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  1. Hi everyone! For the past year I have been designing a pond, and now that Spring is finally here I am almost ready to start digging! Before I grab my shovel, there is one last really important step of my plan that I need to nail down. What filter/pump should I use? The pond is roughly 1800 gallons, and I need something cheap but good quality. I have seen loads of relatively cheap pumps online, but I really don't want to invest in something that is going to leak all over the place the week after I instal it. Any suggestions? Thanks, -Cyprinidae
  2. Finally have a chance to post updates on things! I recently put in a pond I've wanted one for ages but wasn't sure quite how to go about it/whether I was allowed/couldn't afford it. But I finally sorted things out and here we have it Tis 750L / 200 gal and currently houses my four largest orandas. I have 2 baby shubs to go in there as well but they're so tiny at the moment they'd be eaten. The filter's not finished yet as one of the people I was buying media off has been making life difficult. Hopefully will have that sorted this weekend. Anyways, photos! Sitting on the driveway the day it arrived, Filling up after a couple days worth of digging, levelling, and more digging How it looked for a couple weeks while I left it to stabilize The electric cable will go underground at some point. Closeup of the filter, as it was at the time. It's changed a bit now and will change again before it's done. I seeded the limited media is does have with BBs from my inside tanks and have been testing the water and doing waterchanges accordingly. No problems so far! Fishies Aaaand how it looks now, a month later! I should point out the duckweed didn't multiply that much on it's own, I added more. The extra pipe propped up on the brick came from a flaw in the plans, but as it happens it creates better circulation and the fish like it so I'm gunna see if I can find a way to keep it without it looking so odd lol Thanks for looking~
  3. Hello all that might be interested I wish I could say I am a proud pondee (hmm, what is the correct term?) and a proud goldfish caretaker, but as I am so freshly new to this stuff I still cant. But I think happy, intrigued, intrested and a bit scared would be correct words. (i just joined yesterday, as one of my goldies got some white spots.. ehwell - so it begins... But here is a happier (hopefully) topic - the "showmeyours" one...) So it goes. Renovating a house. And an architect (a good friend) said that a pond (ok - maybe you'll tell me what to call it) would be lovely in the garden. And so - it was built. Only afterwards I started to get more interested in the complicated affair that is pond keeping. At first I didn't even think of the fish. Just a little water motif to liven up the garden. But then I started browsing around. First the plants and all the possibilities. I am not a very artistic type - so I can't seem to make things aestetically pleasant by using same plants. So I ordered around 10 different - one of each and planting began. I though I would leave it like that till next year, before I put any fish in (I still haven't moved there, so that would be easyer and it would be wiser and it would give a pond its time to establish. But, of course, the mosquitoes came (and they came big!). And I really didn't want to supply the whole neighborhood with thousands of them, so - the first settlers came. Way to early - the pond was only a month old (but water measurements (i know, i know - strip) didn't show anything drastic, so I felt kindda assured they would be ok. Only after a first purchase, I started reading more about goldfish. And a whole new world opened up. And wau, was this world large. And confusing. And interesting. And beautifull. And seemed sooooo complicated! .. okok enough already! Back to the water. So here is the basic. A rectangular inground pond. Cca measurements 2,5m x 1,7m x 1m. Oase 5500 pump in the corner, going through 11W UV lamp to a 30cm waterfall that is falling to an immersed waterbed (a couple of cm out of the water) filled with gravel and plants - that is hoped to work as a filter (any ideas - will it?) There is another submered "waterbed" on the other side (cca 30cm below the surface) with submersed plants. And a lilly - that is not growing that well.... And of course - some pictures. All taken with phone, it shows on quality. There are also two of the fish that developed a couple of small glittery spots. And a couple of whiter scales on the sides that look like they are harmless, just not orange...) http://s1064.photobucket.com/albums/u380/njubee/ Ok, now I really will stop. Hopefully I didn't bore you to death, but on the other hand - I didn't make you read all of the above And have a nice weekend!
