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  1. Leonidis required the removal of 3 benign tumors from his body and fins. here is how i managed to remove them. we did have some complications that were overcome. i received the close support of dnalex who made himself available during Leon's procedure. thank you Alex here is a video of my preparations prior to the procedure: here is Leonidis undergoing sedation, i chose clove oil to sedate with. it's his 3rd surgery and he handled clove oil well on the other two occasions here is how a fish behaves when the sedation has not taken full effect. with every surgery, there is the risk that your patient will not wake up again, so my aim is to sedate as lightly as possible. unfortunately, for the body tumor, the light sedating that i did, was not allowing me the comfort to proceed. so i decided to give him a few more minutes in with the clove oil. this video shows the removal of tumor from his dorsal which i also removed the rear section of his dorsal in hope that the tumor will not grow back. as well as the dorsal tumor, i needed to remove the tumor from his tail, in this video, you will also see my attempt to remove a section of the tail, however, the video for some unknown reason stopped recording just before i finished. we succeeded Leonidis's surgery was a huge success, but as i mentioned before, there were complications. only one, but that was enough to send my levels of concern through the roof. what happened? well, the tail where i cut the tumor off, i had to cut through a bone. once i cut through it, i noticed that i had also cut through a vein. i was hoping that would clot. but unfortunately it did not, he bled like this, constantly for 40 mins. here's what it looked like, bleeding out i tried to apply pressure, but that didn't work. Alex suggested soda, but that too did not work, both ideas were tried multiple times but Leonidis was showing signs of weakening and i was very scared that i was losing him. please excuse my tired and frustrated tone. the superglue worked a treat and we managed to stop the bleeding immediately once it was applied. so, superglue will ALWAYS be at hand with every future surgery and here is the video from 1 hour after the last surgery of having applied the superglue to stop the bleed out. whilst he was under for that, i took the opportunity to remove more of the tumor from his body, we did really well. with the idea that the superglue would keep the tail fins together long enough for the tail to start naturally fusing together, i was a little bit disappointed to find that only later that day, it didn't hold as well as i expected. so, i thought, we will just accept the fact that Leonidis will now have a split tail and left it at that. i am just very thankful that it assisted in stopping the bleed out, otherwise he would have died. now, almost 4 weeks later, Leonidis is continuing to do very well and much to my surprise, the section from the tail is growing back as it was also, there is some growth in the dorsal too! and this time around, the regrowth on the body tumor seems to be slower than other times, so that's very comforting!.. here is his regrowth today once again, i would like to thank Koko for building such a wonderful site, Alex yet again, for being a good friend at the time of need (which is always ) and my friends here for just being you :heart ** please note, most of my videos are set to unlisted. my educational videos are made by myself to assist and help educate members of the kokosgoldfish.com community. before sharing on facebook or other websites, please ask my permission in a koko PM. thank you
  2. Hi all! I'm Kj and I'm SO thrilled to have found a forum full of people who are as obsessed with goldfish as I am. I need your suggestions, but first, some background: I have a 55 gallon tank that has been up for about 4 months. I have a 4 year old 3-inch red and white oranda (I think; he may be a red cap...) named Merlin and a 5-inch (or so) calico ryukin named Mike Doyle. I'm not sure Mike Doyle's age because he was a pretty recent rescue from my local fish store. I have had Merlin since he was a tiny chain store fishy. I also keep a couple of apple snails who don't seem to mind the aquarium salt (Marcia and Greg). Perhaps this link to view some photos would help: http://s1297.photobu...library/Fishies I would really appreciate some opinions from you all! I am looking to add a third (and probably final due to tank space) fancy to my family. Do you have any recommendations? I'm really pretty open to any goldie who looks different than Mike and Merlin. Thanks in advance for any and all replies!
  3. It's been a little bit, and I think they've definitely grown! Here are a few shots I took today of Speckle, Pickle, and Buttons (who I've started calling Mr. B!).....finally got some good ones! The three musketeers! Pickle says....HUH???? Got some really nice ones of Buttons and his cute lil face Mr. B look at you!!! Speckle says hello! Mr. B swimming along.... Not enough photos of me......HMPH!!!!
  4. So I decided to just make a slideshow with all the new photos since there are so many and I didn't feel like putting the watermark on and uploading each individual one. Plus I found a pretty song I wanted to use, so why not?! There's a link to the song in the description section of the video if you want to hear the whole thing. These photos were taken a few days ago; before I put the new decor in the tank.
