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  1. So I have been reading the sticky on ages of goldfish and have some questions for single tail owners (commons and comets) 1. What is the oldest singletail you have personally known, through a friend or your self or a parent. 2. What were/are the sizes really of single tails you have known? 3. Pond, tub or tank? And if so what size? For me personally 10-12 years have been the average for my single tails. My longest lived was my first carnival fish Fred who lived to be 16, and had a black mustache the whole time (was also 13-14 inches long may have had koi in him in retrospect) The oldest I knew was Goldie my friend Daniels amazing comet/butterfly koi hybrid. She lived to be 25 years. She had little mini barbels and the longest fina. So amazing All of mine and my friend Daniels were kept in tanks. Mine would phase through a 10, then go to a 20 high then end up in the 55/48 (when the 55s bottom blew out the landlord said no tanks over 50 gallons so I found a 38 and 48 long ha!) Goldie grew up in a 10 gallon alone then was moved into an eclypse 25 alone for the last 10 years of her life. Just curious. I have prolly raised 10 or 12 goldfish to be over 6 inches and over 6 years old with the help of my mom and grandfather over the years. I have long figured that poor genetics especially in "feeder fish" (which at the chain petshops are the ugly siblings of the fancys, you can regularly find wakins and such in those tanks) might be partially responsible. And there are so many koi crosses you never know what you'll end up with.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum (and goldfish keeping for that matter), so forgive me if there's some stuff missing in this post. Me and my girlfriend have 3 commons and one sarassa sitting in a 220 liter tank. We got them less than a year ago and they seem like they are happy we got them :-). Recently we went abroad for a week and once we got back I noticed our biggest fish (Bradley) was missing some scales. Now he's always had some missing, growing back as well. But the patches seem somewhat larger this time what got me worried. They were showing some signs of breeding behaviour and I recently found some eggs as well. Water quality is fine, I do 50% water changes every 2 weeks and they get a varied diet. Flakes, floating and sinking pellets, frozen bloodworms as wel as some fruit or vegies now and again. No other special treatments except for Sera Goldy Aquatan when I do the water changes. It might be noteworthy that they're not behaving any different as they ever have before. Should I be worried and give them some treatment or do you guys think they just lost the scales due to playing around? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Bubba is a 3-inch long common goldfish I've had for a couple years and I've started to notice something strange. He's starting to develop small black dots on the top of his head. I've noticed no external parasites and he seems entirely active and happy, so I'm a little confused. Is he going to get ich? Is he developing breeding stars? I know those are both white but I'm running out of ideas. I've also been feeding my fish color-enhancing granules from tetra, as well as some carrots, lettuce, and bits of worm much more recently so I wonder if that has something to do with it. Please help, I'm VERY worried
  4. I went to a fish store I had never been today (Pisces Pet Emporium) and when I saw this guy sitting there I couldn't resist not getting him. He was such a steal too!! Only $9! I have been looking for this exact fish and I can't believe I found one at such a great deal. I decided to name him Michael. He was in a tank with other single tailed and I believe he is a bristol shubunkin. He is a male since he has breeding stars on both his front fins and on his gill plates. Seeing this made me know for sure my other fish is female which is why I changed the name from Sucre to Sara. If anyone is familiar with the show Prison Break you will be familiar with the names Michael and Sara. I can upload a video if anyone is interested.
  5. So this girl in my dorm won 5 common goldies at a carnival, not too long ago. Dorms, of course, do not have a lot of room, so she had no idea where she was going to keep these little guys. I walk into her room and my little animal loving heart pretty much broke into pieces upon seeing five, severely sick goldies swimming around in some sort of ziploc dish ware filled with dirty, untreated water. I asked if I could take one and so I soon became a new mom to a cutie I named Remy. I quickly rushed to the pet store and scrounged around and picked up what I could afford and ordered more equipment on Amazon. He was extremely stressed at first, and stuck towards the bottom and clamped his fins and hid a lot, as was expected, but his ammonia burns have turned black and are healing and his fins have started healing as well, meaning so far, he's been doing okay. I've been slowly cycling the tank, doing frequent, small water changes to keep ammonia levels within reason. I've had him for about 2.5 weeks and he's been doing okay so far, and was pretty calm until yesterday. Yesterday, I had noticed the ammonia levels were up, so I did a 30% water change and added a little bit of ammonia converter that had just come in the mail that day (ammonia-safe by tetra) to convert it all to NH4+ so it wouldn't harm him, but still be used by the bacteria. After a few minutes, he started to swim around erratically everywhere--sometimes even swimming backwards, swimming up and down over and over again or treading water really rapidly! He looks like he's going to have a heart attack or something! I'm so worried and I don't know what to do. He hasn't been running into or rubbing against his decorations, so I'm pretty sure he's not flashing. He'll also gulp rapidly towards the bottom of the tank though...not at the top for air, so I don't know if that means he needs more oxygen or not, but to possibly help with that, I've been taking the lid off when I'm in the room and that seems to calm him down a bit. So right now I'm not sure if it's