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Found 19 results

  1. My telescope eye hit his eye on some driftwood I think. He's got a horrible eye injury in one eye. This eye is twice as large as his other one. Can anything be done for this?
  2. I bought a Kirin Telescope Goldfish from Dandy Oranda in last weeks auction. The package just came in the mail a few minutes ago. A few kokonuts wanted to see an unboxing video. What do you think the gender of this fish is? Here you go Edit: in post #7 last pic does he/she have a blister on her eye?
  3. Doing their weekly water changes and found this the perfect opportunity to take photos of Jippii and Femi ???? Jippii is from Solid Gold Femi is from Coast Gem USA
  4. Im new here and wanted to share my lone fry baby I never had the right combination of circumstances to breed my fish in the past. I actually had a very fertile female purple telescope, but never a male that could get the job done. Well, I brought home two new little telescopes 9 months ago. The calico started chasing my large female ryukin after being introduced to the main tank. She released eggs but I figured the little calico tele was too young to fertilize the eggs. I did several water changes following the event, attempting to maintain good parameters after all the activity/mess. You can imagine how surprised I was to spot the tiniest little specks swimming behind one of the plants! Here is the video of my little calico doing his damndest to help her out https://www.instagram.com/p/14eqAkxAOt/?taken-by=jenna_ramblesI In total I found 5 fry. After two weeks there were only two. I tried not to get my hopes up, knowing the odds of getting strong healthy formed fry was slim. They grew really nicely. The green one was always more voracious and a bit bigger. Unfortunately the pinkie got an abrasion on its tiny nose. I treated with dips and very clean water. She looked to be responding nicely..and then I had to leave for vacation for 5 days...and in that time she passed. I had a feeling. She was just starting to show yellow colored spots and had a few tiny nacreous scales like mama. Oh well. I pressed on with my last tough, green fry.! Im happy to say he continues to grow well! I began grooming him and his dad a few months ago. My fry doubled his weight and caught up to his dad in only 4 weeks! AND finally losing the green and going red/orange/white
  5. * * Test Results for the Following: * * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0 * * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0 * * Nitrate level(Tank) 0 * * Ammonia Level(Tap)N/A (used the last drops to check ammonia in tank and Api kit is due to arrive next week) * * Nitrite Level(Tap)0 * * Nitrate level(Tap) 0 * * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) pH 7.5, Kh 143, Gh,125 * * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) ph 7, Kh 89, Gh 71 * Other Required Info: * * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? Drop test by brand: Jbl (pH, kh, gh), Sera (Nh3/Nh4), Prodac (NO2) * * Water temperature? 20C(~68F) * * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 80l(~20gal), for 1.5 years. * * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Hailea H12, Aquaclear 30 * * How often do you change the water and how much? Twice a week. 90% on Monday and 50% on Saturday. But it varied sometimes I do 80% at each WC. * * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Today. I did 90% WC * * How many fish in the tank and their size? 2. About 20cm from mouth to tip of tail. * * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Seachem Prime and Seachem Alkaline Buffer * * What do you feed your fish and how often? New Era Goldfish Soft Pellets/Hikari (the violet package. I feed that less often because I read here and there it may cause swim bladder issues)/New Life spectrum Goldfish pellets/Peas - In the morning on a rotation principal so they would have diferent meal every day. In the evening I always feed Repashy soilent green. * * Any new fish added to the tank? No * * Any medications added to the tank? No * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Gogo had some fungus on his fin 3 weeks ago so I used Tetra Gldfish Goldmed. He can't have salt dips (passes out the moment I put him in the water). The med eliminates any fungus in 24hrs. * * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? No. Just his right eye that looks bigger, sort of bloated. I'll post pics below. I took him out in a bucket 'cause I saw him chasing Rory again and notices his eye was kind of swolen. * * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Apart from his serious libido problems so far he's been acting normal. Any ideas what could be causing this eye problem?And most importantly how and should I treat him? * Thanks in advance for reading this and for your help!
