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Found 11 results

  1. hey guys today morning again my fishes were spawing, since i dont have too many hiding spots in, i have to seperate them to another 5 gallon tank of 11" by 9" tank but the problem is i have only 1.5 inches of water level is that fine or i have to add water if so how? which water? when? I didnt want to take risk so i didnot added water, My all eggs are transculent and seems 100% fertile. I have added airstone in it, mehylene blue one drop,and a live amzon sword plant lie.
  2. hey everyone so as some of you know we have had a heron taking our fish from our pond which led me to bring in the last two fancies yesterday and hope for the best for the other goldfish. After I moved the two fancy goldfish inside 1 visibly a male oranda and one visibly a female fantail I did about a 90% water change and fed them some gel food. Well early this morning when I was meant to be in bed but I was on my computer on kokos I turned round and looked at my goldfish tank in my room and saw the calico female fantail from the pond getting chased by one of my smaller goldfish from inside who is a red and white oranda and occasionally the oranda from the pond joined in but he was getting brutally harassed by one of my other female goldfish . I then go to bed and hope for the best (that they lay eggs) I wake up and turn on the filters and open my curtains and there are eggs all over the terracotta pots and in the sand. I used a mini pipette and manage to save over 40 eggs and put them in a container away from the fancy goldfish. I am no means an expert at raising fry but over the past two years the pond goldfish have spawned and I have hatched the eggs and cared for the fry but I don't say I bred them which is why there was never any threads about any goldfish that have bred whilst I have cared for them . Sorry for bad pics guys Anyway here are some pics of the eggs The mum The likely father
  3. so i guess yesterday there was some spawning going on. Found seven little eggs. This morning two of them has visible eyes and spine :3
  4. So my Bubbles spawned this morning . I was under the impression she was still waaaay to young despite her large size . I've never had fry before. I was getting ready for work so just bunched all the artifical plants together before heading out the door (I'm in a small town, if I miss that bus I'm walking!). I was back home by 13:30pm though. I wasn't expecting much - to be honest I thought maybe I was overreacting and Bubbles was just doing a fishy instinct thing and there wouldn't actually be any eggs. The first thing I did when I came through the door was go straight to the tank and check. I think they ate most of them but there was a cluster of eggs at the top of one of the plants . I've stuck them in my 30 litre acrylic tank with a small sponge filter using the water from the tank. I'm hoping I've still managed to save a few with my very inept 'bowl scoop' technique . I'm so not ready for this!!! I couldn't not try to save some though. I guess I'm going to be doing lots of homework over the next while
  5. November 6th Well my Goldie Citrus laid her eggs today. I have about 9 clear and transparent ones in a bowl of tank water about 3" high temp around 74*F this is the watching and waiting period. Will update here as things happen. Fingers crossed as this newbie attempts this exciting journey.
  6. Woke up this morning to eggs everywhere! I ended up saving about 4 or so. http://youtu.be/DzXna6b7KGg
  7. I've got apple snail babies. I didn't want them, but I've got them! I thought I was doing a good job of clearing the clutches of eggs (there are many of these) but apparently I missed a few—five to be exact. I really don't know how they made it this far, but they seem to be doing great, and they are growing fast. Now I really do have to get that second 55g started so I have a place to put them all! I guess I could have gotten rid of them, but they are too cute. Thanks for looking!
  8. Ok so this morning I woke up and turned on my main tropical tank and my male and female plecos that bred about 6 weeks ago have bred again. Last time the male looked after the eggs this time he kicked them all out on the gravel and considering I have angelfish etc. I was surprised to find some eggs. I collected all 25 eggs I found all are fertile and now I am playing dad there won't be as many babies as the first batch but I still have them as well think I may need to start finding homes for baby plecos. Lol
  9. Hi, all. Just got home today and noticed these in my tank for the first time. What the heck are they??? They appear to ONLY have stuck to the wood in the tank, and do not seem to be moving/alive. My guess is eggs...but from what? I have apple snails and one nerite. And, of course, the goldies. Any help appreciated!
  10. Hi guys... Well I literally just came in from a 6am shift and before I even took my coat off I went straight to my babies to feed them, as I didn't have time to do it before I went to work. I put the repashy in when I noticed lots of tiny beige coloured round things surrounding Pickles. My thoughts were, in the folloring order... 1- This is a strange batch of repashy 2- Where are they coming from 3- What's wrong with Pickles poop? 4- OMG eggs!!! 5- YAY I will have baby Googs!!!!! oh no... wait.... My behaviour after this was a bit hap-hazard as I have had a serious lack of caffiene today and I'm super tired. I remembered they need to be fertilized for babies so I popped Googles on Pickle's side of the divider. Picks was still laying eggs but I don't think poor Googs was able to do his thing (whatever that is with fish.. I have much to learn ) so I seperated them again. Then I saw Picks eating her eggs so in a slight panic II popped her in a container of water. Then I thought Googles would have a better chance in a more confined area so I put him in there too. Nothing happened so I put them both back. I am now left with some eggs in a container and Pickles is eating the rest in her side of the tank. I doubt they are 'living' eggs, what do you think? I really didn't think Pickles was a girl! Especially with all the dominant behaviour. Also, I thought she was a baby??
  11. My surviving horned nerite (the other one died) must be quite healthy. She's laid a path of eggs all over my tank for the first time, and WOW they really bug the heck outta me. Luckily, my tiger nerite has never laid any. This makes me wonder... How often do your nerites lay eggs? What do you guys do to scrape the eggs off the corners of your tank? Where the sealant is... I don't want to remove the sealant. Also, does anybody know how to distinguish males and females outside of mating time?
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