  4. Hi guys~ Now, I already wrote this post out once and managed to lose it, so I apologise if I forget anything important. Recently I've been very keen on building/buying a pond, mainly for my 4 larger oranda, but I would like extra space for my other fish as they get bigger, and new fish too. I was originally looking at a 200 gallon stock tub, but have since moved onto an inground lined pond. Una and the other lovely ladies on Chat have been helping me with the basics, but as our climates are completely different they've advised me to ask for other opinions. Mainly on how deep my pond needs to be. I intend to leave them out all year if I can. So first up, some information on the climate in Canterbury. In winter we have an overnight temperature of between -3 - +5 C (26.6 - 41 F). It's often frosty but will thaw by 10 or 11 am. Any ice that appears on the duck pond will also melt by then and will never be more that 1/2 inch thick on the stationary water. The slow moving water in the stream doesn't freeze. During the day the temperature is around 7 - 14 C (44.6 - 57.2 F) and does tend do be sunny, unless it's raining of course. If we're lucky we will get one or two small snows a year, and they will melt in two days. Summer is a bit different. During the day there's an average temp of 23 C (73.4), but gets to 33 C (91.4 F). However our sun is very intense and tends to heat the duck pond and other closed water systems to the point the water is hot to touch (I will try get some measurements of this on Thursday. It's decided to be overcast today) It is of course much cooler in the shade, but the only trees in the area I can build the pond are upright and provide NO shade from the high summer sun which is directly overhead. They would, however, block the lower hanging winter sun and increase the thaw time of any ice significantly X__X I intend to plant a more suitable tree (and some pond edging plants) for shade once the pond is in, but it of course will take a while to grow. In the meantime I can rig up some temporary shade, I would still be happier knowing my fish were safe every time the wind decided to blow everything over. So my question here is, how deep does my pond need to be to stop it freezing the fish in winter, and cooking them in summer? I was looking at 3 feet in the deepest part, but if I can get away with a shallower one that would be great.
  5. Here they are! I recently have rehomed my large orandas to a local school that works with autistic and special needs children like I do. Most of the children in this school have severe behavioral issues that don't allow for regular school to work for them. One amazing science teacher contacted me about fish for his pond - He wanted some big ones. I decided to sell him the large ones at a discounted price and donated just as many. Here is the result. The 300 gallon pond/aquaponics system. The kids get to test the water, feed the fish, and observe the pond in the science classroom as rewards for good behavior. He has done an awesome job at so many things and the smaller fish I gave him are growing fast. He taught them about the nitrogen cycle, clean water, varied diet, etc. It's nice to know that I can visit them still and that they are part of something so wonderful. Here is a video for anyone who is interested
  6. I am very excited to say that I have gotten the ok to build an above ground pond at my Grandmothers house in San Diego. I will be moving back there in the very beginning of January and renting a room from her. This month will be all about the planning of the pond. Next month will be about acquiring all my supplies (: I have some preliminary planning to do. I am planning to build a stock tank pond with either a 150 gallon Rubbermaid, a 160 gallon Tuff Stuff, or a 250 gallon Laguna. Obviously my first pick is the 250 gallon, or the 160 gallon, but the rubbermaid is a fall back and I know that is something I can readily get. (There is a 90 dollar Laguna basin that is KILLING me cause it is too far away >.