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  1. So I got home with some new babies and my daughter was like... So she nicely held the bag open for me And they are very much enjoying their space Monster is enjoying company he's gotten huge!
  2. Hi everyone! I've been so busy lately (house renovations, mainly roofing problems) I've hardly been online lately... But I just wanted to share the little girl I got at my LFS today!!! She's a Calico Ranchu - my biggest goldie, measuring about 3.5" long. Her name's Nemo because one of her pectoral fins is small, birth defect I guess... Still she's so cute! Look at those chubby cheeks! This was on our way home... This is his little pec fin... And his normal pec fin What do you think of the new baby? Thanks for looking!
  3. Boyfriend says I can have her!!! http://www.raingarden.us/8731c.JPG I think she is just the cutest thing! I have been wanting her since she was posted last month! I get her! No more fish till I get the 65 MY FISH. Don't steal her ):
  4. I was just wondering does everyone always QT a new fish or do you sometimes just add them to your tank?
  5. Finally, I found a fish today!!! Jim and I stopped into a local chain store that always has surprisingly nice goldies. They had a tank of baby ranchus, including some blues. I couldn't resist and I got one I doubt the color will last, but that's fine I love buying the little ones like this and watching them grow up. Penny was the same size when I got her and completely orange! Here's my happy self with my wee baby...no name yet
  6. This is my new Oranda! People seem to believe she is a girl, it may be too early to tell but I don't wanna wait to name her haha. My ideas were: Caligo Eurynome Chaos Eris I lean towards Caligo or Eris (: <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN1550.mp4">
  7. Mods/Helpers, please feel free to move this if it is in the wrong spot! I remember we used to do a lot of general goldfish intros and discussions here, but with all the new boards/topics I have a feeling there might be a new home for these kind of posts! Some of you know I’ve recently been setting up and cycling a 102L/27Gal tank. Currently it is a mess of plants just thrown in and a bit of ceramic (inert/safe) fine gravel which is starting to just cycle. I have in mind setting it up in what seems to be a traditional goldfish style tank, black substrate with large white rocks and green plants growing in/around those rocks as a centrepiece. Something like this I guess in the end. So today I am getting driven around by my partner looking for, of all things, rocks for this tank. While at the various stores we are, of course, looking at the fish. The first store had some nice, but very young and slightly weedy looking panda moors, along with two nicer older black moors (one of which seemed to have serious SBD, which put me off of them right away!) The second store though, hooooh boy. It’s just a chain store, but in the past I have gotten some very nice stock from one of their stores, and their fish are also usually pretty well (not perfectly, but a sight better then most!) taken care of. So, what do I see peeking at me from the very top tank? A 2 inch long BLUE ORANDA. Something that despite my general lack of fondness for most orandas (sorry guys, but those wens used to creep me out something massive, it’s only recently that I have come to really like them!) has always been on my wish list. Previously I did have a small, baby blue (who was kind of dumped on me as a ‘gift’) who perished in the main pond due to a mishap with a rock getting pushed in, him trapped and us not noticing until it was too late, but that has been my extent of oranda keeping. Ever since I have wanted another blue oranda, especially an older one with a good chance at keeping his colours! So, as we pull a ladder over to see this tank properly (TALL tanks, and I am quite tall and even I needed the ladder!) and climb up, a few other little faces come into view. One nice red ryukin, a very nice lemon ranchu who seemed to totally lack a wen (but adorable none the less! He made me giggle, as he seemed so naked without a wen!) along with some very tiny chu fry, two nice looking red orandas, and another nice calico one with a longer body. All of these orandas were traditional style fish and around 2 inches long. After standing on the ladder and seeing how active the blue one was (and friendly! He was all up over the glass begging at us!), I had already made up my mind that he was to be coming home with me right then! Two of the other orandas also striked my fancy, one was the calico with the longer body type (too long for my liking, but a beauty non the less!) and the other one of the reds who had the biggest wen! She was slightly beaten up from shipping, the top of her dorsal looks like it has been chewed off and she seemed to be getting bullied by the other red and the ryukin. So I have a look at the other tanks while waiting for some staff, which housed some passable, but not amazing teles, some baby chus (some of which certainly had potential to grow into beauties!) and an assortment of other fish, some of who were very nice (in particular some nice Bristol shubunkins, something that is a rarity here!) to pass the time. So the fish guy comes up, and I ask him to bag me up the blue oranda while talking to the boyfriend about whether we should pick another as I could QT them altogether rather than later having to fetch the QT tank from the parents (200km away) should I want to add to the