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  1. Hi, I've been away over the weekend. When I came back I noticed that the filter intake grill had fallen off and my black moor gut sucked in by it and cut is eye pretty bad (see pics). The cut piece still hangs by the bottom of his head. He is swimming almost normally, albeit looks slower than usual to me and hangs quite a lot on the surface. Also I don;t know what the white stuff is. Do you have any ideas how I could help him? Many thanks.
  2. Wow waiting four weeks seemed to take forever, but we finally put our two new goldfish into the 125G tank to keep our Ryukin “Ranger” company.
  3. Hi, I have a two year old black moor that had some white stuff on her eyes and what looked like body slime that I treated with API Fungus Cure Powder. However, her eyes now have what looks like a white bubble on them. I have purchased some API T.C. Tetracycline. Do you think that this could be bacterial? If not, how should I treat it? I don't want to kill the fish by over medicating. It has been a over week since I did the last dose of the Fungus Cure. I don't think the bubble looks like Popeye. But, please let me know what you think. My tank is a quarantine tank that is still cloudy from the Fungus Cure Powder. The parameters were checked at the pet store and are as follows and are approximates: Ammonia ~ 0 Nitrate ~ 40 Nitrite ~ 0 ph ~ 7.2 Chlorine ~ 0 Alkalinity ~ 40 Thanks for any help
  4. On Nov 7 I got a Black Moor. He was actually already being treated by the guy at the petstore...he had 2 in a separate tank QTing them for his tank. I was looking at them & told him of my "Black Moor Curse" & how I really want one. He told me I could get one of the two if wanted. I was like "Sure I will TRY again!" I had him separate til yesterday I moved him to my big tank. I have some family stuff coming up & just can't have a tank in the kitchen. Anyway, he seems to be doing fine. I am SO hoping all will go well. WE SHALL SEE! Oh yeah, I named him SKETTER! i
  5. About two weeks ago I gave in and bought this adorable black moor! He's only about half an inch long! When I went to the tank he just stayed right in front of me and opened his tiny mouth so big. I fell in love. He's been quarantined in my plant tank for two weeks. (I know I should of waited a month, but I didn't want him in the tiny tank for to long.) Today he got to join sushi and Cheeto! I've been so nervous about them getting along and I'm happy to say they became fast friends. He is so tiny compared to them! I didn't realize how much they have grown. I've lost him a couple times already, he's hard so see against the black sand. I'm so happy I get to spoil another water baby. ???? (I need a better camera then my phone to catch these guys!) Here is Loki:
  6. I got a new black moor and put it in QT and started the prazi treatment (with Kusuri) and today is the end of round two but as I scoop him/her I notice two lumps on his/her head and one on its gill and its also got some excess slime coat and I think there may be another lump pushing up some scales. I will get pics and fill the D&D form out but I'm cleaning the tank what should I do?? Should I continue with prazi and add salt or what?? Thanks
  7. Here is our new little buddy, who we have had for awhile now. As the fish grow I may rehome the comet, or if I am able upgrade. Edit: Also sorry about the algae, but the fish like it
  8. Hi everyone! I know it's been such a long time since I last posted anything besides sick fish, but I've finally got a few free minutes to show you how the tank has been doing over these past few months! As many of you know, I had to euthanize Speckle in November. She was suffering from issues related to her swim bladder, and her abdomen had become soft and swollen I was very sad to see her go...she was my very first fish and I had a great attachment to her. In addition, I had to euthanize my ranchu Dorito in December also due to swim bladder issues. Dorito had been a sinker for months, and was at the point where he (found that out towards the end) could no longer move up from the bottom of the tank. He had developed lesions from sitting on the bottom for so long...I didn't think it was right to let him live like that. He went peacefully and let out a big sigh as he fell asleep. I knew I had made the right decision. I got another fish in December - Chai, a pompom oranda from Dandy Orandas! What a pleasant company to deal with Chai has thrived with her new tankmates, and holds her own against Mr. B!!! My tank dynamic feels "just right" now with 2 females and 3 males. My nitrates have been high lately, so I'm doing some more frequent water changes. All in all...despite the tragedy of losing two fish so close together, things seem to be going well *fingers crossed* Without further ado, pictures! Chai! Isn't she pretty? Clem says hello Before Dorito passed...you can see where he would sit. Anyway, Mr. B, Clem, and Chai dancing! Pickle, Chai, and Marshmallow (foraging) Mr. B!!! Everyone's fave. Marshmallow What a pretty little chu! Mr. B getting some booty - Chai's tail is a bit nipped up here. It has completely healed since I took these photos Last but not least...Clem getting a yawn in! I'll be sure to post more often with photos, everyone. Thanks for all your help and love!
