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Found 13 results

  1. i've just finished building this stand with my dad for my 90 gallon aquarium in which i bought used. i got both of them for very cheap which is good! i bought a polar aurora 525 gph filter to run my tank, everything is coming along perfectly but i simply have anxiety as to if the stand will hold. we used general purpose screws and it looks very sturdy by itself, but the aquarium is like 1000 pounds... yikes. if i could get any reassurance or if anyone can give me an estimate as to how much weight this can hold i would greatly appreciate it. i know this sounds very stupid but....... i have no words honestly. will the polar aurora suffice for my tank? i'm planning to keep 8 adult ranchus in this tank, so. i'm also planning to go bare bottom. the tank i got is from aquarium masters, will the aqueon versa fit it? planning to do a bit of small scale breeding, where can i find the highest quality ranchu? i'm looking for thai lionchu / buffalo head, eastcoastranchu doesn't have any in stock, king koi and goldfish's stock have weird backs etc. i really love lemonheads and ranchus with compact bodies.
  2. So I've cut up a Tupperware to make a diy feeding ring, and I was wondering if it was safe to strap some scrap Foamular pink styrofoam to it to make it float? I ran a heat gun over the pieces to melt them slightly to prevent them from flaking off into itty bitty pieces willy-nilly. This whole contraption will only be sitting in my tank a few minutes a day. So, do you think it's safe? I wanted y'all's esteemed opinions before I go tossing anything iffy in my tank!
  3. Ever since clearing all the plants out of the 125, we're really liking the simple, not very crowded look, and somewhat easier maintenance. Thing is, without a ton of stuff in there, the tank just looks bare. Here's a picture so you know what it looks like: I still have most of my anubias plants (4 large, 4 small) saved and would really like to add them back, get a little color and dimension back in there. EXCEPT, we want both pieces of driftwood to not be covered. The piece on the right will only have a little, mostly to keep the fish out of the holes in it. Otherwise, no other plants on the driftwood. AND, I'm not planting any, and I'm not keeping them glued to rocks all over the tank. But don't worry, I think there is like one option left for me. I thought of Lis's tank, and then thought of these: https://www.google.com/#hl=pt-PT&tbm=isch&q=cross+stitch+plastic+mesh&imgrc=lQdhUtym2l7zrM%3A If I could attach the plants to these, I could just suction cup them to the back wall. Of course I won't just plaster an anubias square to the tank, so that's where you guys come in! How?? What shape? Mostly vertical is what I'm thinking? or horizontal.... I was thinking somewhere on the left-ish side of the tank.... maybe about 8 inches from the wall, on an angle toward the left? Does anything make sense?
  4. I need to paint the background on my new tank. It's going to be black and I am unlikely to change it. I don't have heaps of money so I want to make the best choice on what to use. I want to know what products everyone else has specifically used to paint their background! I've seen videos of people using paint and some using spraypaint - I'm thinking spraypaint may have less of a chance getting all 'streaky'? I really don't want to attempt it and it just turns out a mess. Advice would be most welcome!
  5. Oh my goodness you guys... I did it! I finally took the plunge and made my own gel food! It wasn't as terrible as I thought making it would be. Sure, it stank up the kitchen for a little bit, but I can barely smell anything anymore anyway (I've got a terrible stuffed nose right now). Ha! I should just make gel food when I've got a cold in future, it was so much better than expected. I used one of the recipes I found on this site, with tuna, green beans, carrots, and a little squash as the main components. Apparently I added just the right amount of gelatin, as well, because after 3 hours of sitting in the fridge, not only did it pop out of the bread pan smooth as butter, but it was firm enough that it didn't fall apart, too! I sliced it up into "weekly" portions, put them in an airtight container, separated with parchment paper, and off into the freezer most of it went! Only thing I forgot to do was weigh the darn thing before I cut it all apart (I wanted to calculate the percentages of protein, fiber, fat, etc. for the whole thing). Oh well, hopefully I remember next time. As for feeding it? Well, the fishies were feasting tonight! I dropped two little chunks of the gel food into the tank in the area where I normally feed them, and plopped myself down to watch. First things first, the gel food didn't disintegrate into tiny bits and pieces like I'd feared it might. Score! Then came the hungry water babies. I was worried that the chunks of gel food would look too big for them, but apparently they smelled fantastic. My orange fantail took a big 'ole bite out of the chunk before I even had time to think of what I'd do if one of them started choking on it (of course, since it hadn't disintegrated upon hitting the water I immediately worried I might have made it too dense, haha). No problems whatsoever. The consistency seemed pleasing even to the calico, who is kind of my picky eater. The calico even got his fair share, by the looks of it! Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everyone in case there's anyone out there that's still on the fence about whether to make their own gel food or not. I'm so glad I gave it a try, and reading all the recipes posted around here really gave me more confidence (as did the head cold that let me blissfully ignore the smell). All the best! ~ CaliGold ~
