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  1. i have taken a bunch of photos in these last few days and compiled them onto a youtube video please enjoy
  2. This fish does not cease to amaze me. I swear all the money in my pockets that although this fish is from the same store as (almost) all my other fish, he must be from a different source. 3" total length; 2.5" body length. And what a chunky little guy! Compared to Banana still obviously smaller, but he's catching up quickly. And I love the curve of his back in top view! And just as obligatory comparison Only five weeks ago (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Less than three months ago when I first got him
  3. My new guy has settled in! He really colored up and his blacks and blues have come out a lot more and he's a piggy! He's also the fastest fish at mealtime, who would've thought. Orange peel finally not as scared of me! wiggle GIVE US FOOD Lookit mah fins! Orange peel is getting longer! Sharkie looking rather shark-ie. -symmetry- I love how you can see his gills c: All white side! The driftwood cave stryker the BN pleco calls home. Sorry the pictures are dark! I didn't feel like editing.
  4. My two little impulse buys are getting so big! Sharkie's back is already beginning to smooth out and orange peel is growing super fast. Sorry about some of grain and funky lighting. There isn't a light over this tank yet and despite my best efforts some tannins are still leaching from the diftwood. orangepeel! they literally never leave each others sides Sharkie's derpy dorsal. Another side shot of orange peel who is still wary of me, makes it hard to take pictures! "have you brought a offering of food?" Look at her kinky back smoothing out! Still unsure of what she's crossed with, although since putting on a little weight she looks a tad more ranchu-ish. "Not sure if I like you" And of course it wouldn't be a post without Kai! She has gotten taller yet again, especially compared to the picture in my sig. above shot! She'd look so lovely in a pond. Her head is slowly merging into her body more ERMAHGERD ALGAER Thanks for looking! c:
  5. So my green water decided to disappear but on the bright side I decided to put in some decorations. I don't know if I will keep them in there. I kind of like the bare tank it is much easier to clean and stuff doesn't get stuck in between the decorations.
  6. I took a few pictures only of my orange fish today I hadn't realized how big Banana has gotten. Especially in comparison to Chibi, who is much older, but so much smaller. After all, I have Chibi for over three years now. And then last but not least, Bullet has changed so very much. All of them are ridiculous in their own way A ridiculously long Banana (durrhurr) and a ridiculously petite Chibi (I think I jinxed that fish with this name) The ridiculously fat Bullet. I don't even know what's going on there. What a chunky fish!
  7. So I'm working on the 55 gallon new design. I changed the background to black and I also got them a powerhead on the side. Goldzilla likes it, the other two aren't sure yet! but I'm planning on getting different plants for the aquarium, but as of now this is what it looks like! Before After (in the making) Also my little Pendleton is growing up so fast! he's getting so much orange so fast! Before After Last but not least Pendleton got a new buddy! I don't have a name for her yet, I've had her for a few weeks now but Pendleton is in LOVE with her! he doesn't like to leave her alone its kinda cute. When she gets annoyed of him she just squishes him, but you can tell he likes it She's huge! any ideas for names? Oh and they're both getting quarentined in the main tank since they both have never been treated!
  8. So a while back I went to my awesome LFS and asked if they ever sold baby Chu's. They said they usually get them in at 2+ inches so I gave up. Well, I walked in yesterday to find a tank of 4 adorable lionhead babies! I chose this cutie, because it was the least typical fish in the tank (: He also was the cutest. It will be so interesting to watch him grow! He still has his fry colors, with some yellow and orange shiny scales showing through. I also thought, he looked more like a Ranchu. Maybe he is a mix? I will find out when he is bigger (: Here he is! Sorry about the bad lighting. Oregon decided it was going to rain today for the first time I love it
  9. I finally was able to get some ok macro shots of my little ones (: They are all in a 20 gallon going through some prazi treatments. Kiwi is my little Calico Pearlscale, she is super cute and I finally gave her a name (: She also likes to follow me around and is the least scared of my hands. Sunny is the baby Ranchu/Lionhead, I haven't sexed him but he is super cute, and I believe he is still going through a color change from his fry colors. I also don't know if he is a Lionchu or Ranchu, so he is my little wild card! Mushu is the little Ryukin, he is bigger than the other two, but he was hanging out at the top looking a little lethargic so I thought he could use a little time in QT. Ignore the dirtiness of the glass, I haven't been keeping up with cleaning it ): I thought this pic was kinda cool :3
  10. Very exciting! Been waiting like 4 weeks for a friend of the tank builder to build a stand, but heading to Aussie in 3 weeks, was sick of having being ignored and needed the tank set up NOW. So we improvised. It's probably just temporary til we can find something better. Gunna be a lot of photos in this topic. Filling! And the boys! I've been having issues with water quality recently, so yes we have streaky and ripped fins. Hopefully that'll be sorted out now. Jack! And Doc Next up, the Chus~
  11. Anyone have experience with this online vender? Feedback is good but a few months after you buy a fish is sort of the important part, you know? So far he or she has been more than accommodating in responses about plants and future ranchu purchases.