  9. Hi guys, My two year old Black moor's left eye has become noticeably larger. This eye has always been a little bit larger but as of late it has become twice the size of the other eye. I recently moved back from college,(2 and a half months ago) and during this move a had huge ammonia spike in my tank, coupled with the tap water at my new residence being terrible. I have since stabilized the water: ammonia, nitrites, nitrates are all 0. I was wondering what I should do to go about treating this if it is popeye? Thanks!!
  10. I purchased a tiny black moor goldfish from PetCo this Saturday. Today I will officially start his quarantine procedures. . . As soon as school finishes, tee hee. I will also post pictures. He is being QT'd in a 58 qt plastic tub with an air stone. What would I dose for Prazi in there(I do not have a scale to measure any amounts out, sorry), and what would I use to raise the salt to 0.3%? I have the powdered Prazi, if that matters. Also, do I need to add a heater in there? His tank seems to average 68F. Thanks!
  11. This is my baby black moor. His name is Hold Still because he doesn't.* These are the best pictures I could get. *(I don't name fish well, no.)
  12. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where the right place is to put this!! So if a mod thinks this board is wrong, please feel free to move the post elsewhere Don't worry, no one else is sick, I hope!! I've attached a recent photo of Mr. B. I realized when I took it that it looks like his breeding stars have expanded...everywhere. But...they don't do that, right? He's not showing any symptoms of ich - no itching, darting, loss of appetite, anything. His behavior hasn't changed at all. No white dots on any of his fins, just on the scales and front rays of his pectorals. None of the other fish in the tank have anything like this going on, but Mr. B is always establishing his territory and has pretty much deemed himself king of the tank. I have 3 males besides him in there, one female (but that's Dorito...so no breeding there) What do you think? Ich, or a need for some booty?
  13. Hello everybody! As I said in my Quarantine thread I took some pictures in the natural lihght! I think you can see details pretty good. I first shot Marcela who always comes to my hands and she loves to be held somehow? The first picture I realized I had a lot of dust in my camera lens and made the poor girl's tail look like it was snowing I am so in love with her tail! I will probably tattoo her in a free spot of my tight if I can shoot a nice pic when she's bigger. You can see there's discoloration in one of her ventral fins. She was already this way when I got her, I'm treating the tank with salt anyways. The rest of her fins look fine: On the other hand, Danubio, the baby chu is so hard to take a pic of! Unlike Marcela, he's quite shy and just won't hold still! lol He came almost transparent then some black patches showed up. He has a silver gill plate now The other gill plate is still transparent: you all so much for watching!
  14. The fishies and I had a photoshoot the other evening, and I'm going to post the results here now! I've been finishing up summer classes but everything's done now. Finally have some time to leave you guys updates I took a few extra of Pickle because he had been sick...and is doing SO much better! Without further ado... Speckle and Mr. B awaiting food The big man, Mr. B himself!!! Clem, Mr. B, and Pickle "Thanks for saving me!!" "Ready for my close-up!" "FOOOOOOOD!!!!" Doofus #1 (Mr. B) and Doofus #2 (Clem) "Hi!!!!!" Leonard the apple snail on cleanup duty Dorito! who is doing much better buoyancy-wise since I lowered the water level Last but not least, Juno the three-legged cat, sitting on the empty QT (her favorite spot) Thanks for looking!!!
