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  1. New East Coast Ranchus eating some bloodworms with their Pearlscale tank mates. One more week till they are moved to their new, permanent home. The video is a week old, they actually seem to have grown a little since this video, I'll need to weigh them again to see.
  2. Video of my pond this afternoon. It's 95degrees water is at 85degrees. Fish are happy so am I lol. It amazes me how they can handle a wide range in temperature outside and how much they grow outside. I'm already planning on building a bigger pond next year for them possibly adding a koi or two in there as well. I'm guessing it will roughly be around 3,000-5,000gallons. Wife doesn't like the idea , but oh well lol
  3. Not posted much on my two lately, they have grown alot in the 10 or so months i've had them. Fishler the oranda in particular is massive now, he has overtaken thunder as the biggest and is a massive food hog. Im prety sure the're both girls as well, but any opinions would be good to hear. Tank is basically the same, Ive removed three of the containers at the back containing the vallis at the back to give them more swimming room, may also remove 1 of the bowls in time for the same reason. They do act totally different when im not there, or when they think im not there, they are constantly at the front when im there looking for a feeding. But when im not there they get up into the plants etc, there favourite trick at the moment is removing all the gravel from inside the bowls, I have to put a few handfuls back in each week into the bowls, so gives you an idea how much gravel they can shift. Im feeding Hikari Saki pellets, soaked for 10mins or so in the vid. They also get repashy soilent green, bloodworms, peas and greens, plus plants in the tank. And when I first got them for size comparison lol.
  4. available in 1080HD sorry about the music, i got tired of all the selection & ended up just picking anything.
  5. Finally got around to taking pictures of my cute ranchu from East Coast Ranchu. They are doing so well and are going out in the pond soon! the pictures are a bit poor because I don't have my preferred image editing software on this computer. The bf chose WWII plane names as the theme for these guys! First off the sakura! I've named him Spitfire He has amazing colors and already quite a wen! The soon to be lemonhead: Bearcat He has the best chubby cheeks and a fantastic topline. After I picked him out me and Cynthia noticed he had a little antennae on his caudal that is nearly invisible from above. I wanted him regardless, he's just too perfect! And last but not least, the calico Zero He is much shyer than the others in front of the camera but he has the coolest markings for a calico, plus he's a full matte which I just love. He doesn't have a ridiculous amount of wen like the others but he's going to grow to be a stunner I'm sure. I also want to take the time to thank cynthia from east coast ranchu for being so kind to let me into her home to choose my fish. It was probably the best buying experience I could've had and seeing the excellent health and conditions her fish are kept in is really refreshing. I'll be posting an in depth review of her on my fish blog (on tumblr) if anyone is interested.Thanks for looking guys!
  6. Please move this if not in correct section. I did not know where to put it. I set up my 55gal two weekends ago with a AC70 and have been deciding what second filter to add. I ended up getting a AC110 because I felt it was the best bang for the buck. I wanted a canister, but couldn't afford it right now since our basement is flooding. The AC110 was on sale for $64 via amazon. I'm digressing. My one ranchu, Skittles, HATES the current and is just chilling at the top of the tank. I baffled the current before bed last night with some filter floss I placed where the waterfall comes out of the filter. If I'm sitting in front of the tank visiting the fish he swims all over begging for food, but if I'm looking from afar Skittles is still hangin at the top. Sometimes, he will purposefully go down and swim thru the waterfall kind of sideways, like he is playing. Does anyone have any ideas how I can further baffle the filter? I don't why it doesn't bother the other 2 ranchus but he can't handle it. BTW when they were in QT I had a too big filter in there and he did the same thing and I had to remove the filter and do water changes 2x/day. He is a little wimpy. I would really appreciate any ideas because I don't really know what to do.
  7. So over the last couple of days I've been rearranging and attempting to clean my tank of algae/diatoms. So, since it's once again looking presentable, I thought I'd share a few pictures! Everything has been rearranged, a lot of pruning has taken place. Baby java fern that have grown off the adults have been dotted about the tank, plants have been cleaned to the best of my ability, nerites added, and I'm now awaiting lots of new plants that should be arriving in the next couple of days A shot of one of the nerites, and moustache couldn't help but get involved And it appears that someone may like the hair grass...tut tut
  8. Look what came in the mail today... I am beyond excited, and wanted to share with you a sneak peak. They won't be ready for public presentation for a few more weeks. Thanks, Cynthia! I did take a bunch of pics today, but was too lazy to bring out extra lighting, so while the pics were nice and clear, they were too dark. I'll try again tomorrow to update you with my ryukins. Thank you for looking, and wish us luck!
  9. Well, after taking time off with the move of bacteria from my 10 gallon, he goes my 55 gallon! The fish are doing great for days now and have good results on ammonia and nirates. Off to a smooth start! I'm planning on adding substate and etc in a few weeks or two. I got both of these guys from a bad quality LFS for $5 and they both had ick. Guess they're better now... Got this ryukin a few months ago from a local Wal-mart. Couldn't let him go. Both of these guys I got last week from a quality LFS. The ranchu is only an inch long and is already showing wen growth. And finnaly my new 55 gallon tank. (I'll be adding another filter soon) -KK
  10. ok, so feeding was for the first minute or so..then i got carried away and babbled for another 10 mins.. sowwy.. bonus vid - neurotic pearlscale FEEDME dance.. compliments of Ms Piggy
  11. Just a quick video of the current 55 crew which is always always changing. I swapped out orange peel for Hoshi and Roos is now fat and happy again and can rest in the plants like she loves to do. Soon Hoshi and Sharkie are going out with the others once I get home from school. Everyone is getting so big!
