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  1. Hello All, I have been using the API Master Freshwater tests for a few months, but I have a heck of time with a few of the colours: the yellow in the ammonia, and the PH low and high. The colours that come up for PH appear so different from the colours on the tester sheet, especially at the top of the low range and the bottom of the high range. In terms of the ammonia, while my ammonia did not fit for any of the colours, it was yellow with no trace of green, but it didn't really match with the yellow at 0 or at .25. Does anyone have any advice on how to match these colours up to a tester or am I using a poor testing kit? If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. Regards, Jeremy
  2. Hi! Just over a week ago I bought a nice young black Ranchu from City Farmers. There were two others and I really wanted to buy all of them, but I had to be sensible and not overstock my tank. Although advertised as "Black Ranchu" I've heard of stories where a black goldfish ended up not being a black goldfish anymore. I've read around and heard that it's usually to do with the kind of food it's being fed (ie. Colour enhancing food), tank quality and genetics. Most of the goldfish food I have though advertises, "Natural Colour Enhancers." Also read that a good amount of sunlight helps maintain their colour. So does anybody who have or had black goldfish/Ranchu have any other tips on how they maintained the colour? Thanks! As far as things have gone, the little dude/dudette(?) hasn't changed yet so here's to fingers crossed that it's from a pure-black bloodline. Here's two photos of it's chubby little face...
  3. Hi guys! Currently have a batch of eggs. My new red female oranda x with my new male blue Chinese oranda. First thing is first, these are not fish I would usually CHOOSE to spawn. While they are beautiful to look at the female is not show standard (forked tail, curls to caudal, single anal fin), and the male, while technically he does not have any faults as per se, is typical of far eastern orandas bred for above viewing/the old Bristol standard (now replaced by the short bodied square finned standard for SV) with a longer body and long forked fins. Like I said, they are lovely to look at, very active and just in general gorgeous fish (fast becoming two of my favourite goldfish actually!) , but the female is not really a fish I would deliberately breed if I had access to better specimens, and the male I would cross to a similar old type to produce orandas suited for the pond and top view. That said, they are not bad fish by a long shot, being not even a year old yet they both show lovely wen growth with big thick heads and carry themselves well. The male in particular has a typical ‘top view’ head with a very square/blocky face from above. I would LOVE to one day have him in a pond as he has been bred to be viewed. These two are slowly changing my mind about orandas! Never used to be a fan of wens! The eggs are currently 48+ hours old at room temperature. I can see eyes and notochords (backbones) forming when I look close. Tomorrow morning at 10am EST they will be 72 hours old. Room temp fluctuates between 20-23*C but only slowly/is quite steady Anyway, onto the questions. My main question is what can I expect colour wise? My only familiarly with colour is the shubunkins and calico. Being that (as I understand) the blue fish is a white body with a black wash/pigment overlay, and the red a white with a red overlay of pigment (not 100% on that to be honest, correct me if I am wrong) my concern is that I will get an abnormal % of bronze fry (Bronze being all layers of pigment, white, orange and the black, etc) On the other hand, I understand blue is recessive? Which would lead my fry (the ones that colour up anyway) to being orange like the mother but carrying the blue genes (provided she does not carry them, in which case I will get a % of blue fry). As you can probably tell goldfish colour genetics are NOT my forte. Bettas, yes, goldfish I have no experience with beyond the shubunkins, lol! I am just assuming a similar inherence to koi. Secondly is, at the temperature previously mentioned when can I expect hatching? At 72 hours? Currently the plants and salvaged eggs are in 2gal buckets (two of them) and I have one 5gal tank set up to transfer some eggs to (as soon as it reaches room temp, just set it up) and the other 5 gal coming on Monday. As I plan to ruthlessly cull at 1 week any singletails or obvious defects (bent backs, etc) I am hoping this will tie me over for a few months with daily or twice daily WC as they grow. I’ve never intensively reared goldfish fry before, I just let them go in their own ponds (no adults) to grow. This is new to me. I will look into rubermaids as they grow, or even just suck it up and buy a second tank. Though unless by some amazing coincidence I get amazing fry I don’t see myself keeping many, if any at all, as I lack the room in my 1 bedroom place. As I understand goldfish will take non moving food items right from the 48 hours after hatching when the yolk is used up? I know with bettas they needed live food in order to get the hunting instinct/feeding instinct going. As I see liquid food recommended I am guessing this is not the case for these guys? I have on hand Wardleys version of liquifry, and instant BBS (pre hatched and killed/in a jar for easy feeding. I always mess up hatching them muself.). Will these non moving foods be adequate? I plan to start with liquifry and eventually co feed with the BBS over the course of the week, and if I can get my hands on a culture, microworms, as I have always found them a good food. Once they can take adult food I will probably move them straight onto NLS pellets crushed, bloodworms ground, and all those things. Thanks guys! Any help or direction to articles would be helpful! All my previous egglayers (goldies and koi) were raised outside in a pond setting, and bettas are basically cared for by the male, discus by the parents, etc, so I have little to no actual experience with raising fry myself indoors in an intensive setting! Edit: Double post for some reason
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