  15. My black moor, Pistachio, has an extremely swollen eye with a cloudy lump in it. He also seems to have fin rot. It has been going on for over two months now (I think I originally posted about him back in Feb.) and he has shown no improvement despite a round of melafix and later a round of Marcryn II. I have been feeding an antibacterial pellet food all week, but so far no luck with that either. Should I repeat one of these Mede? Try something different? I have salt, tetracycline, prazi-pro, and jungle fungus clear tabs on hand but am willing to track down anything that would work! Photo and Other info below: Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level: 0ppm Nitrite Level: 0ppm Nitrate level: 0-5ppm Other Required Info: Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API drops Water temperature? 72F Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 29gallon, ~1 year What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Penguin Biowheel 350 also a small sponge filter How often do you change the water and how much? 10-15% every three days How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Today, ~15% How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 fantail and 1 black moor, bodies ~2-3 inches long What kind of water additives or conditioners? prime What do you feed your fish and how often? Omega One small pellets, 2-3 times daily Supplemental veggies ~once a week Any new fish added to the tank? no Any medications added to the tank? not currently List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. One round of Prazi about 6 months ago, one round of melafix about two months ago, one round of Marcryn II about one month ago, currently feeding antibacterial food. Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? frayed/ragged fins, bulging eye with small cloudy bubble in it, white specks which I believe are breeding stars on gills and front fins Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? No change in appetite, occasional bottom sitting.
  16. We just thought these two were too cute to pass up, and even splurged on a bigger tank for when everyone is out of qt. A little sooner than I expected, but I'm really happy with them! Fiona the Red Cap Oranda & Finley the Moor
  17. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0 ppm * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0 ppm * Nitrate level(Tank) 40-50 ppm * Ammonia Level(Tap) Can't test tap at the moment-water has a chemical in it that started in WV and moved this way (will test as soon as its deemed safe to--hopefully less than a week away.) * Nitrite Level(Tap) * Nitrate level(Tap) * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.3 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Drop Kit * Water temperature? 76.1 F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 27 gallons (They have been in new tank since April 2013) * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Aqueon 50 and Aqueon 70 both running all the time * How often do you change the water and how much? We do at least 2 50-60% water changes per month and several smaller ones if needed in between. * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? 1/17/14 (last Friday), About 50% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 fish-1 fancy (orange-Atlas), 1 black moor (black-Pbody) * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime * What do you feed your fish and how often? Once a night (Repashy Solient green cube (several times a week), Hikari Fancy Goldfish Sinking pellets (2 pinches-soaked before put into the tank) * Any new fish added to the tank? No * Any medications added to the tank? No * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Both fish were quarantined when we first got them and I did a full round of Prazi on them. Salt has been used too but its been a while and I don't remember why. * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Nope * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? The black moor is acting very lethargic, possibly bottom sitting. Her poop is also stringy and kind of bubbly. Hi! Its been a while since I've had to post. I think my black moor (Pbody--guessed that she is a "she"--not sure) is having troubles. She has been bottom sitting (I think--video below to show her behavior so you can confirm that is what it is) and just acting rather lethargic. When she does swim around, she tends to "eat bubbles" or swim to the top and get some "air" and go to the bottom until the bubble comes out and then goes back for more. (This is in one of the videos.) As soon as I decided to post, she is swimming around like crazy though. She will have days when she is fine and then go back to sitting for a day or two and so on. I think it might be food-related. She seems to be able to swim just fine though, so maybe it is constipation? I'm going to try feeding her some peas tonight and see if that helps. Just want to know if there is anything else I can and should be doing to help her out. Atlas (orange fancy) seems to be fine and swims around like normal. He does seem to miss his swimming buddy when she is sitting on the bottom all day though. The only other thing that is new is that we added a bridge and tiki ornament to give them some where to hide after Christmas. They both loved it and I think it gives Pbody a safe place to get out of the current for a bit if she wants, but wondering if that is what is leading to her sitting periods. I really want to do a water change to get my nitrates down but can't until the water is given the ok (hopefully just a couple more days). I don't want to expose them to some weird chemical. Videos are below. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks! *Holly and Josh* My Setup What she is doing (of course she started moving when I tried to video her...) Another one (stayed farther back this time)
