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Found 66 results

  1. Found it on ebay. My tank is 110 gallons and I want to increase filtration. So far all I have is 350g/hour Sorry I thought I had posted the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/261107831955?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
  2. For those of you who use canister filters: have you continued to replace/add carbon or have you gone the no-carbon route? what types of media do you use and/or recommend? what I'm getting at with this, is whether or not carbon is necessary for filtration? I saw/read somewhere of people that don't use carbon in their filtration. My filter came with media but I'm curious as to whether or not there are other alternatives out there. Or maybe different (more efficient) ways to set up canister filtration then what manufacturers say.
  3. So, I noticed that one of my marineland filters stopped working. I have a receipt and a warranty on it, but I am wondering what I can do to see if it will start working again? I just pulled out the rotor and it is steaming hot. Literally. The water is evaporating off of it. This specific one has had bamboo in it for the last month or so. I removed my biowheels and cartridges and submersed them in water to keep the BB alive. Can I put the cartridges in with my plants and biowheels while I figure this out? Can anyone walk me through the cleaning/repair procedures?
  4. Anyone know of any? I want to add another filter to my 110 gallon.
  5. I did a little search on the forum and found this: http://www.aqadvisor.com/ Any thoughts? Do you use it?
  6. I have a 110 gallon tank with a canister filter. I want to get another filter but money is tight right now. I was wondering if it was possible to use sponge filters temporarily (they're very cheap). I did some searching and found some made for tanks up to 125 gallons.
  7. i am considering a canister filter for my new tank & was wondering what other experiences people have had with them... do they work well? are they easy to clean? has anyone had one spring a leak & drain their tank?? are the outlets on the higher powered models too strong for the fish & does it push them around the tank? for now its not ideal for me to get a super big sized one to do all the filtering (it wont fit under the tank stand & i dont really want it on the floor next to the tank as an ugly ornament unless it's really, really worth it!) so i was looking at getting a smaller 1200 litre an hour canister (which will fit under the tank) along with another 1200 litre an hour internal filter with a spray arm which brings me up pretty close to 10x filtration. i would be happy to get a 2200 litre an hour canister filter if they work well & the outlet wasn't too powerful & upsetting for the fish. i currently use an internal filter with spray arm on my 15 gal & am happy with the design. hang ons wont really fit anywhere on the tank as its in a corner of the room & cant be brought out from the wall much more to accomodate a hang on as it will interfere with the walkway. i won't be investing in a big brand name filter just yet... my goldies are still only 2 inches each & once in the new tank will have sooo much room it will be funny to watch them! once they get bigger & i trial all filter types i think i can make a decision on a big name filter then. also, anyone use the canisters with built in UV filtration? is this really necessary or more of a gimmick? i've read the globes can be difficult to find replacements for so would it be a good idea to avoid ones with built in UV? thanks for reading & any input!
  8. This video is a sample of water out of the 20 gallon Guppy tanks filter. I had another video but it got lost in transit Enjoy!!
  9. I have 3 little feeder fish I used to help cycle my tank and the littlest one, Card, got stuck on the intake ): He seems alive his gills move and sometimes his fins but he won't swim and he just kind of floats. Is there a way to resuscitate him? I just feel bad I don't want him to die ): Plus Vonnegut and Rowling like to play with him. Poor guy. What can I do to prevent accidents like this in the future?
  10. Hello! Back in february I bought two panda goldies and stuck them in a 20. Now I know that is too small but I have been having problems with filters and it set me back. After lucking into a 55 and a Marineland Penguin 350 for 44 dollars, their new home is coming together! They aren't in the tank yet but I can already tell there will be a current problem. The filter is pretty strong even with the second lid on it. My guys are still small, only about 2-3 inches and had a problem with their tetra whisper filter. How can I make a more permanent solution to help lower the pressure? In their smaller tank I had a plastic bottle part taped to the filter that helped diffuse the current but got really mucky and fell apart quickly. I want them to be able to swim everywhere in their new tank and I would love to have a permanent solution to the filter current problem.
  11. Please find a way to block the opening inside the tank. I just lost a cory to it. It swam in and couldn't swim out again. My shrimp used to love hiding in it, but they're smart enough to back out, so if you have one of these tanks, try to have just shrimp for cleaners, not cory cats. And watch out for the other fish too. Just block it with something so they don't get trapped.
  12. Hi I now have my new 200l tank and decided to cycle it before putting my fish in. I have been adding biomature for 2 days and last night the ammonia was at 2ppm and nitrite was 0ppm. My question is that the water has now gone cloudy, is that a normal part of the process? I dont have any gravel or ornaments or anything in, just the water. I'm told that once the ammonia or nitite reach 5-10ppm i should start adding Bacterlife to speed up the process of turning ammonia into nitrites and then into nitrates, is this a good idea? Thanks!
  13. I'm getting my new tank delivered on wednesday and had a couple of last minute worries... Here is the tank: http://www.seapets.c...inet-white.html Here is the external filter: http://www.arkpetson...lter-p-317.html I'm going to set it up next to the tank i have now (far too small, hence the new tank) and try hard to cycle it properly before putting my fish in. Firstly what is the method you find that works best for cycling? There's 3 that i know of, (flake, ammonia and by adding chemicals like biomature) I'm tempted to go down what seems to be the quick and easy route of biomature but wanted to ask first! The next thing is the under gravel filter.... I've been told it wont be needed but i wanted to double check and make sure, do you use under gravel filters? Ive heard a lot of negative things like they produce a lot of nitrate, they are awful to fix if something goes wrong and if you want plants they wont root well because of the constant movement of water in the gravel... I have a nice big external filter and the tank comes with another internal filter so will this be enough? The other thing was that I have some ramshorn snails and wondered if i put them into my new tank when i have it all set up if they might help with the cycling process before i get the fish in? I'm keeping my two fishies happy for now with regular water changes, cleaning the gravel regularly and they now have 3 filters running until i can get the new tank set up. Thanks for reading my very long post!!! Pink x
  14. So I was all set and ready to run a Eheim Ecco Pro and an AC70, and then I started thinking, "what about running dual canisters?" I'm really attracted to the idea of 2 canisters, but thought maybe I'd see how other people felt about that. Am I correct in assuming they'd be quieter and require less maintenance? The only drawback I see is that they cost more. Any other cons to this idea? Thanks for your input,
  15. I would like your opinions on different filters from petsmart. I am looking to spend no more than $50. So far, the ones I have considered are the Top Fin 60 Power Filter and the Tetra Whisper EX 70. Are these good filters? I need a really quiet one, as it will be in my bedroom. I have the Top Fin 10 in my 10 gallon, and it is really quiet, and works pretty well. Its not absolutely AMAZING, but i like it:). I read the reviews on Petsmart.com, but there are so many different opinions on them, and some people may be doing something wrong causing them to not work, but I'm sure you guys know what you're talking about. Thanks:)
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