  6. Hello again I am seriously impressed by everyone that makes their own gel food! And even more so when they post their awesome tried-and-true recipes here so some of the newbs like myself can get our hands dirty, too. So, I've been reading just about every gel food recipe I could find on here, and I have a few questions for those of you that have either made up your own recipes or are taking the plunge in making someone else's... Does anyone ever calculate out the exact proportions of the final nutritional value of their gel foods? I mean, if you get repashy's soilent green, there's a guaranteed analysis on the packaging for percentage of protein, fiber, fat, etc. So my question would really be more of how you judge exactly how much of each food you add and why? Are you aiming for a certain percentage of protein to roughage, to fat, as well? Also, could anyone explain to me the difference between "crude protein" and normal "protein" in terms of food labeling? And if this matters, or factors in, when you're making your own gel food? If there's anything else those more knowledgeable could add about the how's and why's of certain ingredient choices or ratios in making gel foods for our goldies, I'd really love to learn! For now, I'll continue using the recipes you all have been kind enough to provide for my experimentation. Thank you all! ~ CaliGold ~
  7. I am in the process of upgrading to a much much larger tank. The current filtration I have will not be sufficient so I'm looking at filters at the moment. My husband has proposed making me a sump saying it would be cheaper than buying a big filter and more efficient and less work for me (I have two surgeries coming up so will be convalescing for some time and the husband will be doing the cleaning/water changes - which is probably why he suggested the sump ). What I wanted to know was if anyone here has made a sump that worked well and if it's really going to be cheaper and better than a shop bought filter. The husband is handy enough but has never made a sump. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome!
  8. Do any of you have ideas on DIY aquarium decor? Thanks!
  9. So, I'm new to this site, and it looks really nice! Can't wait to see what this site has to offer! Anyways, what should I do after I have set up my first tank? What can I do to stay active in the aquarium hobby? Also, picture will be below if you would like to see my tank setup, would love to see what your tanks look like to! Pot your pictures! AQUARIUM PICTURES CLICK HERE
  10. So I want to spray paint the back (outside!) of my tank black or a nice shade of blue. I was wondering if any of you have done this and if you wouldn't mind sharing the process with me (what paints are safe/removable etc. I should also say that my tank is made of glass in case that matters.
  11. Recently I moved one of my filters toward the middle of the tank and quickly became unhappy with the dead spot to the far left. Just to get circulation, I moved my good-for-nothing, five-percent-actually-produces-bubbles flexible bubble wand to that spot. Although it has become my preference to have a few inch-long sections of bubbles, I was still unhappy with it. I wanted to ditch the very long bubble wand, and replace them with a couple of air stones. So, I went to the store for some ideas. I bought these. But what would I do with them? I could do lots of T-valves and strangle my fish in miles of airline tubing (I kept writing airtube lining, whoops ). but not if I couldn't make it first without it strangling myself... so scratch that. No, no, I needed to figure out a way to connect them all to one line. A-ha! You will need two packages of those air stones for this project. First, you have to make an air stone that has two sides to which you can attach airline tubing. Be careful! If you cut too close to the end, the air stone will split when you push in the valve. Attach a valve to both sides of the piece that you just cut. Ta-da! Then, attach the air stones to your lining. Do your normal air stone prepping jig (mine goes like this ), and then attach it to your check valve. Cause I know you all don't connect your air lines directly to your pumps!!! Toss it in the water, make it look good, and then I just had to make sure that the tubing was on really securely. It needed a little fiddling to get it going just right! I hope to add one or two more stones to it, but I'm not sure if air flow will be diminished with extras. I'm not sure how well or how long it'll hold up, either, but for right now I'm pretty happy with it (and who am I kidding, I'm pretty darn happy with myself too! )
  12. I want to make a cave or something for my fish out of clay but wasn't sure what kinds are safe..Like can it just be non-toxic or? It would also be a clay I can bake in my oven to harden it. I saw a clay by crayola thats non-toxic and air dries..any ideas?Or polymore clay?
  13. I didn't think my water change through. With that being said, I had to think of a way to pretty quickly fill up my tank so I can go to bed before 2 for the first time this week. This isn't a permanent solution, as most large aquarium owners will be smart enough to get some sort of pump. Now bare with me guys, it's really rough Like, REALLY rough New lesson learned. Buy better pump. The water hose goes into the gravel cleaner, gets siphoned into the tank. The hose has a rubber band pressing the trigger so the water keeps flowing. All you have to do is match the speeds! Charly winssss :krazy: :krazy: :krazy:
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