  12. Hi guys I've got a webcam next to my tank, and I'm livestreaming quite often, so I decided to post it on here This is the livestream It's on right now. I hope you guys like it! ^_^
  13. Raichu and my black and white ranchu spawned tonight. The black male oranda and tiger oranda were trying to contribute as well so I hand spawned them in my 10 gallon tub with the rest of the females eggs. It looks as if there are already eyes. There are so many eggs that some are stuck together in clumps. This time the temp is higher and the airstone has been running the whole time. I hope they don't all fungus again. I can't find the blue stuff to prevent it and I'm worried since many are stuck together. I also got some pearlscale milt in there. If they hatch out maybe well get some interesting fry
  14. Hi guys! I've been struggling with a problem for quite some time now - my ranchu gasps for air after I feed her, and starts floating after that. Her poo is also filled with bubbles. When I fast her for a few days, she will stop floating and gasping. I've tried different kinds of food - all kinds of pellets and gelfood. But nothing really seems to help - although it looks like she gasps a tad less when I added salt to the tank. The pH of the water is 8 I believe, so does the tap water. The tap water has no ammonia or nitrite, but I don't know the nitrates. There's also no ammonia and nitrite in the tank water The tank is 49 gallons and I've added 0.2% of salt. I don't use any kind of conditioner, since that isn't necessary because there is no chlorine and other evil stuff in my tap water. The water temperature is 21.5 degrees Celcius (70.7 degrees Fahrenheit). I do a 50% water change two times a week. The last water change I did was yesterday. There are two fish in my tank - my fantail and the ranchu. I don't see anything unusual about my ranchu, except for the floating and gasping.. I was wondering if anyone knows what can cause the gasping - I've checked the gills with my microscope already, but I couldn't find any parasites or something. Thanks in advance, Ute
  15. In a way, I saved my very favorite types of goldfish to be updated last. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to cooperate tonight, so the pictures are less than stellar. In any case, these are the ranchu and orandas in my keeping. Here's the lone ranchu in the bunch. He's the mellowest guy of the the group by far. My red cap. The oldest oranda, and the 2nd oldest fish. Her cap is heart shaped. My tiger oranda. There is so much wen on this one. Chocolate/brown oranda. He's a recent acquisition from DO. As is this black oranda. Thank you for looking!
  16. Hey guys and gals. It has been a while since I've been on here. I have some bad news for those who new my fish. My big black oranda died! Why? I have no idea....Woke up he was fine and when I came back from work he was dead. Then I lost my red and white lionhead last week due to dropsy. So I have three guys left and they have gotten slightly bigger.
  17. took a vid a few days ago.. doesn't really show their excitement for a feed, but it's done and i felt like sharing just the same . pls excuse Mr Disabled's hoover moments.. he takes advantage of his disability at feeding time or shortly after and vacuums the floor.. because he can
  18. video is making changes.. but it's fully uploaded. will look different in about half an hour
  19. Figured it was time to get some new photos of my little baby fish, who aren't so baby any more. They've stayed small for ages and then in the last month or so have doubled in size. Sei! Who's I'm 80% sure is a girl now. Was hoping for a boy This makes me lol so hard: Minke! Secretly my favourite, and another girl. And this is Pod, sadly he's not doing as well as the others - he has a deformed mouth and can't eat so well and I have no patience to give him special treatment just at the moment... And this is Damon, who is an oranda baby, one of Sam and Dean's fry. Took ages to change colour, but finally got there XD Thanks for looking~!
  20. ok ok, yes, i have had a name change! loololololol... but not that you should really notice much, it only changed a little anyhow, some have requested in the past that i show my giants from above, best way to do that was to get the water level low to 15% capacity and climb in so, here we go:
  21. I got everyone into the 55 and quickly discovered the lights were much stronger allowing for much better pictures! So I went on a spree and that's why there are a lot of photos. Roosevelt, looking rotund as ever and still holding her color really well for a fish that just turned 4 years (in my care). Cider, who has been getting rounder and rounder. I can't help but wonder if she's from the same distributor/breeder as Roos because the crowned pearlies they get often have smaller wens. Ushi, the pearlie I found at a nonchain petstore and had to save! I believe he has what DO calls a "blue ridge" coloration, due to the underlying blue color running down his spine. Sharkie, the slightly stunted ranchu reject that spent months in petsmart before I caved and bought her. Orange Peel, the 13 cent comet And some miscellaneous shots. this was blurry but I still love it! first snail to move in! I got a small nerite free because he hitch hiked. Entire tank shot! thanks for looking c:
  22. Crumpler - 2013-01-10 Nortface - 2013-01-10 Kwek-Kwek - 2013-01-10
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