  6. I completely blame my hubby for this one, as I didn't even want to go into a LFS. So on our way home from the Phantom Gourmet Food fest in Boston, my hubby pulls into a LFS says we needed dog food. I was dreading walking in there (just lost two of my babies in a week) I told him to just go in and get the food I would wait in the car. Well my hubby convinced me to go with him saying just don't go into the fish section...yeah right.... Walked in I avoided the fish dept like the plague and went to the dog food section. A while later my hubby comes over and says you gotta see this cute little t fish so I gave in because it was killing me not to anyway. Long story short here he is. he's about a 1.5 inches... Sooooo tiny and cute with eyes to big for his head. Got an extra 20 gal QT for him as well.. Here is a pic and a video.... He likes just the powder Repashy as pellets are a little to big Don't have a name yet Video... so cute!!! http://vid40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/cdionne77/20150919_171015_zpsfmbaraxp.mp4
  7. If you live in southern California or planning on visiting, San Diego to be exact. I just found the pot of gold(fish) at the end of the rainbow. Its a place called Coast Gem USA. They are distributors but sell to the public. Incredible quality and selection without the crazy internet pricing, depending on the season and shipment received. Don't get me wrong, your going to pay for quality goldfish, but not hundreds of dollars for them. It's a family owned business that the owner and son operate. They are awesome guys that are willing to go that extra step to get you what you want. Just thought I share this place because I had a great experience and believe everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty of these fish without breaking the bank. Here is the Facebook link: https://m.facebook.com/coastgemusa?refid=13
  8. The first of the year proved to be pretty tough. Lost a few to some new diseases and parasites I personally had never encountered before and some quarantined because of it. They were finally reintroduced back to the community a week ago. I was then forced to re-think my filtration system. Because my pond was made out of porous concrete I thought the good bacteria would colonized and the use of some pre filter media with uv light would be sufficient. I used this system for years and I guess did not think about over stocking and fish getting big that I would have to adjust accordingly. So I made the adjustments with the addition of a home made bio filter. I also thinned out my herd by relocating some of the smaller fish to friends and family. It seemed they were not as resilient as the bigger more established fish. Made a vid of my goldfish community. Hope you enjoy it. FYI: Just lost my beautiful bronze/chocolate oranda, count chocula (named by my kid). Had an on again/off again battle with an internal bacteria. He was featured in this video and will be missed.
  9. Here is our new little buddy, who we have had for awhile now. As the fish grow I may rehome the comet, or if I am able upgrade. Edit: Also sorry about the algae, but the fish like it
  10. As many of you know, we bought a new fish a few months ago - a calico telescope named Marty. He's been in a 60 litre until last night. He went into the larger tank during a water change and stayed there. Here a couple of photos of him in his new digs. Thank you for looking
  11. So I got a new goldfish today that is missing one of its gill plates and one of its eyes is missing but there still seems to be some eye left that moves unlike my other 1 eyed telescope goldfish that has no excess of her eye left. Will this part of the eye fall out or will the fish require surgery or something else??
  12. How can you tell if a telescope eye goldfish has Popeye?? I thought two of mine had Popeye and treated them for well over a month with Epsom salt with no change and the eyes haven't got any bigger so could it just be eye growth?? And finally my new little telescope I got a while ago is starting to get a ring around his eyes but he is growing so I think it is eye growth. So how do you tell the difference between eye growth and Popeye??
  13. I just added two fish yesterday to my tank a pearlscale and a telesope. They are smaller than my other goldies. I was watching them and they seemed fine. I went away from my tank and when I came back after they ate I noticed the telescope has an eye missing.The entire eye was taken from the socket. I want to know what I can do to keep this fish healthy. I do not have a qt. I have them separated now in the tank. It is eating and pooping normally, Please help! Thank you! This is my first time posting so I don't know how to add pictures.
  14. "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIENDS!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-xxD08bM60
  15. This pic was taken a few months ago. Because there are raccoons in my area and seagulls fly overhead, I had to install a hinged wired gate as a deterrent. The pond is shallow with direct sunlight for most of the day so I provided a little shade in the middle of the gate.
  16. Look who came to live with me today! Recognize him? When Daniel hinted about needing to rehome Vamps, I jokingly said I wanted him. Then I realized I really did. We're calling him Franklin, along the lines of our "F" name theme: Fiona, Finley, and SwimFish... He's one big, beautiful boy! Right now he's in an observation and de-stress qt, then he'll be moving in with Finley, our other telescope. Here are just a few snapshots from this morning. Couldn't have asked for a more timely cold snap, with a fish in the mail! Great timing, and packaged well, thanks Daniel! Alive and well, acclimating Doing great taking it easy in qt! I should have asked Daniel for his camera too, because my pictures aren't going to do this guy justice. Adding a video later!
