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  1. I'm very interested in plants and their role in the aquarium. We say that fast-growing plants adsorb nitrate, but how much? How much do anubias adsorb? I want to know. So I'm thinking about doing a long-term experiment comparing a tank with plants to a tank with no plants. My biggest personal challenge is that I have to make space in the home for the tanks. Please read my idea and give feedback. I don't want to go through this unless the experiment sounds like it will be beneficial. My plan is to buy two identical 3 to 5 gallon tank kits with decent lighting. Right now, I'm leaning toward these: http://www.petsmart....%26amp%3B+Bowls I'd put an apple or mystery snail in each tank. In one tank, there would be no plants. In the other tank, I would add various plants. I would test the parameters of both tanks weekly to see if there are differences. I'd also like to test oxygen levels if that's not too difficult or expensive. I would try different plants for two months at a time -- one month dosing with fertilizers and a month with just the plant. Only one tank would have a plant, and I would be looking at the impact of the plant on water quality, not the growth of the plant. I would also watch the growth of the snails, but I'm mostly curious if plants really help with nitrates or the other things we test for. My questions are, is a single apple/mystery snail enough of a bioload in a 5.5 gallon tank? More space is better, but if the snails' load isn't enough to warrant a weekly water change, then I don't know if I could detect differences in parameters. Would a 3 gallon tank be better? Would a different animal be better? I would probably run the 5.5 with a slightly low water level. I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts and advice on this. Thanks!!
  2. Went to go get some Prime from Petsmart and of course when you're there you have to come home with new stuff - especially if you're feeling depressed (my kind of chocolate. lol). So we got the prime and flourish from Petsmart and got some fluorescent bulb that I later found out is broke, got a baffle for the filter (thanks Koko) and then we went to Petco for plants. We ended up getting another piece of black lava rock and some wisteria. Pics to come... Oh, and everyone is fine. Thanks to everyone who helped, you know who you are
  3. I eventually want to add plants and decorations to this tank. But I have no idea as to what. I do want plants that are easy to maintain. What plants do you think would look good in this tank? I've never seen a planted tank in person thus I'm having a hard time picturing something. Currently only the light on the left is working btw.
  4. Anyone have experience with this online vender? Feedback is good but a few months after you buy a fish is sort of the important part, you know? So far he or she has been more than accommodating in responses about plants and future ranchu purchases.
  5. I am trying to find an economic solution for lighting for the plants I am trying to get, mainly, ludwigia and cabomba palaeformis, ones that get nice colors with higher lighting (: I am wondering, do I really need to spend 70+ dollars for a marineland/aqueon light, when I can buy t5 fixtures at home depot for 20 dollars, and the bulbs for 15? Is there a difference between the aquarium lights, and the shop lights? Couldn't I just get a sheet of glass and attach the shop light to the aquarium? Don't get me wrong, if I must buy the aquarium lights I will buy the aquarium lights. They are just so darn expensive!
  6. I am trying to stick with plants that are native to asia etc.... Right now I don't really want anacharis. I had elodea before, and they seem similar and my elodea took over my tank and I couldn't keep up with it, and I am looking for a different looking plant :3 Tank: 55, 2 penguin 350s, 4 goldfish under 4 inches, 2 java fern, 2 unidentified "aquatic" fern, microsword, 6 lucky bamboo in the hob, Natural Sunlight along with fluorescent lighting. I use Kent plant nutrients My fish don't seem to like greens, they turned their nose to spinach and only nibble sometimes on bamboo. They prefer meatier stuff XD I am looking at: Cardamine Lyrata Rotala Sp. Nanjenshan Rotala Rotundifolia or Bacoba Carolina I would be ordering 4 bunches to start off, so I can start really decorating my tank (: Which would best for my tank?
  7. So I get 25 dollars worth of goldfish plants! I am super excited. I was thinking of getting a bunch of cardamine lyrata and some lace java fern and marimo moss balls. What do you guys think? What website is best for getting plants at a good deal?
