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Found 3 results

  1. I've been quite busy recently and to be honest, frustrated by the manuvers I have to go through to separate the brine shrimp from the egg shells most of the times unsuccessfully. So I checked my fish store if they had any frozen hatched brine shrimp. They didn't have any at the moment and offered me some microplankton instead claiming that it's just as good if not better as fry food. Is it really a suitable substitute? I'd like to hear about your experience if you've tried it.
  2. Research how to hatch brine shrimp first. Learn as much as you can. Buy some brine shrimp cysts. I use a small 6 gm vial from San Francisco Bay brand, I keep it in the freezer. I use my (non-chlorinated) pond water at 8.1-8.3 pH and non-iodized salt to get an ideal salinity level of at least 1.011 (15ppt) and up to 1.030 (40ppt). I prefer the lower end of that scale (24 ppt), since I’ll dump the poor unfortunates into a freshwater tank. You don’t have a salinity meter? Don’t know what your pH is? Here is an easy to follow recipe: Start with 2 pounds=32oz=930g= 4 cups of water. BUT NO chlorine- that is, unconditioned tap water. If nothing else, let it sit out overnight first to dissolve the chlorine gas. Add 30g (1.5 Tablespoons) of non-iodized salt. That will get you 24 ppt or a specific gravity of 1. 018. Stir until salt is dissolved. Add about .5 grams of brine shrimp cysts. About ½ a jellybean, or as much as would fit on a penny without spilling. You can eyeball it. Mix well, and pour into a clean bottle, I use 2 16oz water bottles. Keep them warm, put them under a halogen light, float them in your fish tank, anything – but not hotter than 86 degrees F, that will kill them. Wait until they hatch. About 36-48 hours. You can feed your fish the brine shrimp, but strain out the salt water. Get a special brine shrimp net for less than $5.00 and use a (dedicated) turkey baster. That’s it! No aerating bubbler, no special container, no tubing. Your fry will thank you….perhaps not your significant other, however. I'm sure there are more effective and better ways to hatch brine shrimp, but this is the basic version. Tested over a few months - my fry love it.
  3. Ok well now I have goldfish fry coming out my ears im trying to work out best way/foods for feeding. Everywhere I looked/read or talked, baby brine shrimp kept coming up. Thats all well and good but where to get a good supply? 'You hatch them' I kept being told. Sooooo finally after a few weeks of looking I finally found some brine shrimp eggs that werent ridiculously priced. Next. A hatchery...... Ummmmmm any input??? Ive seen hundreds of different designs and ideas on you tube etc. What do you guys use? Pics/videos eyc would be great. So far the coke bottle and air pump/air stone is the most common ive seen. But the way its used varries alot. Some say air stone some say no air stone just use the air line for larger bubbles. Some say HEAPS of air others say just a bit. What id like to know is whats your set up and method for a steady reliable hatching of baby brine shrimp. Ive also been told use pool salt for the hatchery as its the cheapest etc.
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