  17. So, we all know Betty. Since she came to us in late March, she has always been a clumsy fish. I figured her eyesight was not very good, which, to my understanding anyway, is not uncommon in telescopes. Beginning a few weeks ago, we noticed that it was much poorer and that she had some white forming in her eyes. It wasn't cloudiness, but rather a white spot where it should have been solid black. Hard to describe, but there are pictures that will hopefully cover for my lack of words. When this happened it became pretty obvious to us that she was blind, or just really challenged sight-wise. I have only mentioned it a few times, but only because I wasn't so concerned about it. She got around, was active, and got her share of food. She is a champion forager -the cutest I've seen of any fish sucking food off the floor - and while it stinks to have such an awesome fish to not interact with you at all, she just seems fine. I've kept in mind that should this change she may need her own tank, but for now it seemed fine to keep her as is. Anyway, I don't even know that her vision is relevant to my concerns for today, but it's certainly worth mentioning. Before: I almost think you can see a tiny haze here After: How it began A few days ago I found her this morning being chased by my three others. Checking on her, I saw that one eye had a lot of red underneath. I spent all morning worrying and shuffling them about (and that's when i noticed it was even worse than i thought! ) and finally got a divider for the tank. Here, you will see what has me worrying so much. The yellow? Cause it didn't look like she got punched in the face already K I'm hoping that this was just a little bruising and nothing more. It looks awful though and I feel like I should have moved her already to prevent this. Whatever there is to advise, or ask, please do so! She is such a special fish.
  18. Ever since my senior year in High School I have wanted my very own goldfish. Being that my grandma was none too happy about me bringing home a bunch of pets, I held myself back, and probably for the best anyways. I wouldn't have known to put them in the proper sized tank. Summer came and went. I moved to Oregon to attend college and moved into my own apartment. After dropping out of college because of financial reasons, I began researching the goldfish again. For months I researched and planned what I was going to do. I knew I wanted telescope goldfish to start off with, but I had planned for black moors. What I didn't plan on was how much I would love learning about them and keeping them. A trip to my LFS, All for Fish, was fruitless. All they had were two panda moors. The larger one looked healthy and beautiful, and had typical panda markings. The second one was a tiny pitiful little black fish with a messed up dorsal fin. I decided to wait until shipping day. My second trip was pretty much the same as the first. They had a gorgeous blue lionhead but it was much too expensive. Once again, there were the same two little pandas. I believe in fate and decided that since they were still there, I would make them mine. That is how I got started with my little panda moors. The big healthy one was Tui. The little black one was La. I released them into their too small tank and they seemed to enjoy the swimming room. At the time they were only in a 20L gallon with a few plants. I was going to get them into at least a 55 by the end of summer. Tui and La came up to the glass to check us weird humans out XD Tui, you can kind of see how skeletal La is up close. La, blurry. Their too small tank. Later upgraded to a 55. Things went great for the first 7 months. They survived the cycling (which I didn't know about at first) and made it to the end of July no problem. Then their filter broke. Sadly, I had to try and give them away. No one was interested in them at first until GreenTea contacted me and wanted to take them. Unfortunately I couldn't make it up to Portland in my car. She told me that if I could keep them to come here to get information on them. I did get to keep them, and I set up their 55 in a hurry and put them in it and was so happy that these guys get to stay with me! Their new tank. Tui La Soon after, I got Caligo. She has been hanging out in QT for a while but is soon to go into the 55! Caligo Tui got into an accident that damaged his eye. This was my fault, as I wasn't watching the gravel cleaner for a while and he got stuck in it. He survived thanks to the quick advice of the people here (: My first red cap oranda, Lord Jabu Jabu, passed away shortly after getting him. I don't know what killed him but I am glad that it didn't affect my 55. Rest in Peace Jabu Jabu. Now here we are! I am waiting to get my new ranchu on friday. I am thinking her name is going to be Fio. If she is a girl. And Yuki looking smug after healing from a bought of fin rot. This is how it all started! Next I will introduce you to my wild gang of furry animals.
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