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Found 61 results

  1. I am receiving help in another thread for my water quality problems and general help getting my fish to live while I figure out cycling. Someone requested I show photos of my current tank set up so here they are... (I'm rather embarassed after seeing all the amazing tanks in the Tank Photos thread- LOL). This is a shot of my entire tank. When we move in a month, Goldie will not be in such a prominent position (which will hopefully reduce some stress). It was our only option in our current home. Here is the heater (it came with the tank). Here is the filter (this also came with the tank). I just went and bought supplies to create my own filter set up so I will no longer be using the cartridges intended for this filter. I would actually like to make some changes to my tank when I replace the filter cartridge with the DIY filter media. I would like to remove all of the accessories except one and also add a bubble wall to the tank. Do these changes sound ok? For those who haven't read the other thread, we are moving in a month and will eventually be upgrading tank size, but for now I have to work with what I have.
  2. I live in orange county CA and have two goldfish the first was bought as a birthday gift for the nine yearold 8 years ago. I ended up with a second one a few years ago when I needed a larger tank it came with it. The children have lost interest and my job is keeping me too busy to take proper care. They are getting to large for the existing tank and I would rather find another home for them than let them suffer. I have a 29 gallon tank and two fluval filters for someone willing to take it off my hands. email me at if interested in giving them a new home! [Edit: Removed email address to protect from spammers]
  3. How do you go about cleaning your filter hoses? I noticed mine have buildup in them and I don't know if it will harm the fish. It looks greenish/brownish (I think it's algae).
  4. What should I do in this circumstance? I'm trying to cycle my tank with Safe Start. I've had the Safe Start in my tank for 24 hours. I want to go buy a Gh and Kh test kit. Called all around and NO ONE in Las Vegas will have a test kit till next Thursday. A lfs told me that Las Vegas water is 40 grains . (300ppm GH and 120ppm KH) How should I remedy the problem?
  5. I'm going to be moving into a house in January. I'm thinking about getting a 45-55 gallon tank. Most likely a 55 gallon. I have a couple of questions. What kind of filter should I get and should I get a thermometer for it. Im waiting for the petco dollar a gallon tank sale to buy the tank. I currently have a 29 gallon tank that is a temporary home to four goldfish. I do a lot of water changes a week. It has two filters an internal Lee's filter and HOB. So with this new tank I want to have everything necessary to give my goldfish a heathly environment. Not that I don't now but I want to pre plan everything correctly so things will run smoother with this new tank. I have already started to save for it so money is not the issue.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgCycmudb5I&feature=youtu.be I love my new tank. As far as cycling goes, I will follow a moderator's advice. This is the moderator's plan of action for me. 1) Go with over the counter BB's in a bottle. 2) Do the "long" cycle. 3) Panic if cycle is not going well by Jan 1st. 4) Beg some one for BB's in the mail.
  7. Does anyone use LED lighting for their tanks? I've seen youtube videos of LED light strips (or light tubes).
  8. Started my cycle today. Ammonia reading is at 4ppm (around what the article on fishless cycle said) Will test again tomorrow to see what changes
  9. Ok, so I know very little about this. I've read here and there, but I'm still not sure. I need lights for my tank. It's 100 gallons tall version. 48 inches long. The light thing that came with it was very old and unsafe (I toughed it to turn it off and almost got electrocuted...ouch!). I eventually want to have plants in my tank, easy to grow and maintain with little light requirement. What do you guys recommend? thoughts on what kind of lights I should get?
  10. So finally I am going to be able to start my aquascaping! I have a ton of plants that need to be planted. Here is what I am working with: 24+ Stems of Cardamine Lyrata 4 Stems of Crypt. Spiralis (some are melting) 4-5 Java Fern Windelov 1 marimo moss ball 1 tori gate decoration 1 smaller piece of driftwood Sand My question is, i have a bucket of old sand from my 20 gallon I had previously, can I use this in my aquascape? After being rinsed of course. I prefer the white sand with my oak trim anyways, and Eco-Complete only comes in black \: I will also be documenting the progress with my tank here, through pictures... etc.... Wish me luck!
  11. Just a general question, do any of you keep your goldfish tanks uncovered? I really dont like my cover because it gets soaked from the bubbler and I have to cover the floor every time I take it off, it's just one huge first word problem lol. I would like to leave it off, but I feel like a spider would get in there or something! Thoughts?
  12. So my tanks been out in the garage for seven months now, and my parents decided to put it back on its rolling stand and put it on the back patio. I can't wait . I will be getting a second heater to be on the safe side
  13. I just had to put this here. It won't necessarily not be a planted tank, but i will be limiting what kind of plants I can get. I want to go barebottom, I just love how clean it looks. My question is how do I go about getting the sand I have in my 55 out? I can get gravel no problem, as my net has wide enough mesh to separate them, but I also don't have a good way to get my sand out. What has worked for some people? Also, I hate the oak trim on my 55, would there be any harm in painting it black? All fish have been moved to QT tanks to get them treated with prazi (some never have had a prazi treatment) so I have some time to redecorate (: How long should I give my tank afterwards to regrow the lost BB on the gravel and sand? Should I add some colony or tetra safe start to help out after removing the substrate? I plan on getting potted plants, like sword and anubias, maybe some ludwigia (:
  14. sorry no this time. well the tank is officialy set up inside now. i upgraded his light and bought some more bulbs waiting to see if the grow before they get put into the tank.
  15. I eventually want to add plants and decorations to this tank. But I have no idea as to what. I do want plants that are easy to maintain. What plants do you think would look good in this tank? I've never seen a planted tank in person thus I'm having a hard time picturing something. Currently only the light on the left is working btw.
  16. So I started removing gravel today and a cloud a brown came up so glad I'm going bare bottom.I believe it will take me about three weeks, of removing it to get it completely bare. , and I was wondering how can I make my intake lower to the bottom of the tank.
  17. So I'm going to eventually go bare bottom or just have a few rocks here and there but I really just want to see what others have done decor wise for their bare bottom tanks:) So post lots and lots of pictures of your bare bottom tank and of course lovely companions
  18. I was wondering how long should I wait before I remove more aquarium gravel from my tank
  19. Excuse my ignorance, but what's the process for introducing fish to an aquarium after the tank is done cycling? like from the petstore to the tank.
  20. Hey any advice on removing substrate I would Like to remove my substrate and go bare bottom or use very little substrate
  21. I expect some temperature fluctuations in the coming months (because of the way my parents heat the house). My aquarium is located in the basement. For a tank that's 110 gallons, what type (size?) of heater should I get? I saw the following two on amazon ViaAqua 300watt heater Fluval 300 watt heater (110 gallon version) any tips, comments, ideas? thanks in advance!
  22. I have 110 gallon tank. Will set it up today to do a fishless cycle. Anyone have any recommendations: heater? pump (air stones)? lights? barebottom or something else?
  23. http://allentown.cra...3210564932.html the price has dropped to 325 I'm a newbie of sorts, so if you think this may or may not be a good deal, please let me know.
  24. http://longisland.cr...3232885686.html I want to upgrade to a 55-75+ tank
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