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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys, I tried using my new python water changer for the first time yesterday, and it worked great (so much better than buckets), but I wasn't sure what to do with the water conditioner. If I add it before refilling the tank, will it mix with the new water and dechlorinate it? or will it react with the air and not work on the new water? If I add it after the water change, could the brief exposure to chlorine mess up my cycle? In both of these scenarios the fish would be out of the tank for the change, of course :3. How do other people here manage conditioner with python changers? I'm thinking there must be some obvious method that I'm not thinking of. Thanks!
  2. I just got my new python fitted to my kitchen sink. Yay!! I had to go back to the hardware store three times, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Before I use it, is there any need to disinfect the python before use?
  3. Wow, I just got a notification email from Amazon saying the Aqueon 50 ft water changer is marked down from $72 to $43.06 with free shipping! The 25 ft is also marked down, just not as steeply. I decided against buying a water changer simply for the water usage, but this would be a great deal for someone who needs a 50 footer!! Or hmm, maybe I should consider it just for refilling...
  4. Hi Everyone, Question: I have a conventional gravel vacuum (syphon). It is really short so I wanted to get an extension. All I could find is the Python extension (attaches to sink). Will this hook up to a regular syphon hose?
  5. Hey can someone give me some advice? I have one python and will soon have two 55 gallon tanks. I currently have fish in QT with salt and Prazi and have been using buckets and a hand held siphon (old school) because I do not want my current tank to get a fluke (or any other nasty) outbreak. Will I eventually (or now) use one python for both tanks? I am afraid of any cross contamination. Is there a way to disinfect it so I can use it on both tanks? Can flukes stick to plastic? I do a lot of water changes (sometimes 3 times a week) and do not want to bleach it between tanks. Or am I going to have to break down and buy another? Advise is appreciated!
  6. Ok so quick a short story. I moved into a new house and found out that my 80 gal tank was close anough to a water source to buy and use a Python water changer. So a did and it was great but soon after I had to move back to another hose and my tank was far from a water source. So I huffed water to and from the tank making it a very time consuming manually difficult task. (not to mention the water I would spill along the way ) But now I have found a way to fix that problem. If you find your self in the same problem just follow the step by step directions below and stop toting that water. Note I have a Aqueon water changer and am not sure if the "python" has the same connections. First what you will need. An Aqueon water changer (mine was the 25 foot) http://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-Aquarium-Water-Changer-Feet/dp/B000YAJKL6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373919333&sr=8-1&keywords=water+changer A Water hose with standard connections (I got this) http://www.amazon.com/Rumford-Gardener-75-Feet-Expanding-Hose/dp/B00AE23LDC/ref=pd_sim_lg_7 A sink adapter (if your sink has inside fine threads like mine if not you may not need this) http://www.amazon.com/Lees-Ultimate-Faucet-Adapter-Metal/dp/B0002APTXG/ref=sr_1_5?s=kitchen-bath&ie=UTF8&qid=1373919867&sr=1-5&keywords=sink+water+hose+adapter or http://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-6093-06093-Faucet-Adaptor/dp/B00176B01Y/ref=pd_sim_petsupplies_1 Ok so now how this works. 1) Attach the sink adapter to female end of water hose then attach to sink. (if the adapter is not needed skip this step) 2) Remove water control valve from the sink assembly and place at male end of the water hose (note you may need to place an extra rubber O-ring in the water control valve for water tight fit.) 3) Place the Aqueon sink water flow adapter on the water cutoff valve you just placed on the male end on the hose. You now have the refill assembly complete For the water removal you can still use the water changer syphon to pump water out a window (this is what I done) or you can remove the flow adapter and connect the tubing to the water hose and use the added length to extend how far the water can travel to place out a door or bridge the gap between a second floor window and the ground. Hope this helps I got the 75' hose for 19.99 and the sink adapter for 3.50 for a total of $22.49 I needed an extra 60' so if I got the Aqueon exertions I would have needed 3 at around $20-25 a piece for a total of $60-75.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm looking into getting either a 40 gallon or a 50-55 gallon, all the planning is going well except one thing. I know a lot of you guys out there, when it comes to water changes, your just like "oh yeah I've just got my python so I just flick the switch turn the tap on, add some prime, done!" Lol. I wish I could do that but the problem is: all my taps don't have things to unscrew, their just one solid thing that runs water, ill add some picks if you don't know what I mean. So all you guys who don't have Pythons or Aqueon water changers (particularly Aussies) how do you do your water changes? Also if you do know a way to work pythons or Aqueon water changers on taps that don't have unscrew able caps PLZ!! Let me know
  8. So I was finally ready to shell out $60 for a Python water changer, and then my dad tells me that the last remaining Python-compatible faucet on the same floor as my tank is going to be replaced by a non-compatible one. I just got a 60gal about a month ago and I can't keep doing water changes with buckets because I can't lift them without hurting myself. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could at least eliminate the lifting-the-buckets above-my-head part? A way to adapt the Python to a sink, a way to siphon water from the bucket on the floor into the tank, etc?
  9. Did another water change last night with my new Python. I hope whoever invented Pythons made a bazillion dollars and retired happy, because it's just about the greatest invention I've ever encountered in the aquatic world. I think back to the "olden days" of fishkeeping when I lugged buckets from bathtub to tank and back again, and started siphons by sucking on the tubing (often getting a mouthful of dirty tank water in the process, yuck!) and I just shudder. Never again will I be without my trusty Python by my side. Astro and Hula are done with their QT and are thriving. The two of them seem to like each other a lot -- they're rarely apart in the tank, but instead swim almost everywhere together. Astro (the calico butterfly) has a teeny bit of wen on his head, and it seems to be yellowing. I think it must be the New Life Spectrum that I'm feeding them. I don't mind it, since he's a calico, but if he was solid white I'd be ordering some Pro-Gold pretty darn quick. Pro-Gold has never discolored my fish, and I like white fish to be white-white-white. But anything looks good on a calico, you know? Speaking of calicos, this ranchu just bowled me over when I saw it listed for auction last night. The black fins and the vivid red coloration are way beyond stunning. Whoever bought this fish is lucky indeed. I need to take updated pics of my fish already -- they've grown! Hula's bubbles are mostly orange now, and they're noticeably bigger. And Astro is beefing up and getting a nice big tummy. It's amazing what plenty of food and good clean water can do, isn't it?
  10. Ok, so many of you had tried to teach me how to make something like a Python on my own...But I'm going to be honest - I suck at DIY stuff. I get bored, agitated and tend to take shortcuts and everything falls apart and I throw in the towel. So when my mum offered me $200 to spend on whatever I needed for the fish... I got on Ebay and ordered myself a python. Being in Australia the shipping cost more than the python itself... But I just used it for the first time and it's brilliant! No more messy lugging buckets or getting someone to hold the hose while I run to turn it off. And I don't need to worry about whatever might be lurking in the hose. It did take me a little bit to get the hang of it, I accidentally blocked it up with gravel at one stage But once I got in the swing of things the water change went so so much faster. I think this is one of the most worthwhile investments I've made for my goldies x3 (and it will be a huge help for my axolotl tank too! I had actually being considering rehoming him because I was finding it so hard keeping up with two large tanks, Now, no worries x3)
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