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Found 3 results

  1. I'm currently in the middle of a water change my LFS closes in and hour roughly. I'm hoping to receive a reply and run three before they close. (Typing fast sorry for any typos) Water levels are normal. Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 and nitrate 5.0 I have two fantail's in a 75 gallon aquarium. My fish have no visible signs of parasites on them. I can't get a picture of the little bugs because they are so small. The look like little whitish green beetles. I never noticed them before, but now during my water change I see the crawling all over the inside of the glass. A lot of them. While doing my water change I also saw something that looked like a small white stringy worm thing swimming (Sorry for the terrible descriptions) I sucked it up right away. I wasn't sure if it was something floating, but it was moving fast so it looked like it was swimming. I've heard or prazi before. Is that what I would use? I've never had to do a treatment before. I'm assuming directions are on it if I buy it? I currently have about 50% of the water out and am trying to go to the store before they close. Any response is greatly appreciated!!
  2. Hi all, I'm taking a trip to Petsmart this weekend and, as always, will stock up on frozen food for all my goldies, but I was wondering if there were any types of live bugs that would be okay to feed them. I'm talking things like waxworms, silkworms, and the like. I think it would be a neat little treat for my goldies to have once in a blue moon (they've already had live flies...when they fall in the tank!) but I wanted to make sure this was safe. Any advice? Obviously I wouldn't be getting anything with a hard exoskeleton, but I've kept lizards in the past so I have a pretty good knowledge of the types of worms/bugs available. Wondering if anyone has tried this! And of course if this has already been discussed, please point me to the thread Thank you!
  3. Just more of a funny story, but I swatted a fly and it fell in one of the tanks. As I rushed over to grab it, my ranchu, Steve, swam up and ate it. Its legs were still moving. I was horrified…until I told myself it was funny. Anyone else had their goldfish eat bugs? On a gross note, when I fed them that night, Steve had chunks of fly in his poop…ew!
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