tank later. Another look at the tank and instantly I decided on another oranda, as there were still so many cute little faces begging at the glass! I got caught up picking between the red I liked and the calico. The red only had a single anal fin (And I’m a stickler for proper double fins in my fancies!), while the calico had a slightly too long body, even for a traditional style oranda. If I had an extra 10gal in this tank, BOTH would have come home with me! But in the end the ryukin came over and both the cali and him started to bully my favourite red, actually getting a chunk off her already damaged dorsal, and seeing red’s little chubby face begging against the glass won out over the mean calico, and she was plonked in the bag with our blue. It was a bit of an “Alright, get in the bag, you will do” moment Now, I know in the past I’ve never been an oranda fan, but I have always had a soft spot for the slightly longer bodied orandas with the long flowing heavily forked fin (as in the traditional ‘Chinese style’ oranda rather than the shorter, rounder, short but fuller type finned that are prized now with the more Japanese bred aesthetics) and these two both fit my liking. The red could possibly have longer fins an only has a single anal fin, and the blue a slightly shorter body, but for only $30 each I am not complaining! I know of a supplier in the city over with similar quality fish selling for much more (though his are special imports, so it is understandable!) then what I spent on these guys. So we get home, acclimatise them (Which consisted of equalising temp then just scooping them out and dumping them into the tank, I did not want water from that system in my tank as it is a system where all the tanks are connected to the one filter/share the same water, and a few fish in other tanks looked a bit off, so yuck!). I did not use the three bucket method, not being just arrived shipped fish I did not want to, but have salted to .1 and prazied. In addition I am using SeaChem’s stabilise every 12 hours along with 50% 48 hour WCs in lieu of actually having my tank cycled until I can acquire some cycled media from my pond or fighter barracks (once again, 200km away) this weekend. I suspect the red one has some flukes as she is breathing rapidly, and the blue one seems to have an ich spot on his fin, so will be salting for that. Since they have been in the same tank it’s going to be easier to just treat them together for everything, as if one is showing symptoms it is likely the other was exposed. Photos incoming in the next post!
  8. My remaining angelfish has moved back into the main tank and he is doing really good. His fins are slowly starting to grow back and he enjoys not having to have a divider in the tank, now that he is the only angel. Today I also went to Petsmart to get some floss, and saw they had a ton of tropicals on sale for 80 cent each. I kept wanting to add to mine for a while, so I picked up a total of 23 neons, four different breeds. Now I own a total of 8 black neons, 8 ("regular") neons, 10 glow light tetras and 6 bloodfin tetras. Since I lost 5 angelfish and about a dozen neons, there is plenty of room for these little guys. The new guys are in QT, of course, especially since the glow light tetras are juveniles and are only 1/2" long. I know my angel doesn't go after the neons in his tank, but they are about 1 - 1.5" in size. My pleco is awesome as always. He has grown a bit, and he is strangely comfortable with my hand. When he is sucked to the glass, he usually lets me pick him up and will even stay in my hand for a minute. Now I'm tempted to start hand feeding him, having an algae wafer in my hand and see if he will take it while sitting on my fingers Played musical fish and Bullet lives now with Banana. It looks like Dr. Evil and Mini Me. You can see them in the background in a couple photos. The new tetras in their QT in front of Banana and Bullet Cid back in he big tank I love this guy so much The size difference between the 9" pleco and the 1" oto (on the rock/cave ornament) Snail love Cid begging for food Cid taking his own temperature Sucky Fishie in my hand
  9. So I was at Wal-mart and of course went over to look at the goldfish. The wal-mart in one of my nearby towns usually gets in really interesting looking fish. However, it's Wal-mart afterall and the tanks usually look horrendous. So as I went over to look at the fishies I was as usual, disgusted. We're talking dead fish everywhere, skeletons everywhere with fish trying to eat them, dying fish, floaty fish, wayyyyy too many fish in a tank, etc etc etc etc. Now I am a complete dork, and I immediately starting singing Little Mermaid.... "poor unfortunate soulsss, in painnn, i neeed....." But anyway, I brought three home. There wasn't anyone in the department so I just like, whatever, and caught, labeled, and bagged the fish myself. I picked out the a black moor female for my male, Quaxo, and two beautiful ryukin looking mutts that are probably distant cousins to my Sherby since this wal-mart always gets in fish that look like this and this is where I got Sherby. So I picked out a female and another male. This is the female: Here's the black moor. They had a tank FULL of what look like demekin moors. I just stuck the net in and this is the one I got, I wasn't fussy since they were all gorgeous. You can't tell, but she has a gorgeous ryukin hump. And here's the male, The two ryukins are just gorgeous. Photos don't really do them justice. They have wonderful hump development and have huge chunky bodies. I can't wait to see how they develop color wise and for their tails to grow like crazy. The only bad thing is when I got them, the female laid on the bottom twitching like crazy. I immediately prazi'd and starting salting and she's already swimming around and not twitching as much. ' "And do I help them? Yes, Indeed~"
