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  1. Got four otos to try again. Maybe with some solient green Ill have more luck keeping them alive? Also got some root tabs for the 10 gallon. I moved the big rock out and moved the tiger lily into the 10 gallon. It has holes in it and was losing leaves. Goldfish did not cause this damage I believe it is lack of iron. So added the root tabs. Hope it perks up. Noticing more algae then normal so got the ottos to help take care of that I hope. Ill do a picture today and then later to see if you all can tell any difference. I also got some eye wash for Ryder. He has a eye that is always bothered by something so thought this might help. And I am putting Kia on food I make in the crock pot. She has skin problems. She scratches and there is nothing to scratch. She also has several placed on her the hair is thinner then the rest of her. She has just about always had that and many red areas. So making her some food to help with that instead of buying medicated shampoo that wont fix the problem just treat the systems.
  2. There were pretty fish at my LFS. But I was disheartened to see a floaty 'panda' and a sick Oranda. I have the calico ryukin on hold so I can test my water and see if it would be possible to even have another fish. I liked these guys. They were happy to see me (: I really liked this guy (: I am trying to get my 20 for a molly tank and he was so pretty!
  4. Hopefully my spastic answer to "You have fish experience" won't ruin my chances at an interview. I hate seeing those fish get so bad because people don't take care of them. They just lost two entire tanks of black moores, red telescopes, and orandas to either pH crash or ich. (Symptoms were cloudy eyes, missing scales, fin rot, and some white spots) I want to be one of the only people who actually know something about fish that works there.... Oh and my answer was "I know about substrates and cycles that fish need and I have a 55 with a bunch of goldfish".... I woke up pretty sick with heat exhaustion and low blood pressure.... I definitely know more than just that hah....
  5. I am happy to say that in 4 weeks or so, little Bert will have a new friend! Meet Norton He is about 3 inches without tail. I thought he needed a derpy name to match his goofy face
  6. Here is a video of Josh the DeT and Max the CT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVxgVk5rmdo
  7. Here are our 3 Ryukin goldfish. Comment! Dory, Ryu and Kin! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkBy3naTi8
  8. Didn't really know where to post this topic, feel free to move it. SO I had a few questions about QT in general... PLANTS I'm so paranoid about getting anything into my tank from plants... How long should I let them in my 10 gallon for Qt? Is there something in particular I should had to the water during that period? Should I do water changes to get rid of anything that could get into the water? Should I do multiples bleach dips or only one at the beggining of Qt in enough? FISH If my tank is empty and I want to get two fish (knowing that my Qt tank is 10 gallons only) Should I buy the fish one by one or both at the same time (Qt them together or alone)? Do I use prazi and salt only? Salt at 0.1% or higher? For how long? I know that makes a lot of questions but I want to make sure I get it right! Thanks ^^!
  9. Hello I just wanted to do a small update about my new system upgrade that I recently did. Here is a video I uploaded recently tell me what you think and comments are always excepted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRvYSMNsFgw&list=UUK91-17_o6iM2cv5hItMQvA&feature=plcp Also on a side note I have had something extraordinary just happen to my goldfish I recently saw that they weren't breeding and wanted to hand spawn my females and some of my best males when in shock I found that my females had been transformed to males no eggs whats so ever only milt discharge was appearing on all my females I was wondering if anyone has had this happen before????? I need Females!!!!! HELP!!!!!
  10. Hello fellow fish lovers, I am writing you all today because I've had enough of the horrible treatment fish receive as pets. I am starting a fish advocacy front to address the misconceptions about fish keeping that lead to millions of deaths of pet fish. I'm hoping to get people interested in joining in on this. I want to change how the world sees fish. We've all seen the videos on YouTube that appall all of us. This kind of abuse it what arises because the general population does not have respect for fish as a species. They deserve rights, just like cats, dogs, and other pets. I am looking for anyone who wants to take part in changing the world! Web developers, writers, photographers, fish gurus, and just general fish lovers! Please let me know if you're interested. I'm in the process of building a website currently. Send me a message, reply to this topic or send me an e-mail at hbrolander@gmail.com Thanks guys!!
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