  5. Hi everyone! First of all, wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making me feel so warmly welcomed here I love the community and everyone is so knowledgable and helpful! I'm writing today because my goldfish have started to change color. Nothing alarming - I read that this can happen a bit when they're babies. I would say mine are definitely under a year old, maybe even under 6mos. old. Buttons, my black moor, looks like he's starting to turn bronze. His belly scales are a shiny bronze, but he's getting some scales on his upper abdomen area that are bronze/metallic purple. They're really pretty, and his fins are totally normal (no rips, frays, holes, etc) and he isn't in distress. Is this normal? How long does it usually take them to change color? Speckle, my calico ryukin, has started to get some metallic silver scales where black spots used to be. Part of me wonders if the black wasn't just a burn healing, or maybe some other past injury/bruise, because the scale is like BRIGHT WHITE and shiny. It's just one right now but I can see others in the area that look like they're about to change. Neither fish has LOST scales, they just seem to be changing color. All of this happened in the past week or so. Is this good? Bad? Neither? What does it indicate, if anything? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys! I posted in the welcome board the other day with a picture of my 3 fishies. I was told by PetSmart (only got one there...other two came from a local pet store) that Speckle (pictured below) was a calico ryukin. She's definitely calico, but her tail is a lot longer than any of the ryukins I've seen so far....she is starting to get the "hump" but hers isn't nearly as pronounced as Pickle's. So....what is she? Besides a mystery
  7. ok, so, in light of the Fangster's good results with her fish, i decided to try and make an attempt to fix Mr. Disabled. John keeps telling me to leave him alone, but my techniques are non invasive, so why not so, here are the materials used: plain breeder box: placement of internal walls underside of the box, where the fishing line knots are, i have marked with black dots: video: trying to catch Mr Disabled
  8. took a vid a few days ago.. doesn't really show their excitement for a feed, but it's done and i felt like sharing just the same . pls excuse Mr Disabled's hoover moments.. he takes advantage of his disability at feeding time or shortly after and vacuums the floor.. because he can
  9. video is making changes.. but it's fully uploaded. will look different in about half an hour
  10. ok ok, yes, i have had a name change! loololololol... but not that you should really notice much, it only changed a little anyhow, some have requested in the past that i show my giants from above, best way to do that was to get the water level low to 15% capacity and climb in so, here we go:
  11. Yesterday I took some new photos of Clover, Callisto, Luca, and Felix in my 75 gallon tank. Here they are! This photo (below) is funny. The entire time there was Repashy gel food on this rock, Clover kept looking at it suspiciously and then swimming away. And now that the food is gone, he's finally picking at it. What a weirdo! They picked the Repashy rock clean! Luca swimming under Clover's tail. Luca looks like an alien life form on the surface of the moon in this photo! lolwut? "Maybe there's some food under the rock." -Clover Danger lurks... oh wait never mind, it's just Clover. What a creeper! lol Felix keeps trying to eat the plastic plant. Callisto is not the most graceful swimmer... "I'm ready for my glamor shots!" -Luca The end.
  12. i have taken a bunch of photos in these last few days and compiled them onto a youtube video please enjoy
  13. Now that Christmas is over, I've taken down all our Christmas decorations, including the aquarium ones! I put the fake bamboo plant back in the tank, and thought I would snap a few full-tank photos, since I haven't in a while. I've been cleaning the algae off all the surfaces except for the back glass pane, which is left for the nerites to clean. I must say, they don't do a very good job! I expected them to be better at cleaning up the algae, but that's okay. They're fun additions to the tank nevertheless. Plus a photo of my red spotted nerite traveling across the glass!
  14. My two little impulse buys are getting so big! Sharkie's back is already beginning to smooth out and orange peel is growing super fast. Sorry about some of grain and funky lighting. There isn't a light over this tank yet and despite my best efforts some tannins are still leaching from the diftwood. orangepeel! they literally never leave each others sides Sharkie's derpy dorsal. Another side shot of orange peel who is still wary of me, makes it hard to take pictures! "have you brought a offering of food?" Look at her kinky back smoothing out! Still unsure of what she's crossed with, although since putting on a little weight she looks a tad more ranchu-ish. "Not sure if I like you" And of course it wouldn't be a post without Kai! She has gotten taller yet again, especially compared to the picture in my sig. above shot! She'd look so lovely in a pond. Her head is slowly merging into her body more ERMAHGERD ALGAER Thanks for looking! c:
  15. Just some updated photos! Callisto showing off her tail! Trying to beat one-another to the imaginary food, lol. Clover top view. Callisto top view. Bumper boats! Tailgating... This is the wall they like to peck the algae off of. You can see the little bare spots from them pecking at it! El fin!