  10. * Ammonia Level: <.25ppm * Nitrite Level: 0 * Nitrate level: 0 * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): 7.4 Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Freshwater master test kit * Water temperature? ~73 F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 29g which has been running for about a week with donated filter/media and gravel from an established tank * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Aquaclear 110 * How often do you change the water and how much? Right now (since its cycling) daily 25% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Yesterday 25% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 Ryukin about 3.5" * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Top Fin water conditioner * What do you feed your fish and how often? Haven't yet * Any new fish added to the tank? Ryukin is only fish and new * Any medications added to the tank? Tetra Safe Start this morning * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? When first placed in tank, he zipped around everywhere, now he is sitting on bottom a lot and breathing heavily I added my fish this afternoon. The tank isn't cycled yet so I'm keeping a close eye on the ammonia. He was very active when I first put him in and now (about 5 hours later) he's sitting on the bottom just breathing heavy. All the lights are off as well. I'm concerned because I'm not sure if there is anything I can do to ease his adjustment or if I should be very concerned. Is this par for the course with acclimating new fish or is this really concerning behavior? Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Well the OH couldn't wait for a new fish, ended up with a panda telescope in the tank, currently treating for flukes and salting, borrowed the good camera from work (im getting a new roof and wanted pics), while ive got the camera thought it would be nice to try and get some nice shots. hello! food normally found here, where is it? sneak peak of the new guy checking up on the oldie Poser shot from the right from the left finally a group shot (sorta lol)
  12. Hi all, Since the loss of my Oranda, my OH is asking for a new fish i have asked her to wait, however eventually I will have to introduce a new fish into my aquarium, I did a few searches on here but found little information(im sure its on here somewhere just cant find it). What is the procedure for adding a fish to an established aquarium? should i quarantine in a 10 gallon with salt? how long for? should medicines be added?
  13. Well I took the morning off to shop for Thanksgiving and I just couldn't wait any more. I drove by the mom and pop fish store and bought some new fish! I got two tiny little lionheads about 1.5 inches long including tail, and 5 white cloud mountain minnows. I went home and did Trinket's 3 bucket method for introducing them to their new qt tank... First bucket is temp matched, primed water with 2 tspn salt per gallon. I floated the bags in the first bucket for about 10 minutes and them poured the fish in. Second bucket is temp matched, primed, water salted to 2 tspn per gallon. I scooped the fish out with my hands to avoid as much as possible transfering water from the previous bucket. Third bucket is clean, temp matched, primed water before being scooped into the qt tank. They were in each bucket for 10 to 15 minutes. Here's one picture of the gang in the first bucket. The orange lionhead is more active than the other one and actually swam over to try to nibble on the tail of one of the minnows. I hope that's not a sign of things to come! And finally, I scooped each fish into the qt tank and covered it with a towel to give them some time to settle in. See how tiny the goldies are? You can see one of the minnows in the top left corner of the tank. The rest were hiding behind the heater. They are FAST!! and quite nervous...more so than the goldies. Shhh!! Fish resting! Every one seems ok. The calico acted a bit stressed from the bag, but he/she was swimming around the qt and exploring by the time I left. One of the minnows sank to the bottom after each move, but then joined the group after a couple of minutes. I think that one is a female - she has a broader profile. It's fun to already see them schooling. And as a bonus for reading this far, here's a shot of my housemate's kitties lounging. Thanks for looking! I'm very excited!
  14. Hi there. I am setting up a 55 gallon tank and getting new fish. My plan was to move Fluffy into it, and qt the new fish (10 White Cloud Mountian Minnows) in the old tank. I was going to salt dip the new fish (bucket to bucket method) and then keep them in salt for one week, then Prazi for 4 weeks. Well last night I discovered that Fluffy has some kind of worms - possibly tapeworm . So I wonder if I should just treat everyone together? What do you think? Should I do this in the 29 gallon (holding 23 gallons of H2O), or in the 55? Water changes will be easier in the 29, and If I treat the tank, I'll hopefully not transfer the parasite over to the new tank when everyone is done with treatment. Your expert advice is greatly appreciated. mj
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