  18. Hi everyone, My daughter absolutely loves her goldfish! She currently has a black moor that is sick. We noticed it sitting at the bottom corner of the tank a lot. It had white stringy feces and white eyeballs. I treated with PraziPro and medigold and saw improvement in what seemed to be an intestinal infection of some kind but have seen no improvement in the eye problem. Hope you guys can help! Thanks! Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level - (Tank) 0 ppm * Nitrite Level (Tank) 0 ppm * Nitrate level (Tank) 20 ppm * Ammonia Level (Tap) - ? * Nitrite Level(Tap) - ? * Nitrate level(Tap) - ? * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.0 PH * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API * Water temperature? 68 degrees * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 55 gallons * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Aquatop CF400 * How often do you change the water and how much? 1x a week * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? 1 week ago * How many fish in the tank and their size? 6 goldfish assorted small between 2-4 inches * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Seachem Prime * What do you feed your fish and how often? Assorted flake, pellets as well as peas once in awhile * Any new fish added to the tank? No * Any medications added to the tank? recently used Medigold to treat a what I think was some type of intestinal infection in the same black moor. She was pooping out white feces. I also added PRaziPro to the water in the amount of 2tsp. per 20 gallons. * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment... I added Prazipro in the amount of 2tsp per 20 gallons 5 days ago and then again 2 days ago. I have also been feeding medigold for what seems to be an intestinal infection. It does not seem to be treating the eye problem though. However she is doing much better and not sitting at the bottom corner of the tank as much. I can still tell that something is wrong with her eyes though. * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? She stays at the bottom corner of the tank quite a bit.
  19. I have three black goldfish in my keeping. Othello is the black moor, and has been with me since I came back to this hobby. He is about 5 years old now, and while he has threatened to lose his black color several times, he has not. At this point it doesn't seem like he will be, although he would of course make a smashing orange or apache fish. Things 1 and 2 are my East Coast Thai Ranchus, which Cynthia was really kind to part with me when they were wee ones. They have been with me since the middle of May 2013, so they are about 9 or so months old. These two fish are the grumpiest looking fish ever. They are still somewhat small, although both are growing nicely. Thing 2 (smaller one) seemed like he was starting to lose his melanophores a couple of weeks ago, but now he's all black again. So, I don't know what's up with that. Without further ado, here are my black goldfish, because, in the words of some fame monger, "black is the new black." :rofl Othello Thing 1 (Bigger Chu) Thing 2 (Smaller Chu) And some of Hyperion, to bring some light amidst all this darkness. Thank you for looking, and please forgive my indulgence in excessive numbers of pics.
  20. Test Results for the Following:* Ammonia Level(Tank) 0ppm * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0ppm * Nitrate level(Tank) 5.0ppm * Ammonia Level(Tap) 0ppm * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0ppm * Nitrate level(Tap) 10ppm * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.4 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.0 Other Required Info:* Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API freshwater mater test kit * Water temperature? 75 F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 45 gal running 6months seeded from a pervious smaller tank. * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? 2 HOBs aquaclear 70 and and an aquaclear 30 * How often do you change the water and how much? once a week 50% to 70% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? 3days 60% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 3fish oranda 3inch blackmoor 3inches ranchu 2inches * What kind of water additives or conditioners? prime, stresszyme, and aquarium salt * What do you feed your fish and how often? Sunday: fast, Mon: peas Tues: twice a day morning protien(bloodworms, sinking pellets, brineshrimp) evening (veggies or pellets) Wed: peas once Thursday- firday same as monday, saturday peas. * Any new fish added to the tank? no new fish * Any medications added to the tank? no medication * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. First week of october finished an ick treatment with quick cure. I have been salting the tank ever to every other water change. * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Regarding my black moor, I have noticed for a while a small fleshy nub on his anus. I have tired googling it with no results. I think it may be a worm but would like advice. * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc. No unsual behavior. As mentioned this is a question about my black moor and his bum. I have noticed this nub on his anus for months now and figured I would just keep an eye on it to see if there is any change in his behavior or the size of the nub. I havent notice any change besides the fact that my black moor doesn't seem to be rounding in his belly. I hand feed mostly, and when I do pellets I make sure he gets his share. My Oranda and Ranchu have been showing the typical fancy goldfish round stomach but my blackmoor to me has always looked thin. It never bothered me until my brother, who knows nothing of fish, said "Hey, this guy looks a bit skinny" and thats when i really started to worry about the guy. So what do you guys think? Is it a worm? Cause that is what I think it is but I didnt want to do any medication/quartine until I was sure. Here are some pictures! Here he is, looking sleek Here is his belly and just bellow his anal fin you can see a peek of the fleshy nub I will work on trying to get better pictures if needed, but till then this is all I got.
