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  1. Hi everyone, Gonna make a quick post to show you my new live plants, not sure if this is the right section for it but I'd love for any/all advice... Finally found a LFS in my area that carries live FRESHWATER plants...seems to be a rarity where I live. Hmp. But found one and got a couple thin leaf java ferns (I believe thats what they were called...could be mistaken). To start off my first live planted tank! Seemed fitting to go to the fish store today considering the roads are basically ponds now...3''+ of rain these past two days. But anyway, here is my current set up, 50G corner pent tank, the ferns I attached to the driftwood with fishing line. Fish guy gave me some organic carbon to use...pour in a capful once a week. Probably going to move my air stone to the back later on or put my bubble wall back in maybe, but right now my cat needs some attention so I have to take a break. Excuse the swimming pigs in the photos They've left the plants alone so far, crossing my fingers! Sooooooooo what do you think?? http://i1364.photobucket.com/albums/r723/sesaber2/planted4_zpsec0660a1.jpg http://i1364.photobucket.com/albums/r723/sesaber2/PLANTED1_zpse568309c.jpg http://i1364.photobucket.com/albums/r723/sesaber2/planted2_zps5f11e98c.jpg http://i1364.photobucket.com/albums/r723/sesaber2/planted3_zps31a8fbbe.jpg
  2. yes, long boring Aussie speaking video deal with it.. but if you want algae free plants.. i guess you're gonna watch................ so.... welcome!
  3. Not sure if this is the right spot for this question, so moderators please feel free to move it where it belongs. Thanks Went to Petsmart today and came out with some API CO2 booster. I am thinking I will try it at 1/2 dose in the morning to increase plant growth. Has anyone used this before? Will it harm my plants? My plants are: 1) 3 - anubias plants of different varieties 2) 1-anacharis narrow leaf 3) 1-Ludwigia palustrius (narrow leaf) 4) 1- narrow leaf ludwigia. I've never used this stuff before, right now I'm using Seachem Flourish twice a week as the label instructs. Thoughts, opinions, suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Working on my Anubias collection The 55 gallon tank as of August 13th, 2013: Types of Anubias so far: *Anubias barteri var. glabra (aka Anubias lanceolata) *Anubias barteri var. nana *Anubias barteri var. nana 'petite' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'micro' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'golden' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'snow white' *Anubias afzelli Anubias Wishlist: *Anubias barteri *Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia *Anubias hastafolia *Anubias barteri var. nana 'stardust' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'marble'
  5. Hello all! Forgive me this post is rather lengthy and I thank you for your patience. My girlfriend and I would like to put more plants in our aquarium. Presently, there is an Anubis plant that took root to a lava rock. I think I'm going to put more anubis to the same rock to make it more colorful. I have a few questions. Anyone use CO2? I looked online and it seems really expensive, (my aquarium is 56 gallons). I'm hesitant about it and DIY pumps because if I forget to check the levels one day, I could find my fish dead. I don't want that. I also have heard of using dry fertilzer instead of the liquid stuff...what!? Ideally, I would like to have plants that can root themselves into rocks, ike lava rocks so that I can move them and thus creating a more natural look. I don't trust driftwood because of rotting etc. I am open to suggestions. What plants are suited to this? As far as lights go, I don't recall what kind of lights I have in there, they are the t5's that's all I remember and they weren't cheap. I was also wondering about oxygen consumption at night, of both the plants and the fish. Anyone have problems with this? Also, I have a deeper tank would you recommend installing a power head for circulation? The bubble wand seemed to kinda stress the fish out (I think) but maybe I'm just paranoid. I am totally willing to revisit it though if necessary. Where do you get your plants? What plants do you have in your tank, what plants didn't work for you? (I realize this will vary from tank to tank in some degree) How do you have them secured in your tank? What mistakes have you made in the past and: what did you learn/changes did you make? When do you prune your plants? Do you wash the algae off your leaves? Do you use any plant food i.e from Seachem? Do you take your goldfish to the beach with you? (I'm kidding, if you've read this far - give yourself a hug from me and thank you) Anything else or advice you'd like to share?
