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  1. I woke up this morning to two of my fish dead. i did not see any signs of illness on the other fish AND I had to go to work. When I came home all the rest of the fish were dead. They had developed a kind of white film on their bodies [see pictures]. The water parameters were all fine and I've never had this happen before. The ONLY new addition to this tank was an oranda from Petsmart that I added about 1 week ago and aquaponic stones from Petco for the Pothos i have growing on top. I did not see any ich marks or anything telling of disease leading up to this. The fish were eating and behaving normally.
  2. I have 4 healthy pseudomugil-gertrudae also sometimes called Spotted blue eyes, I'd like to re-home, want to try a different fish in the tank they occupied. They're vibrant, active, and eat well. A bit pale in photo because they did NOT like being netted out. Just pay shipping for Priority mail box (with insulation)- pm me you zip if interested! I'll calculate shipping cost. Payment will be via paypal. Can only ship to Continental US. I can include a starter (soil-less) culture of grindal worms with them (1 scouring pad with worms) if you'd like for free.
  3. Hello, I am a new goldie owner and a new member to this site. I found out goldies are needy little buggers after already having won one at my local fair. I didn't expect to need such a large tank, but I want him to live a happy life, so I'll deal. I currently have him set up in a small 10-gallon, and I am waiting on the petco dollar per gallon sale to upgrade to a larger tank. My apartment has limits on tank sizes (I believe it is 35 gallons). My question is, will he be happy and healthy in a 25-30 gallon tank for the next few years? Once we are in a more fish-friendly living space, I may upgrade to a large tank (55 gallon) or to a pond, but that may be a few years as we do not plan on moving soon. Any advice would help
  4. I know that they are probably going to suffer or be in a constant pain due to their deformities and its an act of mercy but still... I look at their tiny twisted and curved bodies struggling for life and I don't have the heart to put an end to their misery. Today when I was changing the water I was determined to get done with it for once and for all and even got to the point of catching the two Barry Allens and then....I put them back with the others. When it comes to animals I just can't. I'd rather leave them alone and hope nature do its work. At this pace I might have to hire a professional fish assasin. How do you guys deal with it? I found a video of howto humanly euthanize your fish. Well most likely there's nothing more human than to kill and destroy everyting on your path...I guess I'm just not human enough. Sorry for the rambling. If you know a way that is not as brutal as pooring some chemical in the water and watch the fish agonize I would appreciate your sharing it with me.
  5. Hi, I don't know where to post this question, but I'll have a stab and post it here. I've figured out how to weigh them, but how do you measure your fish? Mine wont just sidle up to the ruler as I have asked them to! They fidget about too much... so how is it done? and where from to where? Thanks so much....
  6. I've had some bettas for awhile now but never posted pics. So I thought it was time to share! This is my crowntail. He really reminds me of a dragon Then we have my half moon. I love the colouring on this fish. Here's a tank shot. I just finished cleaning it after I couldn't take the calcium stains anymore. Having hard water sucks I'm not that creative when it comes to names so any suggestions would be much appreciated!!
  7. Finally I got my first aquarium light, I'm happy, my fish are happy Well Mr.Ryukin moves a lot I couldn't take a photo of him. This time with captions "One photo only and make it quick" "No more" "That tail.." "Mirror mirror on the wall" "Part time job - model" "I will destroy this plant muahhahaha" "Calling all the plant destroyers" "What are you looking at ?" "FABULOUS" "Our home"
  8. http://youtube.com/watch?feature=c4-feed-u&v=b-4CHrc-A_o the pond is doing great , I just trimmed all my plants back since they just started dieing back and the hornwort I thought wouldn't grow in the pond has took off unlike the longer pieces I put in my tanks Now on to the fish Fredda (fantail) is getting big and tolerating the winter quite well hope she makes me some eggs come spring Sumo (pearl scale) is going great also and survived a freak pond freeze over which worried me my pond had frozen 90% and it was 3/4 inch at its thickest parts Flash ( shubunkin ) is doing great every time I see him appear out of nowhere I get the song stuck in my head at least I was finally able to come up with a name 3 months later poor bloke No name (moor) he is doing great after getting out of a long 2month qt and name suggestions for him please
  9. So I have a 110 gallon tank and I want to stock it with goldfish. Now, I was wondering if it is advisable to keep feeder fish. I don't want to feed them to anything, just keep them as regular fish. And how many can I keep in a 110?
  10. Hi guys..... At the risk of being accused of being insane, can I ask everyone a general question.... Do you think that fish recognize their main owner/keeper? I studied my fish tank through the rear window of my house recently...my wife was going about her general chores in front of the tank. The fish just swam around gently, casually finding their way around the tank, and sifting their way through the substrate. I entered the kitchen via the back door, which is right by the tank.....my fish went nuts!!! It was as if they recognized the person that the hand that normally feeds them belonged to. Questioning my sanity, I tried the experiment several hours later...the exact same thing happened, they went nuts again!! Has anyone else experienced this? Please reassure/convince me I'm not heading to the loony bin!!!
