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Found 2 results

  1. Long story short: For the longest time fat, round Vanille kept having floating issues after most meals. A few months ago it got really bad, with her being stuck to the surface belly up for up to 36 hours after being fed, so I fed only twice a week small meals anymore. In a final attempt to help her with this, I started her on MMs and this showed great improvement, but having been stuck upside down at the surface for so long, her body changed. Due to the massive length and weight of her tail and being stuck upside down, gravity caused the base of the bottom caudals to turn upward. I figured out that when I hold her for a little while in proper upright position, she can sort of swim properly for like half a minute before she runs out of strength, and then ends up floating upside down through the tank. I am sure she runs out of strength so quickly because the minimal feedings made her very skinny and scrawny and weak. This I had not noticed because she lives in a not fully clear tub and she always looks distorted from the strong surface agitation in there too. I feel horrible that I missed how starved down she was :( She also has parts of her fins shredded because she got herself stuck to the filter a couple days ago. So during her (hopefully) recovery I am keeping her in an actual tank so I can really observe her properly. I assume this is similar as if a person wakes up from a coma and hasn't used their legs in weeks. There's a reason these people need physiotherapy and crutches until their bodies have recovered and adjusted. So I came up with this swimming aid for her. The sling is made from airline tubing as this will cause minimal body contact compared to fabric. It also is coated with a very thin layer of Vaseline. Inside the tubing is a piece of flexible wire, so I can bend the tubing into the needed shape; and the weight of the wire ensures that the sling - and inside it Vanille - stays in upright position. The ends of the sling are sealed and attached to a floating plastic ball, with a small glass marble glued to its bottom center for additional balance. The sling is around her peduncle and keeps her in upright position. She seems to already get used to it. At first she tried to get away from it, but she appears to have accepted this for now. She struggles a bit swimming around with it since she is so skinny and weak, but it will get better. The tank has minimal filtration to keep the current as low as possible so she does not get pushed around much at all. Still put a floating airline tubing barrier around the filter outlet to keep the surface as still as I can. Feeding has to happen by hand feeding for now, since she can not chase down the food, and because she still is on MMs unlike her tank-buddy. Luckily she is the sweetest and friendliest little girl and gladly takes food from my fingers - even though she was never trained to be hand fed. A few months ago. A nice fat round healthy girl. You see how her tail looks - now imagine that now during swimming, the lower caudals would rise up above the upper caudals. And here with the sling. This poor girl looks so awful, it makes my heart bleed. I hope the sling will help her recover, because otherwise I will have to do what I don't want to have to do. I can't keep her being flipped upside down with basically no control over her swimming.
  2. 30 gal tank with three large goldfish. Problem is with black moor. This started after a period of not the best water more than a month ago. At that time i thought ick was starting so i treated for that, but it wasn't an obvious infection and i caught it really early. The water has been pristine since with many water changes. I am fairly novice tank owner but have learned a lot since researching this issue. I first noticed brown triangle on underside, that I now know is the vent. It is swollen and appears to have bulge coming from it. She/he was normal, other than the brown triangle for some time. The fish, Bug eye (not very original), then started having trouble swimming, swimming upside down, floating with head down, what I thought first must be swim bladder. I also noted no poo and she looked a bit big in the underbelly but no where else. No raised scales, no trouble breathing, gills look good, appetite good, fins good. I first tried fasting and then feeding peas. I did this the first couple weeks. I also treated for parasite in case bulge was fluke. After this no real change. I have tried an Epsom salt soak in the past week , about 15 minutes every other day. This helped a bit as she swam a little better, but then reverts back to either floating, a lot upside down, or swimming around wildly. Now she/he has changed from floating face down to on her side. She looks dead but then comes alive, swimming wildly. After the fasting and peas I started feeding regular but less. I feed combo of flakes and variety of freeze dried: shrimp, krill, bloodworm. She eats when she can get to it, I can hand feed her krill and seems really hungry. Her poo today was super thin, long translucent with a small amount of obvious poop at the end. Could this be egg bounding? The bulge from the vent could easily be an egg since today I found pictures of spawning, not quite as translucent as the pictures. I will post picture or video as soon as I can. It's hard to see the vent with all the fins wafting around. Thanks for any help.
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