  21. Hey everyone, I tried to make this happen earlier, but the thread kind of died...so I'm going to try again. My large aquarium decided to leak all over the floor when I was evacuated during the Black Forest Wildfires, and I had to get rid of it. I'm not allowed to put another "large" tank in the house. I know my black moor, Opis, isn't going to be happy forever in the ten gallon he's in....he mopes around all day and sleeps a lot (he's not sick, he's just active all night and asleep during the day...I accidentally threw off his clock by only turning on the lights at night...it was a stupid mistake). I'm sure he's lonely. As much as I love him, he needs to go live with some buddies in a larger tank, because I may be moving to Japan by the end of the year. I don't know if I'm willing to part with him right away, but it will happen eventually. I would rather he go to someone who knows goldies, and not someone who'll just put him in another little tank. I'm in Colorado Springs, CO...is anyone interested? Here's the link to the other thread, and there is a picture of him there. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/111233-tank-leak;-need-new-home/
  22. Hello everyone! Here's a long-overdue update on my little water piggies I got my camera hood in the mail yesterday and wanted to try it out. They're LOVING the new 75 gallon tank....enjoy!!! Pickle and Clem Mr. B swimming along! The man of the hour You can see his cataracts well in this one. Bright lights throw him off and he really didn't like my camera flash. I LOVE this one!!! hahaha he and Speckle are two peas in a pod.... Really good one of Clem. He's developed a lot more black and orange since I got him in June. Lil' P! Pickle butt!!! And....a bonus mystery snail loving the TMS:
  23. My black moor is having some creepy skin issues. The scales on his humpy head have peeled off and all I see are two pink humps. Details are as follows: I am posting the water params as they were last night when I got home because I think it is relevant. Today they are all reading 0 on an un cycled QT tank since I did a total water change. Ammonia: 2ppm (yikes!) Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm Tap Levels: I don’t have these handy right now PH: 7.6/ 7.8 (high PH test) and I use Gold Buffer so this is usually consistent. Three weeks ago I used Kordon NovAqua since the pet store was out of Prime and it crashed my PH to 6.0, even with the Gold Buffer! Test kit: Api Master drop kit and I test PH and Ammonia on this tank twice a week Tank Size: 20 gallons running since July 1st Filters: AC 50 and AC 20 Water Changes: Normally 50% every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday since this tank is a QT but I missed yesterday Early today I did a 100% water change and ensured the temp and PH were matching Fish in tank: two black moors approximately 2” head to tail Additives: Prime, Seachem Gold Buffer (I have found that one teaspoon for a 50% water change keeps my PH at a steady 7.6), Food: ProGold, NLS, Respashy, Spirulina flakes, algae disks, peas, blood worms, edamame, sea weed, assorted veggies and shrimp pellets. They get pellets and gel food twice a day (gel in the am and pellets at night, just switched these guys to NLS), peas or edamame twice a week and the rest are provided sparingly as treats (of course, they feel they would like more) Medication/Treatment History: On July 4th I started with 6 seven day rounds of Prazi with salt at 0.1%. I gradually removed salt once the treatment was complete. One fish was lost in the process. Unusual Findings: It started as some “grey” color that looked like excess slime coat on his head. This started about three weeks ago and did not get better, did not get worse. Then, I came home from work last night and it looks like his scales are peeled off and there are two pink humps surrounded by white flakes. No deep sores, no fluffy ness or oozing and it does not seem swollen. He is eating and behaving as he normally does. Circumstances/ History: So I have only ever had commons so the fancy goldfish are sort of new to me. I bought three black moors from Petsmart on July 1st. They were placed in a 20 gallon QT