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Found 9 results

  1. Amazon are now selling aquaclear filters even the aquaclear 70! I will be asking for at least one of these bad boys for my birthday in just over a month
  2. I've had no problems with my AC70 for a year, and now it's starting to drive me nuts. The motor began to make these awfully annoying and loud grinding sounds, like the impeller was grinding against the chamber. I tried cleaning it this morning and no dice. Can someone tell me the proper way of cleaning the impeller chamber, by the way? I feel like I'm doing it wrong. Also, another weird thing. It always starts in the morning. Never at any other time. It woke me up this morning. Here's a video of the noise: \Sometimes it does it continuously, other times it has "bursts." I don't know what to do! Is there a chance of a fire happening with all the friction going on in there? Is a warranty still applicable? Like I mentioned, the filter has been running for almost a year.
  3. Hi everyone - Just looked over at my tank to see a few drops of water leaking down the back side of it....I think...GREAT so I go and take a look and it turns out there's a crack in the plastic of one of my aquaclear 110s. It's leaking, albeit very slowly. I just bought these filters in July from Fosters and Smith....I still have one running on my 75 gallon tank. Will this be OK until I can resolve the problem and get another filter going (I'm going to call them and explain my issue)? What do I do with all my media while I wait? Is there something I can use to seal it in the meantime? I will be running with only one filter until at least 5pm tomorrow even if I try and seal it. Thanks for any help! I have, at the moment, a whisper air pump and stone & ONE aquaclear 110 running (usually have 2). My tank is slightly planted.
  4. Hiya everybody! Just wanted to give an update on the tank and what has happened over the last year or so. Presently, my aquarium is sitting on the floor in my kitchen with a web of chords attached to 2 daisy chained power strips (dangerous, I know) to reach the wall. You might envision what your computer chords look like behind your desk and that would be pretty close to what's in my kitchen right now. How'd it get there? Well, a few months ago I noticed that on my aquaclear 70 the lid was getting raised up a little. I suspected that it just needed to be cleaned to lower the mass that was displacing the water. I did this and to my surprise the next day, the floor was saturated with water! The tank stand is made of fiber board, and I was scared of it losing integrity and finding my aquarium broken on the floor with my precious babies dead on the floor while I was at school. So that's why it is in the kitchen. And the stands base was bowed up and had the consistency of cardboard. I never figured out why the lid never stayed level, it never used to and nothing had changed since I started using it. It also started making a very loud grinding sound. I suspect the sand substrate might have been the culprit. My girlfriend started to complain about it, and when she ain't happy - I'm eventually unhappy too. - I've been unemployed for quite sometime and only recently came upon some money. So I replaced the AC 70 with an Aqueon quietflow 55/75 and will get a new stand this Friday. So far I like the quiet flow and will probably get another one within a week (the new one needs time to seed so I'm not in a hurry), anyone have any experience with this kind of filter? We tried the Pengquin but for the desired filtration the filter was too long and wouldn't get past the cross bar. I think it was the 350 we tried. Eventually, I will be able to afford an Eheim but for right now I have to settle for the cheaper HOB option. Kind of done with AC's for awhile I think. If this one proves to be garbage then I will go back. Anyway, kind of a night mare from one filter.
  5. Does anyone else have trouble with those little leveler things that go on the back bottom of the AC filters? Mine barely stay in and they fall off behind the tank when I pull out the media. I would just take them out, but my filters work noticeably worse without them because they aren't level (duhhh). Anybody else have a suggestion? I'm talking about these thingies: http://www.thatpetplace.com/214956.jpg
  6. hey guys so i have a couple of filters an aqua clear 70 and 400 marineland emperor. Besides the media, i was wondering when and if necessary do i clean the filters themeselves? like actually take them out of the tank to wash.. thanks!
  7. Hey guys just going through my options of filtration and i'm stuck on whether i should get an Aquaclear and a canister filter or just two aquaclears? I know that a canister and an aquaclear would probably be better but are canister filters that good, are they really worth the extra money? Heres the big question: Will it really make that much difference? Will it really make that much difference if i just have 2 aquaclears? Thanks for your help and opinions
  8. So I was cleaning my tank today and while taking the intake tube of the 70 off to scrub, the u-tube nub (controls the flow control) snaps right off. :madrant Then I took a wooden dowel in my art drawer and stuck it into the hole that was created after the piece went flying. PERFECT FIT! I slapped some crappy hot-glue work on the seams afterwards and its back on the job. Lesson: The AC baby's are tough! Lets hope that the filter doesn't break down again before my DIY job does.
  9. So recently, I've been thinking about getting rid of my penguin 350 & emperor 400 filters that are currently on my 75 gallon. They work just fine, but they are a little noisy and sometimes it's hard to stuff filter media in there without it floating up to jam the biowheel. Also, because I have some smaller fish, I need to baffle the filter outputs with filter floss. It's not that big of a deal, but it would be nice to be able to adjust the flow. I've heard such great things about the AC filters... I'm thinking of maybe getting an AC110 and AC70 to replace the filters currently on the 75. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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