  8. Alright... So my boyfriend is in the process of procuring me a wonderful ~70 gallon custom tank for 20 dollars from his friend. I must be born for this cause all of my tanks were steals! I am hoping to start the tank right this time... The last 2 times were rushed, and although the fish made it my stress levels were through the roof dealing with ammonia all of the time! Anyways, my questions are, what kind of filters are best suited for a 70 gallon that will probably have 4-5 larger goldfish. I plan to get a Shukin, Ranchu, two Orandas, and a Black Moore, (hopefully from RG) or something along those lines. I have never dealt with a tank this big and I am hoping someone can set me straight about fishless cycling, and how long it should be cycled for. This will be a great learning experience since I am hoping I can get a job as an aquatics specialist at petco and hopefully keep people from putting wonderful goldies into bowls ): What plants are appropriate for goldies? I have some Java ferns that are already rooted and will be going into my 55 or my 5, also some lucky bamboo and microsword. What kind of substrate should I use? And what do I do about the heating aspect of the tank? I only need a heater for winter when at night it dips to 30-40 degrees, sometimes colder. When dealing with plants, what kind of lighting is best? tl;dr Best plants for goldies? Substrate? Heating? Lighting? Cycling?
  9. ashlee18 Sent me some water sprite (thank you so much!), so I thought it would be cool to take a look at the water. This is from the root area.
  10. So in my little town, there are really no good animal supply stores. I have yet to find one that supplies any kind of quality substrate. I haven't had a problem with my plants or with my goldies eating my plants. I have a microsword that I moved and I noticed it had branched out. I replanted it correctly in my new tank and I was wondering if it will begin to carpet? How can I help keep it healthy? I use Kent plant growth products. One that promotes healthy growth and another which is an Iron and Manganese supplement. Is there anything else I can do to help it out?
  11. I currently have two lucky bamboo in my goldfish tank. The guy at the pet store said it would do good in there. Is it true? So far I have not had any problems. Thanks in advance.
  12. Didn't really know where to post this topic, feel free to move it. SO I had a few questions about QT in general... PLANTS I'm so paranoid about getting anything into my tank from plants... How long should I let them in my 10 gallon for Qt? Is there something in particular I should had to the water during that period? Should I do water changes to get rid of anything that could get into the water? Should I do multiples bleach dips or only one at the beggining of Qt in enough? FISH If my tank is empty and I want to get two fish (knowing that my Qt tank is 10 gallons only) Should I buy the fish one by one or both at the same time (Qt them together or alone)? Do I use prazi and salt only? Salt at 0.1% or higher? For how long? I know that makes a lot of questions but I want to make sure I get it right! Thanks ^^!
  13. Hello! I'm back from the Lps and they had some decent plants, which is RARE, so I got 3 of them. I'm really hoping the two smallest I brought home are some anubias, but I'm new at this so I couldn't be sure. Here they are: And if someone has an idea about this one, too ... Thanks in advance!
  14. I want to get really nice plants for my fish, but none of the shops I have access to carry nice (or even healthy) ones... I checked ebay, but I worry about getting nasty things into my tank ... SO my question is: Would a bleach dip (1 part bleach / 19 parts water) be enough to kill anything undesirable or would it take more? Here are examples of what I have found so far: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/2x-Anubias-nana-mini-Live-aquarium-plants-water-moss-/251054857123?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a74091ba3 http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Anubias-nana-6-rhizomes-Cichlid-Fish-CO2-water-plants-/140749083628?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20c54c93ec My fake plants are just depressing ... Thanks in advance!
  15. Summary: I have a set up that Im using to grow house plants in with the gold fish. I am using a smaller ten gallon tank as a grow tank because when I tried growing plants with the fish they saw them as a meal and ate all the roots. My current set up is here: Final Tank Set Up. Question: Based on my current set up is there a way to cycle more water through the system? I am thinking about drilling holes in the tanks to help the water flow from tank to tank.I could then use a pump to cycle water rather than an equalizer tune. The equalizer tube doesn't seem to be transferring enough water. If you test the water temperature they are roughly the same so I know that water is cycling between the tanks. I would like to come up with a better simpler way to do this however I'm a little apprehensive about drilling a hole through the side of my tank to improve water flow. I've never drilled glass and I don't want to screw anything up.
  16. I just finished installing the new light for my aquaponic system that is in my living room and had to show it off. Here is the video link . I shot it really late last night so if I look tired that's why. Hope you enjoy. I would love some feed back or advice if anybody would like to comment. Thanks, Gold Fish Gardener
  17. I want to buy some Java fern for my new tank, and tie it to some bogwood or rocks, I am choosing java fern because to me it is the only cold water plant for goldfish that doesn't look hideous and they wont eat it hehe. Do i need any special requirements for this plant? besides tying it to some bogwood?
