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  1. Hi friends 3 days ago I noticed a small white fluff on my ranchu's wen. I thought it might have not been anything since I had just treated with powder prazi & it may have been a prazi granule since they do not fully dissolve (that I have noticed). so.. I checked back a few hours later and the spot had become bigger and fluffy. when I removed him from the tank, the fluffy fell out and a shallow hole with surface blood at the opening was observed: in setting up QT, which only took about a half hour or 40 mins, another site appeared, just below that one and closer to the eye once I noticed this, I contacted dnalex for his opinion and waited a reply: about another 4 hours passed where I saw another site forming on the left that looked bigger than the one on the right, alex had responded, QT was up and we were ready to treat.. here's the left side site: we both agreed, it was nothing more serious than a superficial bacteria forming a surface infection. and so we agreed to commence treatment with Tri-Sulfa (if anyone in AU needs this medicine, please PM me, I have plenty ) as well as some Metronidazole added to the water. the following morning, I checked on Mr. CC and the left site was looked worse but from how Alex explained it to me, it shows all the good signs of healing in this photo, you can see that both sites on the right have already taken to healing well. this is an interesting photo, you will see how the fluffies just come away from the wound as a long cotton string. they trail the fish round and round the tank until they fall off: I microscoped the cotton like strand to see if there was anything moving.. all I observed were lots of fibres and nothing more: this is ending day 3.. there are no new sites that have presented and the healing process seems to be speedy about 15 hours ago: about 5 hours ago: and a big thank you & happy dance for Uncle Alex and all his wonderful knowledge & guidance. an absolute asset to this community. Thank You my friend we still have a few more days to a week or even more, depending on what pace the finer detail takes to heal.. overall, we're very happy
  2. Leonidis required the removal of 3 benign tumors from his body and fins. here is how i managed to remove them. we did have some complications that were overcome. i received the close support of dnalex who made himself available during Leon's procedure. thank you Alex here is a video of my preparations prior to the procedure: here is Leonidis undergoing sedation, i chose clove oil to sedate with. it's his 3rd surgery and he handled clove oil well on the other two occasions here is how a fish behaves when the sedation has not taken full effect. with every surgery, there is the risk that your patient will not wake up again, so my aim is to sedate as lightly as possible. unfortunately, for the body tumor, the light sedating that i did, was not allowing me the comfort to proceed. so i decided to give him a few more minutes in with the clove oil. this video shows the removal of tumor from his dorsal which i also removed the rear section of his dorsal in hope that the tumor will not grow back. as well as the dorsal tumor, i needed to remove the tumor from his tail, in this video, you will also see my attempt to remove a section of the tail, however, the video for some unknown reason stopped recording just before i finished. we succeeded Leonidis's surgery was a huge success, but as i mentioned before, there were complications. only one, but that was enough to send my levels of concern through the roof. what happened? well, the tail where i cut the tumor off, i had to cut through a bone. once i cut through it, i noticed that i had also cut through a vein. i was hoping that would clot. but unfortunately it did not, he bled like this, constantly for 40 mins. here's what it looked like, bleeding out i tried to apply pressure, but that didn't work. Alex suggested soda, but that too did not work, both ideas were tried multiple times but Leonidis was showing signs of weakening and i was very scared that i was losing him. please excuse my tired and frustrated tone. the superglue worked a treat and we managed to stop the bleeding immediately once it was applied. so, superglue will ALWAYS be at hand with every future surgery and here is the video from 1 hour after the last surgery of having applied the superglue to stop the bleed out. whilst he was under for that, i took the opportunity to remove more of the tumor from his body, we did really well. with the idea that the superglue would keep the tail fins together long enough for the tail to start naturally fusing together, i was a little bit disappointed to find that only later that day, it didn't hold as well as i expected. so, i thought, we will just accept the fact that Leonidis will now have a split tail and left it at that. i am just very thankful that it assisted in stopping the bleed out, otherwise he would have died. now, almost 4 weeks later, Leonidis is continuing to do very well and much to my surprise, the section from the tail is growing back as it was also, there is some growth in the dorsal too! and this time around, the regrowth on the body tumor seems to be slower than other times, so that's very comforting!.. here is his regrowth today once again, i would like to thank Koko for building such a wonderful site, Alex yet again, for being a good friend at the time of need (which is always ) and my friends here for just being you :heart ** please note, most of my videos are set to unlisted. my educational videos are made by myself to assist and help educate members of the kokosgoldfish.com community. before sharing on facebook or other websites, please ask my permission in a koko PM. thank you