the ammonia-safe that made him freak out or if there is anything else I should be paying attention to. Please help if you can! Test results for the following. Ammonia (tank) Today it looked like a little above 0.50ppm, but not as high as 1.0 ppm. Yesterday the level was around 0.50 ppm too...much higher than I'd like, but as I said, I added ammonia safe so this shouldn't be harming him but still helping to develop the bacteria. Nitrite (tank) 0ppm Nitrate (tank) 0 ppm Ammonia (tap) 0ppm Nitrite (tap) 0ppm Nitrate (tap) 0ppm Ph level tank Today it was 8.2 (higher than I'd like, but I'm looking into purchasing a pH stabilizer, any recommendations? also, I figured this is probably due to the presence of NH4+ and trace amounts of NH3 since they're basic...perks of being a chem major) Ph level tap 7.5-8.2 most recently it tested 8.0 but it has been lower before....perhaps the different sinks have different phs? I'll have to look into that Other required info Brand of test kit - api master test kit drops Filters -under-gravel with regular gravel maintenance What kind of water additives or conditioners ? API stress coat+ and most recently ammonia safe (tetra) Water temperature ? 68 F (20 C) How often do you change the water and how much ? The tank is small, so I've been doing a four day cleaning cycle that has appeared to be working until all of this happened Day 1- one 5% water change in morning and one 5% water change at night Day 2- one 25% water change after he poops (which is normally in the morning) with first 1/2 gravel siphoning to remove excess food and solid waste Day 3- one 5% water change in morning and one 5% water change at night Day 4 - 25% water change and second 1/2 gravel siphoning I know this "slows down" the nitrogen cycle, but as I said, my tank is small and I'd rather his burns heal first so he can rebuild immunity and regenerate health before the cycle reaches full force How many days ago was the last water change and how much ? This morning I did about 20% because I saw him freaking out still and thought that perhaps the ammonia-safe freaked him out, so I'm hoping I got some of that out...The day prior was the 30% change with the ammonia-safe, and the day prior I did a 25% with 1/2 gravel siphoning Tank size , how long has it been running ? I'm not sure of it's exact size...I know it's less than 10 gallons (please don't scold me...I do realize goldfish should be kept in larger tanks, but I can neither afford one, nor do I have the space...my main priority was to get him out of that small, overpopulated and unfiltered bowl he was living in before) it's only been running a few weeks, so I know the cycle has taken effect, but as I said earlier, I want to get him healthy first. If you have any recommendations for larger (10 gal), small space and college student budget friendly tanks, please let me know How many fish in tank and size ? only him and the tank is maybe 15 in tall and 8 in wide and deep....again, please don't scold me, I couldn't afford a good sized tank, but I'm hoping that if he can pull through for a few more weeks, I'll be able to get a better tank What do you feed your fish , how often ? Tetra flakes soaked 1x a day around 2pm Any new fish added ? No Any medications ? No List previous issues ? Ammonia burns and torn fins from previous living conditions--but when you compare him to the fish still living in that girl's room, he's doing extremely well. Hers have turned almost completely black and white....I feel so awful for leaving them there, but I'm doing everything I can for this little guy--I may not be able to save them all, but if I can save Remy.... Any unusual finding on fish ? No List entire medication treatment . None Thank you for your time! I'll keep updating. If I've left out any information please let me know!
  6. I work at a big chain pet store and noticed that the newest shipment of small feeder goldfish had a lot of very young 1/4" fish. Since Baloo and Casper didn't make it I decided to buy 3 of the little guys. I am hoping at least one survives. The healthiest of the 3 has a long caudal fin and appears to be calico. They're in QT being medicated with Lifeguard(any other suggestions, two have flashed, one isn't extending his dorsal fin and the other is clamped but active?)<- maybe thats another topic. So here's the possible shubunkin. The other two I think it's too early to determine if they're commons or comets.
  7. Just thought I'd share a pic of Brom, my biggest goldie. I've had him since May, when I got him he was maybe 1/2 inch, now he's close to 4 inches, I can't wait to see him reach his full potential.
  8. I have two little commons/comets from petco who are doing marvelously. They are getting bigger and healthier every day. Unfortunately, I won't be able to keep them when they get bigger. I only want the best for them, and I can't make a pond ): So I was wondering, what age or size do they usually go into ponds? They look like they will end up being commons, but I don't know exactly which they are.
  9. As some of you know I rescued a comet from a neglectful home about a week ago. I named him Pacer. Well today a neighbor at my apartment complex and I were talking about him and they told me that they had a goldfish that they were going to flush because they were moving and wanted the tank but not the fish. Needless to say I agreed to take it. She is a common brown female slightly smaller than Pacer. I do not know her age. It was love at first sight with these two. As far as I know Pacer has without another goldfish friend his whole life, he is sticking to her like glue. lol Here are some pictures of them together: Pushy: Pacer:
  10. I just saw these two and knew they were the fish I wanted. I didn't even look to see what kind they are. Could somebody help me out? I know they are either common goldfish or comets. There names are Hercules(gold) and Titan (white & gold). I would really appreciate it and so would they. :goldfish:sorry about the quality they are less blurry in person and way more adorable! Hercules has a messed up dorsal fin I call it his battle scar.
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