  18. so i guess i was pretty excited when i ordered my low light plants because my tank looks great now. Its 55 gallons with a decent amount of low light plants planted in the moon sand. My question is: there is only one large fish in there, the plants eat some of the nitrates but will he be prodicing enough? do they get nutrients from the lights too? If i use fertilizer, can you suggest something that can be found at big chain stores or order online? i did try to search but came up almost findingmy answer
  19. Here is an update on my tank. Got some plants from LFS and disinfected them with bleach. I bought a banana plant and 2 plants that are unknown. Background is being prepared and will be up tomorrow hopefully.
  20. Hi all. I cleaned out the betta tank today and noticed a bit of growth in the crypt plants that goldfish7 sent me a while ago. Of the 3 plants, one had melted entirely and I threw it away. The other two I left in the tank because I had heard that they often recover from the trauma of melting. So one plant, which had retained one leaf, now has a new leaf coming, and some new roots growing. The second one, which had melted to a nub with a few roots, now has some green appearing on the nub, and more roots! I'm very glad that the plants are recovering. I look forward to them growing out. From the pictures Goldfish7 sent, they are really unusual - kind of bright green with bronze stems and veins. I haven't had much luck with plants in the betta tank, so it's nice to see something happening.
  21. So today I was feeling a bit down and left work early. I think I'm getting a cold or something. Anyway, to make myself feel better, I stopped at the mom and pop lfs on the way home. It's a little storefront in a horrible part of town, jam packed with tanks, fish and plants. They breed guppies and have some kinds I've never seen before, and their planted tanks are so lush and green. I get plant envy every time I go there. Anyway, I looked at all the tanks. They usually have only a few goldfish, but today they had some cute little ranchu!!! Gold, calico and bronze. They also had a tank full of what looked like plakat bettas, but there were lots of them all together in the tank. I forgot to ask what they were. They also had 4 different types of White Cloud Mountain minnows - regular, vietnamese, long tailed and gold. I was there for plants, and picked up 2 more onion plants, 3 jungle vals and a really nice anubia with long leaves that have a kind of silvery sheen to the underside of the leaf. I brought them home, dipped them in bleach solution, and put them in temporary pots in the tanks. I am waiting for my order of eco complete to arrive so I can plant things permanently. Here's the Anubia - see the lighter underside of the leaves? It's very pretty! It's a mature plant with several rhizomes that I can separate into new plants. Here's the jungle vals - there are 3 plants in here. I just put them in one pot temporarily. I like the way they sway in the current, yet the leaves are not as long as the onion plant. I hope Fluffy doesn't eat them! And here's the test results from tonight. Progress is being made!! Ammonia - 1, Nitrites - 20 After all that therapy and planting, I was tired, so I got myself a pint of Ben & Jerrys sorbet and sat for a while watching the tank cycle and the new plants swaying in the current. It was a very successful trip to the mom & pop lfs!!
  22. So tonight I got home from work and started planting. I had pulled some of the swords from the Betta tank this morning, and I pulled the rest of the plants out of the old tank this evening. I have done some reading and looking at pictures of other planted tanks to get some ideas. I had decided that I wanted a couple of islands of plants surrounded by bare space. I had also read about putting the focal point a bit off center in the tank. This is known as the golden ratio. I measured 18.334 inches from each end. The idea is to place the focal point at one of those 2 places in the tank. So that's where I put the plant island as the focal point. I had a bit of gravel left from the betta tank, so I used that in a clay saucer to make my plant island. I planted some swords, the onion plant, and a baby amazon fern in the saucer and placed it at the sweet spot. I arranged a couple of rocks and some other plants around the tank. And here it is: What do you think? Please let me know your comments and suggestions, cuz I sure don't know what I'm doing! I assume that once the plants grow in, it will look more like I envisaged it. I think I will add some more anubias on rocks over by the tunnel. I definitely need to replace the canister filter intake - I need a black one, cuz the clear one sticks out like a sore thumb. The bad news is that I broke the light fixture - it was not actually big enough, but I was going to make do with it. Now I'll have to buy a new light. The ammonia is still at 2.0 this evening. I am going away for the weekend, so I hope the bb's will kick in before Monday when I get back. I'd like to move Fluffy over on Monday and get new fish on Tuesday. Thanks for watching! mj
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