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  1. For those who have asked, a few more pics of my new fish, as yet unnamed. I'm really enjoying them. The bubble eye has surprised me with his activity level. I expected him to be mainly a bottom-dweller due to the heavy eye sacs, but he jams around the whole tank all the time and finds food fairly easily. The butterfly is a busy fellow, too. He's my first bubble eye, and I'm in love. And the butterfly, who's the apple of my eye. And the two together. A mismatched pair, but somehow I think they complement one another. It's all in the eyes.
  2. I decided to take some pictures of my tank and of two Telescopes since it's been awhile. My tank is 29 gallons, and I have two Fluval 206's. Lighting is a Marineland Double-Bright LED, and all the plants are different species of Anubias. I have had my Moor (Stoney) the longest, a little over a year now and she came from Petsmart. I love her and wish it wasn't so hard getting good pictures of her, but she is a spaz and never stops begging/looking for food. I really love her. I have had my orange Telescope (Munchkin) for a little over six months, and got her from a fish store in Chico, CA which is known to stock decent quailty goldfish. She has had some minor issues gulping air, but it has almost completely dissapeared since adding Repashy Super Green to her daily diet. Here are the pictures! Best friends. Their favorite end of the tank, where the food usually drops of course. Stoney lookin' for scraps. All the pictures of her are partially blurred! Pretty Munchkin. Big ol' belly! Mine, no mine! Food monster! my girls! Thanks for looking.
  3. These pics aren't the best (taken with my iPad for convenience), but I was eager to show off my new fish. I got my new Craigslist tank, a 30 gallon, up and running this week, and I was able to stuff the new filter full of cycled media from the ranchu tank. So it was time to get some fish, yay! I had selected a lovely calico butterfly with the silliest, biggest eyes I've seen In a while. Picked him up today, and he's settling in nicely. Here he is: And that's all I was going to get, honest. This followed me home all on its own, I swear. So eek, I have a bubble eye for the first time EVER! He's so entertaining. I wasn't really planning on getting one once I'd decided on the butterfly. But I just couldn't help myself. Started salt and prazi today. The butterfly has some balance issues that lead me to believe SBD may be in his future or past, which is concerning, but once I'd picked him out I just couldn't change my mind. No names yet. Suggestions welcome!
  4. So I know there are telescope-eyed pearlscales that are being called dragonballs, but have you ever seen a pearlscale butterfly telescope?! Before today, I hadn't! So I just wanted to share these photos I found while browsing online today. They're not my fish or my photos, just some photos I found on some other fish forum (don't remember which). I think it's interesting that they don't have super round bodies like the tiku pearlie, and I'm thinking they must have crossed hamanishiki and butterflies to make these. I also saw this... A pearlscale celestial (with dorsal though). Pretty neat.
  5. I took a few pictures of my two special needs babies Wakka and Chibi today. They are doing quite well and are as always the cutest things ever Completely random order.
  6. I discovered breeding stars all over the pectoral fins of both butterflies, so they are both males! So "Sophie" has been renamed to Luca. I've had just two fish in this tank for so long that I'd almost forgotten how fun it is to see a bigger group of fish following one-another around the tank. These two are not staying in here for long though, after the holidays I'm going to move them into my 55 gallon tank. If I can find a good spot for it, that is. This one looks like Luca is body-slamming Clover And in this one, Luca is "peeking" though Clover's fins! And a video too:
  7. The photos are not great because the lighting over their tub is terrible, but I just had to share this. She is so derpy yet cute and graceful at the same time. I don't know how well the photo shows it, but when you see her face straight-on, you can see that her eyes slightly go in different directions. It's so cute.
  8. She is so cute! Felix hasn't quite figured out the concept of hand-feeding yet.
  9. These are my new babies I got from eBay seller buygoldfishonline. I have been wanting a bubble eye in the worst way, I am SO excited to finally have one!
  10. Here are some top-view and side-view photos of them. Telling secrets? Even though I haven't been able to tell the gender of either fish yet, I've already started thinking of the white one as female and the red/white one as male. I don't know why; I think their body shapes just strike me as such! I tried looking at their vents, but the plastic tub offers a pretty clouded side-view and their anal fins are very close together, covering up their tiny little vents too well for me to get a good view. In time I'll handle them to check their genders, but right now I want to keep handling to a minimum until I'm sure they're fully settled in and de-stressed from their long journey to get here. I really need to decide on names for them! I have tons of ideas, but haven't settled on the right names yet.