  11. Mods if this is in the wrong area please move it ! I went to my Lfs as we were passing and needed a few things . They have one BIG tank in the begging that holds about 6 large goldfish and 2 medium ones m this is the cutie I see , ranchu I think ! ( if only I had the room ) The black dot is just a bit of algae ! Enjoy thanks
  12. Kingsley has been doing so much better after his metro treatment and epsom salt treatment. It looks like his eye is blind, but it is not anywhere near as swollen. He even built a bubble nest and flared! Can someone tell me what that white spot is? I think it was there through his metro treatment, but I am not sure.... He was being hard to photograph! Can someone tell me what these fish are? They are strangely furry
  13. I was planning to take advantage of the Thanks Giving sales to buy 1) Ten gallon glass aquarium 2) 10 gallon Hob 3)an air wand. My plan is to have my fish , Goldy, TEMPORARLY live in the ten gallon. I plan to buy some pure ammonia and do a fishless cycle of her twenty gallon tank. My question is after the 20 gallon is cycled, will my goldfish be able to produce enough ammonia to keep the bacteria alive? I think LovelyChaos said the answer is yes. What do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQLqUwXlQDA&feature=youtu.be
  14. I like to organize my pictures into one timeline, so some of these pictures are already on the site (: Something New: My Pearlscale. It could be something fishy, but it's actually more new than the fishy thing... If that makes sense. I still don't have a name for her. But she is super cute, I really like her. There is a perfect name for her out there somewhere! Today When I got her, she was a little pale. She is super small, only like the size of a quarter. She has perked right up since being put in with my other fish in QT. Everyone is about to be treated for prazi (: Something Fishy: Yukis new diggs, and pictures of my new Ryukins and Oranda (though not the best pictures). Mushu, my little Ryukin (: Chocolate Ryukin, his hump isn't as well developed as Mushu, but he is pretty and big! Sashimi, my cute little panda oranda. She has some cool yellow coloring under that black. (: Yuki's new pad. It's going to get more plants soon (: Something Cute: Otter and Cloud! My two bottle fed boys. Cloud is an orphan I hand raised. When I got him he had a gash on his side and was only one week old. This baby is a fighter and he is now almost 8 pounds of Handsome. Otter is only about 4 weeks old and is adorable. Cloud has adopted him as his own baby, and cleans and stimulates him to go poo. They cuddle and play together :3 My boys :3
  15. how normal is it for fish to spend ridiculous amounts of time sifting through the substrate (grave, sand, etc.)?
  16. I made this video last week before Goldy's little run in with the filter. Goldy's is getting a salt treatment now. The original intention of the video was to do a before and after comparison. I will film another video in a few months. Now I just want to know the approximate age of my goldfish. Ms. Fang saw another not so up close video and she guessed six month. What is your guess now Ms . Fang? Can anyone tell me her approximate age? Without further ado.......my goldfish. http://youtu.be/i_5rGpoIZ18
  17. Hello, was just wondering if I would have to do anything before adding my new silk plants to the aquarium... or are they safe to just put right on in? I also got mopani wood, and its soaking now!
  18. Just a general question, do any of you keep your goldfish tanks uncovered? I really dont like my cover because it gets soaked from the bubbler and I have to cover the floor every time I take it off, it's just one huge first word problem lol. I would like to leave it off, but I feel like a spider would get in there or something! Thoughts?
  19. Hello!! I finally finished my fishless cycle! rejoice! Anyway something popped in my mind that I would have never thought of.... PH.... ooh god. So, my city water is a 6.5 ph and I think fancies need 7.5 or so. Is that a huge deal? I have heard around the internet that its better to have a low stable ph, than a high unstable ph (chemicals and what not). I'm not sure how true that is. so am I ok? or can you recommend any (not plants, I dont have sufficient light sigh) decorations or substrate I can use to higher it? Thanks!
  20. Hey everyone, I feel pretty bad about writing this thread but I am making the decision to get rid of my 29 gallon and also my two little fish. I only want one tank, it's all i really have room for as the house is pretty crowded as it is. As you all know also, goldfish get very big and I know that the 29 gallon will not be a proper tank size for them in the long run. I don't have room to upgrade. I have my desired set up right now, which is my 40 gallon breeder and my lovely orandas which I'm sure you all have seen. I'm wanting to put all my fish energy into this tank and these fish and I feel like the 29 gallon is being neglected. That also goes with working two jobs and being a full time student, there's not enough time I should have really thought about this when I bought more fish and a second tank, but I didn't. Of course I'm not going to hand them off to just anyone, which is why I am asking you guys on Kokos first. I am in San Diego county but I would be willing to drive or meet half way if you are further. I need to find a home for Scott who is an orange oranda, he isn't very big but he is growing very fast and very well. And Zelda, she is a red capped fantail. I'm starting to think she is a ribbon tail. I also need to find a home for my 29 gallon tank. It's practically brand new. I'd like to sell it, but I would be willing to hand off everything for free to someone on Kokos if it means they are going to a good home (or perhaps a nice big pond? ) Zelda: Scott: Tank: Let me know if any of you are interested
  21. Hello again everyone! I started cycling my tank yesterday using the fishless cycle and after running into a problem (WAY too much ammonia!) I did a few water changes and got it down to 4ppm. Today I went out to my lfs to ask for some old filter media to use to speed up my cycle and the lady GAVE ME A WHOLE FILTER. I'm not sure which kind it is because I have never seen one before. It's like a canister but inside the tank and it attaches to a bubbler. I put it in there and about an hour later the ammonia went all the way from 4-5ppm to .50-1 ppm! wow! I was just wondering how I know the cycle is finished and when to return the filter to the lfs? (I know its when the ammonia reads 0, and the nitrites read 0 and the nitrates real >10, but I have no idea how I should test that while I have this filter in the water.) should I take it out after a week and test the water? should I add more ammonia? I read the article on fishless cycling but it doesn't really pertain to my situation! Please help! I have a hob filter with a sponge, filterfloss and those ceramic things in a bag. Thank you!
  23. Ok. So I want to be very careful when I go and get my fish. I don't want to bring any disease into the new tank. What should I look for when getting new fish? Are local pet stores better than the big chains?
  24. Excuse my ignorance, but what's the process for introducing fish to an aquarium after the tank is done cycling? like from the petstore to the tank.
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