersized, under-maintained newbie-tank. So yeah, here are the kids! Random pics. The one in the first pic to the left is my "favorite" out of the batch. The one nearest to the bottom is my favorite. By now, he is SOOOO much bigger than in this photo and is larger than any of the others. S/he has developed a cute black spot on top of his head and at the bas of the tail. His left eye is silver, the right eye is a big black button eye. The single fancy baby. The back is very straight With some of the big guys in the background. Considered the perspective makes the fish in the foreground bigger than they are, you can imagine just how teeny they were when I took the photos
  25. So they are almost a month old and 18 fry doing well... I have about 3 that are double the size if not more than the rest. Very quick swimmers, they are still very clear in color. I wonder why these three are the biggest when they hatched around the same time. Pics to follow soon
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