  3. hello pond gurus never thought I'd be posting in this section of the site.. lol.. ok, so I need some advice I have an old retired fountain that is concreted into my front yard. this 'fountain' pond is what started me in the goldfish hobby so many years ago. during my 'ignorant' stage to which I was fortunate enough that nothing died..lol.. the pond is concrete, was running for about 12 years and has been retired for about 10 years now. it has cracks which have made it through to the outside, but I can seal those with some repair cement and that will be fine. what concerns me is the inside. so, my question is, is there a paint on sealant I can use on the inside of the pond that is safe for goldfish? can anyone direct me to this product by providing links? I really do not want to use a pond liner due to the fact that I have to make a donut and then I don't know if it will leak water between the pond wall and the pond liner (a risk I am not prepared to take). if there is no goldfish safe sealant, I will not be using this feature again and will most likely have it removed. as it is not a dug out hole, it will basically be concreted over and I will not have any outdoor fish again. here is what it looks like, currently.. now, as you can see, there is some sealant in there. our garden keeper (very many years ago) after our fish were given away.. when we came back from Europe, I entertained keeping single tails out there again and asked him if he could seal the walls of the fountain's base. he used something and I was unsure if it was goldfish safe. so, I left it in there for a few weeks, only to find that even with the water running, the sealant began bubbling and lifting. either he filled it whilst the sealant had not dried enough or it might have been the wrong sealant.. this was about 10 years ago I look forward to your replies
  4. so I thought I would document by video exactly when this happens and vocally elaborate as to why.. please respond with the exact moment you notice these fish cease to forage.
  5. something new
  6. I took too many photos for a picture thread again.. lol.. so here they all are in a vid. enjoy
  7. hello koko members. this offer for purchase goes out to the members in AU. today, i purchased product http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4014. since they don't bag it any less than 9 kilos and i am only buying it for my betta tank, i would think that i only need half or less than half of the bag to service my 5 gallon betta tank. as you can see from the link, the entire product cost me $49AU on sale so, if you require some or the rest of what's left, please let me know, we can work out what it costs for what you need and you can either pay into my bank account or paypal me shipping 9 kilos to me cost only $8.00, so i think it should cost the same or less to ship the portion you want, to you.
  8. so this is an actual video.. no still pics like before. just a general update
  9. available in 1080HD sorry about the music, i got tired of all the selection & ended up just picking anything.
  10. you are advised to not read further if you have issues with seeing dead fish and their autopsy photos. it so happens that Mr Disabled was unfortunately becoming more disabled. in the last week, we was pinned to the top and unable to free himself from the surface. this enabled him to become an easy target to his tank mates and as opportunistic as they are, they wasted no time to begin the pecking. after loosing a few scales to these attacks from the other fish, i decided to place him in a breeders basket to keep him safe. once there, i tried everything to better his position such as epsom laced meals, fresh steamed veggies, but nothing worked. today, i decided that it was time to euth as his quality of life was zero. once euthed, i decided to investigate so i can see where his problem stemmed from. thinking all along that he suffered a hard knock to the head during spawning that he developed neurological damage. but, it appears his brain was fine. what happened is the knock he did, made his swim bladder detach from the default position in his body. after a number of days, i began to see him behaving unusual, drunk like swimming & then resting slightly tilted, a few weeks later, more tilted and so on and so on until he began resting on his side completely. what was happening is that his swim bladder was working it's way from the top (near spine) all the way to the belly area to which it stayed. there he stayed for a year and some. recently, i tried to correct his position not knowing what exactly was wrong with him. i believe after i saw the autopsy results today, that my attempt to correct him may have caused his condition to worsen. ie, he was up for about 2 consecutive days? the swim bladder being full of gas would have tried to raise to the top again, positioning itself into a not so ideal area, this may have caused the bladder to raise a little within his body, then more to the side & eventually pin him to the surface of the water. here are the pics from the autopsy. 