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  1. Hidr & Fang had asked that I post videos showing the full tanks the last time I did a video update, so here they are. In the first part, you'll see the 55 with the tiny tots. The last 2/3 of the video is the 100 gallon right after a water change. As usual, I added koi clay, and you can see how well it clears up. Enjoy & thank you for watching
  2. See for yourself Edit: Feel free to add pictures of your own food preparations to the thread.
  3. It's been a really long while since I've done a video update, so I thought I would present a couple of videos to celebrate the addition of a Fluval 306 canister to the 100 gallon tank, and the transfer of the Eheim over to the 55. So, without further ado, here are the tanks! 100 Gallon Tank This tank current houses 11 goldfish, because I ended with 3 white ryukins, instead of 1. With my water change schedule, this should be OK for some time, although I plan on reducing the number of fish in this tank to 7. There is currently 15x filtration being provided for by an AC110, two AC70s, a Fluval 306, and a 24w Green Killing Machine. The new DO arrivals just moved in 2 days ago, and everyone is going through salt and 2 more rounds of Prazi. 55 Gallon Tank This is my fun themed tank, and currently houses my 3 telescopes and 2 ryukins. There is also 15x filtration here, being supplied by an Aqueon 400, an AC70, and an Eheim canister. Thank you for watching!
  4. Hello, This is what happens when I look at the auctions. I was so good, and stayed away for quite some time, but then someone mentioned fish therapy... Anyway, I decided that I wanted to add some quirky fish to my tank, because those are what really appeals to me. Here are the ones I think I've won. Purple Oranda - I don't know that this fish is purple, and something must have been lost in translation going from Chinese to English . Nevertheless, I really like the unusual color. Plus, how do you resist that face? Black Oranda - I've wanted one forever, and finally decided to go for one. He may not keep his black for too long, but he's nice and chunky, the way I like my orandas to look Calico Ryukin - Ever since I lost Calliope, I've been looking for another calico ryukin. This one has awesome dark calico patterns, which I love. His bent dorsal was probably what made him less expensive than he would have been, but I actually think the bent dorsal adds some personality. Thanks for looking!
  5. I've decided to (re)name my fish after the Titans and (re)introduce them to you one at a time, hopefully on a monthly basis. So, without further ado, here's the first, Hyperion. Meet Hyperion I've had him for about half a year now. He was listed as a panda butterfly moor, but from the beginning, he was more of a tricolor. I'm also a bit iffy on classifying him as a butterfly, but it's close enough Here he was, six months ago Here he is now. I'm pretty happy with his growth and color change. Don't tell anyone, but he might be my absolute favorite at the moment! I apologize that some of the pics aren't very clear. I have the toughest time taking pics of the 55 gallon. Thank you for looking
  6. Hello I've been moving some of my fish around, to try to find a balance between sizes and colors, and I think I finally have the combinations that will work. I'd like to share some pics today, primarily of my 55 gallon tank, which doesn't get as much pictorial attention as the 100g. That will change though. The thread is a bit pic heavy, so I apologize in advance for that. Here we go Here are the four in the tank. One black, one white, one orange, and one carrying all three colors. There are three telescopes, and one oranda. I'm actually really proud of these guys, since I've raised them since they were barely an inch long. They are steadily growing, especially the last half year or so, with Pro-Gold. ___________________________________ AND some pics of some of inhabitants of the 100g My favorite of the bunch! Chu1 Chu2 I am ryukin And we always close the thread with an O Thank you for looking
  7. I recently just bought a new camera, and thought I would try out the new cam and give an update on my fish with some pics. I took so many and was really happy with most of them, so I thought I would just include a good chunk of them in a slideshow. The two ranchus just made it out of QT about a week ago. Thank you for looking!
  8. The QT is officially over! I ended having to do some shuffling around the tanks, and I thought I would (re)introduce everyone with a video and proper pictures. This is the 100g tank. There are 11 in there at the moment, but this is temporary. I'm also very comfortable with this arrangement, since I have 14x filtration, and I'm performing 85% WCs every 4 days. The nitrates never get above 10. Their staple food is a gel food mix containing agar agar & koi clay. I've only recently started this, so stay tuned for further updates on that. In any case, without further ado, here they are. Thanks for looking First, the video The New Guys Captain Yamato, or Yama-jii. I brought him back with me after a trip to Houston. I saw him and just had to have him. __________ Isshin. I love his grumpy face. __________ Shinji. He has a little bend in the caudal, but he's perfect to me! __________ The Rest of the Gang Byakuya (II). I've had him since he was a little green fry. I'm really liking his color change, and I am very much enjoying his growth & transformation! __________ Ichigo. __________ Jyushiro. Who can resist those chubby cheeks? __________ Kisuke. __________ Nelliel. The panda I've always wanted __________ Renji. His cap is looking like a red heart __________ Toshiro. :) __________ Ulquiorra. I'm so happy to have him back in this tank with his friends. He was having some major floaty issues with pellet foods, but the agar/koi clay has already helped quite a bit. He still has a ways to go, but I'm very optimistic! __________
  9. As some of you know today, I stopped by my favorite LFS a couple of hours away, and while I was there, saw these two, and just had to have them. The owners gave me a stupendous discount. I am not sure where I am going to put them yet, since I am going to have to shuffle things around a bit, including layout some new tubs/tanks. For tonight, they are in a 10 gallon QT, but tomorrow I will most likely move them into a 25+ gallon tub. They are huge. In any case, I got a discount because they just got over a bout of ich, and a tankmate was discovered to have anchor worm. So, these fish are being very rigorously QT'd. I'm not sure how they will do, but I am hoping that I can help them be/stay healthy. I don't have names for them yet, and won't until they are done with QT. Wish us all luck and health, please! Thank you.
