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Found 5 results

  1. So after going through a great deal of trouble tearing down my new 55 gallon tank and restarting it before it had even finished cycling (due to snails), I finally plugged my two Aqueon Quietflow 55/75 filters back in... And nothing. Not a whirr, not a peep. Dead. I spent 3 hours trying everything I could think of to get them to work, and nothing. I've had them 34 days, just missing the date for returns. So now I'm out $80. ANYWAYS, now that I've stopped shaking my fists at the sky in impotent rage I need to get a new filter. My friend who keeps Oscars loves her canister filter and swears by it. She has a National Geographic cf70 uv filter. If I went that route I'd probably go up to the cf80, though that seems a little low, being rated "up to" 80 gallons. Maybe a Fluval 406? I want something I can rely on, that isn't going to break my back, and isn't going to break the bank. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated!
  2. Hi Everyone, I decided last weekend to update from my two internal power filter to an over the top Ehiem Pro 3 2075. This filter has double the capacity needed for my 300 litre tank. I have left the two existing internal filters in place for now until the new filter develops its biological capacity. I am writing here because I noticed almost immediately that my fish were much more active when I installed the power filter. They would normally move around the tank langorously, now that are much more alert and spend a lot of time foraging. Has anyone else noticed this sort of behavioural change? Do you think it might be the spray bar making a very gentle current? Or is there now better oxygenation? Just curious to hear your thoughts. This is the tank, the internal filters are more noticeable than usual because I removed a large piece of driftwood and I cannot hide them as well as before and the cables are more visible because I now only have one power-board. I plan to remove these filters soon anyway so will put up with the ugly cables for now. This is the new power filter, I had a carpenter adapt the cabinet so it would fit. It is advertised as silent but it has a low hum when its on. I am going to experiment with a rubber mat under it soon to see if it is vibration making the noise. Cheers for now
  3. So, after research and what felt like every review available in the internet, I have decided to go with two Fluval fx6 canister filters for my 500 liter (132USG) tank. They just work better for me than the Sunsuns/Aquatop that I also considered, because I saw quite a few videos/reviwes saying Sunsuns can easily loose 45% of their GpH power when they are filled, and I calculated that even if Fluvals will loose as much (so that both units would be working on 55% of claimed GpH), the Fluvals would still go over the 7x GpH circulation recomended for the canister filters of my tank size, while at 55% the SunSuns wouldn't reach even the minimum of 5x. So they just work for me and my tank size. The filters come with some media in already, like sponges around every media tray, coarser(?) sponge pads and (what I think is) decent amount of ceramic rings. (all shown here along the filter parts, as in most of the unboxing videos I saw). I don't think this is enough media for the filters though, and would like some opinions on what to get in addition. Would move ceramic rings do it? Or should I get something else? There are so many options they feel quite overwhelming.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm looking for opinions and advice according the filtration of my future tank. It will most likely be 150cm X 50cm X 50cm (375 liter/roughly 99 USG) sized, though I might go with bit bigger, 150cm X 60cm X 50cm (450 liter/roughly 118,9 USG), once I actually see the house we are going to move and can measure the places and see what we can fit through the doors. When I first started to seriously researching what I would need for the tank I'd like, I couldn't find any filters that could reach the 10x GPH of the size of the tank I want (I know people in koko's like to recommend 10x for HOBs and 5-7x for canisters but I'm going by 10x rule for canisters as well since that's what they taught me here in Finland to do), so I turned my research towards sumps at suggestion of one other online hobbyist I sometimes chat with. However, after browsing through koko's I actually managed to find brand of canisters that could easily handle 10x GPH for either size of the tanks I might end up with. Now I am torn, if I should abandon the sump plan and just go with canisters, or if the pros of having sump (more water volume, more room for filter media etc.) would outrun the "ease" of just getting two canisters. I would appreciate any and all suggestions and opinions.
  5. Why in the world are these incessant water changes necessary when we filtrate, the water parameters are perfect? Why bother with filtration if weekly water changes are still absolutely necessary? My water has 0 with Nitrates, Nitrites and Ammonia.. In a 40 gallon breeder tank with one GF in it(fan tail), clear water, fish looks happy, whatever that is, but everybody says weekly water changes are needed. I am really getting frustrated with this. I am a reasonably intelligent person and this does not make sense to me. In a 10 gallon tank with 5 small fish, I change one gallon every 4 weeks, and clean the gravel at the same time. I know that they are not GF, but it is a much smaller tank and there are 5 fish. At Aquatic Enviroments, the best aquarium store in this area, a guy who works there told me that "change a couple gallons once a month". Tell me something that makes sense which will support your POV, because I think this might be overkill. I am not sure it is, but neither am I convinced it is abusive to the fish if I don't follow this excessive practice of weekly WC. Thank you.
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