1. the first incision from vent to head: 2. a brief open to see what's directly behind the cut (here is where you see the fallen swim bladder) 3. checking to see if the front swim bladder is still attached to the rear swim bladder as well as checking how healthy everything looks. everything checked above average. 4. a better check to see if both swim bladders are still attached but i needed to remove the organs to see clearly: 5. organs removed for examining, however, to me, they appeared the correct colours, size & looked rather healthy. 6. removal & measurement of swim bladders: 7. 8. after realizing how oddly the swim bladders were placed, i decided to see how straight his spine is once all the organs and swim bladders were removed. here you can see a relatively straight spine, irrespective of the amount of time he either lay flat or bent. 9. vital organs in check: 10. gills, eyes & mouth were all A+ i didn't run anything under the microscope as my fish are investigated every other month & treated with 1 round of prazi every 4-6 weeks. last microscopic examination to the giants tank showed absolutely no parasites, not even rotifiers or cilia of any sort. nothing moved. slime coat was all clean. mouth swabs all clear as well as 1 gill sample i checked from Leonidis a few months ago, all clear. so basically i had myself a 100% healthy fish with a silly swim bladder
  11. ok, so, in light of the Fangster's good results with her fish, i decided to try and make an attempt to fix Mr. Disabled. John keeps telling me to leave him alone, but my techniques are non invasive, so why not so, here are the materials used: plain breeder box: placement of internal walls underside of the box, where the fishing line knots are, i have marked with black dots: video: trying to catch Mr Disabled
  12. ok, so feeding was for the first minute or so..then i got carried away and babbled for another 10 mins.. sowwy.. bonus vid - neurotic pearlscale FEEDME dance.. compliments of Ms Piggy
  13. i found this study online from the University of Nebraska. it's study supports stunting in freshwater fishes. as there have been many discussions which call for proven information, i am happy to share this bit of information i found. study is from: Chizinski, C.J.; Pope, Kevin L.; Wilde, G.R.; and Strauss, R.E., "Implications of stunting on morphology of freshwater fishes" (2010). Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit -- Staff Publications. the link will open a PDF file, so you will need Adobe to access it. http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1012&context=ncfwrustaff hope this helps with a little education on the topic, for those who have interest
  14. took a vid a few days ago.. doesn't really show their excitement for a feed, but it's done and i felt like sharing just the same . pls excuse Mr Disabled's hoover moments.. he takes advantage of his disability at feeding time or shortly after and vacuums the floor.. because he can
  15. hey guys, i am done with my Noga book. so, if anyone from koko's wants it, i am happy to offer it for $100 and cancel the ebay auction. however, i don't ship locally or internationally where tracking is not engaged. so, this might leave International buyers with a bit of a sting on postage to you guys. Aussie buyers, same thing. the postage listed on the ebay auction will apply to your purchase, or, if you are nearby me, you are welcome to come and collect. so, if you want the best book on the market, it's yours for $100 + shipping. let me know my auction: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181078927032
  16. video is making changes.. but it's fully uploaded. will look different in about half an hour
  17. ok ok, yes, i have had a name change! loololololol... but not that you should really notice much, it only changed a little anyhow, some have requested in the past that i show my giants from above, best way to do that was to get the water level low to 15% capacity and climb in so, here we go:
  18. bettas are normally not my thing. in fact, anything that isn't a goldfish, is normally not my thing. Mr Tuff was forced apon me and i took him for free. i estimate that when he needed to be euth'd, he was approx 3 or possibly 4 years old. so depressed, i was then told that this is considered normal life span. Mr Tuff really grew on me so when it was time to go, i was already contemplating on getting another betta. so, i went to Geoffreys to see if he had anymore pearlscales like Mr Piggy (dearly departed ) but he didn't. i found this guy.. meet Ruben
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