  10. As some of you may know, I went on a trip to Dallas this weekend, hoping to get some new fish. I saw two beautiful butterfly telescopes, but they ended being too expensive. So I didn't get them. Today, on a trip to my 2nd favorite LFS, look what I found and brought home I haven't named them yet. They are in QT, with salt and Prazi, and will likely be there for some weeks. I'm not in a hurry to move them. These are pics and a video after I transferred them to QT. Please pardon the bubbles. #1 #2 Together The video Thanks for looking!
  11. Hello, Given that I have 20 goldfish now, it would be a bit of an insane update if I were to attempt to post pics of them all in a thread. So, I figured I would do periodic updates with one or a few of them at a time, tied to a central theme. I'd like to present a little update on Kisuke, one of my blue orandas. __________ This is what he looked like when I first got him a year ago (April 2011) ___________ A few months later (September 2011), he got a little bit lighter, but not much ___________ Still the same in at the end of November 2011 ___________ Then, at the beginning of February 2012, he started showing some blond ___________ Then a month later (March 2012)... __________ It's been really fun watching him change colors. I don't think he's quite done yet, so there will be more updates to come. Thanks for looking
  12. Hello I thought I would give a quick video update of all 18 of my goldie babies, since there are a few that have been living in tubs and haven't been show yet. There are three parts to the video, showing 1. 100 g tank: 6 orandas, 1 fantail, 1 broadtail ryukin, and 1 butterfly pandamoor. The never before seen one currently in this tank is the yet-to-be named orange & fry green oranda 2. 55g themed tank: 3 orandas, 2 teles, and 1 lionhead. The white baby oranda (Blanca) and the orange tele (Julius) are newish 3. QT: 3 orandas. Sheesh. Do I like orandas Enjoy! Thanks for watching. I'll be doing a proper photo-shoot (with names) once QT is done
  13. Hello, I recently posted an update of my 100g. Today I'd like to share with you an update on the guys in the 55g. These are all Petco/Petsmart/LFS, and other than Ulquiorra, who was $29, all are under $5. I love them dearly, and want them to grow big and beautiful. Unfortunately, I think there's a little bit of stunting, but they are growing, albeit very slowly. Here they are. Adolf She got her name because of her um, signature facial feature lol. Recently, she decided to change that, so now she may get a new name Now Before Calliope My lovely fantail. She hasn't done much growing at all. Mane the Lionhead Othello Ulquiorra Ulquiorra was having some serious issues with floatiness, which thankfully has been largely controlled when I started using agar agar. Broken dorsal A couple of group shots Thanks for looking Alex
  14. In the past few months, there have been some rather nice changes in some of my fish, in terms of growth & color changes. Two in particular are note worthy, and I'd like to share them with you. Calliope (new name soon) First, we have Calliope in the 55 gallon tank. Calliope has been with me for nearly two years now (may be more), and was originally thought to be a male calico fantail. This is what Calliope looked like about 7 months ago. I really thought that Calliope was stunted, from looking at the tail growth, but I went on to experiment with different types of food and feeding schedule. In the past 2.5 months, I've switched Calliope & tank mates to Pro-Gold 3x/day, increased water changes, and look what happens! Calliope now looks to be a ryukin, AND a male. We will need a new name ASAP Here he is today Can you see the hump and the breeding stars? Kisuke In the 100g, we have Kisuke, a blue oranda. Two & a half months ago, he looked like this Here he is today Thank you for looking
  15. Hello all, You may remember that I recently brought home 2 calico orandas as part of getting ready to start an oranda breeding program. The parents were introduced here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/95965-oranda-calico-oranda-kirin-d-d-d/page__view__findpost__p__1135539__hl__oranda+calico+kirin__fromsearch__1 Not long into their QT, they decided that they didn't want to wait until spring, so they spawned. Then again. Then again. I finally took the hint, and decided to go ahead and learn about fry raising on the fly. I had some tremendous help on the way, including that from Captain Findus Goldfish (Federica), Fang, and Kulukan, and ashlee18. I don't know that any will make it in the end, as they had to survive my many learning curve mistakes. Nevertheless, there are 6 remaining. They are now in a 6.5L tub, getting constant attention LOL. Collectively, they are called The Fedes, in thanks to Federica that they had a chance at life at all, and should they survive to naming stage, they will have some very interesting names, like Swiss House, Atlanta Chaos, Carolina Fang, and Calikan So, without any further ado, may I please introduce to you my very first batch of oranda fry Here we are, with our parents, on 12/13/11 And here we are, on 12/25/11 Thanks for looking Alex
  16. As some of you already know, I'm trying to set up an oranda breeding program. As part of that effort, I've been searching for some suitable pairs. I've found a few, and these are the last two. I saw them at my absolute favorite LFS, which is about 2.5 hours away, and knew that I had to take them home with me. These two are actually replacements for a ranchu I brought home in August, but somehow did not make it past one week. The owner very kindly offered to replace the lost fish. Without further ado, here they are. Thanks for looking
  17. Hello, As some of you may know, I received some new orandas today. I have not given them names yet, and will wait until QT is over. They seem to be adjusting very well. Here they are in their QT tank, about 4 hours after I added them. They will be in QT for about 4 weeks, where they will get salt treatment and Prazi. I hope no other issues will come up. Thank you for watching
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