  11. Some of you have been following my blog posts and YouTube videos about this, and I want to say thank you for your support to everyone who was! This has been so stressful. I purchased some new fish from a great seller on Aquabid, who I highly recommend (Czhang), and he sent them out on Monday. It was supposed to be 2-day shipping, but the post office messed up and the fish didn't get here until this morning (Saturday). So the poor little babies were in the box for five days. I've gotten fish in the mail many times, and only once have I had fish arrive dead, and that was when a very similar shipping delay happened about a year ago. So I was really afraid that these fish would be dead upon arrival. I opened the box right there in the post office, and was so happy to see a flash of red as the little red/white butterfly moved around! They were both alive! They are really tiny and super cute! The red/white one has tons of energy and is swimming all over the place. The white one is a little bit lethargic compared to the other one, but still swimming around. An all-white butterfly telescope has been my dream fish for years, so I am so happy! They are both so precious! Here's a video of them for you guys.
  12. well, it's been asked a lot recently. here is one of my tanks that i call the Totts tank.. although the fish aren't what you would consider small.. 5"+ to me, compared to my giants, they are small.. (not all the totts are in this vid, 3 fish are in qt.. they presented with slime coat thickening, so they've been salt dipped and are spending a few weeks in 0.2% salt, recovering nicely ) so, seeing as a few requests were made for me to present a video.. preferably to name my fish.. i hate to disappoint, but i don't speak in this one but you're not missing anything.. other than Rocky, who is my 8 year old stunted fantail.. and the new Ms Piggy.. no-one else really has names in this tank please enjoy
  13. So now that everything is starting to come together I finally moved Tui and La into their private home in the 36. The bristlenose pleco babies are smart and quick enough to avoid being chomped on, so I feel completely comfortable with these two in there (: Not to mention they probably don't have the best combined eyesight Anyways, the Lionhead/Chus thinned out my cardamine.... The buggers....... They traded places with Tui and La (: I also added a bubbler, the driftwood, and another rock along with the 2 baby BN's (: <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN2442.mp4">
  14. I took a few pictures only of my orange fish today I hadn't realized how big Banana has gotten. Especially in comparison to Chibi, who is much older, but so much smaller. After all, I have Chibi for over three years now. And then last but not least, Bullet has changed so very much. All of them are ridiculous in their own way A ridiculously long Banana (durrhurr) and a ridiculously petite Chibi (I think I jinxed that fish with this name) The ridiculously fat Bullet. I don't even know what's going on there. What a chunky fish!
  15. Ever since my senior year in High School I have wanted my very own goldfish. Being that my grandma was none too happy about me bringing home a bunch of pets, I held myself back, and probably for the best anyways. I wouldn't have known to put them in the proper sized tank. Summer came and went. I moved to Oregon to attend college and moved into my own apartment. After dropping out of college because of financial reasons, I began researching the goldfish again. For months I researched and planned what I was going to do. I knew I wanted telescope goldfish to start off with, but I had planned for black moors. What I didn't plan on was how much I would love learning about them and keeping them. A trip to my LFS, All for Fish, was fruitless. All they had were two panda moors. The larger one looked healthy and beautiful, and had typical panda markings. The second one was a tiny pitiful little black fish with a messed up dorsal fin. I decided to wait until shipping day. My second trip was pretty much the same as the first. They had a gorgeous blue lionhead but it was much too expensive. Once again, there were the same two little pandas. I believe in fate and decided that since they were still there, I would make them mine. That is how I got started with my little panda moors. The big healthy one was Tui. The little black one was La. I released them into their too small tank and they seemed to enjoy the swimming room. At the time they were only in a 20L gallon with a few plants. I was going to get them into at least a 55 by the end of summer. Tui and La came up to the glass to check us weird humans out XD Tui, you can kind of see how skeletal La is up close. La, blurry. Their too small tank. Later upgraded to a 55. Things went great for the first 7 months. They survived the cycling (which I didn't know about at first) and made it to the end of July no problem. Then their filter broke. Sadly, I had to try and give them away. No one was interested in them at first until GreenTea contacted me and wanted to take them. Unfortunately I couldn't make it up to Portland in my car. She told me that if I could keep them to come here to get information on them. I did get to keep them, and I set up their 55 in a hurry and put them in it and was so happy that these guys get to stay with me! Their new tank. Tui La Soon after, I got Caligo. She has been hanging out in QT for a while but is soon to go into the 55! Caligo Tui got into an accident that damaged his eye. This was my fault, as I wasn't watching the gravel cleaner for a while and he got stuck in it. He survived thanks to the quick advice of the people here (: My first red cap oranda, Lord Jabu Jabu, passed away shortly after getting him. I don't know what killed him but I am glad that it didn't affect my 55. Rest in Peace Jabu Jabu. Now here we are! I am waiting to get my new ranchu on friday. I am thinking her name is going to be Fio. If she is a girl. And Yuki looking smug after healing from a bought of fin rot. This is how it all started! Next I will introduce you to my wild gang of furry animals.
