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Found 9 results

  1. Title says it all really. Is a Fluval 306 going to be good enough for a 60G tank? It'll have 3 or 4 fish. If it makes a difference it'll be a ryukin, red cap oranda, a comet and possibly a black moor. It's on sale right now and I could get it shipped for free for $115. Thanks in advance!
  2. I need to start researching canister filters seriously now that we have a 60 gallon waiting for fish to come out of qt. I'd like to compare a couple different ones at the same power level, I'm thinking probably Fluval vs Eheim - I'm just not sure which models will be the right size, comparable, etc. We have an AquaClear 110 HOB that will be used at the same time as whatever canister I get. But I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the GPH for it since it's 167-500. That seems like a huge range, so I'm having trouble knowing what size canister it will take to fulfill the 10x rule. Right now, this tank will be home to three fish - one fantail, one moor, and one oranda. I want to err on the side of over-filtering though, because side question - would it be absolutely unthinkable to have 4 fish in a 60 gallon if someone else amazing swims along later, or could we get away with it? I might have follow up questions, but this is a starting point at least.
  3. Starting around maybe 2 weeks ago, I noticed the output for my filter wasn't as high as it normally is. I assumed the impeller was possibly clogged so I cleaned it along with the filter media. This didn't fix the issue and now when I leave the filter unplugged for long amounts of time, like when I do water changes, it takes the filter a few seconds to actually turn on after plugging it in. I got this filter used so I don't know how old it actually is, but nothing seems broken from what I can see. I'm not too worried because I just bought an aquaclear 110, but I can't set it up until I can get a hole put in my canopy for it to sit in which might take awhile. I started to think maybe it's an electrical issue?? I use a power bar that includes 7 outlets and all are being used. Theres no other outlet I could try plugging the filter in to test this though because it wont reach anywhere else. Other than doing more frequent water changes I don't know if theres really anything I can to fix the filter.
  4. So I have been running my fluval 406 canister filter for about two weeks now, I was just wondering when you should change the large sponge pad part and the carbon. It says every month but I am assuming that's more for other freshwater fish not goldfish. I've also read you don't really have to change the ceramic rings ever unless they are damaged, which makes sense. But anyone have any times on when to change the other media?
  5. Well I was all excited for my pretty new heater, but the way I've abused it these last ten minutes you might think otherwise! Not realizing that it wasn't packed in a hundred twisties and zip-ties, I pulled open the package of my new heater and it slid out - landed on the table. Picked it up and there was no visible damage, so I figured all was well then got it ready for the tank. THEN, a minute after putting it in, I turn around to see that the heater slid through its holder and that some of the top part was submerged. Ugh. I doubt it will be a problem, I mean these things are built to be around water and I'm sure the manufacturers account for that, but should I be worried? I doubt I should but at the same time, it was a bit more than I should have spent right now sooooo any thoughts? EDIT: Derp. wow. It's a Fluval M200 http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3579693&f=PAD%2FpsNotAvailInUS%2FNo Haha sorry. This one is glass coated, partly why it's freaking me out more. It still lights up, appears to be working just fine. But the instructions do say to make sure the water line stays up to a certain point, and not past another.
  6. I live in orange county CA and have two goldfish the first was bought as a birthday gift for the nine yearold 8 years ago. I ended up with a second one a few years ago when I needed a larger tank it came with it. The children have lost interest and my job is keeping me too busy to take proper care. They are getting to large for the existing tank and I would rather find another home for them than let them suffer. I have a 29 gallon tank and two fluval filters for someone willing to take it off my hands. email me at if interested in giving them a new home! [Edit: Removed email address to protect from spammers]
  7. Hey Everyone, I realized I had missed my last scheduled carbon change in my fluval canister filter, so I pulled it out, this morning to take care of it. When I opened up the filter it was extra nasty (I feel really bad about that) but what struck me as strange was that my bio filter media looked really weird. So, on the bottom layer of the fluval I have those round ceramic pieces and mixed in with them are all these small, round, black balls. I can crush them in my fingers and they are kind of chalky or similar to peat. I don't recall adding any media that looks like this (although it is possible that I did and don't remember). Any Idea what this is? Is there a bio filter media that looks like this and I am just being an idiot and don't remember? or is there something strange growing in my filter? Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi yet again a new topic :L just wondered if anyone has experience with the fluval M100 heater good / bad as I am weary of using a heater but kinda need one ? Do you trust fluval ? Here is a picture to show you : Thanks , sorry if pics are big
  9. Has anyone tried this kit? It looks small and it's affordable enough, I was thinking of getting it for my 20gal to help the plants a bit. I also want some more plants that I can only get if I have the CO2 -.-;; http://www.kensfish.com/product2843.html I know it says it's for 15 gal, but heck, probably would be fine on the 20, it's only 5 more gallons.
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