  6. well I don't know if this go's here but hey I have what I think is hornwort in my white cloud tank (which has white cloud eggs on it) and there are these red/purple oval things with three spikes sticking out of them attached to some parts of the plants I have tried pulling them off to no success do any of you guys know what they are thanks, goldfishfanforever
  7. Today is Plant Day instead! Last night I was trying to order plants online, but it kept turning into I've really had my heart set on finding anubias coffeefolia, which, apparently, is not that easy of a task. I gave up, and decided to see what my LFS had there. We walked into Tropiquarium and first visited the koi. Even if you try not to, their sheer size shifts gravity and pulls you over there anyway. If you do go, I suggest visiting them at your own will. I love these guys. We looked at the cichlids (I would love to have some again) and down that aisle, then came to this This is the goldfish wall. Their stock of goldfish was not as good as it normally is (though Tuesdays are usually delivery days ) but it doubles as MASSIVE PLANT wall, so I didn't so much mind. I was pretty overwhelmed. There was a lot to go through. So I did some looking around, found some of what I was looking for and some that I decided I wanted anyway. We turned left, where their platies, angelfish, gouramies etc are, and found even more plants.... More ludwigia repens... mine is doing pretty well (growing really nicely the last week, than it had any time in the last two months). This is actually two bunches, which he gave me for the price of one since they were so small. Glad he did because even this is not that much haha water sprite, which was also in the plans. Its size, however, was not in the plan. I just did not expect it to be this big! or rooty! I'm not quite sure what to do with it Some rotala. When I got my first bunch of ludwigia, it was sold to me as rotala. Now I understand why. Looking at it online, I never thought it was anything pretty, anything I'd want. Pictures do no justice, because when I saw it there I HAD to have some! I only bought one bunch, but if it does well in the tank (not Blimpy's stomach), I will definitely go back for more. Rose melon sword. I was looking at it last night, thought it looked (or maybe that it just sounded) interesting. Almost got the plant that was enormous, probably 12" tall, but decided that I'd get more satisfaction out of it if I grew it that tall from a baby I also get satisfaction when I don't pay $10 for something that may not survive All that and I'm still looking, looking looking, OMG excited I see anubias barteri... round leaf. Nope. Keep looking, Shut up you're not gonna find it. But then I hear a choir of angels and I see a light shining down on...... ANUBIAS COFFEEFOLIA! wooohooooo! You know I did a victory dance. I actually got two of these, partly because the second one was kinda thrown in when I asked if there were any others (the first looked a little sad and I wanted the prettiest!... which I did find after everything was bagged up, but didn't ask to switch for cause I don't want to be a nag ), but also because if it takes that much to find it, I might as well stock up when I can! Loving the roots on here. One will go on a rock, the other probably on the driftwood (which still has not made it into the tank). SUCH an awesome trip to the store. I'm really happy with everything I got Right now it's all sitting in the ten gallon (I know! Can you believe I actually washed it out?! ) with an airstone. Winslow helped I haven't disinfected anything, which I really need to do because there were snails galore in all the tanks! I'd rather try to find some PP if I can, and then I'll get to it. If anyone wants to share some advice here, feel free! I'm sure there are plenty of questions that I can't think of yet
  8. We are starting a Raffle courtesy of ashlee18 The winner of the raffle can choose four of the following plants. I will do one bunch of plants for a regular member or two for a subscriber. Flame moss Banana plant Dwarf Lily Water sprite (really good for goldfish tanks) Indica rotala bacopa caroliniana Assorted crypts Rules. 1. Be a Member. Ps. consider being a subscriber this helps the site keep going 2. Post in this thread. One post per day. (PST to make it fair) The post number will be your Raffle number. At the end of the Raffle I will be doing a Random Drawing from a Random number Generator Site. I will then take a screen shot and show you the winning number. This Raffle will be open for one Month (June 8th to June 30th)... Thank you to Ashlee18 for this awesome Raffle Any Questions please Pm me Just so everyone is clear, when you make a new daily post, that doesn't take away from your other number. Each post is an entry as it were, so by the time the raffle thread closes, you may have several entries/posts. Each post is numbered: You are allowed up to one entry (post) every 24 hours (PST (Pacific Standard Time) only), each post you've made now goes into the 'hopper' and will increase your odds of winning, Have fun! Post in this thread. One post per day. (PST to make it fair)
  9. So next week I'll be receiving an order of plants for my 275 litre tank I've read a few times that people recommend using fertiliser, and my question is...what's the best (and not overly expensive) fertiliser you'd recommend? I want one that WON'T kill snails, as I'm planning to get some nerites this weekend in an attempt to combat my algae issues. I also have some Malaysian trumpet snails, so it's vital that it doesn't kill snails!