  16. La, the telescope, Vonnegut, the blackish orange common, and Rowling, the bright orange common! Omnomnom What kind of tail might this one have? They were playing follow the leader Herp derp I mustache you a question |#:
  17. To celebrate my guys recovery from the evil unknown illness of doom! :DDDD I wish I'd taken the time to get photos of then next to a rular... Without further ado! 160L tank in May last year, with Doc, Jack and Castiel (mayherestinpeace): The same 160L tank as of yesterday, with Jack, Doc, Henry, Sam and Dean: (very overstocked I know, I'm re-cycling Sam and Henry's tank currently) I'm getting decor on Thursday Now for the fishies, I'll put an estimated size excluding tail in brackets.. Henry~ September, 2010. (maybe 1-1.5") October 2010. Today~~ (3") Sorry for the blurriness XD Black background doesn't make taking photos of dark fish easy... Dean!! The day I got him and Sammy, October 2010. (1 inch) March, 2011 (1.5-2") Today (3-4") Sammy! October, 2010. (1") May, 2011 (2") Today~ (3-4") Doc~ The day I got him, Jack and Cas in May last year. (1.5-2"??) Today (4"): Jack~~! May 2011 (1.5-2") Squishing Cas there Geez I miss that fish T^T. And here he is today, the handsome devil. (4-4.5") Thanks for looking~~~~ <3
  18. http://www.raingarden.us/8158b.JPG If I had the money (and the cycling) I would SO snatch him up. So chubby!
  19. So I got this fun fish at my LFS. I was just getting a new tank light bulb when I thought "I want to look at the goldfish for fun!" Why I thought I could just get away with that I don't know. Anyway the tank was labeled butterfly telescopes and this one has the longest fins and was the friendliest. I have to apologize to her though...I woke her up for this video because I was so excited to share her! So she is more skittish than she usually is. She is also in her 10g quarantine tank with .1% salt and prazipro. Also, does it look like she might have a wen?
  20. I went to the pet store to get a pearlscale yesterday. I've been looking out for them, and the lady there said they had one. One. I'm lucky he was still there, haha! He is absolutely gorgeous, and so very healthy. But while I was there I saw this badly nipped calico telescope. D: So I ended up getting him, as well. I have been wanting a calico fish, anyways. I'm going to nurse him along with melafix and salt. I have some Prazi on the way, as well. I just wanted to post some pictures of the two, and their tank. I still haven't named them. Still considering some french names. suggestions always welcome. c: Their tank, 30 gallon. Calico is a bit of a photo bomber. It must be their turn for photos now. Calico is the bigger of the two. they're really not shy at all. Pearlscale is quite shy, they stay back behind the plants until there is food to entice them out. the Calico has far prettier fins than my little Moor. Or will, anyways, when they grow back. Also gosh! Pearlscales get so round. That's a proper picture from a breeder. they look like they have dropsy or something to me. xD should I expect mine to get that round?
  21. here are some telescopes ,red and black pepper. with interesting tails. I am helping my friend Antonio with the QT process.. he has had some very bad luck in past. these shall be a test and if all goes well will get the black and white super panda in September. can be seen Antonio unpacking and preparing to place into the dip tanks, in the salt bath and on to first QT tank. video,click on it to see
  22. well, it's been a week since the newbies arrived. i have decided that they are ready to spend the rest of their QT in the Totts tank seeing as i wanted to salt and prazi the Totts all over again.. so, the opportunity arises for a photoshoot! the "supposed" tricolour: the black telescope: the calico (with swimbladder) swim bladder confirmed: very few group shots: and an adorable camera hog (who is not brand new and cannot be stolen)! lol.. enjoy ♥ ♥ ♥
  23. ok! i am all set up to reveal what i came home with today from my supplier Geoffrey we have 2 Jumbo Ranchu and 3 Telescope Butterflies the Ranchu are both from Japan, the Telescopes from Taiwan Ranchu Redcap: Orange: telescopes: Geoffrey was kind enough to let me borrow a shipping tub that the Ranchu came in.. it's a 200Litre tub and rather ideal for qt'ing the 5 new fish fish qt'ing in their tub: can you see the telescope under the ranchu's tail? hehe and of course! a video!! apologies tho.. for some reason it's in narrow frame.. it's full frame on the iPhone.. but for some reason, youtube uploaded it like this.. enjoy
  24. couple of vids of all the fish they're not the best quality, taken from my iPhone.. but HD still available at 720 tiny totts: ryukins: enjoy
  25. photoshoot.. most photos came out perfect and i am a hoarder of photos. sorry, there are many and this is one thread of two for my tiny totts tank. i just feel i haven't exposed the telescopes enough please enjoy we have Kalli, the biggest one with the biggest tail & biggest eyes (female) Fatty who is blind (white pupils) (male) Bully who is Fatty's twin (male) ♥ ♥ they do like to huddle together a lot so shooting was easy OMG! i have so many more photos of them but i think this is plenty
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