  12. Since many of you have been asking about my little Blondie I wanted to show you some pics of her from today with her buddies in the 85Gal. She has been back in there for almost a month now and is doing wonderful! (Pixel is out on a 'fattening' diet and should also join back in a few weeks time) For those of you who don't know Blondie's story. I basically found her C-shaped, all fins gone (probably eaten by the tank mates), dropsied like a golfball (she looked like she was about to explode), basically waiting to die, about 9months ago. So I took her out and put her in a warm, shallow tub of water and wanted to put her to sleep the next morning. What happened is that while i was feeding the other goldfish, my fiancé mentioned that she was responding to my presence (even if she was C-shaped on the floor she was sort of wobbling around). So I cupped her in my hand and fed her a few tiny crumbs of MMs. I did this every few hours for the next few days. I then woke up one morning and she was deflated and swimming! She finished her entire course of MMs and then I kept her separated all this time, first to grow back all her fins, then to fatten her up, then to make sure she had a strong immunity. So she lived alone, with a plant buddy for about 9 months in a 30Gal tub. She is such a cutie, and a real fighter! (she is the mini sized ranchu!) (with her buddies Einstein (oranda) and SW (veil)) *stupid photobucket! It is refusing to upload a few other pics! I will just post those later.
  13. <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN1673.mp4"> The unboxing! <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN1674.mp4"> Tilty Chu is happily swimming around after being released into the wild (: There is no sign of breeding stars so I think I can safely call her a girl! I am still thinking her name is going to be Fio from Porco Rosso After a day of relaxing for her, tomorrow she will start with salt and prazi. Her fins are frayed, I am sure she was picked on but now she gets to heal and adjust to Oregon water in solitude (:
  14. Hi everyone! I've been so busy lately (house renovations, mainly roofing problems) I've hardly been online lately... But I just wanted to share the little girl I got at my LFS today!!! She's a Calico Ranchu - my biggest goldie, measuring about 3.5" long. Her name's Nemo because one of her pectoral fins is small, birth defect I guess... Still she's so cute! Look at those chubby cheeks! This was on our way home... This is his little pec fin... And his normal pec fin What do you think of the new baby? Thanks for looking!
  15. this is probably the one of the worst video's i have ever taken.. lol.. i tried to add some music to it too. but i didn't like the choices.. this vid is so all over the place. there is no talking, just the sound of filters.. anyhow. here we go
  16. Put in another guy in from the pond into the tank.
  17. Boyfriend says I can have her!!! http://www.raingarden.us/8731c.JPG I think she is just the cutest thing! I have been wanting her since she was posted last month! I get her! No more fish till I get the 65 MY FISH. Don't steal her ):
  18. I have a panda and a white telescope fish and now that they are getting bigger in their 55 I want to add another fish! At first I thought that orandas and ranchus were totally weird and ugly but recently I have found myself admiring them. So I guess my question is which one should I get? Why? What are some different characteristics of both? Do they have different maintenance levels? Different environmental hazards? It won't be for a while that I can get one, because ideally I would like to buy it directly from a breeder so I have to save up!
  19. Hi Kokos members, I'm sort of new here but here are some photos of my fish. I did not know how to QT properly (I thought I did!) and recently lost my entire ranchu stock I started over, and these are my 2 most fish in proper QT. There are 3 others that are in my main tank now, which is fully established and they went through QT as well. As sad as I am/was at losing my ranchu, I am excited about my new fish and feel so much more prepared after researching through this forum and getting my questions answered by the awesome members so THANK YOU SO MUCH! And the best for last So again thank you everyone. I feel so confident going forward and I learn more all the time. Any advice on keeping the black on my new oranda?
  20. I got another light on the tank for my upcoming Bday. So here are some clear photos Enjoy! More coming
  21. some pics i took last night thanks for looking
  22. we had earth tremors here, many of them, so i decided to shift all the new guys in qt to a safer tub with a cork base until the tremors were over. took the opportunity for a photoshoot (as you would during these horrid times! ) she's actually my tallest in height: (ryukin ppl get what i am saying ) this one has that beautiful blue shining through as calico's should here is my confirmed male.. he had breeding stars when i got him. i've not checked genders for the others, just the big one looks like a girl.. and the new chu joined their qt and will remain with them until they enter the main tank: (he's such a sweetie ) they're all doing really really well :heart thanks for looking
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