  10. Hi guys, So I've wanted duckweed for a while now so that I can feed it to my goldies, however, i haven't been willing to pay for it...after all it is a weed that most people consider a pest! So today, I managed to get some from my universities wildlife pond. They have two ponds, one (more like a lake to be honest) with goldfish in it and a wildlife one with no fish. They both had duckweed in it. I couldn't get any from the fish pond/lake as it's around 8 food deep in the middle and that is where the duckweed was. I did however manage to get some from the smaller pond. I have put it in a bucket in the garden but am just wondering whether there is anything I need to do to it first to make sure that it is okay to feed to the little guys. After all, I don't want to introduce any nasty bugs to the tank. But, i'm guessing that most duckweed comes from outside ponds so a little confused. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  11. So I FINALLY have two pieces of driftwood to attach an anubias (or a few) to. My question is what is the process for attaching anubias to driftwood. And which anubias are the strongest/hardiest? I've never had plants in my tank except for some free-floating anacharis. I know I could google this. But I'll rather get the info from people who have "done it and tried it".
  12. I am salting my tank and treating with prazi. took out my plants but wondering if any of them are tolerant of .1% salt. hygro,amazon sword, anubias, crypts, bamboo and ludwegia. anyone know ?
  13. So after getting some gravel and some live plants, I managed to buff up my tank a bit - not really. I've also added a AC 70 ($32 off Ebay), topping off with a total tank filtration of 650 gph. So here are the pics: Not much of a change... Anacharis - already starting to root (except for the uprooted one) Marimo Balls. Whats left after my goldfish's Dwarf Hairgrass Rebellion.... Replanted all the hairgrass twice - now it's just a gunky clean up job for me... The AC 70! (Very silent - love it better between my Penguin already) About the fish: - My orange ranchu died awhile ago after getting all recovered from fungus and then getting suck in the Penguins intake tube after the strainer fell off. - All got used to 76 F water - no more mating behavior (caused the fungus on the ranchu who passed away), and they all seem more active! - Got a new lionhead two weeks ago that I couldn't pass down. (Only quarantined it for a week..... ) I'll get photos of the new guy soon.
  14. I want to add some plants in my 29G. I like the look of stem/bunched plants, specifically anacharis, but apparently goldfish really enjoy eating them? I noticed some people still have them in their tanks anyway. Anyone have experience with this? Here's a picture of my tank: I would really appreciate some other plant suggestions too and feel free to share any of your experiences with having a planted tank with goldfish (: Oh and one last thing: Algae! How do I clean/control it?
  15. Hi everyone! I had a question with goldfish plants. I was wanting a couple anubias to tie to rocks for the new tank. I havent cycled yet so i was wondering if you could cycle with plants after sterilization or after cycling when the goldies go in. Of course they would be sterilized. Would cycling be too harsh on the plants? I may also get a java fern or a couple different low light plants. The tank is going to be bare bottom. If i decide to have crypts they would be planted in jars with nutrient rich soil. Thank you soo much!
  16. I was wondering if their something i can use to clean the green algae from my large castle that I plan to sell but I would like to clean and disinfect it before i sell it to someone. I now I can use bleach and then rinse it very well and let it soak in water with like Aqua safe. But I was wondering if their something better to use and I know their products out their but their very expansive.
  17. Hello, was just wondering if I would have to do anything before adding my new silk plants to the aquarium... or are they safe to just put right on in? I also got mopani wood, and its soaking now!