< ) I will be trying to get the 250 gallons, if possible. If not I will see if I can't special order the 160 gallon from Tractor Supply. But for these questions, assume I will be using the 150 gallon rubbermaid. Here are my preliminary questions... I have been reading the pond forum all night! My first question is about the San Diego weather. It has made it to 115F in the area I will be living in. This will be a fancy goldfish pond, and needs to be able to hold 5-7 fancies. They are ryukin, orandas, ranchu, and lionheads (possibly). What affect will the heat have on the pond and fish? I am going to be trying to put it somewhere it will get shade. How long does it need to be in the sun, if at all? If it was in mostly shade would that affect algae growth? This will affect the placement of the pond. Also, during the winter it can get into the 30's at night. Should I be worried about the pond freezing at all? If so, will the moving water prevent that? What size tub would the filtration have to be in? I have seen some conflicting answers. I have seen some threads say 10% of the ponds capacity, and some others saying it could be less, because the 10% is the standard for koi. I remember reading that the pond needs to be filtered 2-3 times over per hour. Is that correct? If not how much should the filter turn over? I will be building one similar to the examples posted by Shakaho. I just want to make sure I have my info correct before I start planning the design of the filter (: What are the stocking levels, and what kind of work am I going to be looking at doing with my current stocking prediction? I can easily change 10% a week, even more if needed. We have lots of plants that would looove to have fish water. If the 150 gallon is not suitable, what would be an appropriate stocking level for it? I might have more questions, but those are probably going to be more on the mechanics of the pond. All I know is I am super excited and when I get excited I become impatient and miss tons of details So thank you in advance for reading (:
  7. Hello there i have 3 400 Litre Plastic troughs that i am wanting to use as ponds for baby orandas.How many orandas that are about 3cms long Could i put in each pond.I am planning on getting them to around 8-10Cm within one year thanks
  8. I was wondering I have a half a wine barrel and my hardware store sells preformed liners for them .could I use this as a pond for my Goldie's and if so what pump should I get and what's a good stocking limit
  9. I have two little commons/comets from petco who are doing marvelously. They are getting bigger and healthier every day. Unfortunately, I won't be able to keep them when they get bigger. I only want the best for them, and I can't make a pond ): So I was wondering, what age or size do they usually go into ponds? They look like they will end up being commons, but I don't know exactly which they are.
  10. I am currently working on designing a pond for my yard! Right now I have a 8x6 irregular shaped design, it is 3.5 ft deep in the middle: Does anyone on here LOVE math, and want to calculate the gallons for this thing?! XD I think I will go to the math forum and ask volume calculation of irregular objects is really not my area. It has a raised edge, but it will not be filled to the top of the raised edge, it is really just to make it harder for animals to fish, and to redirect runoff. If I have enough space I would like to put in koi, but maybe I will stick to a whole bunch of goldfish! I did not place a filter or aerator in my design sketch, but they will be there. the weird looking rectangles on the right are painted cinderblock hideouts. I am trying to make it as "raccoon proof" as possible (more here) Any ideas? Improvements? This will be really fun to dig!
  11. Here is a short video of my pond now that it's green water free
  12. I think everyone will enjoy these pictures because it is not very common to witness schooling goldfish. My 80’ x 60’ pond started with 100 “feeder fish” about eight years ago and predation is via Great Blue Heron, Kingfisher and on occasion, an Osprey. The water is fresh and clean and fed by well-water, and I stopped using any chemicals and filtration about 5 or 6 years ago. I do have a water recirculator running 24/7. This is the very first time that the goldfish have schooled; they finished spawning, which took about one month, recently. I took these pictures on Monday, 21 May 2012. They swam in-place with their tails down and heads up. As you can tell by the pictures the sun was not yet up. I took pictures and watched for approximately 1-1/2 hours and they eventually disbanded. I realize this is not often witnessed and only happens when the pond population reaches a certain size and the goldfish are happy and healthy! The larger females you see in the pictures are anywhere between 12” and 24” long. They are all common goldfish; no Koi. The smaller fish “schooled” the following day and I assume are below the surface hiding from this mob. This proves that “age” has nothing to do with the schooling instinct, but if you are a tiny fish-fry, you don’t want to hang out with the big-guys and get eaten! The solid black fish are a different species but they are schooling with the goldfish. If you want more pictures posted or further information, please contact me. NOTE: I DON'T SEE THE BOX TO UPLOAD PICTURES...
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