and allowed to adjust for a few days. On July 4th I started 6 rounds of Prazi with 0.1% (or 0.01%?) salt (one teaspoon per gallon) per the instructions on the site. I lost one after about two weeks. She got lethargic for a day so I removed her from that tank and put her in a plastic bin and the next day she was dead. No outward signs of illness and she was a little sickly looking when I got her so I was not shocked. The other two seem very heathly, eat well, and are growing rapidly. The one moor has a sort of “double hump” on his head (okay I can only describe it as looking sort of like a butt on his head) since I got him. Maybe he has a little ryukin in him? But the others did not. Three weeks ago I used Kordon water conditioner (brand new) since the petstore was out of Prime. I only used it on this tank since I do water changes on it every other day. I should have tested my PH right after that which is my usual habit (before and after a big water change) but I was in a hurry. The tank is uncycled and is normally a QT tank (that was properly disinfected since its last use.) I caught the crash the very next day after using the Kordon, did a big water change and then switched back to Prime. I always use Gold Buffer (but it did not seem to have an effect when used with the Kordon) and I carefully measure out on level teaspoon when I do a 50% water change and then test PH right after to ensure it is stable. The day after this little mishap, the fish with the hump (I think I am going to name him Klause) had a faint grey film on his hump only. I thought it was due to the PH crash and it looked like excess slime coat. I figured clean water and we would be good. Last night I got home (3am) and the scales had peeled off and the hump is pink looking, like bare skin.) It is not bloody, fuzzy, fluffy, or deep. It looks like the black part was just peeled off. I tested everything and my ammonia was at 2ppm! Yikes! I did a 100% water change and popped them back in the tank with matching PH and temperature. I had 00 across the board for all areas and the PH was 7.6/ High ph 7.8 (this is normal for all my tanks.) His buddy has no signs of illness at all. I have no idea how to treat this or what it could be. I can infer that it is ammonia burn but it started after the PH crash when the ammonia was still 0ppm. I do not know what this would look like on a black fish. How should I be treating him? And should I put his buddy in the big tank and isolate Klause in case it is bacterial? They were both doing so well I was going to put them in their 55 this weekend. At home I have Goldfish Connections Metro Meds, Jump Start, Kanaplex and Focus, Seachem Paraguard, Goldfish Connection Anti Bac, API Stress coat, Prazi Pro and Melafix (I have not really used any of these but I was stocking up my fish first aid.) Oh, and I have tons of aquarium salt. None of these are in my tank right now as I have no idea how to treat this. The video is not great I was in a huge hurry. I will try and get some better pictures Also, this is not the same moor in the rest of my library. Thanks!! http://s1292.photobucket.com/user/mermaidkitten/media/7C4B807C-A453-4DF5-84DE-F2E9F3A0B6B6-3909-0000057044123730_zps71af2ea1.mp4.html
  24. Recently, I've noticed that my black moor likes to sit on the bottom of the tank whenever people are not around (I noticed by peering in through the window when coming home one day) but the moment he sees a person, he goes back to his normal, active self. I know that I worry way too much about everything concerning my goldfish , so I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed their goldies being lethargic when not being watched, and hyper and "acting normal" when people are around?
  25. It's been a little bit, and I think they've definitely grown! Here are a few shots I took today of Speckle, Pickle, and Buttons (who I've started calling Mr. B!).....finally got some good ones! The three musketeers! Pickle says....HUH???? Got some really nice ones of Buttons and his cute lil face Mr. B look at you!!! Speckle says hello! Mr. B swimming along.... Not enough photos of me......HMPH!!!!
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