  16. So I finally decked out their tank to fit halloween coming up but I am silly and forgot to get a tank shot >_< I am really enjoying these lovelys and they still need names Thanks for looking
  17. I finally was able to get some ok macro shots of my little ones (: They are all in a 20 gallon going through some prazi treatments. Kiwi is my little Calico Pearlscale, she is super cute and I finally gave her a name (: She also likes to follow me around and is the least scared of my hands. Sunny is the baby Ranchu/Lionhead, I haven't sexed him but he is super cute, and I believe he is still going through a color change from his fry colors. I also don't know if he is a Lionchu or Ranchu, so he is my little wild card! Mushu is the little Ryukin, he is bigger than the other two, but he was hanging out at the top looking a little lethargic so I thought he could use a little time in QT. Ignore the dirtiness of the glass, I haven't been keeping up with cleaning it ): I thought this pic was kinda cool :3
  18. here is a short vid of my new babies.... dr.frekyll the calico ryukin, who is about 1 1/2 inches & my tiny black moor, as yet unnamed, who is about an inch long & can be quite difficult to find in the tank. sooo cute!!! currently in quarantine http://s1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee517/strangedays101/?action=view&current=03102012027.mp4
  19. These guys are too cute P.S sorry for bad quality forgot to put it in HD
  20. Here are 3 of my cuties 2 of them came from a good friend and memeber here Tundra The tele I got about a week and a half ago and boy is he/she tiny compared to these guys but not for long The 3 cuties in this tank are the only one who are going to be in this no more goldies in this tank I woant to give them as much space and growth room as possible They are going to be starting prazi treatment tomorrow My lovely Ryukin who is a gorgeous gale My lil tele and undure of gender lol My lovely lil Oranda who is also a girl lol Too cute!! Swimming :3 yay sand lol swimming with my friend I have a blue and black eye Such a noble gal She is a camera hog other side lol Mee next HI!!! I am so pretty :3 tehe lil cutie thank you:) nom Thanks for viewing
  21. I haven't taken any decent quality pics of Kai since I moved in to college so here are a few shots! Most are fairly boring and look the same but she was eating as it was the only way for her to stay still. Sorry about the watermarks but after having a few pictures stolen I don't want to take any chances, I tried to make them pretty at least. I'm pretty please with how Kai is growing, I'm hoping she'll develop more of a hump still, but she's getting quite the gut! Jazz hands~ Looking a bit more ryukin-ish perhaps? I absolutely love how she looks when viewed from above, she thought I was going to feed her. oh no! And here are three different shots illustrating movement of the mouth! Thanks for looking!
  22. this is probably the one of the worst video's i have ever taken.. lol.. i tried to add some music to it too. but i didn't like the choices.. this vid is so all over the place. there is no talking, just the sound of filters.. anyhow. here we go
  23. I borrowed a friend's macro lens to get these photos, can't wait to get one of these lenses of my own! The end. : )
  24. I got a DSLR camera for my birthday this month, and I've been taking lots of pictures and trying to figure out how to work this thing. lol Here are some of the better goldfish photos I got from today... Clover Callisto
  25. After deciding to QT Glados I needed to free up a ten gallon, which involved moving my little Kaiashirui into the big fish tank with Roosevelt until I return to college. I was extremely nervous because they are just SO different size wise, I thought she might hurt kai on accident. Luckily it seems they get along quite well, and Kai follows Roos everywhere! It's really endearing. But Since Kai has been on her feeding schedule she's seemed to gain some weight and looks larger (At least to me :rolf) Here's a little comparision! Before (somewhere in early july) After(today lol) Excuse the poo trail, which is nearly all sand LOL At this point I'm -fairly- certain she'll grow up to be a ryukin so fingers crossed! "whatchu lookin at bro" so far she's kept her calico! I love how she has some metallic scales and some matte "wheee" trying to imitate a tosakin eating a pellet out of the sand "get my good side!" "DISPENSE FOOD INTO MY FACEHOLE, GIANT!" "okay or not." Is that a tiny vent I spy? Thanks for looking! C:
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