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Found 36 results

  1. ok! i am all set up to reveal what i came home with today from my supplier Geoffrey we have 2 Jumbo Ranchu and 3 Telescope Butterflies the Ranchu are both from Japan, the Telescopes from Taiwan Ranchu Redcap: Orange: telescopes: Geoffrey was kind enough to let me borrow a shipping tub that the Ranchu came in.. it's a 200Litre tub and rather ideal for qt'ing the 5 new fish fish qt'ing in their tub: can you see the telescope under the ranchu's tail? hehe and of course! a video!! apologies tho.. for some reason it's in narrow frame.. it's full frame on the iPhone.. but for some reason, youtube uploaded it like this.. enjoy
  2. after much consideration, i decided to go applesnails again.. i talk through all this video.. the ryukins engaged in soccer whilst the totts were not phased.
  3. went to suppliers today i decided to take more video from one section of his small shop. he fills it well remember, this is the fish i wanted, and came home with i have decided to call her Anastasia enjoy
  4. i got footage of my two blackmoors and the two black telescopes.. Paul, David, Sooty and Mavros Paul is the moor with the long flowy tail and the huge eyes David is the smallest of the two moors Sooty is the Black Telescope with the one flat eye (accident ) but doing really well Mavro is the other Black Telescope looks like sooty, but with two good eyes initially i was shooting all telescopes, but very soon after i started, i decided on just the blacks.. please enjoy
  5. couple of vids of all the fish they're not the best quality, taken from my iPhone.. but HD still available at 720 tiny totts: ryukins: enjoy
  6. photoshoot.. most photos came out perfect and i am a hoarder of photos. sorry, there are many and this is one thread of two for my tiny totts tank. i just feel i haven't exposed the telescopes enough please enjoy we have Kalli, the biggest one with the biggest tail & biggest eyes (female) Fatty who is blind (white pupils) (male) Bully who is Fatty's twin (male) ♥ ♥ they do like to huddle together a lot so shooting was easy OMG! i have so many more photos of them but i think this is plenty
  7. My current line up for the Ryukin tank. Apollo was biting at the time, so he's spending some time in with the tiny totts. Rocky was biting over there, so he's spending some time getting pushed around by the big guys in here Leonidis, losing his black, but still as handsome as ever Electra.. picture perfect as always Hercules the beautiful Deianeria Zeus, I've finally picked a name for him Agapi.. she's such a spunky gal and pain in the , Ms Elizabeth Taylor.. although, she's been a perfect lil princess for a little while.. so hopefully she will remain that way and i can keep her the guys just clowning around :D oh rocky.. see what it's like to be pushed around? rocky says LOL thanks for watching
  8. well, i, as well as other members have noticed the increased happenings with eye plucking in our fishtanks. none happening with mine thank gawd, but i would be absolutely devastaed if it were to occur to my clan. i have observed that this occurs manly during seasonal change. we are undergoing season change now and the amount of eye plucking threads that have been posted is astounding. naturally, i am sorry to all of you that have experinced this with your fish.. i encourage members whom have experienced eye plucking to come forth and contribue their stories and share their thoughts of what might really be the problem. i am of the opinion that during season change the temperature fluctuates quite a bit. i wonder if most of the eye plucking incidences occur in tanks that do not use a heater to maintain a stable temperature with the water? rapid temperature changes can bring on breeding behaviour.. breeding behaviour can be rough and sometimes a fish can lose an eye. it also changes the characteristics in fish in many other ways. we don't need breeding conditions to bring on aggressive behaviour (bullying) in fish. any thoughts?
  9. i was shooting tonight. mainly for Mr Tuff.. i haven't finished his photo's yet.. it's amazing how many photos can accumulate on the camera these days.. lol.. but i noticed my two calico telescopes from Japan being so adorable.. fatty and bully i hope you like them
  10. mumma give you lots of room! now grow little ones! grow!. ♥
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