  18. i eventually want to add anubias to my tank (attached to driftwood). I was wondering where you get your driftwood from? I went to a fish store yesterday and they only had rock (small and expensive)
  19. Hi All. I've been away for a while...but still keeping fish. I've been having very high nitrates lately, so have added a few new plants, including a peace lily in the filter. I hope this will help moderate the 30-40 ppm nitrates I'm getting within 5 days. Any suggestions about what's causing it? In the past I've had no more than 20 ppm even after a week. I started feeding Repashy Soilent Green, and I added 4 nerite snails around the time this started. anyway, here's the picture of Fluffy and friends and their new plants:
  20. I'm very interested in plants and their role in the aquarium. We say that fast-growing plants adsorb nitrate, but how much? How much do anubias adsorb? I want to know. So I'm thinking about doing a long-term experiment comparing a tank with plants to a tank with no plants. My biggest personal challenge is that I have to make space in the home for the tanks. Please read my idea and give feedback. I don't want to go through this unless the experiment sounds like it will be beneficial. My plan is to buy two identical 3 to 5 gallon tank kits with decent lighting. Right now, I'm leaning toward these: http://www.petsmart....%26amp%3B+Bowls I'd put an apple or mystery snail in each tank. In one tank, there would be no plants. In the other tank, I would add various plants. I would test the parameters of both tanks weekly to see if there are differences. I'd also like to test oxygen levels if that's not too difficult or expensive. I would try different plants for two months at a time -- one month dosing with fertilizers and a month with just the plant. Only one tank would have a plant, and I would be looking at the impact of the plant on water quality, not the growth of the plant. I would also watch the growth of the snails, but I'm mostly curious if plants really help with nitrates or the other things we test for. My questions are, is a single apple/mystery snail enough of a bioload in a 5.5 gallon tank? More space is better, but if the snails' load isn't enough to warrant a weekly water change, then I don't know if I could detect differences in parameters. Would a 3 gallon tank be better? Would a different animal be better? I would probably run the 5.5 with a slightly low water level. I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts and advice on this. Thanks!!
  21. Went to go get some Prime from Petsmart and of course when you're there you have to come home with new stuff - especially if you're feeling depressed (my kind of chocolate. lol). So we got the prime and flourish from Petsmart and got some fluorescent bulb that I later found out is broke, got a baffle for the filter (thanks Koko) and then we went to Petco for plants. We ended up getting another piece of black lava rock and some wisteria. Pics to come... Oh, and everyone is fine. Thanks to everyone who helped, you know who you are
  22. I eventually want to add plants and decorations to this tank. But I have no idea as to what. I do want plants that are easy to maintain. What plants do you think would look good in this tank? I've never seen a planted tank in person thus I'm having a hard time picturing something. Currently only the light on the left is working btw.
  23. Anyone have experience with this online vender? Feedback is good but a few months after you buy a fish is sort of the important part, you know? So far he or she has been more than accommodating in responses about plants and future ranchu purchases.
  24. I am trying to find an economic solution for lighting for the plants I am trying to get, mainly, ludwigia and cabomba palaeformis, ones that get nice colors with higher lighting (: I am wondering, do I really need to spend 70+ dollars for a marineland/aqueon light, when I can buy t5 fixtures at home depot for 20 dollars, and the bulbs for 15? Is there a difference between the aquarium lights, and the shop lights? Couldn't I just get a sheet of glass and attach the shop light to the aquarium? Don't get me wrong, if I must buy the aquarium lights I will buy the aquarium lights. They are just so darn expensive!
  25. I am trying to stick with plants that are native to asia etc.... Right now I don't really want anacharis. I had elodea before, and they seem similar and my elodea took over my tank and I couldn't keep up with it, and I am looking for a different looking plant :3 Tank: 55, 2 penguin 350s, 4 goldfish under 4 inches, 2 java fern, 2 unidentified "aquatic" fern, microsword, 6 lucky bamboo in the hob, Natural Sunlight along with fluorescent lighting. I use Kent plant nutrients My fish don't seem to like greens, they turned their nose to spinach and only nibble sometimes on bamboo. They prefer meatier stuff XD I am looking at: Cardamine Lyrata Rotala Sp. Nanjenshan Rotala Rotundifolia or Bacoba Carolina I would be ordering 4 bunches to start off, so I can start really decorating my tank (: Which would best for my tank?
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